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What's Happening in Vegas this Week/Weekend!

2023.05.29 02:10 snipersgethead What's Happening in Vegas this Week/Weekend!

Hello friends!
Happy to have you here and back! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Anyone else's A/C bill hurting? I guess I'm going to have to rely on my Only Fan. It's got 3 wind speeds. Okay, I'll keep my day job.
As always, feel free to comment with anything I missed or with any suggestions!
Club Events
Sporting Events
Thursday – Saturday
Thursday – Sunday
Thursday – Monday
Sunday – Next Week
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2023.05.29 01:13 Copperjaw [Online][5E][EST][LGBTQ+][Sandbox][Weekly] Established Group Looking for 2 more Players to join an ongoing Theros (Greek) Campaign!

New Players Welcome!
Feel free to take your time applying and DM me if you have any questions! Applications are open through Friday!

What mysteries do the Gods Keep?

"When secrets reveal themselves, even the Gods hold their breath."
~ Keeper Theos, Ignis Familia

A little self introduction

Hi there! I'm a DM whose been running games for my friends for 4 years now. I love to world build, create engaging stories, and give my players epic moments! I aim to always make immersive experiences for my players, so they can explore all they can see.
Now a little about me. I'm a 27 year old guy from the U.S. who loves D&D. My friends call me an artist, resident nerd, and a guy who likes to cook too much. I love to DM and find new friends to share my world with and give fun challenges, great stories, and valuable rewards so every session feels like an epic adventure.

The Party

Our party of five adventurers are taking to the wilds and open seas to unearth ancient ruins, arcane secrets, and dangerous monsters beneath the depths! The party is made of friendly, warm, and excited players who love to build moments with each other.
Party Comp! A Wizard ( Bladesinger ), and 2 Clerics! ( Knowledge & Trickery )
Please enjoy checking out the campaigns setting introduction below!

Adventures in Anglorak : Campaign Intro

Anglorak is a Theros inspired setting, full of lost empires, ancient secrets, and awaiting new heroes to rise. You can journey into monster-infested wilds, voyage across treasure-laden seas, and traverse the worlds edge before the Gods. A land where city states and sovereign regions vie for power and opportunity. Players can join factions, uncover plots, and make their mark on the world. It is a world handcrafted to make your character's shine.
Many city states and regions can be found in Anglorak. You'll find below a taste of three more powerful city-states across the landscape.

Metio : The polis of travelers, discovery and learning. The ever winding Metian spires and waterways are home to thinkers, merchants, and scholars. It's a home for those seeking respite, refuge, and opportunity regardless of status.
Dodaca : The polis of warriors, conquest, and valor. Where politics gives sway to strength. A land of warriors, travelers, and seekers of power. It is the people of Dodaca whom drive back bestial hordes, and bring the badge of honor to every battle fought.
Tosia : The polis of passions, fury, and curiosity. The Tosian people are ever forging new ideas, trinkets, and all forms of creation. For any traveler venturing through it said you can always find an artisan for any desire one may hold.

Your Heroic Journey

For any adventure there must be a start. You'll find a campaign introduction below.
Welcome to Metio, The Polis of Fortune, the namesake capital of the Metian city state, where life is made through adventure or artistic expression shown through paintings, discoveries, or a finely crafted blade. The city's artistic expression has brought countless stories told in lands known and unknown claiming every street is lined in color, and every blade more beautiful then the last.
You find yourself searching for opportunity at the Brazen Hydra, a tavern full of bounties, ruckus, and adventurers spinning tails and plotting their next journey beyond the cities mighty walls. You had heard this is the place to find those looking for amazing talent to take on adventures.

Character Systems We Use

Milestone Leveling : The campaign is about the parties story. Achievements, story progression, and major events reward the party with levels, and even feats. I want you to be rewarded for playing your character.
Multi-Classing : Multi-Classing is allowed within what makes sense for the character. A choice should be story driven and thematic.
Level 8 Start & Magic Items : Start at the same level as the entire party, and dive right into adventure with a magical boost.
Level 1 Origin & Background Feats : Every character gets 2 bonus feats at level 1 from a set of selected story driven feats & between Tough, Magic Initiate, or Skilled.
Bonus Feats : Every time you gain an ASI you always gain a +1 to a stat and either a half or full feat.
Piety Paths : Follow your characters virtues and beliefs and earn powerful boons for following your character's goals.
Supernatural Gifts : Earn supernatural gifts to further your character's heroic journey, or even start as an oracle or iconoclast character.
Spell & Martial Mastery : Master weapons and signature spells to make them more powerful with unique versions and skills for your character.
Expanded Weapons : Get access to advanced weapon options to further develop your character.
Crafting : You can find and acquire materials to craft your own items from elemental gems to infernal weapons.
Homebrew : We use well tested homebrew to make characters feel unique and special to help flavor characters to what you want them to be. You can find this in home brew feats, spells, subclasses, and magic items.
Rule of Cool : I always support players being creative and curious. Should an action allow for something truly heroic I always give my players a shot!

World Tools

Live Calendar : A calendar of holidays and events to track your parties journey through Anglorak.
Interactive World Map : A world map full of details of landmarks, cities, and regions to help you learn and plot your path across Anglorak and beyond.
Foundry / Discord / D&D Beyond : We play our games in Foundry, and players get access to nearly all the books on D&D Beyond to develop your character, and a personal discord for the campaign.


Sessions are on Saturday nights starting at 8:00 PM EST.
We play 3-4 Hours weekly, going longer if time allows.


Application Format :

If this kind of game sounds like a good fit for you please send me a DM following this format. We will read through every application through next week so feel free to take your time.
Name / Pronouns :
Age :
Timezone :
Tell me about you :
Your favorite part of D&D :
D&D Experience ( Any memorable moments? ) :
Campaign Expectations :
What kind of characters do you like to play?
Character Concept(s) :
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2023.05.28 23:25 billowwark Exploring Favorite Strains in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program

We are excited to kick off a new initiative where we encourage everyone to share their favorite strains in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program. This is a great opportunity to not only discuss your go-to strains but also to showcase your reviewing skills!

This Week Only: Starting on Sunday

To get things rolling, we are dedicating this week to sharing our favorite strains and writing reviews. Whether you are a seasoned reviewer or new to the art, we invite you to join in and contribute your thoughts and experiences.

Question of the Day:

What is your absolute favorite strain from the program, and why does it hold a special place in your heart? We would love to hear your detailed reviews and insights!

Feel free to mention the strain name, its effects, aroma, taste, and any notable experiences you have had with it. Let's help each other discover the nuances of different strains and their unique qualities.

Mark your calendar!

Every Friday, we will have a recurring post dedicated to Favorite Strain Friday. This week's event will start on Sunday and continue throughout the week to give everyone ample time to contribute their reviews.

So, without further ado, let's get the conversation rolling! Share your favorite strain, write a review, and help others in our community discover new strains to explore.

Your participation is what makes our community thrive, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts, stories, and recommendations. Let's learn from one another and make MSmedicalcannabis an even better place for everyone.

Happy sharing, and enjoy the discussion!

Keep blazing,
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2023.05.28 06:04 InfernoAA God Made the World in Six Days, I’ll Perfect New Japan's on the Seventh Part Five: Destined

In Part Four, the comeback tour of rockstar Hiroshi Tanahashi was cut brutally short at the hands of the Leader of the New School, Zack Sabre Jr., who embarked on a quest to prove himself New Japan's most valuable gaijin. After beating back Will Ospreay for Royal Quest, he ran into another familiar face in Minoru Suzuki, almost clobbering him into retirement until Naomichi Marufuji made the save. Ending his saga with Just6Guys with a win over Maru, he placed a bow on the long-standing Blackpool Combat Club rivalry by besting Jon Moxley, cementing Sabre-Gun as New Japan's undisputed leaders... That is, without taking Los Ingobernables de Japon into account.

Since becoming one again, LIJ’s been on a tear through NJPW’s ranks this year in spite of Shingo Takagi dropping the belt and PAC losing the New Japan Cup Finals to the current World Champion. IWGP United States, IWGP Tag Team (Death Triangle have become LIJ affiliates through PAC), and NJPW World Television Championships in their grasps, they seek to round out the group by all holding titles simultaneously. But that begs the question – who’ll be going after the World Title? Though Shingo’s battle ready, he insists Tetsuya Naito take it this time, the Stardust Genius having worked his back off to rebound from Wrestle Kingdom. Failing every attempt in the past 3 years though, the question remains whether he can truly pull it off this time, or if it’s just not meant to be.

Kizuna Road - Night Four (July 1, 2024)

Sabre-Gun (Zack Sabre Jr. & El Phantasmo) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & PAC)

With Naito confirmed as Sabre’s #1 Contender for Wrestle Dynasty, SG and LIJ have themselves a scaled-down rematch from New Year’s Dash, Zack picking his trusty right-hand man ELP, and Tetsuya bringing the US Champion, knowing PAC has unresolved issues with ZSJ from the NJC. Though it drives the Bastard to work doubly-hard, especially considering how it’ll look if he pins the World Champion, it also makes their teamwork suffer, PAC becoming self-absorbed in getting the pin. Backfiring, a Sudden Death from Phantasmo knocks his lights out, SG getting their win back from NYD and putting the challenger on the backfoot heading into Madison Square Garden!

Sabre-Gun def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (16:12)

PAC appears distraught after the match, but Naito simply tells him ‘tranquilo’, not taking it personally. Though he’d hoped to use this match to get into ZSJ’s head, it appears he’ll just have to do that himself, like he’s always done.

Wrestle Dynasty (July 14, 2024)

Also on the show:
Shota Umino (c) vs El Desperado - NEVER Openweight Championship
Just6Guys (SANADA, Taichi, Ryohei Oiwa) (c) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi, Yota Tsuji, Titan) - NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship
Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs Kyle Fletcher - NJPW World Television Championship
PAC (c) vs El Phantasmo - IWGP United States Championship
The Lucha Brothers (c) vs Meiyu Tag - IWGP Tag Team Championship

Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs Tetsuya Naito XI - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

In what’s been a very successful night for LIJ thus far, clean-sweeping their way through the competition, it all rests on Naito’s shoulders now to bring it home. Perhaps the most unreliable man to slot in this spot, and yet, the most beloved, MSG fully invested in Tetsuya’s chase, either the grandest of celebrations or coldest of heartbreaks will end the night! Naito keeps his cool, emanating his usual larger-than-life aura as he walks out in a pristine crimson suit, paying homage to Shingo, whilst Sabre’s cockier than ever with his recent streak of huge wins, knowing he has Tetsuya doubting himself after their tag. As he hands his title over, the two come face-to-face, SABRE SPITTING GUM INTO NAITO’S FACE, but Tetsuya doesn’t let ZSJ’s tactics faze him, having come too far for too long to let mind games be his downfall.

Circling each other, Zack lunges for a lock-up but Naito walks past, smirking and stretching in the opposite corner. Sabre rolls his eyes as Tetsuya turns around and tells him ‘tranquilo’, before going for it again… Zack snatching the headlock this time as Naito tries to repeat, but Tetsuya instantly whips him to the corner, teasing the COMBINACION CABRON as ZSJ braces himself… Naito stops in front of him and does the ‘Abre los Ojos’ taunt!

Furious, Sabre piefaces him, NAITO RETURNING A FOREARM, AND WE’RE OFF! Trading strikes, Zack rocks Tetsuya with European Uppercuts, Naito returning forearms, before a Japanese Arm Drag stops Zack in his tracks! Naito goes for another, but Zack hooks onto Tetsuya’s legs, tripping him up and contorting the foot! Tetsuya boots him off with the other, a Neckbreaker and a Somersault Senton connecting, though Sabre absorbs the latter, trapping Naito’s arm onto the mat to STOMP THE HAND!

Picking him back up, he cracks Naito with chops, before whipping him at the ropes, Naito hitting off them one after the other to build momentum, teasing the Flying Forearm Zack’s expecting… only to roll into the Tranquilo pose! ZACK MEETS HIM WITH A NECK TWIST!!! Tetsuya scrambling to the corner, Sabre steps on his throat against the ropes, BEFORE SLAPPING HIM! NAITO SPITS IN ZACK’S FACE!!! A harsh uppercut knocks Tetsuya back, a Running European following and a PENALTY KICK! Naito dodges and nails the FLYING FOREARM SMASH!

Teasing the Tornado DDT, it’s cancelled by an Enzuigiri, Zack leaping for the KIMURA- NAITO COUNTERS INTO VALENTIA!!! ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT!!! Sending Sabre into the corner, the COMBINACION CABRON CONNECTS! AND A MISSILE DROPKICK! Naito teases the DRAGON SUPLEX, but Sabre flips through and STOMPS HIS ELBOW! SNAP GERMAN ON THE NECK FROM SABRE!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NO DICE! Naito woozy, his head’s only further knocked around by a ROLLING ELBOW! A CORNER HIGH KNEE connects, before a Hammerlock Suplex floats into a TESCO MEAL DEAL!!!

Naito’s hand flails about the mat as Sabre keeps him grounded, no Valentia escape this time, forcing Tetsuya to work the old-fashioned way to the ropes! MSG backing the Stardust Genius, after much deliberation he gets a foot on the ropes! But Zack’s right back on him, going for a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX- NAITO STANDS HIM UP WITH A SNAP DDT! An EVOLUCION’S shut down though, Sabre hitting the brakes to nail the ARM PELE! Fishing the arm, Zack tries to float into a FLYING ARTICLE 50- NAITO STUFFS HIM WITH A GLORIA!!! ONE! TWO! THR-SABRE SURVIVES!!!

Rallying momentum, Tetsuya nails the TORNADO DDT! Sabre nursing the head, a DRAGON SUPLEX FOLLOWS!!! In the drop zone, Naito tests the waters for a RUNNING DESTINO- SABRE SHUTS IT DOWN WITH A EUROPEAN CLUTCH!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NAITO’S DREAMS STAY ALIVE!!! Getting dangerously close with the flash pin, Tetsuya throws defiant forearms, Zack catching and contorting one, but a ROLLING WHEEL KICK knocks him off! ESPERANZA!!! ONE! TWO! THR-SABRE KICKS OUT!!!

Hooking the head, Naito hoists Sabre up… ZACK WITH A GUILLOTINE CHOKE MID-AIR!!! Tetsuya’s eyes bulge out his skull, looking for the nearest turnbuckle to ram Sabre into it, but ZSJ’s quicker, yanking him to the mat and transitioning into a JIM BREAKS ARMBAR!!! Brutally bending the arm at an awkward angle, there’s a manic look in Zack’s eyes as NYC desperately cheers on Naito, who does his best to hang on! Sabre keeps tugging further and further, eager to ruin Tetsuya, but it backfires, helping him stretch his leg to the ropes!

The crowd erupts as the referee forces Sabre off, though Naito’s clearly hurting all the same, a European helping no less! Zack rallies with further Uppercuts, one knocking Tetsuya down, before firing a PENALTY KICK!!! NAITO ABSORBS IT AND ROLLS THROUGH, SABRE GOING FOR SECONDS BUT HE EATS A RUNNING DESTINOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Shaking himself off, Naito attempts another, though Sabre stops it with elbows, before hopping into a REAR NAKED CHOKE!


Slapping up Naito’s neck, Sabre dumps him on it with a TIGER SUPLEX!!! Naito woozy, Zack nails the PENALTY KICK!!! NAITO’S REFUSING TO STAY DOWN! Hearing MSG’s cries, he wills himself back up as Sabre watches in fascination… ONLY FOR ANOTHER PK TO CUT HIM OFF!!! And just like the 2022 NJC Finals, he’s going to end it here with a SECOND ZACK DRIVER- NAITO NAILS A DESTINO MID-AIR!!! HE’S STILL MOVING SOMEHOW!!! Stumbling to his feet, Tetsuya measures his man… DESTINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THR-SABRE’S FOOT’S ON THE ROPE!!!

Saving Naito more than once, it’s come to Zack’s aid now too! Hammering Sabre with forearms, Naito tees up another DESTINO- PELE KICK!!! Tetsuya falls forward, Zack catching him in a STRETCH MUFFLER!!! IF HE CAN JUST GRAB THE OTHER LEG, IT’S ALL OVER, COMPLETING THE ORIENTEERING WITH NAPALM DEATH!!! Zack bends Naito further and further as he tries to grab hold… TETSUYA SWINGS BACK! AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! SABRE LETS GO!!! AND A ZACK DRIVER FROM NAITO!!!

Sabre on his back, Naito thinks about waiting for the Destino… but then he sees the top rope. The crowd cry at him not to, screwing him over time and time again, but Tetsuya can’t help it! Heading up top, the world holds their breath, NAITO SOARING THROUGH THE AIR… STARDUST PRESS CONNECTS!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! IT’S A MIRACLE IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!! NAITO’S WORLD CHAMPION AGAIN!!!

Tetsuya Naito def. Zack Sabre Jr. (c) to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (31:18)

New York LOSES their minds as Naito’s handed the title, Tetsuya himself struggling to process what just happened! But then LIJ rush out – PAC with the US Title, Hiromu with the TV Title, Shingo, Yota, and Titan with the NEVER 6-Man Titles, and even the Lucha Brothers with the Tag Titles! THEY’RE DRAPED IN GOLD, BABY! Sharing embraces all around as a dismal Sabre trudges to the back, there’s not a single dry eye in the arena as the outcasts raise their fists to the sky with one hand and their titles with the other, golden tickertape hailing down! Naito’s on top of the world after 3 long years, and it feels damn good! Doing the customary championship edition roll-call, the show fades on LIJ holding all their gold… and PAC looking over at Naito’s.

G1 Climax 34

Entering his second of fifteen G1s as the reigning champion, Naito heads B Block opposite stiff competition. Though dispatching of Hiromu in friendly competition on Night One, the two are subsequently assaulted by KONGOH post-match, allowing NOAH’s KENOH to upset him the following night! Behind the 8-ball already, Tetsuya’s motivated to make a comeback, mowing through Narita, Tanahashi, Yota, Sabre, and KENTA to take back the lead! Suffering another surprise defeat at Jeff Cobb’s hands after multiple failed attempts from the Hawaiian Hulk to best him, it opens the door for a returning JAY WHITE to spoil his final night, wrecking Naito’s legs with a ladder, allowing Zack to advance on 14 points! As for B Block, a draw between Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada on the final night puts the Commonwealth Kingpin through, the rivals meeting one more time! Other key underlying stories see Shibata finally beating Okada, Ospreay avenging his Takagi loss, PAC beating his fellow LIJ members but losing to SANADA, and KONGOH causing ruckus throughout the competition.

G1 Climax 34 Finals (August 19, 2024)

Also on the show:
Jay White vs BUSHI
Will Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr. - G1 Climax Briefcase

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, PAC, Hiromu Takahashi, Titan) vs KONGOH (KENOH, Manabu Soya, Masakatsu Funaki, Hi69, Shuji Kondo)

Perhaps the focal reason for Naito not making the Finals, KONGOH’s tournament chicanery, as led by KENOH, was a masterfully crafted plan. After losing to Tetsuya in last year’s LIJ vs KONGOH series at Wrestle Kingdom 17, the thought of ruining the Stardust Genius for vengeance never left the Rogue Fist’s mind, and with his win over Tetsuya in the G1, their score is now 1-1. Reigniting the intense rivalry between the two stables, they have an upgraded rematch to their Wrestle Kingdom 16 5-on-5, both sides having greatly changed since then.

Once again, PAC’s especially adamant to claim the spotlight, the loss to SANADA making him temperamental despite having the 2nd best LIJ record in this year’s tournament. An argument breaking out between PAC and Shingo as to who should get the pin is put on ice by Naito, though it doesn’t keep Titan from eating a nasty PFS from KENOH, handing the invaders the win!

KONGOH def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (19:57)

Redeeming WK16, KENOH offers the angriest of satisfied smiles, the group cackling as they gesture belts around their waists, warning that their business isn’t yet over. LIJ left behind, there’s a sour mood in the air from the loss, though when Shingo offers a fist in apology, PAC, taking a look at a nodding Naito, ultimately returns one, showing that despite popular belief, LIJ’s still fine.

Splitting off for Shingo and co. to gear up for KONGOH’s second wave whilst Naito and PAC are scheduled for AEW’s ALL IN supershow, this time taking place in Tetsuya’s home of the Tokyo Dome, both men are set for defences on the show. In PAC’s case, it’s a rematch against J6G’s SANADA, the Bastard adamant to gain Naito’s favour by beating the traitor. As for Naito, he has Jay on his tail!

Until the recent G1, White refused to show his face on any sort of NJPW programming (including Forbidden Door) since being embarrassed at Okada’s hands and having his faction torn to shreds. Leaving Japan to join AEW, no longer having connections to hide behind nor help him, he was forced to be the lone wolf for once, becoming even more merciless, knowing he’s all he has. After spreading chaos abroad, most recently coming up short in the AEW World Championship picture, trauma from his Okada loss clinging onto him anytime the stakes are raised too high again, he decided it was time to return to his roots to clear his head and eliminate any shred of weakness left in his body so that he can claim the top prize again, and there’s no better place to do so than the building his title was taken from him – the Tokyo Dome.

The last time he faced Naito in the Tokyo Dome, he had Gedo by his side, yet still lost. Now though, he declares if he’s to have this match, he wants a compensatory factor. A means of looking out for himself, like Naito has LIJ. He’s already beaten Tetsuya thrice in singles competition, knowing he’s the better wrestler, so this time… HE WANTS A LADDER MATCH!!! Japan’s become more and more geared to the Western market, the culture shifting from traditions, so unless he’s a snob like Okada, he'll embrace the new vision and accept the challenge. Jay using the perfect words to get under Tetsuya’s skin, he accepts, looking to tear down the foundations of the Rainmaker’s regime with his reign, starting with this!

RevProxNJPW 12th Anniversary Show (August 24, 2024)

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & PAC) vs The Knight Dynasty (Ricky Knight Jr. & Zak Knight)

The night before ALL IN features a special RevPro crossover event with their partners, NJPW, the 12th Anniversary being celebrated in Japan. Naturally, Naito tags with the most RevPro familiar member of LIJ, PAC, the two champions battling the celebrated Knight Dynasty, who are considered the present and future of the promotion! What begins as a fun exhibition sees more of the differences between PAC and Naito come to light, the hot-headedness of the Bastard and the collectedness of El Ingobernable wanting different things out of the match, yet still managing to remain reasonably on the same page. A close call on a 619 from Ricky sees Naito shove PAC out the way in the nick of time, absorbing the blow himself, though without acknowledging it, PAC springs to action, a Black Arrow on Zak scoring the victory!

Los Ingobernables de Japon def. The Knight Dynasty (13:10)

As the referee approaches LIJ with their titles, PAC’s quick to receive both, Naito only recovering just in time to find the Bastard lingering for a moment as he looks between the pieces of gold, before finally handing Tetsuya’s over him and walking off, leaving the leader confused yet unconcerned.

ALL IN Tokyo (August 25, 2024)

Also on the show:
PAC (c) vs SANADA - IWGP United States Championship
The Lucha Brothers (c) vs Golden Lovers - IWGP Tag Team Championship

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Jay White V - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship - Ladder

Stepping into the mastermind of the Switchblade, White baits Naito to play his game, the long-time rivals settling their score over a belt they both have history with. With no Gedo around, Jay’s focus is to demolish Naito’s already tattered knees with the ladder like he did to cost Tetsuya the G1, slowing down each climbing attempt bit by bit. Given the two’s creativity, it’s a sick warfare of increasingly dangerous spots, Naito taking Jay with him to neck bump city, White cruelly massacring Tetsuya’s body with reckless abandon.

White’s notably more in his element here, letting the Tokyo Dome atmosphere heal him whilst hurting Naito. A HANGING BLADE RUNNER cuts a Stardust Press attempt short, the magic only lasting once, but a ladder bridge CANADIAN DESTROYER buys Naito some momentum back! Ultimately, a war atop the ladder sees Naito boot Jay off, allowing him to unhook the gold to retain!

Tetsuya Naito (c) def. Jay White V to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (25:30)

Though Naito walks out with his belt, PAC doesn’t, making the Bastard’s issues all the more prominent, taking more frequent looks over at Tetsuya’s gold, which begs the question – was there more to PAC joining LIJ than originally thought? Still, he wishes Naito good luck for Wrestle Grand Slam, telling him he wants to see the belt on him when they go England. But for now, the end of his trilogy against KENOH awaits!

Wrestle Grand Slam (September 8, 2024)

Also on the show:
Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs KUSHIDA - NJPW World Television Championship
El Desperado (c) vs Katsuyori Shibata - NEVER Openweight Championship
Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi, Yota Tsuji, Titan) (c) vs KONGOH (Manabu Soya, Masakatsu Funaki, Shuji Kondo) - NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs KENOH III - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

For over two years, the rivalry between LIJ and KONGOH has slowly simmered to this boiling point, coming down to the leaders now to settle their 1-1 score over NJPW’s top title! With the 6-Man Titles changing hands earlier in the night, Naito must put his 200% into assuring the same doesn’t occur here, or it’ll be disaster on New Japan’s waterfront.

As two men that could not be more opposite collide, it’s an intense war over the company’s possession, everyone from fans to wrestlers on the edge of their seats as the last of the NOAH invaders try to leave their mark. KENOH shows nothing but hatred towards Naito for ruining his past chances, whilst Tetsuya savours his every moment in the Sun, having slaved away to hold this belt. A PFS almost does Naito in, whilst the DESTINO does the same for KENOH! Ragdolling the older star with Dragon Suplexes, KENOH sets up for the ENRIN… BUT IN HIS STARDUST PRESS MOMENT, HE MISSES!!! DESTINOOOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! New Japan remains safe in the hands of Naito!

Tetsuya Naito (c) def. KENOH to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (28:33)

Offering a handshake to KENOH out of respect for their series… the Rogue Fist declines it, though from the look in his fiery eyes, an inkling of acknowledgement is there for Tetsuya. Telling Naito to keep the belt warm for him, he declares he’ll be back sometime again, and when that happens, he’s going to usurp Naito once and for all!

And as they leave with their 50/50 successes, it’s back to LIJ to end the show on their usual note… except, PAC interrupts the tradition. He’s confused, no, he’s incredulous. What are they celebrating here? Failure? Or are they calling it ‘survival’? Is no one going to point out the elephant in the room? Just two months ago they were on top of the world, all draped in gold, but now they’re left with just Naito and the Lucha Bros’s gold. And yet, they’re celebrating? He’s been out here losing sleep over his missing US Title!

If they wish to continue to be taken seriously, they need to act the part. Luckily… he has a solution. They say iron sharpens iron, so rather than fighting these large-scale wars outside their stable… why not have a ‘friendly’ within? Naito has the title and an incredible row of suitors before him, so he should pick one to defend against! Tetsuya seems perturbed by the idea knowing what almost happened the last time LIJ fought within, but as PAC insists, even pointing out how he’s the only one with a clean record over Naito… Tetsuya turns to him and raises the title! If such claims are going to be made, they need to be backed up too! Challenging PAC with his title on the line, a grinning Bastard accepts, bumping his fist!

Burning Spirit - Night Seven (September 25, 2024)

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, Hiromu Takahashi) vs Death Triangle (PAC & The Lucha Brothers)

Slyly manoeuvring his way into the title rematch he’s desired ever since getting a taste of the gold against Shingo last year, this is more so PAC’s chance to prove himself over the statement he’s seeming to be making. Nonetheless, with various combinations of LIJ facing Death Triangle over the Burning Spirit tour, they supposedly rely on each other to improve their own skill, these 6 especially drawing the very best out of each other. Working more seamlessly with DT than he had LIJ as of late, the freakish chemistry between the AEW lads has a Fear FactoDouble Stomp/Black Arrow combo end Hiromu, PAC grinning as he stares down Naito, the challenge growing closer by day…

Death Triangle def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (18:24)

Giving a brief interview heading into the match at Royal Quest, Naito states that he can’t be certain on what PAC’s intentions are, but all he knows is that no matter what, LIJ sticks together. If this match is what PAC needs for his peace of mind, then it’s all his. All he can hope is the Bastard has the same idea of family in mind.

Royal Quest IV - Night Two (October 6, 2024)

Also on the show:
The Lucha Brothers (c) vs United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) - IWGP Tag Team Championship
Will Ospreay (c) vs Kazuchika Okada - G1 Climax Briefcase

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs PAC II - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

The relationship between LIJ and PAC has developed into one of the more intriguing dynamics this year, raising a multitude of questions, but now, the true light of it all will be revealed. Whether it’s friendly fire or another coup, Naito’s ready for whatever PAC may happen to have up his sleeve, whilst the Bastard lets his actions do the talking. For once, it’s an utterly no-nonsense showdown between Los members, Tetsuya taking the threat of PAC very seriously, the Jordie clearly driven to make the grand prize his. And as the match rolls on, Naito starts to see parts of himself in PAC with each cheer or cry from his home crowd.

Just like Naito, he’s the incredibly-talented misfit who was overlooked, but unlike a young Naito, PAC doesn’t realise he has the world on his side already despite his quirks. Whilst Naito had to suffer through his changes, PAC’s a made man, and with each near-fall, the crowd see it too, becoming more and more invested in him! On the cusp of his crowning moment, PAC shows no hesitation unlike the Stardust Press, NAILING THE BLACK ARROW!!! ONE! TWO! THR-BUT NAITO KICKS OUT!!! PAC may have ‘it’, but Naito’s operating on an entirely different level as World Champion, and no matter what PAC may have thrown at him, it’s not his moment just yet. DESTINOOOOOOOO!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

Tetsuya Naito (c) def. PAC to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (30:11)

Maybe a different day. Both men propped in opposite corners of the ring, they suck deep for breaths, PAC only taking his eyes off Naito when he spots the title bring brought over to him. That should’ve been his. He should’ve been champion right now, but… he starts tuning in the crowd again. A standing ovation for the hometown boy. Though he may not hold the title right now, he’s still a champion in their eyes… Solace. Always overlooked, all he needed was approval. And now more than ever, he feels he has it. Noticing PAC’s realisation, Naito grins and nods to him, the two bumping fists together, no sour ending on this one.

At least, not between LIJ… OKADA’S HERE!!! After shockingly beating Ospreay for his G1 briefcase earlier in the night, the Rainmaker has his sights on the Tokyo Dome main event, and if things are to be believed, it may be Naito defending against Kazuchika on the grand stage! The long-time WK rivals locking eyes, there’s a different atmosphere between the Ace and the Dark Ace now. No longer does Okada look upon Naito condescendingly, but with disgust. Though he failed to beat Shingo earlier in the night, Kazuchika’s been vocal all year about the damage he feels LIJ have caused the company.

Where he did everything to purify the promotion with his reign, beating away outsiders, Naito did the exact opposite, bringing them further into their ranks and breaking tradition with a ladder match. With this briefcase in his hand though, he has the power to change that… but so does he. OSPREAY JOINS IN!!! The man who lost his case earlier in front of his own family, he can’t even look the smug Okada in the eyes. Rather, turning to Naito, he declares his desire to return to WK’s main event to not be over just yet! Against better judgement, he gave Shingo a shot at this title last year and it cost him everything. All he asks is Naito returns the favour! Smirking, Tetsuya tells him ‘earn it’, WK’s main event scene growing all the more interesting!

Battle Autumn - Night Five (October 15, 2024)

Elimination: Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, Death Triangle) vs United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb, Great-O-Khan, Aussie Open)

Desperation drives a man to his darkest pits, and Ospreay is very much there. Banding his troops together one year on since the last LIJ/UE tag of this magnitude, the ante’s upped even higher now, needing to survive an elimination match to receive the match of his desires. Both stables going to war here, all their integrated rivalries of the past years come to a head, the one between Ospreay and Naito lying at the centre of it all. UE get a tough break to start with when Great-O-Khan hits the deck early, Mark Davis following, though a comeback removes the Lucha Bros from the equation!

Cobb goes next, before Ospreay takes out PAC, a double countout subsequently removing the leaders from the equation! Boiling down to Shingo and Kyle, the Aussie Arrow pulls out the underdog performance of his life, channelling all of Ospreay’s moves before a GRIMSTONE ELIMINATES SHINGO! OSPREAY’S HEADED TO KOPW!!! Raising Fletcher onto their shoulders, it’s a grand celebration from UE, Will receiving one last lease on life! As for Naito, he can only stand and wait, a final challenge paved in his path to the Dome.

United Empire def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (25:33)

King of Pro-Wrestling (October 27, 2024)

Also on the show:
KUSHIDA (c) vs Taiji Ishimori - NJPW World Television Championship
Sabre-Gun (Blake Christian & Clark Connors) (c) vs Catch 22 - IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship
Kazuchika Okada (c) vs Katsuyori Shibata - G1 Climax Briefcase

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Will Ospreay IV - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

One year ago, Ospreay’s overzealousness cost him the chance to main event Wrestle Kingdom with the World Title, but now, as it all comes full circle, it’s official, the winner of this match defending against Okada! With that in mind, both men are equally ravenous to make the grand opportunity theirs! Their fourth match together, it’s rife with callbacks, Naito especially making sure to remind Will of the way he beat him in last year’s A Block Finals to get in his head.

To Tetsuya’s surprise though, this matured Ospreay is impervious to his strategies! No matter what the champion throws, the challenger always has an answer, their see-saw saga featuring plenty of nail-biting near-falls that could send either man through, but it’s a TRIAD OF HIDDEN BLADES that ultimately calls it, Ospreay finally reclaiming his throne, a date with destiny set in stone!

Will Ospreay def. Tetsuya Naito (c) to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (35:38)

Before WK though, Power Struggle is on the calendar! Featuring the likes of Death Triangle dethroning KONGOH for the NEVER belts for PAC to fully find his place in LIJ, Ren Narita dethroning Katsuyori Shibata for the NEVER Openweight Title, and Shingo Takagi taking the US Title from SANADA, it also sees Ospreay team with Catch 22 against Okada and the two men who ended Francesco Akira and TJP’s legendary reign, SHO & Taiji Ishimori, with UE scoring the vengeful win! And on the final Road To Tokyo Dome special, Ospreay finds a surprising ally in Shibata against Okada and Tanahashi in a HUGE blockbuster tag, CHAOS getting their win back here as Shibata keeps chasing down a rematch with Tana!

Wrestle Kingdom 19 (January 4, 2025)

Also on the show:
Sabre-Gun (Blake Christian & Clark Connors) (c) vs Li-YOH - IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship
United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) (c) vs CHAOS (Shota Umino & Yuya Uemura) - IWGP Tag Team Championship
SHO (c) vs Francesco Akira - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Ren Narita (c) vs Tomohiro Ishii - NEVER Openweight Championship
Shingo Takagi (c) vs Katsuhiko Nakajima - IWGP United States Championship
Minoru Suzuki vs Taichi - Retirement
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Katsuyori Shibata

Will Ospreay (c) vs Kazuchika Okada XII - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Finally, this is what it’s all led to. A story set in motion from the very first moment Ospreay set foot in NJPW under Okada’s guidance in CHAOS 9 years ago. Fighting through loss after loss after loss, he finally achieved his clean win over Okada last year to reclaim his World Championship, but now, he must accomplish an even greater task – beat the Final Boss in the Tokyo Dome itself! Failing on both occasions against Okada on NJPW’s biggest stage akin to Okada’s own chase of Tanahashi, it’s his Wrestle Kingdom 10 moment now as he walks into the Dome as the reigning champion, with the Ace as the challenger! Win and he’s immortalised in history. Lose and Okada resets the company’s entire trajectory. High stakes weighing on Will’s shoulders, it’s time to elevate under pressure!

Entering with WK level entrances to boot, Okada dripping sheer gold, and Ospreay with an entire kingdom of suited individuals accompanying him, they get underway as the bell sounds! And for the first time, it’s Ospreay controlling the opening sequence with the Tanahashi-style headlock! Big brothering Okada, he doesn’t let the Rainmaker out the gates in his own ballpark for a few minutes straight… BEFORE WILL EXPLODES FOR A HANDSPRING ENZUIGIRI!

Okada dodges, going for a GERMAN, but Will flips through, nailing the HOOK KICK, an OSCUTTER coming up empty, Kazu swinging for a ducked RAINMAKER, and it’s a stalemate! Trading forearms, a Lariat dumps Okada out, Ospreay running Kazu’s routine of the guardrail whip and Big Boot, a RUNNING CROSSBODY EATING A DROPKICK! Nailing a TOMBSTONE on the floor, Okada sets up a table at ringside before rolling Ospreay in, the MISSILE DROPKICK and AIR-RAID CRASH NECKBREAKER harping on the neck! ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT!

Wrenching the MONEY CLIP, it doesn’t get him far, a BRAINBUSTER catching Okada by surprise! SHOOTING STAR PRESS! ONE! TWO! THR-NO DICE! A PIP PIP CHEERIO eats a BEAUTIFUL DROPKICK, before Okada whips Ospreay at the corner, only for Will to pop him up onto the turnbuckles, slamming Kawada Kicks into his face! CHEEKY NANDOS! Ospreay tries for a LIGER BOMB through the outside table, but Okada drops to the apron! Will charges for a Yakuza Kick, but a LANDSLIDE BLOCKS!!! ONE! TWO! THR-OSPREAY STAYS IN!!!

Hammering the neck, Okada lunges for a RAINMAKER, though a SNAP CUTTER blocks! ROBINSON SPECIAL! Will winds up the CHELSEA GRIN, but it receives a slap and a JOHN WOO DROPKICK! A pair of Short-Arm Rainmakers ricochet off Ospreay, but a Rainmaker is feigned for a DDT! DIVING ELBOW DROP!!! ONE! TWO! THR-WILL KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! A TOMBSTONE is countered by knees, Ospreay whipping Okada at the ropes, Kazu countering a BACK BODY DROP OVER THE ROPES!!!

Will narrowly missing the table, Okada follows with a TOPE CON HILO… BUT OSPREAY MOVES OUT THE WAY, THE RAINMAKER EXPLODING THROUGH THE WOOD!!! Shoving Okada’s lifeless body inside, Ospreay sets up a HIDDEN BLADE!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOO!!! A STORM BREAKER is blocked, Okada nailing a sick CORNER GERMAN! Dropkick rocks Will, before the TOMBSTONE connects! RAINMAKER’s dodged, Ospreay rebounding into an OSCUTTER- DROPKICK!!! AND A RAINMAKERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Okada keeps the wrist, going for seconds… OSPREAY NAILS A RAINMAKER OF HIS OWN!!! Wrist still held, Will nails close-range elbows to the neck, before winding up another HIDDEN BLADE- HEAVY RAIN!!! OKADA NAILS HIS OWN HIDDEN BLADE!!! Teasing the STORM BREAKER, Ospreay spins out, dumping Kazu with a LANDSLIDE!!! AND A HIDDEN BLADE… Okada collapses! As Will tries picking him up, a DROPKICK awaits! ANOTHER DROPKICK! AZTEC SUPLEX – A LA ULTIMO DRAGON!!! ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT!!!

Okada decks Ospreay with a RAINMAKER, but Will doesn’t go down fully, Kazu nailing a SECOND! Going for the Ripcord this time… RAINHAM MAKER!!! ONE! TWO! THR-OKADA KICKS OUT!!! ESSEX DESTROYER!!! ONE! TWO! THR-ANOTHER KICK OUT!!! Cracking a HIDDEN BLADE off Okada’s nose, an OSCUTTER follows, before he floats into a STORM BREAKER- FALLING RAINMAKERRRRRRR!!! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Okada smelling blood, he tries for another, AND A HIDDEN BLADE CONNECTS AT THE SAME TIME!!! Keeping hold, the two knock each other loopy with one free arm… OSCUTTER’S CAUGHT WITH A TOMBSTONE!!! Okada picks him back up, going for a SPINNING TOMBSTONE- OSPREAY REVERSES INTO A SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!! Ripcord… HIDDEN BLADE!!! AND A STORM BREAKER!!! Hoisting him up for one more… A SECOND STORM BREAKERRRRRRRRRRR!!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

Will Ospreay (c) def. Kazuchika Okada to retain the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (40:51)

HE’S DONE IT! OSPREAY’S FINALLY SURPASSED THE ACE ON HIS OWN STAGE! No longer is Okada himself anymore, but rather the Tanahashi to Ospreay’s Okada, the cycle continuing. And like his counterpart 9 years ago, Kazu leaves as empty-handed as he walked in for the first time in a decade, the times officially changing! And as sunlight washes over the Land of the Rising Sun, a new dawn is revealed. The dawn of the Ospreay Era.


Heading into 2025, NJPW is rife with changes, seeing more of the once Young Lion names step up as the likes of Tanahashi and Naito begin to slow down. CHAOS features a massive shakeup the following night as Shinsuke Nakamura returns, kickstarting his road to retirement, having been vocal in his interest of facing Tanahashi, proceeding to feud with Okada over his failures. As for Ospreay, his reign runs until Sakura Genesis, where one NJC Winner Katsuyori Shibata finally dethrones him 8 years on from his loss to Okada, though Will’s time with the title is far from over yet, remaining an integral part of the picture alongside ZSJ, Shingo, and more.
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2023.05.27 18:52 Eric_in_America I just made a cat food tier list for myself and I thought I'd share it.

S TIER KITTY FOOD BRANDS * Against the Grain (some products) * Dr. Elsey's * Essence * Farmina * Feline Natural * Fromm (wet > dry) * Hound and Gatos (wet) * Instinct * Life's Abundance (wet > dry) * Nulo (dry > wet) * Orijen * Primal * Stella & Chewys * The Honest Kitchen * Tiki Cat * Vintage * Ziwi Peak
Single top tier products within a non S tier brand
Dry: * Catit Gold Fern Air Dried Chicken * Go! Solutions Carnivore Chk Trk Dck * I and Love and You Nude Superfood * Only Natural Pet Powerfusion * Wysong Epigen Chicken and Turkey
Wet: * Nutro Pate Chk Liver Shrimp * Almo Nature HQS Chk Apple * American Journey Landmark Chk * Bff Tuna and Chk * Cats in the Kitchen Karate Kitty
A TIER KITTY FOOD BRANDS * Addiction (some products) * Against the Grain (some products) * Almo Nature (some products) * American Journey * Catit (dry) * Fussie Cat (some wet products) * Merrick (dry) * Wellness Core * Wysong (dry)
AVG/MID TIER BRANDS - IF ABOVE AREN'T AVAILABLE/TOO EXPENSIVE * Addiction (some products) * Almo Nature (some products) * Catit (wet) * Cats in the Kitchen (Weruva) * Chicken Soup for the Soul * Blue Buffalo * Fussie Cat * Go! Solutions * I and Love and You * Merrick (wet) * Nutro (wet) * Purina Beyond (wet) * Taste of the Wild (dry) * Weruva
AVOID * Fancy Feast * Friskies * Hill's Science * Kirkland * Meow Mix * Petcurean * Purina One / Pro / Cat Chow / Beyond (dry) * Regal * Royal Canin * Sheba * Taste of the Wild (wet) * Whiskas
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2023.05.26 22:00 snivelersx1 REUPLOAD: Markiplier Nude Photos Leaked

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2023.05.26 18:33 NicePotatoAnalyst February 2nd in Austria vs May 26th not in Austria. Friends are great.

February 2nd in Austria vs May 26th not in Austria. Friends are great.
Found in pretty much the exact spot it fell out, however it must have plunged through the 3m of pow, some rust on the edges but that can be sorted I guess. So so so stoked
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2023.05.26 16:11 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!


Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.05.26 11:53 Dry_Economics_2796 🚀 Join the BillionAir Pre-Sale for a Chance at Mind-Blowing Prizes and Financial Prosperity! 🌟💼

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Stay tuned for updates on how you can secure your place in this extraordinary Pre-Sale. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to level up your wealth and embark on a path to financial prosperity.
Let's ignite a discussion in the comments section below! Share your thoughts, questions, and excitement about the BillionAir Pre-Sale. Together, let's create a community that embraces the journey to financial success.
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2023.05.26 10:29 VTSupport Unveiling the Romantic Majesty of Kashmir: Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Getaway

Unveiling the Romantic Majesty of Kashmir: Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Getaway
Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Kashmir, often referred to as the "Paradise on Earth," beckons lovebirds to embark on an unforgettable pre-wedding journey. With its snow-capped peaks, tranquil lakes, lush gardens, and charming houseboats, this enchanting destination sets the stage for an idyllic romantic getaway. However, planning a trip to this heavenly region can seem overwhelming, particularly for first-time visitors. Fret not! This guide will unveil the essential tips and tricks to ensure a hassle-free and captivating pre-wedding experience in Kashmir.

Timing Your Visit: Peak Season and the Best Time to Delight in Kashmir's Beauty

Planning well in advance is crucial to make the most of your trip. Kashmir is a popular tourist destination, so booking at least six months ahead is recommended, especially if you intend to visit the peak season between April and September. However, if you desire to witness the ethereal snowfall, mark your calendar for December to February, when the landscape is transformed into a magical winter wonderland.

Exploring the Gems of Kashmir: Researching Popular Destinations

Kashmir offers a treasure trove of breathtaking locations to explore with your beloved. Start your journey in the captivating city of Srinagar, where you can stroll hand-in-hand through the charming gardens, including the world-renowned Mughal Gardens. Make your way to the picturesque Gulmarg, a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its lush meadows and tranquil streams, Pahalgam is a perfect spot to unwind and soak in nature's beauty. Finally, venture to Sonmarg, the "Meadow of Gold," where the majestic mountains and glistening glaciers will awaken you. Research each destination and curate an itinerary that resonates with your desires and preferences.

Finding Sanctuary: Booking Accommodations in Advance

To ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, securing your accommodations ahead of time is crucial. Kashmir offers a diverse range of options to suit every budget and preference. Choose from luxurious hotels boasting panoramic views or a unique experience on a traditional houseboat, gently gliding on the serene Dal or Nigeen Lake. By booking in advance, you guarantee a comfortable haven to retreat to after a day of exploring the wonders of Kashmir.

Navigating Kashmir: The Significance of a Local Tour Operator

While Kashmir's beauty may captivate you, it is essential to recognize the region's sensitivity and the importance of local guidance. Engage in the services of a trusted local tour operator with intimate knowledge of the area. They will curate a personalized itinerary, taking you off the beaten path to hidden gems and ensuring your safety throughout your journey. Allow their expertise to unveil the true essence of Kashmir, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Cultural Sensitivity and Attire: Respecting Kashmir's Heritage

As you immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kashmir, it is imperative to embrace and respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly, particularly when visiting religious sites, and be mindful of public displays of affection. Remove your shoes before entering places of worship, paying homage to the sacredness of the surroundings. By honoring Kashmir's heritage, you demonstrate reverence for the culture in this magnificent land.

Savoring Kashmiri Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

No visit to Kashmir is complete without indulging in its delectable cuisine. Immerse your taste buds in a symphony of flavors as you sample authentic Kashmiri dishes. From the succulent Rogan Josh (lamb curry) to the flavorful Gushtaba
(Kashmiri meatballs) Each bite and the fragrant Kashmiri Pulao unveil a new dimension of Kashmiri culinary artistry. Allow your palate to be enchanted by the richness and complexity of these regional delicacies.

Creating Timeless Memories: Incorporating Local Elements into Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Kashmir offers a canvas like no other for couples seeking a pre-wedding shoot with a touch of magic. Incorporate local elements such as traditional Kashmiri attire, mesmerizing music, graceful dance forms, and even the flavors of Kashmir into your shoot. Let the ethereal beauty of this paradise on earth serve as the backdrop while your love story unfolds amidst nature's grandeur.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Beauty and Tranquility of Kashmir

In conclusion, Kashmir stands as an unrivaled destination for your pre-wedding escapade. Following these essential tips and tricks ensures a memorable and enchanting journey in this captivating region. Embrace the breathtaking landscapes, immerse yourself in the local culture, and forge everlasting memories with your beloved. As you step into paradise on earth, let Kashmir weave its spell, leaving an indelible mark on your hearts. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure and savor the beauty that awaits you in the wondrous land of Kashmir.
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2023.05.26 10:08 100KWORDINGTON This dudse

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2023.05.26 01:51 0_----__----_0 Hi Denver, here is my big list of things to do this weekend! [May 25th - May 28th]

Looking to make plans for the rest of summer? Check out the Summer Events post here: Summer Events in the Denver Area : Denver (
I send this out as a newsletter which you can sign up for by clicking this link. There are no ads and it's free, so send it to your friends.
Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful Memorial Day on Monday! Please add anything I missed down below.


Two Friends @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7PM *With Wuki, Justus Bennetts, Charlie Wonder
Nate Amor @ Meow Wolf @ 7:30PM
Donna the Buffalo @ Bluebird Theater @ 8PM


Chromeo & Hot Chip @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 6PM *With CoCo & Breezy, Cimafunk
Flintwick @ Meow Wolf @ 8PM
Mareux @ Marquis Theater @ 7PM
Gasoline Lollipops @ Bluebird Theater @ 8PM
Gimme Gimme Disco @ Summit @ 8PM
CoCo & Breeze @ Larimer Lounge @ 9PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 6:40PM


Rapids vs FC Cincinnati @ DICK's Sporting Goods Park @ 7:30PM
'Top Gun' Screening @ McGregor Square @ 1PM Movies at McGregor is the ultimate outdoor summer movie experience.
Upcycled Indigo Dyeing @ DAM @ 10AM You can transform your old garments with natural indigo dye at this workshop.
Art Crawl @ Clyfford Still Museum @ 10:30AM Experience art and find community with other families with infants.
Warbird Invasion Showcase @ Wings Museum @ 10AM Visit the museum to see various types of warbirds on static display at Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight.
'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ Ellie Caulkins Opera House @ 1PM/ 6PM The Colorado Ballet Academy is thrilled to be able to share this full-length performance featuring its talented students.
Tommy James & the Shondells @ Paramount Theatre @ 8PM
Scary Kids Scaring Kids @ Marquis Theater @ 7PM
Whipped Cream @ Meow Wolf @ 9PM
VALLEY @ Summit @ 7PM
Taylor Fest @ Bluebird Theater @ 9PM
Son Rompe Pera @ Levitt Pavilion @ 6PM *With Brian Lopez
Top Flite Empire @ Gothic Theatre @ 8PM
Taste Around the World! Spring Wine Event @ Ironton Distillery @ 3-6PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 7:10PM


Wild Workouts @ Denver Zoo @ 7:30AM The zoo's Wild Workouts include Barre, Zumba, Yoga with the Elephants, Senior Yoga and Senior Movement.
Thrift-Pop Market @ Denver Central Market Parking Lot @ 12PM Featuring 30 premier vintage clothing and collectible vendors, this thrift market is one of the city’s best!
Orkestra Mendoza @ Levitt Pavilion @ 4PM
YOB @ Gothic Theatre @ 7:45PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 1:10PM


SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Old Dominion @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7:30PM *With Frank Ray, Greylan James, Kassi Ashton
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Q BBQ Fest @ Empower Field The 5th annual festival features legendary pitmasters from the nation to serve award-winning BBQ, live music, cold beer and drinks, and BBQ tutorials/demonstrations.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Denver Arts Festival - @ Conservatory Green, Central Park
All weekend - Opey Olagbaju Stand Up @ Comedy Works South
All weekend - Jordan Jensen Stand Up @ Comedy Works Downtown
All weekend - Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring' @ Boettcher Concert Hall Enjoy an unforgettable sendoff of the Colorado Symphony concert season with an evening of triumph performances.
All weekend - 'Best Town' Play @ Buntport Theater A new play about stars, isolation, the magic of libraries, and Laura Ashley curtains.
All weekend - ‘The 39 Steps’ @ The Singleton Theatre The inventive and hilarious, this hit play combines a film masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock with a juicy spy novel and a large splash of Monty Python humor.
All weekend - ‘Miss Rhythm: The Legend of Ruth Brown’ Cabaret Show @ Garner Galleria Theatre This intimate cabaret experience explores the life and times of R&B legend Ruth Brown through story and song, accompanied by a five-piece jazz band.
LAST CHANCE - 'Near East to Far West' Exhibition @ DAM
LAST CHANCE - 'Breakthroughs: A Celebration of RedLine 15' Exhibition @ MCA Denver This exhibition celebrates the Redline Contemporary Art Center and its 15-year long legacy of supporting local artists and creatives. The exhibition reflects the current creative practice of artists living in Colorado.
Ongoing through September 10th - ‘Awful Bigness’ Exhibition @ Clyfford Still Museum ‘Awful Bigness’ fills the Museum’s largest, skylit galleries and celebrates Clyfford Still’s biggest, most ambitious works.
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2023.05.25 20:18 DiscoverDurham Things to Do in Durham this Weekend (May 25-28)

Check out our full Durham events calendar.
If you'd like to add an event to our calendar, submit an event here. Please check with the event organizers to see if events change due to weather. Have a great weekend!

Venue Weekend Schedules

Events at The Pinhook
Events at The Fruit
Live Music at Blue Note Grill
Events at Moon Dog Meadery
Live Music at Sharp 9 Gallery
Events at Arcana
Events at Rubies on Five Points
Events at Durty Bull Brewing Company
Live Comedy at Mettlesome
Events at Boxyard RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in Downtown Durham

Multi-Day Event

Memorial Day Remembrance Event at Bennett Place State Historic Site

Local Sports

ACC Baseball Tournament at Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Carolina Flyers at Durham County Memorial Stadium

Thursday, May 25

Durham Night Market at American Tobacco Campus
Thirsty Thursdays at Dashi
Accessing Nature: Dispelling Myths and Opening Doors at the Nasher
Vinyl Night with DJ Deckades at Gizmo Brew Works
Boulders & Brews Meetup at Triangle Rock Club - Durham
Trivia Night w/Big Slow Tom at Clouds Brewing Brightleaf Square

Friday, May 26

Tasting at Ten at Counter Culture Coffee
Mallarme Music Concert: Bach Lit at Durham Arts Council PSI Theater

Saturday, May 27

Durham Farmers’ Market at Durham Central Park
South Durham Farmers' Market at Greenwood Commons Shopping Center
parkrun Durham at Southern Boundaries Park
Walk for the Animals at Duke East Campus
Mystic Memorial Day at Mystic Farm and Distillery
Crafternoons at Gizmo Brew Works
Taste of Soul NC (Variety Edition) at Durham Central Park

Sunday, May 28

Al Strong Presents Jazz Brunch at Alley Twenty Six
Public Tour at Duke Chapel
Trivia at Navigator Beverage Co.

Running Art Exhibits

In Ecstasy, I Call Your Name So I Won’t Forget By Kennedi Carter at Pop Box Gallery
Exhibits at 21c Museum Hotel
“Extra-Spectral” at the Durham Art Guild Truist Gallery
Donna Stubbs, Featured Artist at 5 Points Gallery
Chieko Murasugi & Renzo Ortega at Craven Allen Gallery
Spirit in the Land at the Nasher
Andy Warhol: You Look Good in Pictures at the Nasher
Art of Peru at the Nasher
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2023.05.25 17:46 Cannguyen-decor How to transform your room with modern wall art ideas

How to transform your room with modern wall art ideas
Modern wall art-Discover the transformative power of modern wall art as you embark on a journey to revamp your living space. In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil a curated collection of innovative ideas and techniques to elevate your room's aesthetic appeal. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and vibrant statements, we explore how to infuse your walls with contemporary charm through the strategic use of modern wall art. Learn the art of selecting the perfect pieces, arranging them harmoniously, and incorporating them seamlessly into your existing decor. Unleash your creativity and let your walls become a canvas for self-expression, as we delve into the world of modern wall art and reveal the secrets to transforming your room into a stunning visual masterpiece. Get ready to embark on an exciting design adventure that will leave you inspired and your guests in awe.


Put storied frames in focus.
Rather than opting for a single, large wall art — feature multiple, smaller wall art in a design-forward display that allows you to bring more photos into the mix. Not only does this look’s simplicity nod toward modern interior design, but the creative placement with the framing of the hallway gives it playful and focused appeal. Your eyes (as well as your guests') will be drawn to the story in the frames, making it an easy topic of conversation. To replicate this in your space, look for lines, shapes, and “modern wall art” the room creates naturally, and place a set of frames in that nook.


Escape uniformity.
Modern home decor styles emerged at the turn of the century as the world moved toward industrialization. Gothic, renaissance, and victorian styles were reigning supreme with heavy ornamentation and dramatic elements, but then modern design came into the picture leading with something different: clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and neutral, natural hues.
Remember our note about breaking the rules? Put a spin on these modern doctrines by taking a more linear and symmetrical gallery wall arrangement and mix-and-matching the frame finishes and styles. By blending different looks you’ll create a photo wall with plenty of visual interest — that’s uniquely your own.
Okay, okay. It’s no secret we are lovers of minimalism. However, we are thrilled to see that color and maximalism are having a (tasteful) comeback. Look around, and you’ll see saturated tones are starting to work their way back into decorscapes, especially in 2022 wall art trends.
So to incorporate this modern wall decor idea in your space, find a statement piece like framed artwork or a photo from a colorful adventure — and place it somewhere that could use a pop of personality. Use a low-profile frame to complement the bold, saturated tones in the image itself and create an overall sense of balance. Going a step further, we recommend pairing the saturated centerpiece piece with more subtle tones in other decor (like we spy u/allyseholcomb doing with our Layflat in oatmeal, here).
Okay, okay. It’s no secret we are lovers of minimalism. However, we are thrilled to see that color and maximalism are having a (tasteful) comeback. Look around, and you’ll see saturated tones are starting to work their way back into decorscapes, especially in 2022 wall art trends.
So to incorporate this modern wall decor idea in your space, find a statement piece like framed artwork or a photo from a colorful adventure — and place it somewhere that could use a pop of personality. Use a low-profile frame to complement the bold, saturated tones in the image itself and create an overall sense of balance. Going a step further, we recommend pairing the saturated centerpiece piece with more subtle tones in other decor (like we spy u/allyseholcomb doing with our Layflat in oatmeal, here).
Here’s a modern room idea that will make your space come alive. And it’s all about texture. When playing with natural materials (a staple in modern home decor!), framed prints can create a source of organic texture that complements others in the room. Play off the shapes, lines, and textures of your furnishings, and you’ll have a room full of visual interest. Just choose your textures mindfully and keep other parts of the room (like the remainder of the walls) fairly clean and simple
If modern room decor is a way to create structure and clarity (form follows function!) then finding a state of balance in your space is absolutely key. You want your room to flow and serve a meaningful purpose. If you bring bigger, more maximalist furniture into a room, offset the design and achieve balance with low-profile wall art, like the display here. Because who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?
Alright, we’re taking it off the walls in this modern wall decor idea for a living room. Because, in our eyes, the best way to bring a space together is to thoughtfully make use of counters, shelves, and side tables to tell the full story. And again, this is a great time to incorporate natural materials and textures (like our Walnut and Pine calendars!). Don’t be afraid to layer wood to complement finishes, and tie it all together by bringing the outside in with real or dried natural elements.
“Fewer things, that matter more” is a mantra (and rallying cry of ours) that translates perfectly to this modern decor idea. Often, lower-profile photo holders lend themselves more naturally to a minimalistic and clean look. So forget the frames, and let your photos take the lead with a simple hanging device like a wood shelf (or even washi tape!). That way the focus will be on the images and stories your photos tell.


Allow asymmetry.
Have a large, bare wall needing a little something special? This modern gallery wall idea is sure to be a showstopper. You’ve likely seen the classic gallery wall layouts that are laid out on the grid (which, yes, can also be made modern) — but in the spirit of looking forward and trying something new… Say goodbye to the grid!
Experiment with more perfunctory, freeform arrangements that shun the need for symmetry, and truly wow your walls. We love the idea of pairing asymmetrical frames with corresponding images, reinventing the triptych.


Mind your matting.
When discovering the different types of picture frames, you will learn to love matting: the white paper that surrounds your photo. More pronounced matting creates a refined, elevated look that many people associate with museum photography installations. Not only does it look quite impressive, but this modern wall decor idea also allows you to choose larger, more impressive frames for photos that may be lower resolution. The white space will take up most of the area in your frame — with the photo itself being smaller, so you don’t have to worry about the image quality as much. We’re not leaving any meaningful, taken-on-a-phone photos behind here!


Enliven the little corners.
Let’s just call this one a corner(stone) of modern decor. Move away from the singular focus point to more perfunctory placements — and prioritize your nooks and crannies. By personalizing smaller arrangements throughout your home, you’ll find yourself with more areas that bring you joy. Remember to keep it simple and clutter-free, because that brings joy, too.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your room with modern wall art ideas. By incorporating these innovative techniques and embracing the power of contemporary wall art, you can truly elevate the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of your space. Remember to choose pieces that resonate with your personal style and create a cohesive theme throughout the room. Experiment with different arrangements, textures, and colors to achieve the desired effect. Whether you opt for bold, statement-making art or subtle, minimalist pieces, the key is to let your creativity shine and make your walls a reflection of your unique personality. So go ahead, explore the world of modern wall art, and watch as your room undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, becoming a captivating sanctuary that exudes modern sophistication and artistic flair.

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2023.05.25 13:35 CultureCircle Features of Culture Circle

Today, we want to take you behind the scenes at Culture Circle. We are thrilled to share some exciting future features we have in store that are designed to revolutionize your sneaker shopping experience. Buckle up as we reveal our action-packed roadmap, tailored to make your sneaker journey more engaging, personal, and rewarding.
🌐 🌐
  1. Discover the Sneaker Horizon with Drop Calendar
First up, we’re introducing a feature that will keep you ahead of the sneaker game — the ‘Drop Calendar.’ Imagine having the power to foresee the future of sneaker releases, right at your fingertips. This tool will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the latest releases and restocks set to drop in the coming weeks and months.
No more missing out on your favorite releases due to lack of information. With the Drop Calendar, you can plan your purchases and strategies well in advance, ensuring you’re always ready to cop that new release or much-awaited restock. This feature will be a game-changer for all you sneaker enthusiasts who love to stay on top of the latest trends and releases.
  1. Get Personal with Tailored Recommendations
Next, we’re taking personalization to a whole new level with our ‘Personalized Recommendations’ feature. As sneaker lovers, we know that each of you has a unique taste and preference. So, why should your shopping experience be any different?
Leveraging advanced algorithms, we’ll be analyzing your browsing history and preferences to curate a list of sneakers and limited edition items tailored just for you. It’s like having your personal sneaker stylist who knows your style inside and out, bringing you the best picks suited to your individual tastes. Your sneaker shopping experience is about to get a whole lot more personal and a whole lot more exciting!
  1. Stay Alert with Price Drop Notifications
Ever wished you could be notified when the price of your coveted pair of sneakers falls within your budget? Well, your wish is about to come true with our ‘Price Drop Alerts’ feature.
You will be able to set up notifications and be alerted the moment the price of your desired item drops within your specified range. This feature ensures that you never miss out on grabbing your favorite sneakers at the best possible price. Say goodbye to constantly checking for price updates and say hello to smart, timely alerts. Shopping smart is now just a notification away!
  1. Shop with Confidence with Verified Reseller Ratings and Reviews
Last but not least, we want to instill confidence in your shopping experience. To achieve this, we’re working on implementing a ‘Verified Reseller Ratings and Reviews’ system. This feature will allow you to browse through ratings and reviews of resellers, giving you a comprehensive insight into their reliability and service quality.
By providing a platform for users to share their experiences and feedback, we aim to foster a trustworthy and transparent sneaker community. You can now make informed decisions, ensuring you are shopping from resellers who offer not just great products, but also excellent customer service.
So there you have it, a sneak peek into the exciting future of Culture Circle. Our team is working tirelessly to bring these features to life, enhancing your sneaker shopping experience like never before. We are excited about the journey ahead and invite you to join us in shaping the future of the sneaker marketplace.
Remember, Culture Circle is more than a platform — it’s a community where we celebrate the love for sneakers. Let’s embrace the future, one step at a time!
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2023.05.25 13:19 LauraLunaLu Trying to find my main essence. I'm more gamine, classic or some other essence?

Trying to find my main essence. I'm more gamine, classic or some other essence?
Hey there! I'm a newbie in all this and I'm trying to find my essence to boost my potential and finding out what looks best on me. I was tagged a couple of times as a gamine in the Kitchener system and as a flamboyant gamine in the Kibbe system, but I've been told I have some classic, romantic and natural. I've figured out I'm a pure winter and I'm finding colours that works best for my advantage. I tend to love "sexy, feminine dresses", while I see that gamine tends to be a bit boyish for my taste.
I'm petite (1'55 m) and I'm trying to find outfits that favour me and look sensual. I've seen that gamines are favoured by short dresses but some time ago I was told that short skirts unflatter short people.
So, I would like to confirm my essence so I can choose the best looks for me. Short dresses? Bodycon? Skinny jeans? Which kind of cleavage? Stilettos or no stilettos? Red lipstick or nude? Thanks a bunch in advance?
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2023.05.25 07:05 DoctorORBiT [For Hire] 3D Artist - Environment Art, Hardsurface Modeling, Animations and more.

Hey there, fellow Redditors!Are you ready to elevate your visual experience to new dimensions? Look no further! I'm here to bring your wildest 3D dreams to life with a touch of humor, professionalism, and a dash of mischief. 😄
🔹 Object Modeling:Want a 3D rendition of your favorite coffee mug, a fantastical weapon, or maybe even a dancing toaster? Challenge accepted! I'll bring your objects to life with jaw-dropping precision and detail.
🔹 Character Animation:Whether you need a quirky cartoon character to inject life into your project or a mesmerizing dance routine that will make people question their existence, I've got the moves! Characters will be animated with the utmost finesse, making them jump, twirl, and entertain like nobody's business.
🔹 Architectural Wonders:Dreaming of architectural marvels that defy the laws of physics? Let's turn your visions into reality! From towering castles to futuristic skyscrapers, I'll design breathtaking structures that will make even gravity blush.
🔹 Environment Art:Need a vibrant, immersive world that leaves users in awe? I'll craft enchanting environments that transport your audience to realms beyond their wildest imaginations. Prepare for landscapes that are nothing short of breathtaking!
🔹 SFW and NSFW Magic:Looking for something more... spicy? Fear not! I'm versed in both SFW and NSFW creations. So, whether you need a tasteful nude statue or a cheeky animation that winks at the naughty side, I've got you covered.
🌟 Bonus Feature:Multiple Years of Experience! With a portfolio bursting with creativity and multiple years of experience, I guarantee top-notch artistry that will leave you mesmerized. Your wildest ideas will become my playground, and together we'll create something truly extraordinary.
💫 Intrigued? Want to bring your visions to life?Send me a direct message, and let's embark on this epic adventure together. From conceptualization to the final masterpiece, I'll ensure your project is infused with just the right amount of magic and whimsy.
🎉 Prepare to be amazed! Let's collaborate and create something truly out of this world!
Starting at 20$/hour
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2023.05.25 06:53 broadcaststatic Hedonism Week: In-Depth Thoughts on French Daze & Ibiza Nights Cruise (Part 2)

Hedonism Week: In-Depth Thoughts on French Daze & Ibiza Nights Cruise (Part 2)
[Continued From Part 1: ]

My wife and I went back to the Wake for breakfast, something you can do easily as a drop-in. We got to sit right in front of the windows. She had one of the best eggs benedicts of her life and I had steak and eggs, a breakfast indulgence I've never actually had before. It's always like $8 more on the menu when paying at a diner. I never bothered in the real world. But this isn't a diner or the real world, this is the land of do-as-you-please, and they brought me one hell of a steak.

The Ol' Wake & Wake
Before arriving at Palma, I tried to sample some of what I had been missing on the ship. Against my expectations, my favorite was the Loose Cannon. I wasn't interested initially based on the looks of the place and the fact that rum isn't a flavor I usually enjoy, but they had all sorts of tequila and mezcal stuff like this one drink that's like watermelon, mezcal and a shake of activated charcoal that looks like gunpowder for theme and helps with nausea for function. Plus a jaunty sprig of mint. It's the most singularly delightful cocktail I ever ordered. It's like that all over the ship, though. In keeping with the emotional design, whisky and champagne receive more upscale treatments-- On the Rocks is a whisky Bar modeled with low lighting and rich velour to evoke a kind of conspiratorial, old-Vegas Rat Pack vibe. It's very effective, and to drink whisky in a sport coat at the bar makes a fella feel awfully cool. Sip, the Champagne bar, seems most active during the day when the older crowd runs the boat and the younger crowd is sleeping or out on land. Like its beverage, it's bright and luxurious, the most opulently wealthy of all the bars. And the most expensive if you buy by the bottle. One aspect of the cruise where you don't really get good value is with volume liquor like whole bottles of whatever. The cocktails, at 12-17 a piece, are the same price as most city bars and you pay for presentation. But big box wine stores like BevMo or whatever sell Moet and Chandon Imperial for like $45. On the ship, it's $98. For whole bottles of anything, the baseline seems to be double the American box store price. By contrast, you can get a very large beer in an elegant flute for like $6. My favorite secret dirtbag maneuver at Sip is that you can order a Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers, for like five bucks and they'll crack the can and decant it for you all fancy-like as if you had paid $300. To me, that's impressive service-- to be treated as if I was living, well, the High Life even though I wasn't quite willing to pay that much. To be respected in my cheapness and given the fantasy of being in such an environment anyway, treated as if I belong among the Imperial crowd. I think that was the moment they broke me, in terms of being skeptical of Virgin Voyages as a corporate, curated experience. They promised me I could voyage my way, and I absolutely was, living my best life with my five dollar French Roulette plays and five dollar decanted beers. That's a lot for a Miller High Life. But a small price, really, for the radiant thrill of the moment and how happy it makes me to remember it now.

A Loose Cannon 'Shot-To-Pus'
Sailing into Palma, we went to the Dock House, their small plates mediteranean eatery and bar. It's on the lower stern of the ship, making it the ideal place to view any of the ship's comings and goings from port. It's spectacularly scenic and features both chairs and beds to lounge around and soak in the atmosphere of wherever the ship happens to be. I think it's one of my top three favorite spots on the ship, the plates are addictively good and the drinks are so crazy on theme for the Balearic Islands. There's a whisky drink called a Fig Sour that easily takes the silver medal for my second favorite cocktail I had on the ship, it's so rich and well balanced and feels like just pure joy to drink while watching the surprisingly large city of Palma slowly draw into view.

The Palma Cathedral
The best beaches on Mallorca are known to be on the North side of the island, an hour away by bus or taxi, called Alcudia. In planning, I had wanted to make that journey, but my wife and I felt like what with the bonus trains to Carcassonne and Monte Carlo we had done enough voluntary transit and wanted to explore the city of Palma itself. Which was a wonderful choice-- the city is much like Barcelona, but kind of shrunken down and tidier. It has its own La Rambla, its own winding Gothic District of sorts. It has one of the largest Cathedrals in all of Europe, dominating the skyline as the Valiant Lady docks at Palma's cruise terminal. There's a large and rambunctious commercial district, with brand name boutiques tucked inside of three hundred year old buildings, the whole thing a strange kind of historical echo of the way Palma has been for centuries. Palma has always been a nexus for luxury goods from far-flung ports. The goods are now more familiar and standardized, but the echo is still there, these are still the same streets that once flowed with leather and spice from a pre-satellite world, when the globe was more uncertain.

Palma At Night
Intoxicating is really the word, it's not enough to call it charming. To an American, it feels like something out of a fairy tale, which Palma storeowners are clever to monetize where possible. It is touristy, yes, but again it's actually very counterproductive to pretend I am not a tourist. I am having an authentic experience by being authentically stunned and amazed by the winding streets and seemingly limitless boutiques. Once the businesses begin to shut down, the city quiets, and the well-lit streets become very mysterious and intriguing. When the wandering impulse is satisfied, a taxi can be easily found to go back to the cruise terminal and fall into bed. Or have a few drinks at the Manor and dance. Or maybe more than a few. I'm easy, that way-- fundamentally all I want is just to party, party party, party party 'til I die.

The Manor Nightclub Aboard Valiant Lady


The Valiant Lady at Palma
At like 2:45 in the morning my wife has me order double vodka redbulls, takes one sip, and decides to go to bed. So I, in the spirit of hedonism week, down both and fall immediately asleep. At nine in the morning I sit bolt upright in bed and think "I sure would hate to have missed seeing the Castell up above the town and I doubt we'll have time for it later." I fling open the blinds to a beautiful day. "Want to hike up to castle, baby?" I ask. "You're a fucking freak of nature," she hisses, using the room tablet to close the blinds again. At first I took it the wrong way, but I had forgotten about the vodka red bulls. When she told me about that, after walking two miles to the tallest hill in Palma and then three more flights of stairs, and back, thinking to myself "I'm a little dizzier than usual this morning, wonder if I'm finally seasick or what," I had to admit that when it comes to points of historical interest I am in fact a freak of nature and will push my body to the stupidest extremes with a smile on my face if it means getting to see a castle. This kind of freak behavior is why they give you two carafes of fresh, cold water every day in your room. You'll probably end up really, really, really needing it.

Castell de Bellver
The Castell de Bellver has the best views of Palma possible, and also the best views of the Valiant Lady while docked in port. There's a trail to the summit that begins at the end of the Carrer de Bellver that leads up to the grand, rounded Castell. The steps are exhausting, especially so if you wake up drunk without realizing it, but the breeze is strong and every few steps provides a new vista. I never expected to actually like the cruise ship as a ship, but it's very handsome and impressive, the portholes and red accents and lack of any children's slides and playsets make the thing just flatly impressive. The previous night it had turned some of its balcony lights red to display a friendly red 'HOLA' to the city as it rested in port. From top to bottom, it is designed to feel contrastingly adult, contrastingly luxurious to the more traditional cruise ships. The Valiant Lady was only built in 2021, according to the big iron plaque that proudly identifies the vessel above the pool area. I feel, aboard the ship, more worldly and cosmopolitan than I ever have before and even if the ship is designed to falsely flatter me that way, I do feel flattered, I do feel like my best self, it inspires me to do ambitious things like party til' 3AM and hike at 9AM. Inside the Bellver is a lot of roman artifacts and statuary, from way back when Palma was part of the Rome's vast mediterranean empire. Perhaps it's because I was still a little drunk, but I was struck by this nude statue.

A Ghost of Hedonism Past
It was made with such a loving care. Two thousand years ago, the artists of Palma were carving tributes to their baddies that are still extremely attractive millenia later. Art appreciation isn't just being pretentious, it's appreciating the intent, and in this case the intent is "Aren't women beautiful? Isn't life beautiful?" When I got back to my sleeping wife, I brought her breakfast in bed as a peace offering, snuggling up to her in our balcony terrace room. Humans are mammals in addition to all our other affectations, we want to eat well, sleep well, and most of all we want to be loved. Same now as it was 2,000 years ago. That feeling I had of being somewhere that fucking Homer had described as the wine-dark sea, actually looking at my own eyes at the deep purple brine that inspired that phrase, was worth almost any price to me. As an American, I grew up unmoored from global history, and here in Palma I finally felt as if I had dropped anchor into the heart of the classical era.
In a Roman mood, we ate pasta at the ship's Italian restaurant, Extra Virgin. I had heard from a lot of people that this was one of the best places to get food on the ship, but I couldn't work up that much enthusiasm about it. Like every other space on the ship, the atmosphere and design of the restaurant is top notch. The ingredients are upscale and impressive sounding, but the effect is kind of flat. This was the only restaurant that I couldn't immediately remember when I ate there and what I had. It was good, I know, it's silly to complain at all because the standard of quality for the food is incredibly high, even here, but without more of a thematic or culinary hook the place kind of slides anonymously in between some of the other on-board dining experiences.

Preparing to Hear The Tale
Every Virgin Voyages cruise has what's called 'Scarlet Night' a boatwide party where you're encouraged to wear red. They kick it off with an amazing vocal performance by the Hostess, who is in addition to being very charming an incredibly powerful jazz vocalist. She's a serious talent. I was really blown away, having gotten a chance to listen more closely at the 'Hostess Sings Her Secrets' show which tells the part lore in a short bit of musical storytelling. I missed most of the on-ship entertainment because I was either partying or adventuring or sleeping, but I'm a sucker for lore, so a party with lore was intriguing to me. Up on the pool deck, once the party begins, you're encouraged to dance in their shallow bathing pool. It feels awesome to do so, freeing and wild, a real '90s romcom moment but actually happening to you. I was all geared up for a long and varied Scarlet Night, but the friends my wife and I made at Gunbae were a form of ship royalty, they had purchased the Mega Rockstar Suite, with a bottomless bar package, and we were invited to party there. This was a special and remarkable thing to happen, not just for the glimpse into the Lifestyles of Suite and Famous, but also just to make such free and easy social connections on the boat. There's a meme I like that's "How to Make Friends in Your '30s" and it shows a man drawing a pentagram on the ground, summoning a goat demon, and then handing the demon a basketball to shoot some hoops. Sometimes it feels like black magic to actually make new friends. But the boat is like summer camp and prom rolled up into one for people much too old to really go back to either without the buffer of this cruise ship experience. The next day we were going to dock in Ibiza, and so one person put on The Vengaboys "We're Going to Ibiza" and then everyone sang along to every word, and then someone said "Okay, but like, we actually are this time," and that was just so fucking nuts. It's perhaps common wisdom that if your reference point for Ibiza is the Vengaboys you are too old for Ibiza, but I'm going to say that you are not, like everything on the cruise you get back the energy you put in. Tell yourself you can do it. Believe in yourself. Ride your inner Vengabus, because it is comin', and everybody is jumpin'.
Because our cruise was so underbooked, our host was able to get their Mega Rockstar Suite for the minimum bid plus one dollar on the odd little 'bid on an upgrade' email you get. I couldn't afford more than the Sea Terrace XL even as an upgrade, I was overspending with that already, but holy hell do you get the works with the top level price. The bottomless bar is bottomless. Since the price of the Mega Rockstar is something like ten grand, I wouldn't say the booze is complimentary, but it is acknowledged that you have paid enough and need pay no more. In addition to bottomless room bar you get $200 daily on board bar tab for craft cocktails and wine and such. Plus a personal concierge and priority access to everything. And your own private hot tub and open-air shower-- above the bridge and the Captain themselves. Even symbolically, that's King Shit. It's just absurd in every way-- on a ship designed to make even the cheapest customer feel like royalty, how do you one-up the baseline experience? Well, by essentially completely eliminating the need to worry about the price of anything aboard. True fantasy-- everything you want, essentially prepaid beyond the rate at which you could possibly spend that much money anyway. With a couch and a living room and guitars and a telescope and, like, fuck, dude. I was a little sad not to have seen more of Scarlet Night itself, but I caught instead a glimpse of what Virgin Voyages offers as opulence-within-opulence, the most glorious peaks of the self-indulgence it can provide. Trying to be a good guest, I offered to venmo our host back for what I was drinking. They explained to me that bottomless really means bottomless with the in-room bar. And so I opened my second bottle of Moet Imperial of the trip, the effervescent vapor of extravagant luxury wafting up at me. I was a guest. It's only a week. But I was, perhaps, a little disappointed in myself for how quickly I came to crave these little tastes of the good life I had found so impossibly distant in my twenties. What would me at 18 think of me here, at 35, downing champagne on such a ship, hanging out in such a suite even as a guest? Angry? Irritated? Relieved that I had made it so far? Was this a kind of fulfillment of who I used to be and how hard I used to work or a betrayal of it? My wife and I had been together for a decade, and had never taken a trip like this, never dreamed of it before. It was so far beyond what we were used to. And that's also how they get you. I'll obey this subreddit's no drug discussion policy in my anecdotes and metaphors, but man-oh-man, when it comes to luxury that first taste really does fuck with your brain chemistry in the craziest ways.


'Music On' at Pacha, around 2AM
Pacha is, in a way, also a point of historical interest. It is a disco nightclub that has been going every spring, summer, and fall for fifty consecutive years. It's hard and extortionately expensive to get tickets, but they're cheaper the farther in advance you get them. If you want to go to Pacha or another Ibiza superclub, you should make a plan and buy your club tickets the moment you book your cruise dates to lock in admittance at the lowest price. I was a little worried about purchasing through the Ibiza Spotlight, a local weekly that coordinates ticket sales, but my wife, my friends, and I got in through the prepayment line in short order using the ticket barcodes from Ibiza spotlight on my phone with no problem. Pacha was the biggest challenge of the trip-- physically, emotionally, financially. It is a lawless and awful place that also serves as the most extreme version of the mega nightclub experience a person can find themselves in. Every one star and five star review you may have read about Pacha are simultaneously accurate and true. The party (Music On), begins at midnight and goes until seven in the morning. I was too old for this shit. But my heart wanted to be young this way. I had sworn my solemn vow to Party Til I Died, and this was as dangerously close to that line as I was going to get.

Ibiza's Old Town Commercial District
Ibiza operates during its on-season in a staggered rotation of events and meals. During the morning there is nothing. During the afternoon there are shops and lunch places open, serving the day crowd, or beach raves for the rowdy among the tourists. Then the food closes and the rest of the shops open until ten or so. The dinner places go from like 8 to 10 at night. Ten to midnight is a transition zone, everything closes down and the bars begin to slowly open one by one until midnight when the nightlife springs into furious action.
Pacha is the kind of nightclub that would be illegal in the United States on like every level. They don't seem to believe in capacity, the whole place is a sea of bodies, butt-to-butt-to-butt in stifling and vaguely dangerous drifts of rhythmic dancers, between which move fragile trains of partiers on their way from one end of the dance floor to another, a journey they may not ever actually finish. Each DJ bathes the place in a different color, creating a slightly different mood, but the crowding never improves. It's important to take breaks and go outside to the patio, no matter how hard it is to get back to the dance floor, just for the air. The absolute most predatory thing is that they charge for water-- not only charge a little, they charge 10 Euro for a red bull can full of still or sparkling water. It's literal extortion considering the sobriety situation of 99% of the crowd. From midnight until like 4:30 in the morning, it's a wild mess of sweat and movement, stuck somewhere in between joy and misery at any given moment.
And yet.

'Music On' at Pacha, closer to 6:30 AM
These early hours of the Pacha party are a crucible, a harrowing. This is a test to see who is here to fucking party and who is truly a tourist. Around 5 in the morning, the dance floor begins to become actually comfortable to dance. My wife and I were led by our friends up a staircase to an upper deck by the light technicians, offering an incredible panorama. My wife commented it looked kind of like a circle of hell. In Dante's Inferno, the lustful are condemned to be borne on howling winds for all eternity, swirling around in an impulsive chaos that reflects how they allowed themselves to be led around by the genitals in life. Always figured that's where I'd end up myself, if gluttony didn't overtake it as number one favorite sin. Or maybe going to a bunch of Cathedrals before going to Pacha puts you in a weird headspace, I don't know. But all those arms, all those bodies, waving and blending together in the strobe light. It makes me wish there an oil painting titled like 'The DJ Booth by Caravaggio', it was so unreal to witness, so humid, so dense with humanity and emotion which the DJ manipulates up and down with the beat. The party really reaches its peak of enjoyability and energy at six in the morning, that last hour has an impossibly intense atmosphere of anticipation. When the DJ finally stopped teasing the last drop and ended his set, fifteen minutes after seven in the morning, when the hexagon panels retracted and the house lights came on, the sense of release and catharsis was unlike almost any sensation I'd ever experienced. My wife and I walked all the way back to the ship in the morning sunshine, colorful and gorgeous and blissfully quiet. I felt like I had wrung out my brain like a dirty cloth, and now it was ready to work again.

Holy Fuck Is It Morning Out Here Or What
Before Pacha, my wife and I used our three hour pass to the on-board Redemption Spa while the ship was rolling into port. I had never been to a spa, but I have to admit it's an important component of Hedonism Week. The spa is all about contrasting sensation-- cold pools followed by hot pools, dry saunas followed by wet saunas, followed by a shocking, bracing dip in cold clear water. My favorite thing was just the heated marble platforms by the window. I felt so relaxed, like an animal in the sun, unburdened by anything, content in every way. They offer a mud treatment kind of thing included in the Splash of Romance package where they give you a small cup of treated mud that you rub all over yourself and then stay in an extra hot, extra humid steam room for ten minutes sweating into before rinsing off with cold water. It's supposed to pull all your bad stuff from your pores, which I don't know is true or not, but I did enjoy the sensation and did feel refreshed. That sense of using extreme sensations of hot and cold, of comfort and discomfort, was what I experienced in such an otherwise opposite way at Pacha. Both were a cleanse of sorts, a strange and violent purging of the poisons I carry with me, and I felt grateful to have experienced both. To experience both on the same day, though-- baby, that's Hedonism Week.
Our final restaurant experience on board was at Pink Agave. We had the most delightful, enthusiastic hostess of the whole trip, she ordered a little of everything for our group of four and took such good care of us that we forgot, for a moment, how exhausted we were. Following Pacha, I slept almost straight through to the ship's final cast-off of the voyage. Almost. As I've mentioned, the only thing I love more than partying is visiting old castles, so I couldn't let Ibiza slip by without hauling by aching feet and overtwerked ass to the top of the famous Dalt Villa. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dalt Villa is the oldest part of the Ibiza as a port town. The entrance gate was constructed in the 1500s and holds Roman statues dating many centuries older. The church at the top, built in the 1400s, was closed at the time, but I got one last view of the town I'd visited and ship I'd grown so fond of. It was an excellent way to say goodbye. After sailing out of Ibiza, you only have one more night to party it down, pack, and go home.

The Valiant Lady from the Dalt Villa
It's a sad time on the ship, bittersweet, which is why they close it down with the 'Circus Disco' , an acrobatic performance to classic, mellow hits of the '70s and '80s. Then everyone joins in on the dancefloor as the BeeGees sing you off to to your final limit of exhaustion and sleep, merciful sleep, finally catches up with you until your disembarkation time. Hedonism week has concluded. Reality has to resume. I didn't think I would struggle to let go so much, but I did. In the past week or so, I truly had been my best self, my most favorite version of myself, and while I can take that home with me I just didn't ultimately want to stop being in the place that made it so easy to find that self.

Goodbye, Ibiza

A number of years ago I had a bad depression and gained a bunch of weight, and so for years I dressed myself with a sense of shame. Whenever I went shopping I found the denim equivalent of "I'll wear the sackcloth, please." Before this trip, in anticipation of it, I bought myself a lot of stylish stuff that actually fit the body I had. I wore a lot of it for the first time this trip. I felt, for the first time in years, incredibly handsome, and interesting, and powerful, because I was putting effort into being all those things and acting all those ways. I have never pushed myself so hard, or felt more adult. I had what felt like truly an adventure of a lifetime, a journey into hedonic pleasure and exotic landscapes and dozens of flavors and smells and sensations I had never known to want. I know that's not everyone's experience on the ship. But it was mine. I put in every ounce of energy I had and the return on that investment was absolutely enormous.
What I think is especially amazing is the diversity of passengers and passenger experiences on board the ship and how, simultaneously, 1300 people were experiencing their own personal version of that best self. For many, pushing oneself to the extremes of exploration, sensation, and exhaustion is not their idea of a vacation. And that more relaxing experience is there too, already on offer as part of the many curated experiences. No one attitude, gender, sexuality, age, or set of interests dominated the ship's demographic, it was always an exciting froth of everything and everyone mixed together.
The Valiant Lady's staff deserves particular credit for making that happen. They act as janitors, waiters, porters, and ringmasters, managing the vices and messes of 1300 people all acting on pure id. So when you see folks complaining on this subreddit about having to work through technical problems or minor language barriers, this is kind of insulting in the face of what an amazing job the crew does of keeping the mood and visual standard of the ship constant and on track. The job of creating an adult fantasyland that's only 60% fantasy and 40% actual reality is a colossal amount of work, and they keep that shit running, well, ship shape every single day 24/7 while the passengers worry about very little other than impulse. Any luxury experience is the peak of a pyramid supported by a massive service infrastructure. Often on the Valiant Lady, that infrastructure is invisible. Without it, though, it would not have been the transformative and beautiful experience it was. I could not have felt my best self without so many people being their most professional selves, and I'm quite grateful for the many hands that made that possible.
More than anything, what I wanted to give my wife for her birthday was something that made her feel special. While I feel a complicated way politically about my experience, I don't feel any kind of complexity about being good to my wife and giving her a chance to experience unencumbered joy. She got that. We got to have a weeklong, incredibly intense date that we can carry with us always now, who we were on the trip, how we felt about each other. Erotic treats aside, it truly was a second honeymoon in every meaningful way. All I really expected was an all-inclusive hotel that moves. What I got was a sampler platter of sensation and fantasy that my wife and I ate from until the very moment the week was over and we were exiled from the buffet.
So if you want to know what the profit model of Virgin Voyages is, that's the grift in a nutshell: I felt better and more myself on this cruise than nearly anything I've ever done. And I would pay through the nose to come crawling back, to dine once more at the table of sensation. I felt like if I posted this anywhere else on social media, it would seem like sponsored content, and I hate that. But here among, well, fellow travelers so to speak I feel good about telling this story. You guys get it. Hopefully I'll see you out there. Because I'm going to be chasing this experience for a long time.

Portal to Adventure, Ibiza
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2023.05.25 06:17 Stasis_Dapper My Parents Never wanted me and now I want them to pay for my therapy (mild ptsd warning)

Sorry for bad grammer spelling mistakes etc I couldnt stop crying while writing this
Just as the title says my parents never wanted me and now i have to live with it. I (19M) just got out of living with my parents in October of 2022. Ever since i was born it was clear that neither one of them wanted me or even wanted each other. This lead to non-stop custody battles so either one could be the one to gain child support. When I was 6 years old and living with my dad he was a photographer and was doing nude calendars among other kinds of service. One night he had a lady in the living room and locked my brothers and I into our shared room with no entertainment at 5pm mid day. After hearing a lot of giggling and a large amount of what I only wanna believe was stomping 2 hours into the photoshoot the woman I had first seen and hated immediately became my stepmom. During the time of me living with them I developed a sort of anti social nature i found more comfort being alone than being around anyone at all. When I would try to spend time with my dad I was always walking on eggshells anything could set him or my step mom off. (forgot to mention i was roughly 8 at this point) I was taught how to cook if dinner wasn't made by 7pm, I got smacked on the back of the head. If I hadn't cleaned the entire kitchen and living room by 5 pm I got screamed at until I cried if i left so much as a crumb or the floor was sticky from the wrong mopping solution, you guessed it I was crying by the time they were done with me.
I wasn't allowed to have anything other than school supplies, old hand me down clothes and a pep, we had an Xbox but i was only allowed 30 min to play a day. Now we can move onto how that made me in school like i said i was a loner i had 0 desire to play with the other kids and couldn't and still cant make friends. I was born with anemia and kept falling asleep in class I constantly got home visits because of it and you guested it cried myself to sleep a lot because I should have and I directly quote "Just have been stronger, Just stay awake". Now because of this I learned little tricks to manage it after needing a blood test and overhearing the doctor talking about it such as checking the color of my eyelids and if its yellow... bad day inbound. I got constantly bullied for being the "quiet kid" because i rarely spoke a word in my class. I don't really need to say anything else about that chapter but when i was 14 years old in march 2018 i had an incident where I was effectively suspended but wasn't allowed to come back to school because a kid that wanted to fight me shoved an instrument case into my face effectively tearing off part of my lip. My dad was doing business in another state at the time and received a call that I had gotten into a fight and was under investigation for spewing threats towards shooting up the school. In reality I got hit and got on the bus to go home holding my hand over my mouth to prevent blood from going everywhere. I Blasted music from my phone just so I didn't have to explain to anyone why my hand was covered in blood and why I was looking pale. When i got home my brothers didn't care because I was black sheep of the family. From then Police showed up at my house interrogated me without an adult around and put words into my mouth to confirm the other kids story.
Upon hearing the news my mom jumped on that and basically stole me from my dads house. When he came back from his trip he tried to pick me up but my mom wouldn't let him. She promised to buy me some things such as my computer that im writing this on and my Xbox one that I sold 2 months ago. With me being young and impressionable of course with little to no possessions I jumped on that. I didn't realize the damage it would do to the other side of the family. I mean i was already becoming detached from emotions at that age so who cared. Fast forward through weekly beatings never hearing the words "I love you" and being forced to breakup with any girlfriend I some how managed to get without being the one to talk to them. I was 16 and started to smoke my mom kept telling me i didnt deserve to get my drivers license so my aunt taught me. There was one night i called her out on not even saying i love you and we got into a screaming and she caught me with my vape. The next morning i wake up to my ex military step dad breaking down my door and holding a 6in. blade to my throat I can still remember exactly where i felt it and get ptsd if anyone touches my neck for any reason.
So when i went to school the next day with rings around my eyes and went to my culinary class (i ended up liking cooking) I was visibly groggy and we had a catering project to do for admins upstairs I finished making all the soufflés i was ordered to make and with that creating a time limit and me seeing the people who were making the popcorn struggling i took over and started making the popcorn 2 batches at once moving as fast as i could to not ruin the dish i had previously made because after 15 minutes it collapses and as im pouring out a pot of popcorn another student bumped my arm and i completely lost my grip causing it to fall on my arm and I had to go to the nurses office. Everyone says my dish was fine when the took the food up. But in the nurses office she saw grip bruise(from someone grabbing my arm super hard.) on my upper arm because i needed to take off the chef coat i had on. So that combined with the rings around my eyes my lack of reaction to pain and everything it started raising red flags for the nurse and was the first time i had been genuinely terrified. A few weeks later I broke I was losing lots of sleep because of my mom, and i was starting to let the pain get to me and lose all hope. I was finally suicidal and started self harming on my wrists. My culinary teacher was again the reason why i got caught when she made me roll of my sleeves and actually screamed when she saw beet red gashes on my arm and sent me to the counselor.
( PTSD WARNING ) "Hey op how are you doing today?" " not a big talker are you" "Do you know why you're in my office today?" Me,"..." councilor" listen may i please have a look at your hands?" My breathing quickened and my heart started beating uncontrollably the lights started looking like fire flies dancing around and my hearing completely cut out. All i could hear was wind and i started seeing what was gonna happen when i got home. the awful walk home where I was dreading every step I take where I would see the people i usually walk with staring at me and whispering to each other. They would point at my wrists and speed up to get away from me. Then when i turn into my neighborhood the rollercoaster feeling when your heart drops as you go down. Except it wouldnt be a thrill for me I would see my step dad cleaning his gun on the front steps staring daggers at me with every step i take. Then everything went black when i woke up i saw the counselor sleeping on the chair next to me and 2 cops outside the room. " sir" i managed. no response i tried to move off of the chair and hurt my wrist not realizing they were cuffed. It happened again when i looked to my right it wasnt my counselor it was my dad and mom there staring at me yelling at me and raising a hand to me everything went blurry and i started screaming " GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME" "IT WASNT MY FAULT PLEASE STOP" i felt pressure on my shoulders and was violently thrown back against the char I couldn't hear I couldn't see. I was crying my head was spinning and my heart was ripping out of my chest with each beat. "OP EVERYTHING IS OKAY YOU ARE SAFE". I dont know how but that reached through all the chaos and i immediately saw him again. I was then informed i was in a hospital for an observational stay or something i dont remember because when they talked to me afterwards everything turned to static. you know when you're flipping through channels and theres that one thats not connected to a station? that exact sound. I actually had to put on music to keep my mind from reliving that situation sorry if i couldn't exactly share everything detail to detail. from then i was interrogated again i had 2 cops a social worker and my counselor in the same room i didn't feel safe without him because come to find out he called the cops and drove me to the hospital. i don't know how long i was there but from what i was told she tried to call in a missing persons report and was informed i was instate custody I dont know what else happened. So knowing i was safe i started to open up and finally shared everything with my mom and stayed quiet about my dad's house because i heard stories about living with the state and didnt want any of that and 2/3 days later my dad texted after 2 years of no contact only saying " pack your bags your brother is coming tomorrow to pick you up" so i was allowed to go home and pack with supervision and when i signed the slip to change schools from my culinary class everyone in the class even my teacher hugged me crying i didn't realize how loved i was there and i broke and cried insanely hard i didn't know what that love felt like and it hurt but in a good way i guess but i moved back to my dad's house. i remember my brother shipped out to the military and i was the only kid in the house now. Same restrictions applied but that suicidal feeling never left. Forgot to mention at the age of 15 i was already a cook in a kitchen doing prep. My dad had a new condition. I had to work everyday so i did i worked everyday and with written permission did 40+ hours a week while still doing school eventually i made friends with coworkers and dived into a huge depression spiral. I dropped out of school. Got my ass kicked for that one. couple of years later im now 19 and after spending my 6th birthday in a row alone I told my dad i wanted to kill myself and he put his gun on the counter and told me why didnt i just do it? I almost did but then decided to leave instead.
I moved out 2 weeks later without talking to him. Now im broken starting to heal but i have no motivation. I want to kill myself and recieved messages from both of them admitting to the neglect part of my childhood and saying im strong and now theyre proud of me because out of all my brothers i have my career set and even with no motivation i still am the most successful i didn't get a free car like they did I didn't get health insurance once i turned 17 I actually infact only got this computer a game system and thats all thats lasted me I bought my own car I live alone and am an executive chef because of all the hard work i put in on average i work 70 hours a week and have no days off but i still dont have health insurance and rent and other bad financial decisions is making it so i cant go to therapy or anything does anyone know if I can force them to pay through legal action?
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2023.05.24 16:54 loocheez Attn all chicago mezcal lovers, mezcal tasting event

Attn all chicago mezcal lovers, mezcal tasting event
📢 Attention all chicago & Illinois residents!
Mark your calendars for an exclusive mezcal tasting event happening on June 4th! 🥃 I am thrilled to announce that I will be hosting a talented Mezcalero, Victor Fernandez, all the way from Teacalco Guerrero. 🌵 I had the pleasure of meeting Victor at Maestros de Mezcal, where we instantly connected over our shared passion for this extraordinary spirit.
After an engaging conversation and purchasing a bottle of his exquisite mezcal, I discovered that Victor actually has family in Chicago, just a short 10-minute drive away from me! Impressed by his craftsmanship and eager to share his expertise, I extended an invitation for him to join us for a tasting event, right in the heart of Humboldt Park.
Victor employs the traditional methods of mezcal production, utilizing copper distillation and double distillation processes. His mezcal is fermented in a "tina de madera", ensuring an authentic and exceptional flavor profile. Notably, all of his distillations are impressive alcohol content of 50% or higher.
During the event, Victor will treat us to a selection of 2 or 3 different mezcal expressions, each with its own distinct characteristics. This is an incredible opportunity to expand your palate and deepen your appreciation for this traditional Mexican spirit.
Moreover, if you fall in love with any of Victor's mezcal offerings, he will have bottles available for purchase. This is your chance to take home a piece of Guerrero's mezcal heritage and savor it at your own leisure.
Please join us in my backyard at Humboldt Park on June 4th for an unforgettable evening of mezcal tasting, cultural exchange, and camaraderie.Spread the word, invite your friends and mezcal enthusiasts, and let's celebrate the beauty of this ancestral spirit together!
Pls DM for address & time.
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2023.05.24 07:39 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 217

"I can't believe Erana's actually a secret Princess! Who met and married her strong, handsome warrior husband via a dramatic and climactic duel, and now she considers him her one true love!" Elyria lets out a little squeal, beaming from ear to ear as they walk towards the bridge that leads from the Imperial palace district to the city proper, heartily amused by the truth behind her old friend and colleague's secret identity. "Wings of the Goddess the whole thing is straight out of one of her own books! Ah! And I thought I was getting to live out a romance novel!"
Matroika snorts. "We're all getting to live a romance novel. Still... to think that prissy seeming princess could write stuff that spicy! I mean really those books were a godsend for any girl who liked her men a bit more feminine. You know, tougher. More Apex in general, but hardcore even for an Apex species till humans came around to show everyone how it's done. I mean hell, I wish I'd known, I'd have asked her to sign my old hard copy of one of her early books. It's one of my favorites!"
Elyria nods. "I'm sure you'll be able to ask the Princess later. I mean. She's my friend! A really good friend even. Even if I didn't have even the vaguest clue who she was, or even that she was single. She writes so... breathtakingly about... this and that, I just thought for sure that was happily married, so I never asked!" Elyria stops for a second. "Kind of a bit guilty about not knowing that honestly... I think it's also that I thought of her as a mentor. She's older, more experienced. She really took me under her wing after I published my first novel!"
"Heh. I'm sure there's no hard feelings there. She was trying to keep her identity a secret after all. That said... about writing 'this and that', I feel like that's fairly on point for a romance author to write in such a way that you'd make that assumption." Cassie notes. "You yourself write excellent romance, Elyria dear, and you did so long before you married our husband, so clearly imagination and talent can equal direct experience with one's subject matter. You and the Princess literally made your careers on it."
Tyler rolls his eyes and bites back a sarcastic comment about opsec. It was hard to be too annoyed when Elyria was this happy. Still... he had to say something on the Skipper's new wife's behalf. They were being just a little bit too loud with what was supposed to be a carefully held secret in a public facing part of the palace.
"Keep it down girls, it's supposed to be a secret remember? Now, let's get back on task shall we?"
Tyler pulls his communicator out and stops as they pass through the last checkpoint coming out of the palace.
"So the Princess really didn't have many options for us marriage candidate wise as either identity. We're already married to Erana'Aternae's best friend..."
Elyria lets out another, far more reserved little happy squeal.
"...And Matroika has more or less said flat no... and thank you for holding off on saying that directly to her face dear, to courting any form of royalty... Which is something of a moot point as a lot of the Imperial household that Aquilar'Victae's close to are either married, like her clutchmates, aren't really what we're looking for in someone who considers being a mother and a housewife to be major life goals. Or they are otherwise incompatible with our life style. Namely floating around the deep black looking for trouble with Captain Bridger and the Undaunted... and I don't think anyone wants to really change that lifestyle anytime soon."
Tyler looks around and gets a vigorous nod of agreement from every woman before pulling up a search function on his communicator.
"Alright, guess we're on to a matchmaking service then ladies... let's see, what do we have for options? Hmm... no Bachelor Barn franchises in the city at least, but there's some local alternatives. Nearest one is called The Royal Treatment."
Matroika shakes her head. "Vetoed, sounds like we'd be getting a noble's daughter for sure if we go there and I already said my piece there. I don't mind Apuk, I don't mind Nara near at all now that she's pulled her head out of her ass, and relaxed a little bit, but the last thing we need is some prissed up noble born warrior woman who will treat most of us like servants. The Princess is a nice enough gal, but I've seen enough royal types before that I wouldn't want even a connection to that sort of thing in our family."
Nara sighs. "It's not... we don't. It's really not that common Matroika, honest."
"Yeah yeah, keep your skirt on. Let's just get out of the upper district and have a better chance at finding a woman who can actually leave the planet. Anyone who's liable to travel up to the nicer districts, or lives there, for a matchmaking service probably intends to stay here."
Tyle holds two fingers up for attention. "Besides the point girls, The Royal Treatment's services are by appointment only and they don't do same day appointments, even for men looking for wives. Something about their exclusive screening process and part of how they guarantee anonymity for their clients. Let's see... on the far end of the city from here, down by the star port is... Grab the Horns... from the advertising I think we'll skip that one. I can't tell if it's a dating service or a strip club aimed at men. Then there's Caring Conquests and Warm Hearts, Warmer Fire. Those two seem to be the major Serbow native chains that just about everyone goes to. The sheer volume of reviews alone is pretty damn impressive."
Cassie leans over Tyler's shoulder, kissing her husband's cheek. "What's the décor like?"
"Warm Hearts, Warmer Fire seems like it's going for something of an old hunting lodge vibe. Old school stonework. Nicely done wood. Probably all facades but it's clearly playing up to Apuk historical tastes. Caring Conquests is pretty... homogenous, but for the Apuk? Modern enough to be familiar, but Apuk enough you wouldn't mistake them for a chain from offworld or out of Apuk space either. Looks like they have a fairly large garden attached to their building for some reason."
Tyler glances over to see that Nara's blushing fairly intensely, and she raises a hand slightly for attention.
"I ah... would prefer if we go to Caring Conquests."
"Well sure, gorgeous, any particular reason why?" Tyler asks, wondering if Nara needs a hug or some sort of support.
"Well it. I. Uhm. My mother met my father through a Caring Conquests branch in my home city. It was a very smart match and their algorithms have likely only improved in the last century or two. They're really quite serious about a deeper match than just... the... bits. Fitting. Beyond basic attraction. Their corporate credo's setting up happy marriages, not just marriages. Mom always liked to say that marrying into the Denyalis was one of the best things that ever happened to her besides marrying Dad, and us hatching... she could be a bit sentimental. And embarrassing. So... y'know. That's a good sign. Right?"
"Sounds like we really need to meet your Momma eh Tyler?" Matroika is grinning like a cat who caught the canary. The Rabbis woman clearly doesn't mind teasing Nara just a bit now that the other woman was significantly more stable.
"I would actually like to meet the rest of your immediate family, Nara, since we're on world . It would be good to pay my respects to the in-laws. They raised an exceptional woman, and I want your mother at least to be confident that you're well and in good hands."
Nara nods. "I ah. I shall set a meeting up. For dinner perhaps... I'm sure Jahana has told them much of what’s happened in my life, but my... I am gravid. My mother deserves to be told in person if it's possible, not just hear it second hand from my elder sister."
"Sounds like a plan." Tyler adds a reminder to his calendar to follow up with Nara on that, then uses another app to hail a sky cab. "Come on ladies, Caring Conquests is a ways away so let's skip the walk shall we?"
For a city that was more horizontally spread than vertically, a sky cab had probably been overkill, Tyler reflects, but getting a flying view of the capital had been splendid, and they'd gotten to Caring Conquests in a fraction of the time. The building itself was... oddly familiar. It reminded Tyler of photos he'd seen of Madame Sylindra's original cloning facility. Pastel colors around a strong white theme to inspire both mental pictures of matrimony, the bridal color for Apuk was white like humans it seemed, and to relax anyone coming to procure their services.
A high walled garden surrounds the walk way in, and the smell of fresh, blossoming flowers and other exotic fragrances is similarly calming... and the distant sound of low voices suggests that the gardens too, are part of the experience Caring Conquests does their best to cultivate.
Walking into the main room is no different, an Apuk woman behind the desk with dark purple hair to match her deeply tanned skin stands up and bows to them in the Apuk fashion.
"Good morning dear customers, please come in. I am Bey'Tor, one of the relationship consultants and branch manager of this Caring Conquests location. What can we do for you today? Surely you're well situated for beauty in your life with such lovely wives already sir."
She says with a wink.
The compliment immediately disarmed the women, even Matroika who was now preening just a little bit, and Tyler's opinion of Caring Conquests goes up another notch. That had been very well done.
"I was happy with my first wife, and am only more blessed by the other three. In fact, we've all been greatly blessed with each other's company, friendship, and love. However we're all fairly involved in our work and we've identified the need for someone with a desire to be a housewife in our family with our children on the way."
"Oh aren't you just the sweetest thing!" Bey'Tor gushes.
If she's acting, she's a damn good actress, but Tyler suspects this is just Bey'Tor... which might be why she's so good at this job.
"And everyone's pregnant or gravid? You really weren't kidding about those blessings were you sir? Well do come right this way and we'll get you into our system so you can go enjoy some tea in our gardens while going through your matches. We encourage you to really take your time in this stage, adding someone to your family, especially with children on the way is no small matter after all."
Bey'Tor leads them down a hallway into what looks more like an exam room than anything else.
"If you could step this way with me please sir, ladies. We'll do a quick genetic analysis and have you answer some questions about yourself and what you and your family are looking for in a bachelorette. Our proprietary algorithms are tuned to a 99.9% degree of accuracy and trust me, we've tried every thing anyone's been able to think of to get that extra .1%. We even turned a small group of Gravia loose on it, but there's really no such thing as a perfect surefire match every single time we set something up. There has to be a margin for user error, machine error... and the galaxy just being odd at times."
"If you could please stand here on the scanner pad for me sir."
She gestures to the appropriate spot, which Tyler recognizes as a fairly high end medical scanner, similar to the models used in the Tear's sick bays. There's some processing noises from the machine and then an error flashes up.
"That's odd, it's saying you don't have a genetic profile from any recognized species..."
"Well I am Human, we're fairly new to the galaxy."
Her eyes widened slightly. "Oh you are human! Just a minute. We actually just received the appropriate software for humans; it just hasn't been loaded in this room yet. I convinced corporate it was worth paying any price to make sure we had that one in stock with some humans now living on the planet, and then that ship of theirs coming to make a port call. Are you from the ship? Or are you one of the human sorcerers?"
Bey'tor asks, peering over her screen.
"From the ship, I'm not much of a hand for all but the most basic axiom use." Tyler scratches his chin. "Tell you what Miss, I'm pretty impressed with what I'm seeing here so far. If you can get it approved by your bosses to run a discount for all Undaunted service personnel during the duration of the Crimson Tear's stay, I'll get an ad sent out across the ship's comm network. In return can we get that discount?"
Bey'Tor nearly jumps out of her chair. "Discount nothing! I'll take care of you for free! I won't even make your new bride pay the second half of her fees. Completely on the house! Do you really think many humans would come though?"
Tyler shrugs. "I don't see why not. You have to understand, miss, the Apuk are in a very, very good position with humans in terms of getting boyfriends or husbands. Just human enough to really appeal to any human, much like the Seramali or the Rabbis, but exotic and different enough to really stand out. Throw in a strong martial culture which really appeals to the types of humans we have aboard our ship and it all adds up to Apuk being consistently voted as one of the top possible brides for a human man. So the Marines and sailors will be coming, lots of them will prefer to court the old fashioned way, meeting someone and winning her over with charm and personality, but I think a lot of the wives will prefer the comfort of a matchmaking service, and I know I'd prefer my men are coming to someone who will treat them right... instead of less... savory options."
Bey'Tor's eyes briefly blaze with what looked like raw blue warfire.
"Ah you probably saw the ads for those... ooh I lack words in polite company for them, at Grab the Horns. It's rather indelicate, or perhaps rude of me to say, but they absolutely infuriate me. It seems like I have to deal with the fall out of one of their disastrous matches at least a few times a day. Please, I'll make things happen with corporate. I'd much rather save your men the pain, turmoil and frustration that those wenches seem to delight in. Even Bachelor Barn, which no longer operates in Apuk space, at least conducts interviews and develops profiles for their bachelorettes if not their bachelors!"
Cascade looks over primly from where she's seated herself. "You're quite passionate about this industry aren't you?"
"Extremely so. I'm very happy, and very blessed. I want to help other people be as happy as I am. There's a lot of miserable young women out in the world, but they don't have to be. There's someone out there for everyone! Someone who can truly make them happy. Which is why our full range of services for bachelorettes is so comprehensive. Charm school, diet and exercise consultation and all sorts of other things. We charge just a bit more than some of our competitors, but if a girl needs a little extra polish we won't stop till she's the best her she can be!"
"That's extremely admirable. I'll put the message through to Director Sylindra, our Captain's first wife and the director of operations for our ship, I'm sure she'll be happy to start working to direct our Marines, sailors, civilians and their families to your establishment."
A slight chime interrupts any response Bey'Tor might have had to that and she looks down at her screens, flicking through a few read outs.
"Hmm. Yes. I see. I have your genetic profile built! If you could come with me sir, ladies, you'll all need to fill out our questionnaires and we'll send you out to the gardens for tea and snacks. Most of our Bachelorettes can make it within an hour of being requested at the latest, so provided you don't have anything pressing to do, you may well be able to walk down to our legal office to do all the paperwork today!"
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2023.05.24 05:01 WideAd8358 24 May 2023 (Kurt Tay) - Q&A (Part 2)

You don't be a dumb person. Sooner or later, your kukujiao will spoilt if you keep slapping your kukujiao. Its like smoking, if you keep doing soon will honggan.
Wai Leong is saying that slapping a kukujiao is very harmful. The nerves inside the kukujiao if its done very very often. I felt that what Google says might not true. Personally, I tried it myself many times. I ask my wife to slap my kukujiao. The BDSM mistress also got slap my kukujiao very hard many times Its a little big pain only but I feel more shiok than pain. I believe that kukujiao is actually ok unless using cane. I believe that using cane, yes. The kukujiao will spoil. Because slapping actually quite ok. If you use leg to kick the kukujiao. If you use cane, confirm the kukujiao will honggan. Will spoil already, maybe cannot stand anymore. Maybe cannot have erections anymore. Maybe cannot make babies anyone. Because if you cane the buttocks, the buttocks will kenna swollen. Can you imagine With the penis,the kukujiao is so sensitive. If kenna canning, the kukujiao will spoil one.
You eat cum (sperm) right? Nice or not.
Answer is Yes. I got eat my sperm. I felt its very nice. Yummy. Feed me more. You must experience yourself. No point I tell you nice or not. You never try. You never know if its nice or not. So you must try yourself first. Eat your own cum/sperm then you know if nice or not.
How you know your previous mistress are female. Maybe they are boobsman.
I answer this before. All the 3 BDSM mistress, I got see their virginal before. Why I see before because I act as a human toilet. So I lie down. All 3 BDSM mistresses, they got take out their underwear. If they dont take out their underwear, how are they going to urine on my mouth. How am I going to drink their urine ? That means I got see all the 3 BDSM mistresses virginal before. 100% super guarantee they are real women. They are not half men half women. They are not boobsman. They are real women.
How is Mistress Luna virginal like ?
Virginal basically all look the same. How am I going to answer this question. All the women virginal almost look the same what. How you want me to answer this question? They almost look the same.
Which Mistress's urine do you like the most ? Actually all the urine tastes almost all the same.
Out of 3 BDSM mistresses, everyone should know that the one which I like the most is Mistress Luna. If I want to choose, Mistress Luna's urine is the best. 实在是太好喝了
Men and female urine tastes the same ?
I have never taste other guy's urine before because I am not gay. I have taste my own urine before. Is it the same or not ? Its about the same.
Do you prefer to drink your own urine or Mistress Luna's urine ?
If you want me to choose, Mistress Luna's urine is more nice because I prefer to drink her urine.
Whats your current view of Wen Long ?
This guy is a lunatic. A real crazy person. When he say is a mental person. I believe its true. Everything who got watch my old Q&A will know the reason why. Because this guy last time we can chit chat happy on the phone, go out to meet in Chinatown. He bo dai bo ji kick me. Kick me very hard. Bo dai bo ji attack me for no reason. When he say he mental problem, I really believe he got mental problem. He got mental problem, violence issue, easily triggered, easily get violent. He like to talk nonsense. Things that never happen before but he say until like real like that. I can say that he is a dangerous person because he might suddenly be nice to you. Bo dai bo ji he will go and attack you for no reason. Dangerous person. Violent person. Lunatic. Real lunatic.
The slave who hire you need to sign a contract or something ? Just in case cane dick and dick cannot use anymore and sue you for damages.
From what I know, all the 3 BDSM mistresses that I engage before, they don't ask me to sign anything. There is no form for you to sign. Imagine you need to sign the form, I am not liable for it. People see already also scared. Usually the BDSM mistress wont ask you to sign anything. I dont think there is a need to sign any agreement. I think there should be some screenshot proof. For example the slave say he want spanking. He want caning. I think usually the slave won't sue. Slave who go for BDSM session. Usually they like it. As long as there is screenshot proof that the slave ask for it, it should be ok.
I heard that your condo job no more already. Why dont you find SSS full time job ? Have you found any clients for your BDSM business?
At the point of recording, my website has not yet finish and I still haven't advertise yet. What makes me think this time round will be successful ? First time I advertise, it looks unprofessional. Why ? I go and think how come I advertise on Locanto, I got no customers and Mistress Luna have so many customers. Finally I found out the real answer. She got her nice looking website and I don't have. When people see you got website, they will be more interested to book BDSM session with you. It will look more professional. People will think .wah. This male master is a professional in BDSM. They will got more trust and confidence to book a session. That is why I believe that on 24th May, I should get a few customers. I actually very confident in myself. Many many years ago, I got try advertise. That time got 1-2 gays contact me. They are gay slaves. That time I posted for fun. I haven't buy BDSM equipment yet. This time round I am serious because I buy the BDSM equipment. My confidence level has reached above the sky level. This time round I will be very successful. If Mistress Luna can be successful means I can be successful. Because Mistress Luna only got 1 year of experience. She started 1 year ago, creating a website, advertise. If she can do it means I can do it. Mistress Luna is my inspiration. She is my idol Ever since I was a little kid, when I was 4 years old, I tell myself "when i grow up, I want to become like Mistress Luna, become a BDSM Dominatrix" because the job is very good. You can punish and humilate slaves for your entertainment. Then you can earn a lot of money at the same time. Why I not find SSS full time job ? The SSS job maximum they can give is S$3500 gross. After deduction of CPF, its only S$2800. Its not enough. Take home pay S$2800, is a lot different from last time my vessel job which I earn S$3900 per month, which I am short of S$1100. S$2800 is not enough to cover my expenses because I need to feed 5 people, including me. I want to try out BDSM business first. If really fail then I will got no choice do the SSS full time. I believe that it wont fail this time. If I go work a SSS full time 6 days job, it will be more difficult to have more BDSM business. For example, slave A tells me next tuesday he is free. Slave B tells me that he or she is free next wednesday. So if I work SSS job, I cannot suka suka I don't come then i dont come because it is full time. Then I need to stick to my off day schedule. So if I freelance relief officer, if Tuesday got BDSM business, then I just do my BDSM business. If no BDSM business then I find adhoc security job. Some people they worry as that will affect my HDB BTO. BDBYZD. When I work security job, the pay is not enough. When I work the BDSM master, 1 slave pay me $300. 10 slaves, I will earn $3000. So its possible for me to earn $5k-$10k per month. So if 1 month I earn $10k, 10 months I will earn 100k. You go and think ? Which is better ? Security job or BDSM business. BDSM business can make me super super rich.
Do you prefer Male or Female slaves ?
I am not gay. Of course I will prefer female slaves. However, I don't mind to punish and humilate male slaves. Got money. How come don't want ? There are BDSM mistresses that punish both male and female slaves. I got see before on Twitter. They are female mistresses but they got female slaves also. Of course I will feel more high and shiok if I got female slaves. Imagine if got beautiful chiobu pay me $300 for BDSM session and she likes to be punished and humilated by male master. Then she strip nude, take out her clothes, bra and underwear. Ahhh. She as a slave and I as a male master, I can touch her body anyhow I like and then she cannot touch me. Then I can touch her neh neh, her breasts. Then I touch ahh. I can even pinch her nipples. Then I ask female slave to kneel down. I put the dog collar on her neck. I ask her to bark like a dog. So its very very shiok. When i see female slave strip naked, my kukujiao will stand, will erection because I like female. I am not gay. Female slaves might be lesser. Male slaves will be more. Female slaves I like more. Imagine I cane her, cane and cane and cane until her buttocks red color. Got cane marks Then I ask her to call like a dog and call me Master Kurt Tay. Wow this is a fantastic dream job. Can punish female slaves and earn money at the same time. Male slaves also ok. As long as can earn money, I will be very happy.
Why do you need to use luggage ? Trolley bag is not big enough meh.
BDBYZD. Luggage is definitely bigger space. Trolley bag might look big but the space inside is not big compared to luggage. I try before. Normally I go to work, the space of the trolley bag is not enough to put BDSM equipment but a luggage will solve the problem. Definitely I will need to use the luggage so that I got enough space.
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