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Spartans will... visit the official subreddit for MSU athletics! Discussion of all things college sports at Michigan St University: especially football, basketball, and hockey. Go Green, Go White, Go State!

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The Official Subreddit of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Discussions about the latest team news, players, highlights, and more!

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A subreddit dedicated to NBA news and discussion.

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2023.04.01 12:44 SpinIx2 I hate it when I forget to check the surface

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2023.04.01 12:43 NewsBestLive Top combat transporters: Ukraine ordered 100 Rosomak armored personnel carriers from Poland

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2023.04.01 12:41 coone90 MWII and Warzone 2 (both) have less active players on PS4/PS5 than Apex Legends, Fortnite, and other games and dont forget that MWII had free weekend in March.

MWII and Warzone 2 (both) have less active players on PS4/PS5 than Apex Legends, Fortnite, and other games and dont forget that MWII had free weekend in March. submitted by coone90 to ModernWarfareII [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:33 dkfhs0510 First time pc building
So, I wanted to build a PC for minor gaming, streaming, video editing, Photoshop, after effects, etc. Don't have a set budget yet, but thinking about $2000, not including accessories. I don't care much for RGB aesthetics, and rather not have any if possible.
Starting from the top, I'm willing to upgrade to i7, but not sure if i5 would be good enough. For CPU cooler, the note says it may require a separate mounting adapter. I'm not sure if this build would need one, and don't know which one I would have to get. Tomahawk mother board, I'm not sure if it's a good choice and if it will fit 2 RAMs and 2 SSDs.
Memory and storage I'm pretty set on as I value speedy usage. They help with speed right? I'm not sure if it'll be an overkill, though. Graphics card, I did a little bit of research, and think it would be good enough as I do most of my gaming on my console. But I'd still like to do a little bit of gaming on the PC as well.
Case and power supply, I honestly chose whichever was on top lol. The note also mentions physical dimensions, and not sure if I need to get a different case.
For OS, I'm not sure if windows 11 is worth it, but I've read some comments saying that I could get it for cheaper than $100. Not sure how tho. Lastly for monitor, I chose the 24 inch, because I think it'll be big enough for me. The laptops I've been using are like 16 inches, so I think 24 would be a huge upgrade.
Other than that, please recommend other accessories like speakers, mic, and webcam. Not sure if I need to buy separate ones, or if these are embedded in the monitor. Keyboard and mouse I'd like to see how they feel first in person, and make decisions. Would love some recommendations on those too!
Thank you for looking at this post, and please ask any questions if you need more information from me!
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2023.04.01 12:26 frogeviiii Is there a way to get this money? I've read online but I'm still quite confused.

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2023.04.01 12:26 beanuniverse Is it worth choosing an overseas uni over NUS CS?

Saw similar posts here so I'd like advice too. My options are as follows
UIUC CS (T5 in US for CS, but T41 in US overall) pros: cheapest US option starting salary is 140K USD per year
cons: low US overall ranking and the SG layman has never heard of it, so my parents are quite against it
CMU Information systems (not CS as CMU is prestigious for, but I'll have a chance to take it as an additional major OR transfer but super difficult (T22 in US overall, No.1 for CS)
pros: its CMU starting salary is also 120K++ USD per year
cons: not CS crazy expensive like 100K SGD/year (will only consider if i get local scholarship)
NUS CS (not sure if I'll get it yet, but thats my top choice in SG, will prob get it??)
pros: cheapest uni option gd cs program and starting salary (still lower than US? I presume might be able to double degree
cons: large CS class size, idl to compete so much for resources, I don't think I'll be able to stand out well enough to get the resources in NUS CS, don't ask me why... badly wna go overseas for uni and start a new life, many of my friends are gg overseas too, and if i go Nus it feels like i worked so ultra hard to go overseas for nothing...
pros: super small class size (about 100-200 ppl?) cons: more expensive and lower starting salary than UIUC or NUS
cld some Nus seniors share about hows the chance of gg to the US for masters?
I need to make a decision by may 1 which is before NUS application results come out. alsoawaiting some better options that I've been waitlisted at.
im prob doxxing myself but i think my friends also dont know what i should do hahaha
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2023.04.01 12:26 DeathorGloryGaming Motor City Mayhem is the largest ITC event in May! Join us on May 26-28 near Detroit, MI at our new venue with attached hotel. 256 player 40k Main Event, 2v2 Doubles, and Singles Sunday Events. One of the best tournament player experiences with top of the line terrain and excellent table spacing.

Looking for your next event after Adepticon? Look no further! MCM is the largest 40k ITC event in May, come join us! MCM is May 26-28 near Detroit, MI. We have a new and improved convention center as our venue, with a discounted room block at the attached Hyatt Hotel.
We have some of the best terrain of any 40k tournament. Our themed GW terrain tables are some the most balanced and best painted sets of any tournament. Additionally, we pair our mats with the terrain to complete the immersion on the table.
In summary, we have some of the most mechanically fair and competitive tables in the tournament scene, while still maintaining our signature themed tables.
MCM is a full con with the following events on offer:
MCM WIP Terrain Link:
Join the Mayhem!
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2023.04.01 12:22 Luca814sina I Need these cards

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2023.04.01 12:15 CatWatt April 1st Special Days - Featuring April Fool's Freebies!

April 1st Special Days - Featuring April Fool's Freebies!

April 1st is... April Fools Day/All Fools' Day
-- April Fool's Day started in Europe, a celebration of the Norse God Loki. People celebrated Loki around the time of April to celebrate new beginnings and changes. This was a way of honoring the necessity and growth achieved through change. They also believed tricking others and playing pranks would fool evil spirits to prevent them from interfering with the many fertility rituals being conducted at the time. April Fool's Day is usually marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, enemies, and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible.

Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities, and Crafts:

😆 April Fools Day Printables and Worksheets
😆 April Fools Day Pranks: Have Fun with These Unsolvable Worksheets
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😆 April Fools Matching Game (free printable)
😆 List of Google April Fools' Day jokes
😆 April Fools' Day 2022 Pranks: Butterfinger Mayo, Invisible Earbuds, 7-Eleven Tiny Gulp
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April Fool's Recipes:

😆 April Fool's Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Allrecipes
😆 April Fools Day Tacos - Fork and Beans
😆 Next Post: APRIL FOOLS' DAY Fake Food - Party Pinching
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😆 5 April Fools' food pranks your kids will love Ready Set Eat
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😆 An April Fools' Day Dessert Hamburger Food Channel
😆 April Fools Food Recipes - Meatloaf Cupcakes Recipe
From: Frugal Freebies: April 1st Special Days - Featuring 50+ April Fool's Freebies! (
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2023.04.01 12:15 JesusChirst_ Why am I mod in the daily chat?

Why am I mod in the daily chat? submitted by JesusChirst_ to geometrydash [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:11 cycnus Trying to change the color of the currently active tab

Trying to change the color of the currently active tab
So I have followed the tutorial and created my userChrome.css with a very simple rule to change the color of the currently selected tab (I find the default very hard to distinguish from other tabs).
.tab-background:[selected="true"] { background-color: red !important; } 
When using the development tools, I can see that the userChrome.css rules are stricken out and the one that is retain is actually from the tabs.css sheet, which is part of the skin (using default dark).
This seems to suggest that the userChrome.css rules are overridden by the skin.
Is there any other way I can do what I need? Regardless of the way, I just want to make the active tab more distinguishable from the rest.
submitted by cycnus to FirefoxCSS [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:10 Sainity404 [EU-DE] [H] Dolice Grey/Silver, GHS RAR Silver/Silver, Ginko65 White/Copper, Typ65+ Jade/Silver, GMK Inukuma, GMK Patisserie, Artisans, Deskmats [W] PayPal

Hi there, I'm looking to sell some keeb things. Let me know if anything here piques your interest :)

Keyboards Description Price
Dolice Two-toned grey/silver Unbuilt. Small ding on top left corner. 2 pcbs (one mill-maxed, one unused but tested), alu and pc plates, brass backweight, sticker packs, keycaps not included. photos 800€
GHS RAR Ardent (SilveSilver) Unbuilt. Comes with alu full plate, cf half plate, 2 PCBs + Daughterboards (1 desoldered, 1 sealed). Tiny ano chip on edge of front lip. Film unremoved from pvd weight. photos 550€
Ginko65 E-White/Copper BNIB. Fixed ANSI layout hotswap PCB, pc plate, alu plate, extra PE foam. 220€
Typ 65+ Jade/Silver BNIB, 2 pcbs (solder), full & half cf plates, half fr4 plate, + matching Deagcaps Jade Bean 550€, 600€ with Deagcaps Jade Bean

Keycaps Description Price
GMK Inukuma BNIB 140€
GMK Patisserie BNIB 130€

Artisans (photos) Description Price
GSK Arch Bara Unmounted 150€
GSK Tanjiro Velite Unmounted 200€
GSK Laser Scoot Unmounted 150€
Namong Muted Fenny Unmounted 150€
Smelting Point + Cu Later Nayrus Unmounted 100€
Bad Habits Tiki Unmounted 30€

Deskmats Description Price
Rubrehose BBW black, rough texture Unused 75€
Rubrehose BBW beige, rough texture Unused 75€
Rubrehose Authcard v2 Unused 75€

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Priority Germany>EU>USA>World
DE Shipping - 5€/15€
EU Shipping - 15€/30€
If shipping to other areas, pm and I'll look into the cost.
Please comment before PMing and no chat, thanks!
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2023.04.01 12:10 AutoModerator [Get] Dylan Miller – Tube Money Masterclass 2023

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We created these templates for you to remove all the friction we possibly could so you can focus on getting the business running as quickly as possible. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

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2023.04.01 12:03 AutoModerator [Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System
Download course here:
[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

Who it’s for

Greatest Hits Content is best for you if you run a client-based business that sells a high ticket service, coaching, or consulting offer for $500 or more. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:
  • Getting clients without needing to do manual cold email outreach
  • Acquiring a handful of clients who pay premium prices on a recurring basis
  • Working with clients who have more money than time
  • Executing a content strategy that works to acquire high ticket clients vs SEO traffic
  • Turning leads into clients so you never have to worry about losing one big client
  • Living month-to-month with unstable cashflow

What it helps you achieve

Greatest Hits Content will help you achieve the following in 30-90 days:
  • Build recurring revenue by adding 5-10 high paying, recurring clients to your business
  • Find the right content topics to attract larger clients who want your help
  • Position you as a “market of one” so clients can only get what you sell from you
  • Grow an audience you own and can contact anytime you need a new client
  • Take on a new client whenever you need by sending one email
  • Run small budget ads to your content to add new prospects to your email list daily
  • Get off the content creation hamster wheel by doing all of the above with 1-5 pieces of content (aka 1-5 “greatest hits”)

How it works

Greatest Hits Content is broken down into seven parts (with templates, email swipes, and examples you can model). Every part has an over-the-shoulder video training that is 30-90 minutes in length.

Part 1: Greatest Hits Content Survey

TL;DR: How to find content topics using a unique survey method.
  • The three questions you need to ask to find the best content topics.
  • The survey template we used to get 104 responses.
  • How to analyze the survey results and prioritize what content to create first.
  • How to check if the topics from your survey have organic traffic potential.
  • How to run this survey on social media if you don’t have an email list.

Part 2: AIDA Article Template

TL;DR: How to create slam dunk content every time with a proven writing template.
  • How to write the headline, outline, and body of your blog posts to hook in the right readers.
  • The writing template we use (based on the exact same template we used to attract the Head of Product Marketing at Amazon with one blog post).
  • Introduction and body copy formulas for the five blog post formats we’ve found that work the best to attract big clients.
  • Live examples of how to write content that gets clients and ranks on Google.
  • One resource you can use to outsource your content for less than $0.18 per word, if you don’t want to write it.

Part 3: Three Jabs Strategy

TL;DR: How to get over 10% of your traffic to convert into leads.
  • How to use “Utility Content Upgrades” to convert content-driven traffic into leads.
  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The content conversion strategy we used on one blog to convert the blog’s traffic into 10,080 email leads per month.
  • How to track what individual pieces of content convert to clients the best, so you can double down on promoting your top converters.
  • How to make sure more of your emails hit your leads inbox so they see your offer (hint: Active Audience).
  • How to customize the experience for every visitor to your site so you get more conversions from your content.

Part 4: Red Packet Partnerships

TL;DR: How to get 100-1,000 leads in a day (without SEO or paid ads).
  • How to find partners who can add 100-1,000 leads to your business in one day, using your content and “guest emails”.
  • The free tool we use to add emails to our mailing list, when someone clicks a link inside one of our partner’s emails. No one teaches this.
  • How to track how many clients come from every partnership, so you can do more promos with partners who deliver high paying clients.
  • Three warm partner methods and three cold partner methods. Start with the warm partner methods for quick and easy partnership wins.
  • The exact partnership script we use to land win-win partnerships with big influencers we’ve never met before.

Part 5: $5 Hit Records

TL;DR: How to run small budget content distribution ads to get daily leads.
  • The one Google Analytics report you need to look at to see which of your content converts the best, so you can promote it in your ads.
  • A live demo of how to set up your ads inside the ad network with the exact conversion objective and settings you need to use.
  • The step-by-step standard operating procedure our team uses that you can follow or give to a team member to set up your ads for you.
  • A campaign planning template with ad copy, headlines, and blog post URLs so you can fill-in-the-blanks, then upload your ads into the ad network.
  • How we write ads that get shares and leads. I go over one of our highest converting ads with a 20% share-to-reaction ratio, and breakdown how to write one for yourself.

Part 6: Viral Content Upgrades

TL;DR: How to get strangers to share your content daily (without cold outreach).
  • What to do after someone opts-in to your email list so you get more traffic to your content without paying more for ads.
  • Content upgrades vs viral content upgrades. How, when, and where to use each of them to get maximum shares and leads from your content.
  • The free viral sharing tool we use to get people to share our blog posts. This is 25x more effective than the share bars you see on blogs nowadays.
  • How to leverage “credibility content” in your viral content upgrades to turn sharers into clients.
  • A live demo from blog post to social share so you can see how it all works how to set it all up.

Part 7: 900 Word Emails

TL;DR: How to get $500-$15,000 clients (without a phone call).
  • Four GOATs of email marketing who’ve driven millions of dollars from email. Here’s what I learnt from each of them to run 6-figure email campaigns.
  • How to use “presell content” to get the most qualified prospects in your audience to raise their hand that they want your help.
  • How to find the trigger points that get your clients to buy. Once you know these, you can keep using them in your emails to bring on new clients.
  • Word-for-word examples of how to write your emails, including how to word the call to action at the end of your email so people reply to your offer.
  • How to have a natural conversation with people over chat, so you can see if what you have to offer is a good fit for them, then bring them on as a client.
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