Hyundai santa fe camper conversion kit

bottom brake lights out top one fine.... so lost atm

2023.04.01 03:12 Thehighguyman bottom brake lights out top one fine.... so lost atm

Bottom brake lights went out and seems my cruise control went out around the same time. Cruise control light comes on but does not set speed. Top brake light works fine. As far as I know fuses seem fine I pulled it out put another 10 in and the brake light worked but bottom no. Went to autozone and installed a new brake switch for the pedal again top light fine bottom still no.... bulbs are also fine since they share the same bulb as the park lights and they come on as they should so atm I'm lost and can't really afford a mechanic. Any advice? I saw something maybe about the turn signal switch? BTW it's a 2004 hyundai santa fe 2wd
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2023.04.01 00:53 Uncledrew401 Has anyone had to do this dance before to reset obd sensor? Auto shop guy printed it for me and said to try this since regular drive cycle didnt work

Has anyone had to do this dance before to reset obd sensor? Auto shop guy printed it for me and said to try this since regular drive cycle didnt work submitted by Uncledrew401 to Hyundai [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 00:09 Uncledrew401 Has anyone done this dance before? Description in comments

Has anyone done this dance before? Description in comments submitted by Uncledrew401 to Cartalk [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 19:01 miskwaaNation iKamper 3.0 top speed

I installed the iKamper 3.0 on my Hyundai Santa Fe last summer and drove a couple thousand kilometres. I have a glass "moon roof" as a ceiling, Thule cross-rails to hold the iKamper, but quite a space between the two. The booklet indicated 110 km/h max with the iKamper installed but I'm wondering how people feel about this? Do you find yourself driving your normal speeds if you have it attached to your roof (I imagine truck bed installation is different)? I'm asking because last summer we drove during some windy days and I could really feel the difference but it made me nervous to even drive quicker (lets say to pass a truck) because of the pull/pressure on the cross rails. The windy deflector would do nothing in my setup because of the length of the vehicle + length of the iKamper. Wondering if this is all in my head and I should just trust the setup, or just drive slowly and respect the 150 pound pack I've got on the roof. Thanks!
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2023.03.31 16:10 daisysgato What could possibly be wrong with this car?

What concerns me the most is the type of work they've done on the car. I'm trying to get a car my SO can use to ferry the LOs around, so I'm trying to find something that won't break down in the middle of the road.
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2023.03.31 05:38 frankoceanrox west coast test optional rural kid who transfers to boarding school scores?

Intended Major(s): Business but majoring in Econ :/ (I'll be fine)
Standardized Testing

List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Yearbook - Copy Editor senior year, Business Editor sophomore year, first Junior to be Editor-in-Chief in school history, featured in distribution showcase jr. year - 28 hours a week
  2. FBLA - President/Founder senior year, Vice President junior year, Treasurer sophomore year, placed 7th at state for public speaking, 2nd regionally for graphic design and data analysis, ran for state office, organized a $2500 fundraiser - 7 hours a week
  3. Internship - Interned at local business shadowing customer service agents, learning order fulfillment, organizational techniques and merchandising to local grocery stores - 40 hours per week, 6 weeks.
  4. University of Chicago Emerging Rural Leader - As a rural student in the summer before senior year I earned a scholarship to take a credited college class called Freedom of Expression and Politics of Social Media at the University of Chicago - 20 hours per week, 3 weeks.
  5. Sleepaway Camp Counselor, 9th and 10th grade - Kindergarten - 6th graders, teaching etiquette and social skills ; administered program of swimming, hikes, games, campfire - 80 hours per week, 6 weeks.
  6. Sleepaway Science Instructor, 10th and 11th grade - Taught Water Ecology to 6th graders ; administered Campfire Program for social development; took care of campers in cabin
  7. Senior Project - Up-cycled used textiles into bags; used funds sold to deliver food to under-resourced communities on the Big Island $1000 raised - 6 hours per week.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. #1 Rank 1/202 at previous school
  2. #2 National Rural and Small Town Scholar
  3. #3 University of Chicago "Emerging Rural Leader" Scholarship
  4. #4 AP Scholar
  5. #5 Student of the Month
Letters of Recommendation
Junior Year English Teacher, 10/10. Was my favorite teacher that year and I genuinely enjoyed her class, participated often and she was capable of speaking to my character and how I can cater to peoples social needs, emphasizing how I stand out by leading the class oftentimes with one on one conversations.
FBLA Advisor + Finance teacher @ previous school, 8.5/10. She was capable of speaking to my character as I spent much time within FBLA. Her Letter of Rec felt like a template but when she inserted the information it was meaningful. Labeled me as "one of, if not the most motivated student to walk the halls of ____ High School).
College Counselor @ current school, prediction, 9/10. Felt like she really enjoyed me and working with me on structuring my application. Super excited for my acceptances too so I assume her letter of rec was good, wants to meet my family etc, good counselor and I think she advocated well for me, understanding my story
APUSH Teacher @ current school, prediction, 7.5/10. I don't think this one helped me. He mentioned writing in my letter of recommendation that the questions I ask often lead into the next subject and that I contribute to the class well, however, I got a A- in this class and don't have a strong relationship with the teacher, although he heads the dorm sometimes.
Tulane: Was not a real interview, but I emailed and asked if they had interviews and was capable of meeting with the Director of Marketing and Communications for a Zoom meeting where I asked my questions, told my story, and demonstrated true interest I believe.
Main Essay: 8.5/10 - talked about the struggles of being a gay male in a rural town and how it inspired me to leave the town and home, had a super good first and last line, although could be considered cringy. Talked about homophobia. Addressed my extracurriculars along with music and how they are crucial to me expressing my identity when I feel forced to act straight due to the standard of "normal" in my house and hometown. I talk about how I enjoy my opportunity to live without the social standards of back home at my new boarding school. Its a completely different demographic so I enjoy it.
Supplementals: 8.5/10, really tried to connect music, shoes, and business to my identity by talking about family owned business, wanting to be free from the business, my passion for reselling sneakers and collecting vinyls. Did some business case studies and talked about opportunities at said college for finance.

Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)

Additional Information:
Overall I am pleased with how decisions went. I knew I wasn't going to be able to use my SAT Score. That was even after studying so much for the SAT, so I knew I needed to go test optional. My previous school was not as rigorous, not to discredit my hard work and constant nights up but it was simply easier to get a 4.0 unweighted at that school rather than a boarding school, which also goes to show that even a slight drop in grades (2 A- and one B+) can impact decisions. If it were not for EA and my 4.0 GPA then I probably wouldn't have gotten in anywhere, let alone Michigan. That was my true dream school so I couldn't ask for anything more. Overall I think I had average extracurriculars and a somewhat compelling story with decent letters of rec. I wish I got into more schools RD, but I am not complaining with my admissions decisions. If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out. Test optional its way harder to get into places, but I am proud!
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“I didn’t think it was that obvious,” I responded.
"I can help you, just don't kill me" she begged
its alright."
Naruto cheered up nearly immediately.
“You had plans tomorrow; those have been cancelled by me because I love my family. I love every member of my family and I have been a very poor parent,” I say the words, it hurts but it is the truth.
“Oh my God baby. Fuck me” I said to him. Almost immediately, he flipped me over on my side and began to enter into my slit.
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Her breath was getting heavy, and I could see it all rising to the surface. The fear, the tension, the strange sense of betrayal. I didn't even really know why I was doing this, I just wanted to see her reaction.
"Shut up." He muttered.
“ Momma Ellie I am sorry I left like that, but I have never been asked anything like that.” He tells Kiko and I as I place a hand on his back.
She dove under and looked at my hand to see nothing there. Then she looked up at my other hand to see nothing there either. Finally she looked at my bathing suit and pulled it down and took out her tube top. She then noticed my cock standing out like a flagpole and stared at it as if she was mesmerized. She started rubbing her fingers up and down my cock and playing with my balls. She rubbed her nose and lips against it and she finally had to come up for air.
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A look of pure joy smashed onto her face as she burst out laughing and threw herself down, kissing me savagely.
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“Yeah,” EJ agreed. “I liked that, a lot.”
into the depths of her rectum.
“I hope he wore a condom, I’m too young to be a grandmother,” Daisy says.
Then, to Ron’s great surprise, Pansy’s hands went to his hair and she started to caress it. She leaned her cheek towards his head and kissed Ron. A chaste, lovely kiss. Ron slid out of Pansy and rolled onto his side; catching his breath and cooling his down.
As the room got warmer, we talked about her house. Eventually, the conversation shifted and eventually she asked a pretty surprising question, “Hey – so, what do you think about being tied up?”
I was glade that Candice was not a slut because I know for a fact that every boy in high school wanted to fuck her but she stayed faithful to me the whole time. That is up until she stopped being faithful and I dropped her. Yes, I dropped her. I went from being envied for my entire high school career to being the laughing stock.
“Mmm yum!” Ginny smiled back.
Eric dove Jack back to his house and they said there farewells as well.
She stared down at the phone, then looked up at him. ‘And then what?’
I shake my head no and say, “Everyone has to be bad at something. It might as well be waterskiing for me."
Why couldn't summer break last two more weeks, I thought as I mowed the front yard? My balls rejoiced as a quick breeze blew up the leg of my shorts. I was enjoying the feeling of having my nuggets swinging free. I had never gone "commando," outside the house, and my balls were enjoying their new liberty. They were extra sensitive, as they had been shaved two days ago. It felt strange, but good.
I tried to remember the exact wording of the contract that we’d signed, but I couldn’t. For a brief moment, I was furious.
I shook my head with a small smile and sat up on the bed. Looking at her open closet, I found her full-body mirror and inspected my face. Most of the swelling had gone down, and unless one was told to inspect my face for differences, the only thing one could see was the cut on my lip, and even that wasn’t bleeding anymore. In the mirror, I saw Nicole slither behind me.
"No. You probably think I'm some messed up, creepy emo chick now." She said, sobbing.
“If you’re lucky you just might find out later. Now shut up and enjoy the sun.”
“Don’t cry Kathy. I wasn’t saying that to make you upset. I was just letting you know that I’d take care of you and our baby if you got pregnant.” I stop crying and look at him. “I’m just really happy. I love you, Brandon.” “I love you too”. I smile and get closer to him and kiss him passionately. With as much force as I can muster. “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.” He kisses me back, and we’re making out with as much love and passion only a sibling can have for one another. We are still kissing as we hear the front door open and the voice of our mom yells out “Kathy, Brandon I’m home. Come help me with the groceries!” We stop kissing and look at each other in horror. Shit. Brandon runs to the bathroom and I can hear the shower turn on and I start getting dressed to head downstairs. I look in my mirror and I can see that I have the just got fucked look. I grab my hair brush off my nightstand and try to brush my hair and get it somewhat tamed before heading downstairs. “Hi mom! How was work today?”
She lay on me, motionless like that, for a couple minutes. Then she turned to me. She wasn't at all self-conscious; she seemed to give no thought for her bared breasts and stained panties.
The dialog and character interactions both left a lot to be desired if this is meant to be a story and not just an excuse for sex scenes.
"Sure, I do, just go to the contraceptive section and take them up front and pay for them. Simple as that."
"Well, Noah, um, well, yeah, maybe I will. Yeah."
She rolled her hips into me faster and faster, “I’m pretty far away… It’s okay.”
Morgan grinned tiredly at me. “Hey look, it’s why I’m dating you,” she replied smugly, closing her legs and rummaging her middle finger in the pool of cum I shot on her. Winking at me, she brought her finger to her lips and slowly licked it off.
“There may be whispers” I said, which was kind of true. A lot of the girls would whisper to each other as I walked passed them. I’m guessing it mostly consists of ‘there’s the new guy.’
As she yanked my tent all of a sudden
“That’s it? He didn’t want to punch you out right then?” Nick knew Robert was a better man than that. Nothing seemed to rattle him.
Yvette blushed crimson at her aunt’s comment. “Madamm . . . what-ever do you mean. A lady would never admit to such a thing” Yvette said in an emphasized French accent.
“And it is great to finally meet you,” Becca's mom said, as she shook my right hand.
"Why did you change the subject"? This was frustrating me. I wanted information and Taylor was the only one that could give it to me.
I was 16 and she had just turned 17. I often masturbated to thoughts of the big pool party she had with all her friends on her birthday. I had been in agony the whole time. I must have made ten trips to the restroom to rub one out with images of her bouncing on the diving board, climbing out of the pool with her bathing suit slipping, lathering herself up with sunscreen, and playfully grab assing with all her girlfriends from the volleyball team.
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"Only you wanted to be compensated didn't you?" I growled.
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While waiting, Adrian had checked popular news and email sites, scanning for any story that had a picture of he or Jenny. More than half of all of the stories were about the massacre, but with its uniqueness, he was not surprised. Murder on this scale of brutality and numbers by one man was unheard of. So far, every article just repeated the facts of the one before it.
“You want to marry me?”
“Are you going to come with me?” She horsely whispered as her chest began to rise and fall with the deeper breaths she took.
"Shut up," said Meagan, splashing him. He responded by splashing her back, and a war had begun. After going back and forth a couple more times, Tim grabbed her midriff and began taking her to the deep end to dunk her. She screamed and grabbed his leg, and down they went in the water together, her pressed against him. She felt her front push against his, and realized that he was hard. As his hard dick under his boxers pressed against her pussy under her swimsuit, she let out a moan. As they surfaced, Meagan grabbed him again and pressed her body up against him, causing him to go under again. She hoped this would make him get even harder, she was not disappointed.
with love and joy, simultaneously. There was nothing in Evan's world to compare that moment
He pulled his hand away, rolled on his back and sighed. “You know what I'm talking about. Last time you bribed me, then tried to get more than I agreed to.”
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I felt her hands on me… “What’s wrong…? What did I do…?” the only thing that kept my heart from breaking… she loved me. I realized on some level that she should be offended. That she should be hurt… instead, she was all over me… worried only about what was going on in my mind…
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Andrea told me that the two of us were to remain naked and glued together unless Mom told us to get dressed. She said we had to even go to the bathroom together. It sounded like something that my mother would say. Then we held hands and walked downstairs.
"And why were you looking for me?"
My conscious mind wasn’t even switched on at this point. Wordlessly, I just stopped petting her, took her hand and started to go upstairs. May, giggling, put down her beer and kept close to me. We walked upstairs and knocked on a few doors. A few responses were heard from some rooms, but eventually, we found one unoccupied room. Once we got in, May immediately got on the bed and spread her legs.
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My 2016 Santa Fe Sport with the 2.4 and 120K broke down on me yesterday. Towed to my local mechanic, he said the motor is seized up and the code it’s giving is P1326. After some research, I called Hyundai Corporate and they looked up my VIN and said my car was part of the TXXI service campaign and that I need to get it to a dealership (at my expense) and have them evaluate it. Hyundai said if it is determined to be engine failure due to these known issues then full engine replacement will be covered.
The issue is the two nearest dealerships are booked until August. Then it will be longer to fix. The next nearest is 70 miles away and they say they can get to it in 2-3 weeks maybe and won’t even get into how long it might take to repair. I have yet to call a few others that are also 70+ miles away. I’m in Austin Tx area. The one that told me 2-3 weeks said they charge almost $500 for the diagnoses if it turns out to not be TXXI related. So…what do I do next? Do I really have no choice but to wait months? No one will provide rental car reimbursement (not pay upfront) until after repair has started. They won’t cover tow charges. I’m still making payments on the car and my family needs a vehicle in order to go to work and get kids to school.
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What is Kid Nation?
“I think I’m gonna die out here because there’s nothing.” – Jimmy, age 8
If you’re unfamiliar with the American reality show Kid Nation, it’s not a surprise. Created by Tom Forman Productions and Endermol USA, the series premiered on the CBS network on September 19, 2007. Kid Nation features 40 children, ranging from ages 8 to 15, who are given 40 days to create a functioning society out of a ghost town without adult intervention, Lord of the Flies-style. The children pass laws, elect leaders, and build an economy in pursuit of their goal. Kid Nation received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics and was awash in both controversy and legal trouble, leading to its cancellation in May 2008, after just one season. Despite this, the show has maintained a cult-like following among reality TV connoisseurs and received renewed interest in 2020 on social media, presumably due to the pandemic.
At the very beginning of Kid Nation, the participants arrive in Bonanza City, New Mexico, where they are expected to build a viable community from the ground up. The show was filmed on location at the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch, the purported “ghost town” on the show. In reality, the privately owned town is less of a ghost town and more of a movie set. Only 13 miles south of Santa Fe, Bonanza City has been used as a filming location since the early 1950s. Dozens of films have utilized the site, such as Silverado, The Legend of the Lone Ranger, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. More recently, Bonanza City was the site of the infamous shooting during the filming of Rust, during which Alec Baldwin discharged a prop firearm on set and accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. It's also somewhat of a tourist destination, with companies offering tourists Jeep rides through Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch. At first, this may seem like a small discrepancy. After all, the kids are still building a society on their own in a relatively empty and isolated town – what does it matter if it’s really a ghost town or a movie set? But this inaccuracy is emblematic of the controversy surrounding Kid Nation: for better or for worse, the conditions depicted on-air were not the reality of the children participating in the show.
The Structure of Kid Nation
“Does anybody else think the Gold Star will significantly increase their sex appeal?” – Michael, age 14
In the first episode of Kid Nation, the kids are told that four of their peers have been deemed members of the “town council” by the production team: Laurel, Mike, Taylor, and Anjay. The other 36 participants are divided into four bunks (also called teams or districts), and each bunk is led by one of the members of the town council. All the bunks were named after different primary colors, with Laurel leading the Green team, Mike leading the Red team, Taylor leading the Yellow team, and Anjay leading the Blue team. Each bunk would sleep together, work together, and compete as a team.
Every few days, the four teams would compete with one another in physical and mental challenges, such as building a working pipeline through an obstacle course or competing in a rock-hauling race. The results of the team challenge determined the team’s economic class for the next few days. The team in the first place was declared the upper-class, second place was the merchants, third place was the cooks, and last place was the laborers. This dictated what jobs each bunk would do for the following days and how much they would be paid in “buffalo nickels”: the upper class had no job and received $1.00/day, the merchants ran the town shops and received 50¢, the cooks made all the meals and did the dishes for 25¢, and the laborers did hard labor (such as filling pails of water, doing laundry, and cleaning outhouses) for 10¢. If this sounds weird to you, you’re not alone. Part of the criticism Kid Nation received was aimed at how the show “indoctrinated the children into capitalism and classism”, with many a thinkpiece posted on this topic.
Additionally, if the town as a whole reached a certain goal by the end of each challenge, the children were granted the choice between an item that they needed and an item that they wanted – and believe me, there’s astounding entertainment value in watching children argue over whether they should get an old-fashioned television set or seven more outhouses (they only had one outhouse at the time… one… for forty kids). To get an idea of how difficult these town goals were, the town goal during the rock-hauling challenge was to collectively haul one ton of rocks. Obviously, the kids failed to haul over a ton of rocks. I mean, really, what did production expect? It’s literally a ton of rocks.
And of course, because this is a reality television show, there is money on the line. While each kid was compensated for their time with $5,000, along with the opportunity to miss a month of school, there were also monetary prizes to be earned. Every three days, the town had a town meeting. During the town meetings, the kids had the opportunity to air their grievances to the community, but more importantly, the town council awarded one of the participants a Gold Star. The Gold Star was worth $20,000, and the town council was tasked with choosing the kid that they felt earned it the most by meaningfully contributing to Bonanza City. Not only did the winner get the Gold Star, but they were also allowed to use the only phone in the town to call their parents. Also, the periodical town meeting was the only time the kids were given the chance to opt out of the experience and go home, which three kids did before the end of the season. In the show’s finale, the town council got to award three participants an additional $50,000 prize each.
Between challenges and town meetings, the kids would complete their jobs, shop at stores run by other kids, try to improve the town, and just generally goof off. At one point, the kids earn a fully stocked arcade for their town after winning a showdown. There was even a “bar” that served root beer, where the kids could dance and drink soda all night. Basically, life in Bonanza City seemed to be all work and all play.
On-Air Drama
“I mean, look at Bush, he’s not smart at all, but he won the U.S. presidency two times in a row!” – Kelsey, age 11
While the format of Kid Nation was not revolutionary, the age of the contestants and the contents of the show was. The stress and physical demands of the show proved too much for many of the children, with the first kid leaving during the first town meeting. First to go was Jimmy, the youngest contestant at 8 years old, who tearfully confesses in the first episode that he misses his parents and thinks he is too young to be on his own. He’s not the only one either; many of the children spend the first episode in tears as they express how homesick and overwhelmed they are.
Jimmy’s departure is just the first of many emotional and controversial moments for the show. The second episode, titled “To Kill or Not to Kill”, centered on a debate between the kids about whether or not to kill some of their chickens to get more protein into their diet. This leads to a heated argument and a peaceful protest, with a group of kids locking themselves inside the chicken coop until the town council promises not to kill any of the chickens. Eventually, the children decide they need meat and kill two chickens. The kids butcher, de-feather, and cook the chickens themselves, leading to some pretty graphic footage. Of all the outrageous things the kids did on-air, killing the chickens seems to be one of the ones that drew the most controversy, with fans still expressing their shock years later. There was even a pretty decently upvoted post about it on TIL four years ago.
In episode four, the council tries to integrate religion into the town by instituting a mandatory church service, but the four council members are the only ones to show up for service. Throughout the entire episode, entitled “Bless Us and Keep Us Safe”, the kids have rather problematic (but entertaining) discussions about different religions, featuring a smattering of anti-semitism and religious discrimination. For the sake of decency, I am not going to give examples or repeat anything they said in this post, but if you just need to know what was said, the episode can be found here. The episode ends peacefully when Morgan invites all the kids to a town bonfire where kids from different religions shared prayers together, showing more tolerance and compassion than I think most adults are capable of.
While the original town council members were chosen by the production team, the town is given the chance to hold elections twice. In a shock to no one, participating in the democratic process proves to be as difficult for kids as it is for adults. The first election gets incredibly heated as kids campaign for the privilege to be the leader of their bunk. One kid, Markelle, goes around town and rips up Taylor’s (the current leader of the Yellow district) campaign posters. This leads to a screaming match in the middle of town, leaving Taylor’s friend who made the posters in tears. Ultimately, Taylor’s political opponent Zach wins the election by exactly one vote after he successfully convinces one of Taylor’s close friends to vote against her. Thank goodness Zach won, or else we never would have gotten the gem that is 10-year-old Zach exclaiming “Viva la Revolucion!”. The first election ends in absolute upset when Guylan defeats incumbent Mike for the position of leader of the Red district. Mike receives exactly one vote (his own), and watching the votes read out in real-time is a crazy experience – everyone is laughing in absolute shock.
Altogether, not only was the age of the contestants a subject of contention for audiences, but the content of the show was also seen as questionable by critics and viewers alike. From animal butchering to religious discrimination to political scandals, Kid Nation really straddled the line of what was acceptable, both for television and for children.
The Aftermath
“Deal with it!” – Taylor, age 10
Even before Kid Nation premiered, critics and viewers were slating the controversial show. By the time the show finished airing, dozens of news outlets were chiming in to give their take on it, including Variety, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and Time. Viewers were worried about how the children would deal with the stress, and whether or not they were pressured into participating by the lure of potential fame or by their parents for the sake of cash. As I mentioned earlier, people were also concerned that the children were being “indoctrinated into consumer culture” based on the class system utilized in Bonanza City. Despite all this, by the third episode, advertisers that had shied away from Kid Nation due to its initial controversy decided to purchase ad slots.
As you probably predicted, Kid Nation became embroiled in lawsuits and legal battles. First of all, production had the kids sign a contract requiring them to be available for filming 24 hours a day for 40 days. While there are limits to how many hours a child can work in a day, there are exemptions for film and TV production that are regulated by the states. At the time, New Mexico had a law in place limiting children’s participation in film and television productions to nine hours a day. However, this law did not come into enforcement until a month after the filming for Kid Nation was completed. New Mexico also had other general child-labor laws that limited children under 14 years old to a maximum number of hours per week or day unless otherwise approved by the state, but CBS did not obtain approval. Although there were adults on site with the children, the nature of how the adults supervised the children made it appear as though the kids were unlawfully engaged in labor under New Mexico law.
The producers challenged the accusations of breaking child labor laws by declaring the set a summer camp instead of a place of employment. Even though the kids were compensated financially and filmed 24/7, production insisted that they were campers instead of reality show contestants. This claim was further questioned by the state of New Mexico, which had additional rules related to camp operations that were not followed by production. In the end, the production team for Kid Nation did not face any legal repercussions for their usage of child labor, and the legal loophole the production used has since been closed. Other investigative efforts into the show by the state of New Mexico were also dropped, with the Attorney General’s Office citing the lack of formal complaint or request for inquiry from any state agency.
Not only was the production team in hot water with the state of New Mexico, but they also found themselves under investigation by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists over whether its AFTRA National Code of Fair Practices for Network Television Broadcasting was violated. The organization raised questions about whether the reality show participants are more like subjects in a documentary or working actors. While the latter are covered by union rules that govern working hours and compensation, the former is not. The investigation went forward even though the Network Code on reality shows generally covers professional performers, not reality show participants. However, some parents on set on the final day of filming accused the producers of feeding children lines, re-casting dialogue, and repeating scenes, all of which suggest the children functioned more like actors than documentary subjects. In response to the accusations, producer Tom Forman said the parents were observing routine “pickups” for scenes that may have been missed due to technical difficulties.
Along with legal challenges regarding child labor laws, Kid Nation found itself as the subject of legal complaints from one of the participant’s parents. Before filming, parents were required to sign a 22-page waiver that disavowed any responsibility on behalf of CBS or production for any harm experienced by the children on-set. In one infamous, unaired incident, several of the kids reportedly drank bleach on accident. One of the children, DK, age 14, was taken to the emergency room to be checked out before being returned to the set. Additionally, in an interview with The A.V. Club, 14-year-old Anjay revealed that he got so dehydrated from hiking the town that he had to go to EMS because he was throwing up. In another incident that actually made it on-air, 11-year-old Divad Miles received a grease burn on her face while cooking a meal. Her mother, Janis Miles, filed a complaint in June 2008, calling for an investigation into “abusive acts to minors and possible violations of child labor laws”. The complaint was investigated by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, which found no criminal wrongdoing on behalf of the production company or CBS.
It should be noted that in interviews with four of the participants by Los Angeles Times reporter Maria Elena Fernandez, all the children said that even though they worked harder than they ever had in their lives, they would still willingly repeat the experience. Astutely, Fernandez noted in one of her articles that “the children were never as autonomous or self-reliant as the publicity indicated and the threatened legal investigations by the state of New Mexico never took off”. Despite all the negative press and lawsuits, the show did not live up to its pre-premiere promises or its controversies.
Where Are They Now?
“I just hope we don’t end up like the Donner party, eating our own people.” – Anjay, age 12
Years passed, and fans like myself were dying to know how the children of Kid Nation turned out. In 2014, our insane wishes for resolution began to be fulfilled, with the now-adults of Kid Nation turning to the internet and the media to tell their stories.
One of the first to do so was Michael, who did an AMA on IAmA in 2014. Needless to say, fans like myself flooded the AMA with tons of questions and felt our morbid curiosity being satisfied. Michael confirmed many behind-the-scenes rumors and revealed some information previously unknown to fans, such as hook-ups occurring between contestants, Sophia stealing a phone from a crew member to call home, and Jared constantly getting into fights with other kids. He attested that on one hand, there were always adults present off-camera during the production (such as cameramen, producers, a medic, and a child psychologist), but on the other hand, the children did do almost everything themselves. Michael also said that he would be willing to do a “where are they now?”-style sequel to Kid Nation.
When Kid Nation experienced revitalized interest during 2020, The A.V. Club took advantage of the moment to interview several contestants for a “where are they now?”-style article, including Laurel, Anjay, and Olivia. In the interview, the former participants said that much of the show as presented on television was dramatized. They stated that production set up certain children like Olivia and Greg as “stock villains”, despite this not being the case behind the scenes. Also, Anjay confirmed the highly-publicized story about DK accidentally drinking bleach and explained that this was the result of a bottle of bleach being mistaken for a bottle of seltzer water that they had for flavoring drinks in the town store. Anjay said that the medical staff immediately treated DK and he returned to the set shortly afterward. By far the most interesting piece of information to come out of the interviews, though, is the existence of an unaired episode where kids discussed politics (in a similar vein as the religion episode), which was deemed too controversial to air. Considering the context of the Bush administration and the Iraq war, it is understandable why such an episode might be deemed contentious. However, the logic of this decision has done nothing to quell my and other fans’ desire to see the unaired episode, if only to find out where exactly the production team chose to draw the line after all this *gestures broadly*.
In 2020, YouTuber JonTron, also known as Jon Jafari, interviewed Jimmy, the first child to leave Kid Nation. During his interview, Jimmy criticized the harsh conditions that the production team forced the children to suffer through, such as making them cook their own food and wash their dishes, the poor sleeping conditions (the children slept on the floor), and the poor sanitary conditions (here’s your reminder of the 1 outhouse: 40 kids ratio… also the kids were not able to shower until after the first challenge). Additionally, Jimmy confirmed that on two separate occasions, ambulances had to be called to the set to take children to the emergency room.
Conclusion: The Kids Are Alright - No Really, I Mean It
“My ego pretty much just got like eaten, digested, and crapped out by a coyote, torn apart by vultures, and tossed off a cliff.” – Mike, age 11
As I mentioned at the beginning of this write-up, Kid Nation never got a second season. The show was canceled due to its highly questionable legality and the ton of controversy it garnered. This is not to mention poor audience ratings and the fact that the legal loophole in New Mexico was closed. Since its original run on CBS, Kid Nation has basically been treated as if it's radioactive. The show is nearly impossible to find online because most streaming companies refuse to host the series. Previously, a user on YouTube had uploaded all 13 episodes to the site for viewers to watch in a convenient playlist, but the playlist was recently deleted. Right now, the only place you can find Kid Nation is on Vimeo.
The kids from Kid Nation sincerely do not seem traumatized by their experience, and in fact, most of them actually say they cherish the memory of working on the show. Notably, Laurel called Kid Nation the “ultimate best experience of [her] life” – a sentiment that was also echoed in Michael’s AMA. On the other hand, the show’s host, Jonathan Karsh, has seemingly been unable to find any other television host jobs since his stint on Kid Nation.
Even though Kid Nation was canceled due to backlash from critics and viewers, the show has still managed to situate itself as a cult TV series. It even occasionally makes its way back into popular culture, as seen in 2020. A small, semi-active subreddit dedicated to the show still exists, and YouTubers constantly post videos reacting to the conditions and situations that the participants lived through. For trashy reality TV fanatics like me, Kid Nation remains to be a masterclass in entertainment and social commentary as told by kids, albeit with a sketchy production team and questionable conditions.
Ultimately, whether or not Kid Nation was really as abusive and controversial as people claimed is still up for debate. In my opinion, as with most things, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. At the very least, the kids are alright.
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2023.03.31 01:49 atx_steve Santa Fe engine seized now what?

My 2016 Santa Fe Sport with the 2.4 and 120K broke down on me yesterday. Towed to my local mechanic, he said the motor is seized up and the code it’s giving is P1326. After some research, I called Hyundai and they looked up my VIN and said my car was part of the TXXI service campaign and that I need to get it to a dealership (at my expense) and have them evaluate it. Hyundai said if it is determined to be engine failure due to connecting rod, then full engine replacement will be covered. The car has had the Knock Sensor Detection System software update (service campaign 953). The issue is the two nearest dealerships are booked until August. Then it will be longer to fix. The next nearest is 70 miles away and they say they can get to it in 2-3 weeks and won’t even get into how long it might take to repair. I have yet to call others that are about that far. I’m in Austin Tx area. The one that told me 2-3 weeks said they charge almost $500 for the diagnoses if it turns out to not be TXXI related. So…what do I do next? Do I really have no choice but to wait months? Does this sound like a TXXI issue? Car has been perfect up to this. Oil changed regularly. No one will provide rental car reimbursement until after repair has started.
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2023.03.31 01:24 Jastef Buy Back / Lemon

My 23 Santa Fe Calligraphy has been out of service since 18 February. Dealer Service states the issue is a radar module at the front that controls all the safety features. Said module is backordered. At the beginning of March they said it would be in by the end of the month and now they are saying they have no ETA.
I contacted their consumers affairs and was told a case worker would be assigned and reach out soon. I spoke with the services manager at the local dealer who stated that he had been contacted by someone asking for information and he got the idea that they would be offering a buy back.
Beyond be very disappointed - and just plain sad because my husband is deployed and got this for me to help make travel by myself easier - I’m nervous. Has anyone ever done this with Hyundai? Any tips or guidance?
I still have extensive travel requirements over the next several months before he returns and I just don’t know what to do or what to plan for.
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My 2007 Hyundai Santa fe had been having some severe electrical problems, and the shop replaced the alternator and voltage regulator, as well as the battery, which fixed the worst of the problems. However some of the issues still remain, like the lights inside the car flicker at idle and low rpm, and the battery won't charge up more than like 10 volts. When shutting the car off it's immediately at 11 or so and slowly drops off to 10 ish. It starts fine mostly, sometimes the battery will completely die and I have to jump it. At idle the voltage is also only around 13.9v when I have a lot of stuff on, like the heat, rear defrost, heated seats, etc. I would think the alternator is at fault here but it just got replaced, so I don't think it's that? I honestly have no idea, and I'd rather have it fixed than not because these problems are driving me towards just getting a different car. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this might be? Thanks.
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Hello! I am looking for recommendations for an aftermarket head unit that will fit a 2016 Santa Fe SE. The factory screen is a little less than 4" wide. Measurements
I would like something that offers compatibility with the steering wheel controls, the backup camera, and that has Apple Carplay. Wireless CarPlay isn't necessary, but would be a nice addition. TIA
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Mostly title. I'm looking for a 20" 6.5CM bbl and eventually doing a Form 1 + Micron Conversion. I know this will require:
What I'm not sure about:
Would love any help in turning this hunk 'o plastic into a hopefully functional rifle. Thanks.
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