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2015.10.27 03:13 Idiots In Cars

When idiots get behind the wheel of a vehicle, shit gets funny.

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2023.04.01 06:01 AutoModerator Monthly r/Pixar Movie Ranking Thread

It's that time of the month again; Ranking Time! To keep the subreddit less cluttered with everyone and their mom's rankings, we're going to use this thread specifically for the community to post their rankings.
So here we go! Post your rankings, tell what your favorites are and why, etc! Just remember, while you may not agree with a user's list, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they don't have to explain their choices to you if they don't want to, and there are no wrong answers. Everything is subjective. SO PLAY NICE! ;)
Here's a template list of all of the movies in case you need them:
We'll do an updated thread after the release of Elemental (2023), so make sure you check back so you can provide an updated list.
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