Colorado Estate sale!

2023.05.20 07:51 RemarkableCookie2272 Colorado Estate sale! Online auction you must see!
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2023.05.08 19:09 pillowtissue Questions about identifying and selling dolls

My mom and I inherited my grandmothers dolls, she collected her own and she inherited many dolls from other people, that have never been sorted through. I am having health issues so my job this summer is to sort through the dolls that we are not keeping and sell them. I was wondering if this subreddit is a good place to ask about the dolls I am having trouble identifying?
Any advice would be appreciated, I have been reading about selling dolls on, and
Also if anyone has any knowledge on where I can sell these online other than Ebay that would be very helpful. I am just starting this project and I am doing some research first.
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2023.04.19 09:17 CALIGVLA Alternatives to Netflix DVD

If Netflix DVD really closes on September 29th, 2023, if petitions are ineffective and if no one is able to offer an equivalent service, what other options are there? Even if it's not as good as Netflix DVD, do you know about any existing services (streaming or otherwise) that can help meet the movie-watching needs of former Netflix DVD users? If you do, write them in the comments below! I'll try to add suggested alternatives to this list when I get a chance.
Here is the list, last updated on 5/27/2023. Thanks to everyone here who contributed these ideas!

Disc Rental Options

Cafe DVD:
Online DVD rental service with a monthly subscription or pay per rental. Over 60,000 titles from classics to recent releases. They have DVD and Blu-ray. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month for two DVDs a month.
Rents video games mostly, but also movies. Similar model to Netflix DVD. You have a queue, and discs arrive in the mail according to how many you can have out at a time on your monthly plan. 2,312 movie titles. Movies-only plans start at $8.95 per month.
Find a local Redbox kiosk where you can rent discs, one at a time, when you want them. Small collection, and seems to focus mostly on new releases. They have a limited streaming service too. Currently, Redbox is offering a discount code for this subreddit.
3D Bluray Rental:
Movies on Blu-ray (3D and 4K), but no DVD. They have 19,142 titles by my count, and will sometimes take requests to add new titles. They also have a small collection of PS4 & Xbox One games. Pay per disc rental, or get a subscription plan and choose how many discs you want out at a time. Plans start at $8.99/month.
Scarecrow Video:
Old-school video rental place (non-profit) in Seattle. They have a rental-by-mail program. Their service might not be very streamlined, but they have over 145,000 titles (more than Netflix at its peak!) So if you can't find a more obscure title on a different service, maybe you can rent it here.
Your local library:
The library lends movies on DVD. If they don't have what you want, ask if they can get it via Interlibrary Loan from another library.
Non-local libraries:
Some libraries will let you borrow from them even if you're not a local resident. This might give you access to a library that has a better selection than your local library. Usually there is a fee to get a non-resident library card, but generally it costs less than the big streaming services.

Streaming Options

The Criterion Channel:
Streaming service for Criterion movies. Foreign, classic, and arthouse films. 2,218 titles, $11/month.
Stream thousands of films for free with your public library card or university login.
Another free streaming service that might be available through your public library.
Streaming service with hand-picked content geared toward cinephiles and fans of foreign and arthouse films. Includes original content. Tends to feature auteur filmmakers. The kind of fare you might expect to see at a film festival.
Streaming platform where you rent or purchase per title; no subscription. Includes a number of free (ad-supported) titles. Claims to have over 200,000 titles, including 4K UHD. The user interface is nicely streamlined.
Streaming service for horror, thriller, and supernatural movies. Plans starting at $4.75/month.
Tubi TV:
A free (ad-supported) streaming service. Seems to have a smattering of popular titles as well as a larger number of less popular titles. Seems to focus more on movies.
Pluto TV:
A free (ad-supported) television streaming service. I heard it was a good place to find older, classic TV shows.
Another free (add-supported) streaming service.
Sometimes obscure films can be found on YouTube.
Anime streaming options:
This link to the anime reddit has a list of legal sources for streaming anime.
All the major paid streaming services:
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, etc.
Per-movie rental on streaming:
You can digitally rent movies (usually about $4 per title on average but could be more, especially for newer movies) on services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV (iTunes), etc.

Disc Purchase Options

Great for used movies in particular, but you can find new ones as well.
Has a good selection of new and used discs.
Your local second-hand market:
Buy used discs at thrift stores, pawn shops, garage/estate sales, flea markets, used video game stores, etc. Buy or sell them using local trading services like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Here is a link specifically for finding estate sales:
Diabolik DVD:
Online disc store. Shop has over 10k titles. Seems like a good place to locate hard-to-find movies.
Orbit DVD:
Online disc store. Another great source for more obscure titles.
Movies Unlimited:
Online disc store. They have a nice feature that lets you sort by decade, which is helpful in finding classic movies.
An independent music store that also sells new movies.
Another independent music store that sells new movies.
Streetlight Records:
Two California stores, one in San Jose and one in Santa Cruz. You can buy new movies on disc, and I heard they have a good selection of rarer films. You can't browse movies on the website, but you can enter the name of the movie in the search bar at the top of the page, and search for it that way. Or email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to contact the San Jose store only. Searching the website lets you search only the San Jose location's inventory. If you want to check the Santa Cruz store's inventory, you must contact that store directly.
Pay a monthly subscription to get a box of new, pre-selected horror movies delivered each month, which you keep. Plans are under $30/month.
Although you can probably get anime titles at any of the disc shops we have identified here, this one specializes in anime shows & movies. They have over 2,000 Blu-ray titles and over 900 DVD titles.
Half Price Books:
A source for used discs, including anime.
Best Buy:
A place to buy new movies.
Another place to buy new movies.
Arrow Video:
A smaller collection focused on cult, classic, and horror movies.
Shout Factory:
Another collection focused on cult classics and other niche interests.
Discount bins:
Stores like Walmart and Dollar Tree will sometimes have movie discount bins where you can pick up titles on disc for a very low price. For titles that you don't want to keep when you are done with them, you might consider donating them to a thrift store, or trading them with the SwapaDVD option, mentioned elsewhere in this list.

Other Options & Resources

A group of people who trade DVDs and Blu-rays with each other.
Non-commercial service to help make movie recommendations for you. Could be a good replacement for Netflix DVD's 5-star movie rating and prediction feature.
Free service to help you keep track of films you've watched, rate films, locate movies, and more.
A "streaming guide" to help you find where certain movies are streaming, create a single watchlist that covers multiple streaming services, and more.
Another streaming guide to help you locate where certain movies are streaming.
Another streaming guide to help you locate where movies are streaming, create watchlists, and more. Free to use, with some premium features available as a paid member.
IMDB Watchlist:
If you sign in to your account on the Internet Movie Database, they have a basic watchlist where you can keep track of movies and shows you want to watch.
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2023.03.09 16:33 milyfaz saw this on a local auction site

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2023.02.03 16:43 deadmallsanita Online auction of items from Military Circle Mall (Norfolk, VA)

Military Circle Mall closed Tuesday. You have to pick up items in person. Nothing that interesting yet, unless you have your own business and are looking for furniture, etc.
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2023.02.03 05:10 minebookme How To Find Estate Sales?

How To Find Estate Sales?
Estate sales are often quite large sales or events that families arrange to get a substantial portion of their belongings after a bereavement or before a transfer and that’s why people need to understand how to find estate sales. Household goods may be purchased at a bargain during these sales. To take part, though, you first need to locate an estate sale. Fortunately, there are several methods to search for estate sales, both online and offline.
In this article, we will discuss some of the questions and answers regarding how to find estate sales and other facts like the definition of an estate sale, local estate sales, and estate sales baton rouge.

What’s An Estate Sale And How To Find Estate Sales Near You

Definition Of An Estate Sale

A family’s or estate’s possessions can be sold during an estate sale, often known as a tag sale in some regions of the nation. These often go well beyond garage and yard sales. They are utilized by people who need to sell possessions because of downsizing, relocation, separation, bankruptcy, or bereavement. The general public is welcomed into the house and has the chance to buy any items that are priced for sale. Sometimes there are things in the house that aren’t up for sale either the family has elected to retain them or the new owners have included them in the deal to purchase the property. Everything is sold at estate auctions rather than having a price placed on it.
Let’s look at some info about how to find estate sales including estate sales baton rouge.

Ways To Find Real Estate Sales

Below are the ways to find real estate sales including estate sales baton rouge.

Community Bulletin Boards

Community notice boards are still an effective method to promote an estate sale company or event. When you go to the grocery store, library, laundry, or any other well-known local estate sales, seek a bulletin board in a prominent place run.

Local Newspaper Classified Ads

Numerous neighborhood newspapers continue to reduce their print version while expanding more cost-effective online offerings. Weekly or daily newspapers continue to play a significant role in small towns’ social fabric. The majority of these regional newspapers also have an online presence as well that promotes local estate sales.

Street Signs For Estate Sales

It’s like going on a treasure quest to look for estate sale signboards. Explore your area in the early hours of Friday and seek vibrant banners or posters that advertise sales of any estate sale company. It’s similar to putting “estate sales near me now” into Google, except that your automobile is Google in this case. Just adhere to the guidelines and arrows on the sign once you discover it. Soon you’ll come upon a house filled with interesting items and furniture. Another way to put it is that a good estate sale is considerably more fascinating than a yard sale or a garage sale.

Connections For Estate Sale Liquidators

Make friends with a few nearby estate liquidators to obtain the inside scoop on estate sales. Find out what kinds of things they like to handle and add your email address to their list. Share your own Wish List if you have a specific set of products in mind. You’ll not only receive updates on impending sales from the estate liquidators, but you’ll also gain useful negotiation experience. The National Estate Sales Association also provides consumers with estate sale advice.

Findings From Search

Popular search engines are an excellent place to start for finding estate sales, but you’ll need to go beyond the box. Try the following five search terms:

  • [Name of City] Estate Sales
  • Whole House Sale
  • Estate Sales Near Me This Weekend
  • Everything Must Go Sale
  • Estate Sales in [Name of City]

Resources For Online Estate Sales and are two nationwide online estate sales databases that provide details about future sales. Both enjoy a wide audience over the majority of the U.s. By choosing a city/town or zip code, you may narrow down your search. Enroll in email alerts while you’re on the website. You will then be notified each weekend about online estate sales taking place nearby.

The Marketing Initiatives Of The Estate Sale Company

Estate liquidators must go on with both sides of the business in order to keep the firm expanding. To begin with, they require a constant flow of consumers to pay for the always-shifting flood of furniture and valuables. Businesses frequently send email notices of sales, post advertisements on social media, and deliver direct mail. Keep an eye out for advertising from estate sale firms.

FAQs Related To Estate Sales

How Does An Estate Sale Work?

Estate sales can be conducted in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in something, you often pick it up and take it with you until you’re ready to check out because items are labeled with their selling prices. You can have an item marked sold if it is too big to transport. Some businesses may take bids if you don’t want to pay the listed amount. The risk is that before the sale ends when bids are typically opened, someone else could be prepared to pay the listed amount.
The majority of businesses follow the First Come, First Served rule for queuing up and entering the sale. At this point, a queue starts to develop outside the house where the sale is going to take place. Long lines might form before the sale even begins. Most individuals are aware of how to operate this system. There will always be individuals who believe they are deserving of the front row, but this is untrue. Now you know the definition of an estate sale.

How Much Does The Average Estate Sale Make And Are Estate Sales Worth It?

The estate-selling business is commission-based. When things are sold, money is made. Regardless of the contents of the transaction, some businesses charge a fixed fee (although they reserve the right to reject a purchase they deem “too little”). Some contracts specify a sliding scale, and the commission is based on gross earnings. The commission will most likely be decided by the business once they have had an opportunity to assess the estate. To ensure that the sale will pay their costs regardless of the turnout, the contract could include a minimum.
The typical sale generates more than $18,000, based on a previous industry survey, however, total income varies from sale to sale and area to region. Just remember that this is an average. While some sales might generate more money than others, many of them might not even come close. There are several factors that influence sale income.
Estate sales are only worthwhile when you fully understand how they operate. You don’t have to take the stuff out of the house, which is one of the key advantages of an estate sale. Professional estate sellers take care of the sale procedure and bargain with potential purchasers on your behalf. However, there are no standards in the estate sale business. Therefore, many complications might arise. It’s now up to you how you handle things.

What Sells Best At Estate Sales?

At estate sales, antique furniture sells best. Antique furniture and collectibles move quickly on the first day of an estate sale.

Bottom Line

A well-liked weekend shopping destination is estate sales. Furniture from the mid-20th century, fine art, antiques, and glassware are popular purchases. On sale days, sellers and customers will be in a feeding frenzy as they look for excellent deals on furniture and collectibles. Therefore, understanding how to find estate sales is crucial. I hope now you have a clear understanding of how to find estate sales.
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2023.01.25 04:01 Future-Tap2275 Estate sale
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2023.01.25 04:00 Future-Tap2275 This estate sale
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2023.01.14 01:35 Ashkir Estate Sale: Thousands of Books at Sam's Books & Gifts

Hi all! My friend's grandma passed away. Her grandma owned Sam's Books & Gifts that was also known as Sam's Secondhand Furniture. When her grandma got sick they closed their store a few years ago. Sadly, their grandma passed.
The family is now selling all items they once had in the store. They are selling paperback books for $1, large paperbacks (size) for $2, hardcover books are labeled with their prices. There's a ton of glass items, knicknacks and more.
This family had collected books and other various gift items in Bakersfield for over sixty years. All genres. There's so much there. There are over 10,000 books, and thousands of other items! Come and browse and buy what you want!
Sam and Delcie have run this store in Bakersfield for 60 years. They have been a long-standing Bakersfield store, one of the oldest. Unfortunately, Delcie passed away and her family is handling her final affairs now. This estate sale is a part of it.
I personally bought a ton of books from them!
Sale is Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Location: 2491 Edison Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93307 (on Google Maps it is Sam's Secondhand Furniture).
Cash preferred.
You can see pictures at the EstateSale listing.
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2023.01.12 03:31 cbjohnson73 Does anyone recognize this kind of typewriter?

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2022.08.19 13:28 Cheesecurdpie woodworkers estate sale.

I will start by saying I have no financial benefit in this, I'm not even going. Feel free to bump this in other groups. But if any of you are close to Plymouth MA, go to, and search for an estate sale with lots of old woodworkers tools. Have fun. BTW, this was bumped into my Facebook feed
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2022.03.02 07:00 BevoBot [3/2/2022] Wednesday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

Today: 3/2/2022
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  3. In The Dark Knight (2008), the books in Harvey Dent's office are neat and organized on the left side, but are messy and disorganized on the right side, foreshadowing Harvey's eventual transformation into Two-Face.
  4. Workers behind the first union push at an Amazon retail store just sent management a list of demands, including a starting wage of $25 an hour
  5. A competing company is offering us 20 percent more to work for them. Management's response:
  1. Introducing CFBordle!
  2. Here is the ass tat
  3. Chicken Restaurant Chains if they were SEC Teams
  4. Sun Belt Releases 2022 Football Schedule, Including Four New Members
  5. Utah State HC Blake Anderson’s son passed away today
  6. If you’re in Atlanta this week, former Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson is having an estate sale.
  1. [3/1/2022] Tuesday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread
  2. [Post Game Thread] ⚾ #1 Texas defeats Sam Houston State, 10-2
  3. [Game Thread] ⚾ #1 Texas at Sam Houston State - 6:30 pm
  4. Goodbye Frank Erwin Center
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  6. Kai starting to cook in the NBA!
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2020.10.12 07:02 sotomoto Heads up to anyone living in MA.

I follow an estate sale company and they have one coming up (address not known yet) that some might find quite interesting.
Hope someone in MA finds this helpful.
Just FYI, plan to be at the sale at around 1am to put your name on the list. That will ensure you get in early, if there is something you really want. The auctions start at 8 or 9.
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2020.09.12 23:03 IVStarter Watch out for estate sales... TIFU

So in effort to find deals at or below spot, I've been having to look at places I haven't gone to before. I used to search for coins and found a killer deal, or so I thought! Found a bunch of ASEs going for about $25, due to low bidding. They didn't even know what they were because they were listed as Walking Liberty Silver Rounds. Perfect! I thought I was going to make a killing on this.
Auctions ends and I'm hit with a bill $70 higher than I was expecting. Looking at the invoice, they have a "buyers premium" of 21% which, that sucks, I should have noticed that. That's on me. (Most places are like, 5%.)
But what gets me, and what I'm warning you about is this: they added $20 for shipping. Not just $20 though, technically $40. In the fine print I did read first, I saw they have free shipping for shipping costs under $20. Well fuck yeah, pretty much any flat rate box is under that so I'm good to go. Nope. Apparently these clowns are sending it to China and back first because if they're charging me $20 for shipping thay means the total shipping cost is $40 if they're being honest.
This is specifically Blue Leaf Auctions on
The real deal is you have to have a card on file before you're allowed to bid, all sales are final. They charged my card without a final invoice for the shipping and are thus far ignoring me.
Lesson learned. If it's too good to be true, even if it's supposed to be a legit business, it is indeed too good to be true. I got fucked here so I wanted to share my pain for your benefit.
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2020.02.07 10:26 Flippyarmy Help me Find an Old nativity Scene?

Pictures posted below Basiclly my grandmother had this nativity scene since I could remember, but hers wasnt colored, it was a matte porcelain. If anyone can help me find what brand it is or anything? This is first time I've ever seen the box (since she lost hers years ago I assume) but reverse Google image searching pulls up nothing for me
These figures are a decent size, I wanna say they were 10 to 12 inches each possibly? Matte white porcelain with some minor gold touches in some places, like the wise mens hats and the trinkets in the donkeys box
Also this picture is the only picture I've found of the nativity scene, it's from an estate sale in Utah, I've emailed them about it but got no response if they have any other photosEstate Sale Link
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2020.01.21 15:37 aLucidCoder I made an Android app designed to easily advertise and locate garage sales!

Hello everybody!
If you are interested in buying or selling stuff in garage sales, I suggest you check out this Android app! (Link at the bottom.)
This app not only maps out the garage sales that are scheduled nearby your area, but also simplifies the process of posting your own garage sales.
Therefore, both finding and advertising your garage sales can be done in a jiffy!

This app is literally named “Simple Garage Sale Map” because I designed it to be straightforward and uncomplicated, but that doesn’t mean the app has no features at all.
I decided to include one optional feature that I personally found quite useful: this app notifies you when you get near a scheduled garage sale.
This can be handy when you unknowingly walked past or drove by a house that is scheduled to hold a garage sale soon.
Even if the app and the phone are both turned off, you will receive a notification when you get near the house so that you can remind yourself to check out that garage sale if you want.

I think it is worth mentioning that this app is entirely free and has no ads whatsoever. This app also aggregates sales from with permission.
Please feel free to tell me what you think of the app by either replying to this post or emailing me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
I will be constantly improving the app, and I hope that there would be some of you who would get something out of it!

Link to the app:
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2020.01.20 16:38 aLucidCoder [DEV] I made a Simple Garage Sale Map for both buyers and sellers!

Hey there, if you are interested in buying or selling stuff in garage sales, I suggest you check out this app! (Link at the bottom.)
This app not only maps out the garage sales that are scheduled nearby your area, but also simplifies the process of posting your own garage sales.
Therefore, both finding and advertising your garage sales can be done in a jiffy!

This app is literally named “Simple Garage Sale Map” because I designed it to be straightforward and uncomplicated, but that doesn’t mean the app has no features at all.
I decided to include one optional feature that I personally found quite useful: this app notifies you when you get near a scheduled garage sale.
This can be handy when you unknowingly walked past or drove by a house that is scheduled to hold a garage sale soon.
Even if the app and the phone are both turned off, you will receive a notification when you get near the house so that you can remind yourself to check out that garage sale if you want.

I think it is worth mentioning that this app is entirely free and has no ads whatsoever. This app also aggregates sales from with permission.
Please feel free to tell me what you think of the app by either replying to this post or emailing me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
I will be constantly improving the app, and I hope that there would be some of you who would get something out of it!

Link to the app:
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2019.08.06 04:10 frozen_coyote A Guide to Buying Used Tools

About a year ago I decided I wanted to get into woodworking. After watching a bunch of videos I realized tools were going to be a hefty investment. But I don’t have a ton of money. What I’m going to detail here is how I bought my tools (many of which a beginning wood/metal worker don’t need (but those deals)). This is not going to be a guide on buying affordable tools at a box store. If you live by the idea of ‘buy once cry once’ run in the other direction. This is about buying cheap tools and building a working shop with them. I know there’s about a hundred red flags here but let’s take a walk into the cost section and hopefully I clear some of that up.
Cost (not just your wallet)
Money isn’t the only cost when you’re acquiring tools this way and I want to break down three of the other costs you’re going to be facing. These are not the only ones, but these were the most apparent when I was putting my shop together.
Time and Patience
I’m cheating by putting two here but these are the biggest ones and they go hand in hand. Buying used means you’re going to be spending a good amount of time hunting down deals, driving distances to pick something up, spending time refurbishing tools. And what you buy may ultimately just not work out. That’s a risk you’ll be taking. You’re not going to be filling your new shop in a few days. This is a months long process. It took me about 7 months to get all of the major tools I was hunting for.
Even if you buy a tool in like new condition, you should never just bring it home and use it. You need to inspect your purchases. Before I started, I didn’t know a lot about the inner workings of tablesaws and band saws, but I spent an inordinate amount of time (time is a recurring theme here) learning. Knowledge also leads to better deals. When you decide to go out and look at a tool, you need to be able to assess its value and decide if the price is fair. If you see something wrong then you can negotiate the price. One of the best ways to find a good price is people selling things that have no clue what they’re worth. That’s where almost all of my best purchases came from.
Now allow me to go on a brief but important rant here: If you’re new to this you should seriously spend just a few hours learning about electric motors. Almost all the big tools run off them and it’s extremely eye-opening to see how much value you can add or subtract with a motor swap. Buying used motors is a topic unto itself but just two examples, a few days back some guy sold me two 1/2hp motors for $15. At an auction about a month ago I picked up a 10hp 3 phase electric motor for $50. All this to say, you need to get educated on how these things work. Now that I know my machines, when something goes wrong I can diagnose and fix it. This is time well spent.
This is probably going to be what most people discuss to dissuade people from buying used. An old faulty tool can be dangerous. I think the easiest example is a tablesaw (Word really wants tablesaw to be two words but I refuse). If you’re buying an old saw chances are, it’s not going to have a riving knife or splitter. As a buyer of used tools it’s probably no surprise that I have one of those old Craftsman 113s. It didn’t have a riving knife, the insert was chewed up, and I think if I looked at it the wrong way it would’ve cut my hand off. But if you equip yourself with knowledge then you can prevent this. I made a zero clearance insert and bought those microjig splitters and now the saw is much safer. That’s just one example but whenever you buy something with parts that will eventually need to be replaced be sure to either replace them outright (blades are a good example) or due your homework before plugging it in. You cannot buy older tools without being smart or you’ll end up hurting yourself.
General Advice
Before going out and looking for used tools, you need a plan. Figure out exactly what tools you’re looking for, how much you’re willing to pay, and how much time and effort you’re willing to go to restore something. If you walk into a place and don’t know those things, you’ll end up buying something you’ll regret. I know this sounds like common sense, but be vigilant about these details.
The Guide
Below I’m going to list and describe the main places where you can buy used equipment/tools and the value of each. Note that this is my experience. I encourage others to share things I might have missed or offer differing opinions to the ones I present. Most of this will not be surprising but I’m hoping the strategies I employed can be helpful.
Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist In my experience, Craigslist isn’t what it used to be. I find Facebook Marketplace to be better at finding good used equipment. The biggest problem with FB is that navigating the marketplace is horrendous. You can’t set up alerts, FB attempts to learn what you’re interested in and creates categories for you. While that has helped secure some great deals, I can only imagine what I’m not being shown. It’s a bit of a nightmare. As someone that buys used electric motors, my feed is half tools and half jacuzzi pumps.
For FB you need to check often for what you want. Use the app on your phone. You can filter your results to show ‘most recent’. It doesn’t do that automatically so you’ll want to remember to filter. If something pops up that you know is a steal, message immediately be willing to pay cash and be willing to meet asap. Take every measure you can to assure the seller. If you can pay cash and meet that day you’ll be ahead of other people.
I need to add this vital point: Don’t be stupid. Don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. I try not to go in a person’s house if I can avoid it. Offer to meet at a public place like a gas station. I’ve heard people say they use the police station. That’s a bit overkill for me but I’ll regret that when someone locks me in their dungeon one day. I try to make it as easy as possible for the seller. Most people don’t want you in their house anyway. If you feel like the situation is sketchy either back off or bring a friend/family member. Buying bigger tools usually means going into a person’s house. When that’s unavoidable always bring someone. You’ll need them anyway because old tools are heavy as shit.
All of this applies to craigslist as well, but the big upside is that craigslist lets you set up saved search notifications. Here is the link on how to do that. Saved searches is my main way to keep an eye on Craigslist. Don’t set one for air compressors because apparently everything is an air compressor.
Whenever dealing with someone, be proactive and you might get a better deal. I got a router and circular saw from a woman whose neighbor died for $15 dollars. I only wanted the router but I asked if she had anything else and got the circular saw for $5. When you find a good deal on Facebook, check the person’s profile for other things they’re selling. When you meet them ask if they have anything else they’re selling.
Garage Sales/Estate Sales
This is probably the most straightforward method. There isn’t a lot of strategy here. If you like to haggle, haggle away. (sidenote: I literally just got an email alert from Craigslist for an air compressor and it turned out to be a jumper box with an air compressor slot. What even is that?). For estate sales especially, keep an eye on both Craigslist and Facebook for when upcoming sales are. There’re a few online aggregates of estate sales. I’ll list some of the ones I use below. Pay attention to companies in your area that host Estate Sales. Check their websites for upcoming sales.
(Lots of really original URLs here)
This is by far my favorite method of buying used equipment. You get into some really weird shit with these auctions and it’s usually great. Estate auctions are probably the most common auction I run into. Basically, an auction house goes into someone’s home and auctions everything off. These are done both in person and online. Online auctions are plentiful where I live so I always have an eye on something. Auctions are also a great way to buy the smaller stuff. About a month ago I won an auction of 30+ C clamps for $22. I won 6 sets of pipe clamps with pipes at the same auction for $37. A common feature of these auctions is box lots. They just jam a bunch of similar items together and auction them as one item. You can stock up on a lot of stuff this way. Learn to restore rusty tools (it’s really simple) and you can get quite a haul.
The golden goose of auctions is when a metal/woodworking shop goes up. It’s like Christmas. The only downside is every schmuck like you and I are going after these. They’re low hanging fruit. You can still find some amazing deals though. Look up auction houses in your area and see where they list auctions. I’ll put some of the bigger sites below, but hunt for those local auction houses. It makes the pool of interested people smaller. There’s an auction house in my area that has a monthly tool auction. They sell everything from wrenches to planers to bulldozers and back. There’s probably something similar around you. Types of auctions I haven’t delved too deeply into are police auctions, and storage auctions.
My Tools
I’m going to show you some of the tools I’ve bought from these various categories to give you an idea of what I paid, how I found it, and how much work it took. Then below that I’ll list my major purchases so you can see how much it cost to set up my shop.
10” Miter Saw – Facebook Marketplace $50
This was my first purchase and I thought it was a monstrous steal. In retrospect, it’s ok. You can find much better deals on miter saws. Easy pickup, almost no work needed besides swapping the blade. Runs great.
7 ½” Circular Saw - Craigslist $5
I mentioned this above. Bought it from a woman whose neighbor had died. She was just helping to clear everything out. Swapped the blade and it runs like a champ. I would’ve never gotten this if I hadn’t read the situation and asked what else she was selling.
Router(s) - FB Marketplace x2 - $10 and $20
I mention both of these because the $10 router was an old Black and Decker from like the 1700s. It ran great, but I dropped it and one of the brush springs snapped. You will find that people love to think a tool is broken when the brushes need to be replaced. If you know this, you’re in for some really good deals. I replaced the brush, but decided to use this router in a future router table (It’s disassembled in a box right now) so I popped on FB Marketplace and picked up the Ryobi for $20. I took it apart, oiled it up and it runs great
Jigsaw/Recipricotating Saw (or Sawzall if that’s your preference) – Estate Sale - $30
Nothing exciting about this one. For some reason that has no basis in logic I’ve grown fond of the old blue Ryobi tools before they switched to that blinding neon green. The Jigsaw has given me a ton of miles. Not so much with the reciprocating saw, but I helped my folks chop down some bushes with it. $30 very well spent. Came with the case for each which I have no use for but hey free case.
Tablesaw – Craigslist - $150
This is an example of a purchase I kind of regret. I love the saw. After cleaning it up it runs great, but this is a bit steep for an old Craftsman 113. They’re ubiquitous on the marketplaces. If you search your area right now you’ll find at least a dozen in different states of neglect. I don’t want to get too in the weeds on tablesaws because they’re a subject unto themselves. My regret mostly comes from the price point. These saws have terrible fences so I’m currently building a new one and they take a bit of time to get everything in working order. If you’re thinking of one of these shoot for around $75. And go belt driven, not direct drive.
Bandsaw – FB Marketplace - $75
This is one of my favorite purchases, but it was not an easy ride. I wanted to get a 14” band saw with at least 6” of resaw height for under $100. It took awhile but this Taiwanese Delta knock off came strolling into my feed and I dropped everything and bought it. The previous owner treated it like garbage. When I powered it on the blade wobbled back and forth by at least a half inch in either direction. I stripped the entire thing down. I had to Replace the tires, multiple bearings, cooling blocks, and blade. It ended up costing a bit more than $75 after repairs but I know way too much about bandsaws now and I’m glad I do. It cuts straight, the blade doesn’t wander, and it has made my life a lot easier. NOTE – Before the safety police kill me, the column guard is not on my bandsaw in the picture because I was just cleaning it and hadn’t put it back yet.
13” Planer - $40 – FB Marketplace
This is beyond a steal. I basically robbed the devil with this one. Guy was moving out of state, didn’t know why it would occasionally not start, and needed to get rid of it fast. When I took it home, I checked the brushes and yep one needed to be replaced. I took the whole thing apart anyway, greased the gears, checked the motor, cleaned off what needed cleaning and it runs perfectly.
6” Jointer - $35 – Craigslist
Speaking of steals… This is my most recent purchase. The second I got the notification I messaged the guy and said I’d throw in $10 extra if he’d hold it for a day (couldn’t drop everything to pick it up). He agreed and it’s currently sitting in my shop waiting to get fixed up. It runs great from what I saw. It even has the original Walker Turner Drive Line electric motor. I look forward to cleaning this up and getting it up and running.
That’s my current shop. I left a few things out but you’ll notice all but one of those purchases is either Craigslist/FB. For me, the big purchases are easiest to handle in those markets. I use auctions for the smaller stuff (my hand plane addiction thrives on antiques auctions) and for bulk buys. Once I have a bigger place and have room to expand that’s when the industrial auctions will be calling my name.
Cost Breakdown
Table Saw – 150
Bandsaw – 75
Miter Saw – 50
Belt/Disc Sander– 50
Bench Grinder – 20
Planer – 40
Jointer – 45
Drill Press – 50
Router – 20
Router 2 – 10
Circular Saw – 10
Sawzall – 35
Jigsaw – 30
Total – 550
The only things I bought new were my drill/driver and angle grinder. I bought the drill/driver new because it was on sale and given the amount I use them and my current inability to repair them I figured new would be better. Got them for $85 on sale (Porter Cable). The angle grinder was just cheap enough that used wasn’t worth the usual hunt. Picked up a Bosch for $40. With Drill/Drive and Angle Grinder – 675
And you don’t need all of this to start out. I’m a lunatic and really enjoy the whole process of hunting these down and restoring them. You can easily set up shop with a table saw for less than it costs to buy a new table saw. I just looked up the Dewalt DW735 planer on Amazon and it’s $550. That’s how much I paid for all of my used tools including a planer.
I hope this was of help to some folks. Please elaborate in the comments on things I missed and please tell me more places to find cheap used tools. I’m an addict.
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2018.10.08 16:12 bdprice Vintage Mac Collection

Hello all, I have a rather large collection of older Macs that I need to find homes for. My husband lovingly collected them over the years, but he passed away last year. I am now in a smaller house and don’t have room for them. I have an estate sale company helping me clean out my old house, and their auction is supposed to go live on Wednesday, October 10. Some of the Macs have made it into the auction, and I have been working like crazy to get them all ready, but I am running out of time and probably won’t get all of them in there. I was trying not to let this bother me, but suddenly I found the thought of some of the Macs going to e-recycling very painful. I am in Houston, but I or the estate sale company (which is a nationwide chain of franchises) can ship them if a buyer is not local. I will provide a link to the upcoming auction, but some of the other notable Macs are a Mac Portable, an Apple IIe with monitor, and a Woz signature Mac. I have not yet had a chance to test these, but all of the ones already in the auction have been turned on and have a fresh install with an appropriate OS. If any of y’all are interested or know someone who might be interested, here’s the link for the auction Bidding will start at $1 for all items. Thank you. Also for anyone interested in the other Macs not yet in the auction, let me know and I can send you photos.
UPDATE: I have posted photos of the Macs that are not in the auction here. There is also a photo of one of the Apple Picasso signs that is also now in the auction. It lights up and looks pretty neat. I haven’t had a chance yet to put captions on the photos. Thanks.
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