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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

2013.12.08 00:49 buck54321 Meanwhile In Walmart: Everything funny from our favorite super store.

Post news links, videos, or images showing the hilarity of all that is Wal-Mart

2020.02.26 02:00 melloniel Until the darkness closes

SuperStar Woollim is a rhythm-based game, developed by Dalcomsoft, featuring artists from Woollim Entertainment. It is also a sister game to the other SuperStar series games: SMTown, JYPNation, BTS (RIP), Pledis (RIP), Starship, Iz*One (RIP), GFriend, YG, FNC, The SuperStar, KANG DANIEL, PNATION, ATEEZ, & BRANDNEW. The game was released on April 21, 2020.

2023.04.01 12:07 Fragrant-Mix4692 High School Bum --> College Reject --> Transferred --> 2x NASA Intern and a upcoming FAANG intern: why college decisions do not really define you

The truth of the reality is that everyone want to go to an t20 school even I have the regret of not trying hard enough in HS to be "viable" for admissions however by no means is it something that defines your sucess.
I started off at a nationally ranked ultra competitive high school and year after year my grades dropped after freshman year due to procrastination and playing video games all day. People around me were volunteering, competing in clubs getting 4.0s in combination of AP and dual enrollment classes we had to take. Naturally nearly the entire class was accepted to the state flagship school (UNC ) and NCSU for their respective majors with a healthy bunch of other ppl who got into T30s and Ivys.
That was nearly everyone except me i had only managed to get deferred and waitlisted from UNC and failed to get into the other reaches and targets I applied. Having a 3.4 GPA and a 1560 SAT was not not the move when applying for college.
I had to stick out a semester at my local regional school and then I transferred to UNC for biomedical engineering after setting a 4.0 my first semester in college. During that time I also managed to get my first NASA internship have as a result presented the research at national conferences and a publication is coming soon.
This year I got my second internship using ML/AI methods for computational biology projects and my experiences allowed me to get a internship int he prestigious FAANG as a research intern in the summer.
the thing is that i thought my life/career and everything was over since i did not get into an Ivy or a t20 school i remeber being hella depressed and lying to all my friends who did but i did not let that define me
you are not washed up when you get rejected by a college what matters is what you do in college and how you can bounce back and recover from perceived setbacks
At the end of the day are my parents proud of me? no but am i proud of everything that I accomplished so quickly? yes and that is all that matters
- Asian male who applied CS
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2023.04.01 12:07 Jarie743 nomad buddy needed

Hi digital nomads, as i near the end of my education, i'm already researching on where to go as a digital nomad and i thought it would be good to get to know other people that want to go on the same journey and share the same vision. Anyone interesting in starting the journey together? Dm me if interested.
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2023.04.01 12:06 McGuirkTTV [H] $50,000 Crypto: (BTC/USDC/ETH/USDT + more), [W] Skins / Knives / Gloves / Playskins Paying up to 96% Buff / tf2 keys b/o at $1.55

I am currently looking to buy almost any skin mainly including Knives, Gloves, Blue Gems, Play Skins, and any interesting crafts.
I am paying up to 96% buff163 prices with any form of crypto that you desire.
Mostly interested in skins that are $100+
Please add me on STEAM to chat about any deals. If I am awake I will almost accept your add within a few minutes.
[B/O] - tf2 keys $1.55
Trade Offer -
My Steam Profile -
Csgofloat where you can view my items for sale and where I have 100+ rep -
My CSGOREP profile where I have started doing deals off sites -
buff store -
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2023.04.01 12:05 Eradication0 Indie Souls Like "Duel Corp." open playtest on steam until April 4th

this is a smol early playtest game, took me around 1.5h to beat. 2 bosses, bunch of weapons. Has tons of things from Dark Souls and plays surprisingly well, the difficulty is really high.
It has some unique takes, like you can see enemy and boss stamina and plan accordingly. 3 way attack, block and perfect parry system. An NPC that will help you etc. etc.
The trailer on steam does not really show how fun the game is, you should try it out!
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2023.04.01 12:03 Intense-Analyst8195 MRI Required Me to Take Out All 11 of My Piercings - What Now?

I recently randomly had a seizure one day while I was working and I was taken to the the ER and had a bunch of tests done. One of the tests was an MRI and it required me to take out all of the jewelry from my piercings. Including ones I've never even taken out before since I got them pierced with the jewelry I planned to keep in permanently from the start.
It's been 11 days without any jewelry in these holes so if I can't get them on my own, I'd rather save myself the trouble and get them put back in by my piercer who's done all of my piercings from day one. She's super nice and understanding so even if any of them grew up, I bet she'd re-pierce them at a discounted price or maybe even for free considering I would be supplying the jewelry anyway which is over half the price of a piercing to start with but I can't say she will for sure.
I JUST had my nose pierced and it was barely healed so I'm 99% sure it closed up while I was still in the ER since I couldn't get it back in myself and it had been out for around 2-3 hours at that point. On top of that, I was out cold from all the drugs they had me on so I'm sure sleeping like that sped up my bodies natural healing process even more :(
I have my nipples and belly button pierced on my body and on my ears I have my standard lobes, upper lobes, 2 helix, and 1 conch pierced.
Any advice on what I should do to hopefully save money & prevent dealing with healing time again are welcome!
Honestly, if someone has a similar experience that they would like to share to reassure me all this work I did to get myself all these piercings isn't completely down the drain, I would greatly appreciate it.
I feel like I have no identity without these possessions since I've always held them close to my heart and all of my jewelry I picked holds it's own personal meaning to me if that makes sense.

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2023.04.01 12:03 Surfreak29 Why do I have to wait at the railroad crossing while the train is stopped at the station?

This happens to me often as I both live and work near different train station.
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2023.04.01 12:02 Ok-Jeweler2715 Jindo?

Hello all! I rescued my pup from the shelter and they claimed she came from a meat farm in Korea. I actually wasn’t going to adopt this dog at all, I was going for a Great Dane mix and then I saw her. She was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, but was terrified of the world. When they brought her out she was pulling on that leash away from the lady who worked at the shelter so hard, she did not want to be out of that kennel. When they finally got her to me she would stay as far away as the leash would let her and shake so much because of the fear. I ended up fostering her for the shelter because I wanted to help her gain some confidence. Anyways we get her home (2 hour drive) and she did nothing but pee and poop in the car on the way home lol. Well once we got her home we showed her her cage and she ran right in and stood there for a month. Literally would not sit or lay down and would only come out when it was time to go outside. Eventually she started to sit and lay down in the cage. She would not come near me and any sudden movements or loud noises would make the dog so nervous she let out a high pitch yelp. It was clear this dog had been through some things. She wouldn’t let me pet her or anything. This was all in June of last year. Fast forward to today and she is my favorite girl, my best friend. I ended up adopting her the day before Christmas. I taught her a few things (sit, lay down, cage, go to bed) and she listens fairly well. We have a few accidents in the house here and there but I will chalk that up to nervousness. Other than that she is the best dog. She comes to me for attention and will even lay on her side for a belly rub. We used to have to bring her into the bedroom to go to sleep and now she goes to bed at 9 everyday and waits for us in the bed. We are still improving our bond but she is a good girl and has changed my life, her name is Maha ❤️ now my question is does she look like a jindo to you guys? I’m thinking she’s got something else in her but am not too sure, just curious so if anyone has some input it would be greatly appreciated! Included in her photos are her adopted brother and sister. Ajax the Catahoula, he is 3 months old. And Ari the basset hound/shar pei mix. I rescued them as well and just love dogs. I would get more but man it’s a lot of work lol. Sorry for the long post but thank you for reading it!
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2023.04.01 12:02 Cuphead247 Mr. Game & Watch VS. All Bosses (The Number #9 Challenge): HARDCORE MODE
I fight all Boss Battles in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as my biggest main, Mr. Game & Watch! However, there's a bit of a twist... I'm gonna get a lot of NEINs (#9s) in every single boss fight on Hard Mode, depending on my current luck! If I don't, well... at least I'll get an 8, and if I hear a PING! sound effect... that's passable. Get it? Good. Now, let's-a go! WARNING: Lots of lag during gameplay, so skip the laginess. I'm using Dolphin Emulator, so nothing you all would expect.
I kinda goofed up in some of these boss fights, especially Tabuu (by those frickin' Off Waves, that's what screwed me up the most), but hey... Mr. G&W's kinda goofy himself too! Heh... so whatever.
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2023.04.01 12:00 AutoModerator Daily Advice Thread - April 01, 2023

Welcome to the Daily Advice Thread for /Apple. This thread can be used to ask for technical advice regarding Apple software and hardware, to ask questions regarding the buying or selling of Apple products or to post other short questions.
Have a question you need answered? Ask away! Please remember to adhere to our rules, which can be found in the sidebar.
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2023.04.01 12:00 RenegadeISO I don't know what I want.

Asking strangers on the internet for help feels incredibly vulnerable; I’m the type of person who just reads posts and likes the stuff I agree or relate to. But i dont know where else to go, really. Growing up, I hated sex and anything related to it. I hated having physical urges. I had an unhealthy relationship with sexual material and a lot of self-loathing because of it. even before I figured out I was Ace, I knew I didn't like the idea of having sex with anyone.
But I still get urges. I can get aroused by sexual things. that confused me so much. I thought maybe I was demi, or graysexual found out about a year ago that I was aegosexual because it fit me. it felt incredibly validating that it was okay for me to imagine things and have fantasies while not wanting to actually engage in real activities. it helped me become more comfortable with myself and even want to explore kink in a healthier way.
And then I got a boyfriend. And I made it clear from the very start that I was Ace and that I didn't want to engage in anything extremely physical. and he was perfectly fine with that. even now, he's made it clear how much he loves me for me no matter what I look like or what I'm into or how much or little intimacy I want. and I'm honestly so grateful for that - I couldn't ask for a better partner.
But things aren't always that simple. I still struggle with the way I feel. There's a disconnect between my mind and body, and it feels awful. we fool around sometimes. not anything super intense. I like the kind of intimacy we have. But sometimes it overwhelms me and leaves me feeling confused and uncomfortable.
I'm not physically/sexually attracted to my partner. and I really hate admitting that because it feels like a terrible thing to say about the person you're in a relationship with. I love him and he's my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for the world. he tells me all the time about how pretty/cute/beautiful I am and how much he likes me in every way. and he knows it's not the same for me but he doesn't care.
lately, we've been trying more things. And it feels good to experiment with a partner - someone you care about and know they care deeply for you and your wellbeing. but I come away from it feeling incredibly conflicted sometimes. It feels vulgar, and I feel dirty, even if I enjoyed it. and then there's the fact that I know my partner would love to do more if I expressed an interest in it. But I dont want to do that. (but I also don't want them to feel bad for wanting things like that because it's normal?)
But I want some things? Just not...y'know, sex. But it feels selfish of me to want anything at all, cuz I know it would be met with enthusiasm from him, but not the other way around.
And so now I'm just sitting here, wondering if it's fair for me to feel this way, and wondering if I'm being a good partner. we talked about having a poly relationship, among other things - I'm completely fine if he dates me while having a more sexual relationship with someone else we both trust. but that seems like kind of a far-off solution right now.
I don't want to hurt him. But part of me is wondering if we can make this work in the long-term. it's not just an issue of different libidos or like, him being in the mood more than me - even touching my partner sexually or imagining us having sex makes me feel icky. I don't think I've ever explicitly used the term sex-repulsed because that sounds so negative, but that's how I would characterize my asexuality.
I know he wants more. but I also know he would never force, coerce, or even ask me for more. and he's told me multiple times that he doesn't want me to do anything I'm not comfortable with and that he's just happy to be with me. But I just can't stop feeling like I'm eventually going to let him down, or that our incompatibility will cause a rift, no matter how well we get along in all other areas of our lives.
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2023.04.01 12:00 strwbrrysrbt odd questions at work?

i work in retail and today i was met with a 45 year old guy who came in with wife and kids. i assumed they were just shopping until he came up to me and asked about job vacancies as apparently he was desperate for work and i assumed they must’ve recently immigrated.
i explained to him that we only tend to really do applications online and that there weren’t any open positions at the moment. he then asked me if i lived in adelaide (my states city) and i said no and told him i lived in the country. i thought this question was weird.
he then asked me if my family was from australia for some reason? maybe because i’m white? i’m not sure where the question came from but i said no as i’m polish.
would anyone know why these questions were asked? i felt like it was super weird, especially asking about ethnicity.
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2023.04.01 12:00 hsgroot 31 [M4F] England/Online. Friendly guy who misses daily texts.

Hi there! Just a 31yr old guy who's a big nerd at heart and pretty friendly with the right people. Little about me following but you're welcome to ask me anything you'd like. I'm an open book :)
Girls with pretty eyes or nice hair usually catch my attention, I love accents and swoon hard for nerdy tendencies. (Where's my gaming buddy at??)
So if you're looking for a friendly guy who will flirt with you and trade all the memes, send me a chat you wonderful person!
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2023.04.01 12:00 Lost_Okra_1592 25 [M4A] Looking for friends kasama mag rock climbing or yung may alam na decent muay thai gym

I decided na gusto ko na maging active physically this year and introduce some discipline in my life. I'm looking for a group of friends I can join in and befriend. yung mababait pls saka di nang ggate keep sa sport. I'm near mendiola or espanya so I would appreciate it if di kayo super malayo but I'm down as long as kaya ng angkas.
Here's a little something about me. baka makatulong if vibe ko ba tayo or not. - Freelance Illustrator ako - I'm into video games, anime, manga and other weeb stuff - I've been working out for about a year now - UST grad - pang bardagulan yung personality pero pwede din sa chill. kaya mag adjust at super down to earth lang. - Di ako kupal - mahilig sa rock, hard rock, nu metal, alt rock. pumupuntang gigs paminsan and mahilig din ako sa really old songs.
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2023.04.01 11:59 uglyDuckling42 Alunite on Calcite

Alunite on Calcite
Little crystals of Alunite on Calcite + something else, help me identify the black insertion/crystals (indicated in 4th photo). Found in Allumiere near Rome, Italy.
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2023.04.01 11:59 jamona666 Should I cancel on a party on the day of the party?

Okay so hear me out, this week one of my very good friends turned 20. On the day of her birthday she spontaneously invited me for a birthday dinner, so I canceled other plans I had and showed up for her. It was a great time, so I'm glad I came.
Besides her dinner party, she's invited me for another party today, she invited me to this a couple weeks ago and back then I was excited to go. This party will mainly consist of drinking at her house and going out after that.
My problem is, is that I don't live super close to her. I'm a student so I'm not very wealthy atm and it will cost me some money to get to her house, which is not the best, but I guess it is what it is. The main thing is that I will have to leave the party somewhat early if I don't want to miss the last train going home. This is why I have already let her know some time ago that I won't be going clubbing with her and her other friends, but I will come to her house.
Today I woke up not feeling my best and also not really feeling like going to the party. It feels a little inconvenient to go to her house for an hour or maybe two and then leave again, especially because we have already celebrated her birthday. I feel like it won't be a huge deal if I'm not there since a lot of her other friends will be there, but maybe that's not for me to decide. I know it's rude to cancel on plans last minute and I usually try to avoid it at all costs, but to be honest I'm considering doing so. Should I just follow my gut and cancel or should I just go?
(I'm sorry if this story is a little incoherent, English is not my native language)
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2023.04.01 11:59 starlerker AITA for aggressively jumping/elbowing a group of men who shoved me?

I was at an EDM show and standing near the stage. Even though it’s packed, most people are giving each other space and politely moving through the crowd. Enter 3 young, tall men who literally elbow and shove their way directly in front of me (5’1 Asian woman). It was already such a tight space that they are pressed against me. I was irritated and wanted to see the stage, so I started dancing and jumping rather aggressively.
When they realize I’m not going to shrink away to make room for them (there was none), they started elbowing me and pushing me back with their body weight. After a few minutes of this, a man dancing next to us with his girlfriend taps one of them on the shoulder and asks him to stop elbowing them. The men look embarrassed and leave. I now have a great view and a Rando high fives me and remarks how obnoxious those guys were. I feel conflicted knowing that I retaliated but also feel like they pushed/shoved their way in front of me thinking there would be no consequences. PLUR thrown out the window by all parties. AITA?
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2023.04.01 11:58 Shamefuru-Dispray How is this sprint on AI going to impact religious communities?

At the moment most people seem to be focused on how recent AI/LLM developments could affect their jobs and the economy. But there are huge numbers of people who believe in the existence of an invisible omnipotent being, in various flavours that there is zero verifiable evidence for, yet they take it extremely seriously. How are these myriad groups going to react to the imminent arrival of a super-intelligence that far surpasses our own, that they could actually reach out and touch, and that could meet many of the criteria of a new "God"? Are they going to switch allegiance en masse? Or will it make widespread religious tensions boil over into violence as they fight this upstart that threatens their worldview? Or could it perhaps usher in a new era where religious differences and tensions are forgotten about and we come together? Is this possibly going to be magnified by economic turbulence? Are there any precedents? I don't know, but it seems to me that a lot of people are going to be deeply affected. Does anyone have any insights?
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2023.04.01 11:58 SuperChallengeCoins Custom Honor Guard Challenge Coins

Custom Honor Guard Challenge Coins
Challenge Coins For Honor Guards Are The Highest Form Of Honor
The honor guard is a custom that exists all across the world and dates back in time.
They are often called upon for important rituals like weddings or funerals, as well as to welcome and protect dignitaries visiting their nation.
Any military unit may serve as an honor guard for a head of state or another senior person, although some nations select a specific unit to carry out the duty alone.
The honor guard is often seen maintaining the conventional military formations and presentations, both for safety and for display purposes.
Soldiers of the honor guard may often be identified by their dress uniforms, as well as by their deliberate, coordinated motions and rituals.
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Units Of The United States Honor Guard
Coast Guard Honor Guard Challenge Coin Coastie USCG Medallion
The American military’s many branches each have their own honor guard. The honor guard troops, stationed in the Washington, D.C., region, carry out several events on behalf of the President of the United States while representing the military as a whole and the United States as a whole. The units often travel around the nation and the globe when necessary, thus they are not restricted to serving in or near the country’s capital.
The U.S. Military’s particular honor guard units include:
United States Marine Corps Color Guard Platoon
To accord proper military homage and to highlight the Marine Corps’ distinguished legacy of warfighting, this platoon displays the National Flag and the Marine Corps Battle Color at events held across the National Capital Region and throughout the United States.
Army Honor Guard Company (3rd United States Infantry Regiment)
To represent the U.S. Army and tell its narrative to Americans and the rest of the world, this regiment holds memorial services to pay tribute to fallen colleagues as well as celebrations and unique events.
United States Navy Ceremonial Guard
Representing the Navy in official events in and around the nation’s capital, including those for the president, the Joint Armed Forces, the Navy, and the general public.
Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard
Represents the Commandant, the Military District of Washington, and the US Coast Guard at formal events attended by dignitaries and foreign leaders.
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Canadian And British Honor Guards
Honor Guard Challenge Coin
The honor guard may be assembled from a wide range of locations outside of the United States.
When it comes to protecting heads of state and other dignitaries, some nations use a more comprehensive strategy.
The ceremonial guard of the Canadian Armed Forces has traditionally been drawn from the regiments of the Governor General’s Foot Guard and the Canadian Grenadier Guard. But as of late, service is now available to personnel of every branch of the Canadian military.
The ceremonial guard participates in several routine events and presentations in addition to their sentry responsibilities at the National War Memorial and Rideau Hall.
These routine responsibilities include Trooping the Colour, the Governor General’s review of the Guard, and the Changing of the Guard.
There are no specific ceremonial units within the British Armed Forces.
They instead depend on troops from all three forces that are not deployed abroad to alternate and perform public tasks at different significant historical locations around the nation.
The Household Cavalry and the five Foot Guard units traditionally carry out ceremonial tasks.
The Household Cavalry’s following regiments are often called upon to carry out such duties:
The Life Guards
The Blue & Royals
Grenadier Guards
Coldstream Guards
Scots Guards
Irish Guards
Welsh Guards
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2023.04.01 11:57 eternitytyun when/where should you apply for gap year jobs?

i’m applying deferred to uni this year so i’ll be doing a gap year and i’d like to have a sort of job, like a year in industry or a one year placement or whatever they’re called.
ideally it would be something like engineering or technology so it links with my subjects but i’m not sure when or where to apply? i googled a bit and most websites aren’t accepting 2024 applications yet so i was wondering when they’d open? would i be able to apply this summer?
and any website or firm recommendations would be really useful too, i can’t seem to find any near me, they’re mostly in london but i’d like to stay at home and travel to work (anywhere in the west midlands would be fine).
anyone who has experience with this, please help 😭
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2023.04.01 11:57 RewardBeautiful4549 AITA for not wanting my boyfriends ex-wife spend the night at his home???

I have been "seeing" this guy for about 1.5 yrs...for all intents and purposes he is my boyfriend however, we are not ready for anything serious. We do not live together, but we talk every single day, hang out, dinner, have amazing sex, etc... Now, admittedly he has a great relationship with his ex wife...they have 2 biological kids between them, 7 kids altogether from previous relationships (all adults, ages 20-40yrs). They were married for 21yrs, together for 28yrs. She is one that initiated the divorce and have been divorced for 3 yrs, 4yrs with separation. However, after the divorce was final, he moved on and for the past year and half he and I have been an intimate relationship. We'll, after realizing what she had, she wanted to make things work out with him and get back together, he said no. He loves her but does not want to be with her. But he continues to include her in nearly every aspect of his moves, life changes, etc. I don't have a problem with them being friends...I get it. Recently, he found some old pictures, they reminisced about good they had it and how the screwed it up...blah blah blah. Apparently, she thought they had green light to try to work things out and she asked if she could stay with him (for about 3 days) while she was in town for work and he said YES. Here is the kicker, I was supposed to spend the night with him, we had plans to do things for those exact same days. He said we could still do those things...however, he asked me not be "lovey dovey" in front of her so not throw it her face that we were together. Needless to say this pissed me off. (I forgot to mention that she and I know each other, we are NOT friends. I don't dislike her nor her me, but she doesn't want to be around me and I don't want to be around her). Anyway, I was very upset that he was going to let her stay with him and asked ME not to stay. His reasoning, she is STILL FAMILY and he has made plainly clear that since she is still family, she will ALWAYS have a place to stay with him. (Mind you, he only has one bed at his place and a couch and she has a 6 figure income and can easily afford hotels and/or airbnb). This has caused a huge riff between us. AITA for thinking this is totally inappropriate??
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2023.04.01 11:55 Swimmy-Blue First time using an open communal shower (sort of) (NZ)

I (M24) live in Auckland, New Zealand where open communal showers seem to be very rare. The most common shower setup in NZ seems to be either fully enclosed cubicles, or showers with partitions and no doors. Recently, however, I came across a proper open shower room. Here's how I eventually built up to using it.
For a while now I've been swimming with a local club, where our pool locker room has a line of showers with partitions in between them and no doors. This one also has a large mirror on the opposite wall so you can see the people you're showering next to.
When I first joined the club, I just showered in my swim trunks and got changed facing the corner of the changing room. I noticed that most of the gym goers (there's a gym at this pool too) seem to shower with shorts on, and changed under a towel. Most of the swimmers however would strip naked in the shower, and walk around the locker room nude taking their time to change without anyone caring. I admired their confidence and wanted to do the same to properly wash the chlorine off myself, but was worried about things like getting a boner. I also felt self-conscious that most of the other guys seemed older and hairier, whereas I don't have much body hair and I trim my pubes short.
There was however a french guy around my age who would occasionally swim with the club. He was smooth-shaven and would walk around the locker room fully nude chatting with everyone. After a month of swimming here, seeing this guy gave me the courage to try stripping down in the shower. I initially felt nervous because the people in the showers next to me could see me in the mirror on the opposite wall, but they also took off their shorts and it felt normal. It was amazing being able to both wash properly and rinse my trunks. I grabbed my towel which was hung on the shower partition and wrapped it around me while I walked back to my clothes. It's not a proper open communal shower, but I still felt proud of myself nonetheless.
I'm still not as confident as some others as I walk around in a towel and face the wall while changing. Sometimes in the shower, I get a random boner out of nowhere, but can just face the wall in the shower and no one can see.
After seeing this subreddit, I've always been envious of people with proper open communal showers where showering naked together with no partitions is just normal.
Recently I swam by myself at a different pool (Mount Albert Aquatic Center) and was amazed to see a proper communal shower with 4 shower heads in an open room with no partitions. From what I saw, about 50% of people showered naked there, the others wore shorts. I was super nervous about showering naked there as I've never been in one with no partitions before, so there's no hiding an unwanted boner. There were also no towel hooks in the shower room, so you have to walk nude in front of everyone to grab your towel. Despite this, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get over my fears and just do it as the other swimmers do. After my swim, I stood in the shower room by myself and mustered up the courage to take my swim trunks off. It felt very exposing yet freeing, completely different from the partitioned showers at my usual pool. One other guy walked into the showers but he kept his shorts on. It felt great to shower in a big open space, but I still faced the wall most of the time and started to worry about getting a boner, and ended up getting out pretty fast.
Despite this I'm very happy I did it and will hopefully get more relaxed each time I go there. I saw plenty of others using this shower naked, so hopefully, I'll build up the confidence to join them without thinking about it.
I'll try posting a photo of this shower sometime when the locker room is empty.
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2023.04.01 11:55 onlypizzafans 6 pies back to back with Expert Grill 15” pizza oven

6 pies back to back with Expert Grill 15” pizza oven
Baked some pizza pies few nights ago. In this video there is only 5 pizzas but I know I made 6 lol. I have no idea where the last one went.
Right now my main go to pizza dough is Walmarts pizza buddy. It used to be $1 but now Walmart raised it to $1.78 which I’m sure they’re are itching to make it $2 haha but anyway it’s really good dough for store bought.
It comes in 16oz frozen dough balls. I let it defrost and I split the dough ball into 2. Then I put them back in the sealed container for a couple of hours before I start making pizzas. I usually bake 4 to 6 of these mini pies anytime I’m making pizzas outdoor. I’m spending maybe an hour pre-heating the oven. I don’t just want to spend 2 minutes baking a pizza haha so I will do at least 4 to just get more practice in with the oven. The people I’m experimenting on with my pizzas seem to like them. The leftovers go to the raccoons lol
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