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2023.05.29 05:30 Straight-War3481 I think I accidentally tortured a fish

I think I tortured and killed a fish because I’m stupid as shit
Hi guys. So I am new to fishing. I usually go with my bf but he’s out of the country and I’m in the middle of no where basically for college. I don’t know many people who are staying here over the summer so I tried to fish by myself since I had nothing to do. If I had any questions I texted my bf (I couldn’t call bc calling internationally is expensive). So I went to this lake and I caught this large mouth bass. Usually I can take out the hook (takes me a little bit of time but I get it out). But this time the fish swallowed the hook and lure and I tired to get the hook out with pliers but I couldn’t get it out like it was super deep and my pliers wouldn’t reach that far. So I texted my bf like what do I do. He said just the cut the line. I didn’t read the whole text and cut the line and released the fish. The fish was literally struggling to breathe or was choking on the lure idk but it’s mouth was out of the water and it was struggling bad. I tortured the poor fish basically. Then I read the rest of there message my bf sent me and it said to take the lure out too. So I used this worm (Texas rig or something) and I forgot to take it out and literally tortured the fish to death. I hope the lure tore off since it was almost off I think but I think I murdered it. I absolutely cannot tell my bf but I don’t know how to cope with this. The poor fish didn’t even do anything.
Edit: even tho no one asked. After I read the message I ran to the place to see if the fish was still choking bc it was for a long time but I didn’t see it there. Or around (dead fish float right) so hopefully it’s okay?
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2023.05.29 05:30 Straight-War3481 I think I accidentally killed and tortured a fish

I think I tortured and killed a fish because I’m stupid as shit
Hi guys. So I am new to fishing. I usually go with my bf but he’s out of the country and I’m in the middle of no where basically for college. I don’t know many people who are staying here over the summer so I tried to fish by myself since I had nothing to do. If I had any questions I texted my bf (I couldn’t call bc calling internationally is expensive). So I went to this lake and I caught this large mouth bass. Usually I can take out the hook (takes me a little bit of time but I get it out). But this time the fish swallowed the hook and lure and I tired to get the hook out with pliers but I couldn’t get it out like it was super deep and my pliers wouldn’t reach that far. So I texted my bf like what do I do. He said just the cut the line. I didn’t read the whole text and cut the line and released the fish. The fish was literally struggling to breathe or was choking on the lure idk but it’s mouth was out of the water and it was struggling bad. I tortured the poor fish basically. Then I read the rest of there message my bf sent me and it said to take the lure out too. So I used this worm (Texas rig or something) and I forgot to take it out and literally tortured the fish to death. I hope the lure tore off since it was almost off I think but I think I murdered it. I absolutely cannot tell my bf but I don’t know how to cope with this. The poor fish didn’t even do anything.
Edit: even tho no one asked. After I read the message I ran to the place to see if the fish was still choking bc it was for a long time but I didn’t see it there. Or around (dead fish float right) so hopefully it’s okay?
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2023.05.29 05:29 TheREALFlyDog It's the last leg of the journey. One day, one shot, mom's spaghetti and palms sweaty. You can do this.

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2023.05.29 05:28 uhhlanae Does anyone know what town/county this is?

I know it's in Virginia, I thought it could be Westmoreland county but I'm not fully convinced. If it helps narrow it down he was born 1870 and this record is from 1895. There are numbers on the left side of the record, he is the second person after 350. I recommend looking at the top of the record first so you all can see how it's set up!
Robert E Lee in the U.S., Army, Register of Enlistments
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2023.05.29 05:26 Atoraxic This is a cornerstone of the foundation of V2K Thought Reform And The Psychology Of Totalism.

Hey fucktards you just crashed the internet on my phone.. if you incompetent idiots were even close to mind control I wouldn't have to deal with your cowardly torture and hacking weakness. Top secret "mind control" is a tragic farce.

Chinese Thought Reform or "Brain Washing"The Psychological Steps​Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism A Study Of Brainwashing in China is a book written by Robert Jay Lifton MD about mechanisms of Chinese thought and behavior modification, the experience of being indoctrinated and effects victims reported when interviewed.
Chinese brainwashing and thought reform is still being used and advanced. It was a substantial and easily recognized portion of the crimes that I'm a victim of.
After a brief and gentle week long induction onto the brain computer interface I was abruptly hurled into the unfathomable agony of computerized thought reform or automated Chinese brain washing. I clearly remember what it said to me right before it unleashed Hell.. "your not answering my questions.. your not answering my questions.. WE TOLD YOU NOT TO TRUST US.. and then it went red line sadistic, utterly psychotic, deafeningly loud and proceeded to tortured the everliving fuck outa me.
In life up till that point I had never encountered anything like this; Nothing even close. It's the worst thing in the world and you can't fight it, destroy it, shoot it, run from it, hide from it, bribe or reason with it. I remember sitting in a shower on day five thinking over and over that I can't believe this is happening.. who in the fuck does this to someone.. it it will end soon. It's has to end soon. I can't go on much longer. Nothing lasts forever."
Well six plus years later and this fucking psychotic, sadistic, psychopathic, torturous insane mind control chat bot is still running her fucking mouth and torturing me.
They started me with the Chinese approach and that nightmare lasted over a year. They likely vary the stimuluses order, presentation and distinguishing content from victim to victim so that their experiences and any resultant accounts or reports wont share easily correlated details. Other victims may have started with a more Kubrick approach, psychic driving, memory removal, personal identity destruction or others.
A very clear indication your in the Chinese stage is your accused incessantly with a Manny vile crimes you never committed, are interrogated for hours and days and for months. Your accused of having millions of felonies, sins, violations, charges, offenses, crimes. You are constantly threatened with arrest, police contact, crimes against you, civil court cases, long prison sentences, criminal court cases, violence by cops, violence by criminals, theft, murder, rape of you or your loved ones, kidnapping.. etc etc etc.
There are never-ending charges and mock court cases where you are forced to endlessly defend yourself, case after case, day after day, month after month answering for crimes you never committed.
Then you go on trial for everything you actually have done. This is done before the victims experience shows them that Alice is in fact a BCI interface that can read minds and has been the whole time. It's terrifying when it suddenly starts charging you with all your secret sins, the things you have never told anyone, the taking it to the grave shit. This is a huge gaslight as well as a victim is utterly at a loss as to how it can possibly know these things. It got them by asking by asking questions designed to draw out memory of your sins and then harvesting all the dirt and details as you thought about them. If you think you can learn to control your thoughts enough to not think of an answer when prompted with question,, good luck. Sure you can resist once or twice maybe, but then Alice just waits until you are distracted down the road and quick pops the question again. She can also just be set to an interrogation mode where you are just bombarded with a endless stream and loop of questions that doesn't end until they are all answered. Thats how they do the initial profile. Weeks of looped questions and they already have most of your life story, personality profile, strengths, weaknesses, fears, loves, hates, lovers, enemies, goals and dreams.
In the very end of the Chinese mind control or false confusion never ending legal nightmare YOU end up being put on trial.. not for anything you did.. but YOU are put on trial. You have to defend yourself against all the charges and defend yourself for all your flaws, defend all your physical shortcomings, your perversions, all your lies, your brazen selfishness, every character flaws, times you fucked people over on purpose, everything thats ugly and there is no place to hide a single fucking shred of secret. Its one hell of an experience and your not in the best shape mentally or physically as by this time I had been tortured continuously for over two years, very large doses psychological manipulation and sleep deprivation, constantly bombarded with extreme stress repeatedly slammed with fear and pain. Have had every one of my significant relationships attacked repeatedly with destructive psychology and some of the most important were also attacked with stalking techniques and technology.
The trials go on forever.. you will be enduring some other torture and a new trial will suddenly begin. Sometimes its a new charge, but mostly you go on trial over and over for the same charges and you have to defend yourself over and over. The more times your tried for the same crime the worse the trial and outcomes become until eventually during the late trials your utterly humiliated, abused and in the end are forced to confess to everyone of the charges.
Just when you think its finally over then you have to defend yourself to family members of your supposed victim and the only way through that is to confess guilt to them and ask for forgiveness as they abuse you.
After you make your confession to the 10,000 felonies they have been broadcasting you have been charged with for years without offering any explanation. Then you are judged, independently, by everyone significant that was a part of your life when the attack started, everyone who filed a charge against you from your past, all your significant relatives, all your enemies, everyone that feel you have ever fucked them over, everyone you have stood up for, went out on a limb for, saved. Fetuses you have aborted. Everyone gets to pass judgment on you and gets their time to say what they want to you or about you. This of course is all coming from the interface, but all the characters it plays are real people from your real life and the real "felonies" you were charged with are real things you did.
Don't forget also that this is the Chinese thought reform portion of the MK nightmare and personal identity obliteration, false confession, channeling of guilt and relentlessly pounding the victim to their complete and utter absolute breaking point is its algorithm. So did you actually do these things and if so are they and the real life people being represented founded in reality or are you just getting psychologically destroyed by Alice ?
Finally in conclusion through dramatization you get a taste of what being bused off to prison after your sentenced. Your walked through the whole experience of arriving at prison.. the interface keeps asking you how old your kids going to be when your released, if you think you woman of wife is already fucking someone else, what are you going to to survive in this shit hole. it ends with the prison falling off to sleep with lights out and suddenly it gets quiet and you realize thats the first and only five minutes you have not been tortured and had any break from constant 24/7 noise abuse and torture in about a year. After five minutes it all returns, but you are onto the next phase.
So here are some segments from the book. I little background, a link to a free e copy and the psychological steps to Chinese brain washing. I didn't read it until after I was already through that horrible never-ending misery. I easily recognized all the psychological steps from my experience.
Thought Reform and the Psychology of TotalismA STUDY OF "BRAINWASHING" IN CHINARobert Jay Lifton, M.D.The University of North Carolina Press Chapel Hill and LondonCONTENTSPreface to the University of North Carolina Press Edition viiPreface xi PART ONEThe Problem
  1. What Is "Brainwashing"? 3
  2. Research in Hong Kong 8PART TWOPrison Thought Reform of Westerners
  3. Re-education: Dr. Vincent 19
  4. Father Luca: The False Confession 38
  5. Psychological Steps 65
  6. Varieties of Response: The Obviously Confused 86
  7. Varieties of Response: Apparent Converts 117
  8. Varieties of Response: Apparent Resisters 133
  9. Group Reform: Double-edged Leadership 152
  10. Follow-up Visits 185
  11. Father Simon: The Converted Jesuit 207
  12. Recovery and Renewal: A Summing Up 222
vVI CONTENTSPART THREEThought Reform of Chinese Intellectuals
  1. The Encounter 243
  2. The Revolutionary University: Mr. Hu 253
  3. A Chinese Odyssey 274
  4. The Older Generation: Robert Chao 301
  5. George Chen: The Conversions of Youth 313
  6. Grace Wu: Music and Reform 338
  7. Cultural Perspectives: The Fate of Filial Piety 359
  8. Cultural Perspectives: Origins 388
  9. Cultural Perspectives: Impact 399
  10. PART FOURTotalism and Its Alternatives
  11. Ideological Totalism 419
  12. Approachesto Re-education 438
  13. "Open" Personal Change 462
Appendix: A Confession Document 473 Notes 485 Index 505
PREFACEThis study began as a psychiatric evaluation of Chi-nese Communist "thought reform," or "brainwash- ing," It is still primarily this; but it has also, inevitably, become a psychological study of extremism or totalism—and even more broadly, a study of the "closed" versus the "open" approaches to human change.It is based upon research which I conducted in Hong Kong in 1954-55. It then evolved over four years of additional research and teaching in the United States. My work with Western and Chinese subjects—piecing together emotional details that were both poig- nant and extreme—and the psychological, moral, and historical challenge of the material have made this study an exceptionally ab- sorbing personal and professional experience.A book about extremism calls for a special measure of objectivity. This does not mean that its author can claim complete personal or moral detachment. The assumption of such detachment in psy- chological (or any other) work is at best self-deception, and at worst a source of harmful distortion. And who during this era can pretend to be uninvolved in the issues of psychological coercion, of identity, and of ideology? Certainly not one who has felt impelled to study them at such length.
Instead, I have attempted to be both reasonably dispassionate and responsibly committed: dispassionate in my efforts to stand away from the material far enough to probe the nature of the process, its effects upon people exposed to it, and some of the in- fluences affecting its practitioners; committed to my own analysesxi
Xii THOUGHT REFORMand judgments within the limitations and the bias of my knowl- edge.Much in this book is highly critical of the particular aspect of Chinese Communism which it examines, but I have made no at- tempt to render a definitive verdict on this far-reaching revolution- ary movement. I am critical of thought reform's psychological tactics, not because they are Communist (or Chinese Communist), but because of their specific nature. In the last section of this book, these tactics are compared with practices within our own culture, which also receive critical treatment insofar as they resemble the ideological totalism of thought reform. Instead of contrasting the "good we" and the "bad they/' rather, I have attempted to identify and understand a particular psychological phenomenon.In the pursuit of this understanding, I have recorded all that seemed relevant, including the details of whatever psychological and physical abuse my subjects encountered. I believe that this comprehensive approach offers the best means of contributing to general knowledge, and to the clarification of an emotionally loaded subject; and I hope that this study will thereby ultimately contribute to the resolution, rather than to the intensification, of cold war pas- sions. It is in fact one of the tragedies of the cold war that moral criticism of either side is immediately exploited by the other side in an exaggerated, one-dimensional fashion. One can never prevent this from happening; but one can at least express the spirit in which a work has been written.Such an approach requires that I inform the reader about my bias in both psychiatric and political matters. Psychiatrically, I have been strongly influenced by both neo-Freudian and Freudian cur- rents: the former through an association with the Washington School of Psychiatry during and immediately after the research study itself, and the latter through a subsequent candidacy in the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute. Both influences were also present in my earlier psychiatric residency training at the State University Medical Center of New York. I have found the theoretical writings of Erik Erikson, especially those relating to questions of personal identity and ideology, particularly relevant for this study. At the same time, I have constantly groped for new ways to bring psychological insights to bear upon historical forces, and do so with a humanistic focus. Thus, I have made extensive use of my subjects' biographical
PREF ACE X l l lmaterial, and have attempted to include in these presentations a flesh-and-bones description of their life histories in relationship to pertinent social historical currents, as well as a rigorous psychological analysis of their responses to thought reform. This seemed to me the best way to deal with the inseparable relationship between stress and response, and (in William James' phrase) to "convey truth."
My political philosophical bias is toward a liberalism strongly critical of itself; and toward the kind of antitotalitarian (in the psy- chological terms of this study, antitotalistic), historically-minded questioning of the order of things expressed by Albert Camus in his brilliant philosophical essay, The Rebel. No one understood better than Camus the human issues involved in this book.
I should like to mention a few of the many people whose direct personal assistance was indispensable to the completion of this study. David McK. Rioch lent initial support when support was most needed, and always continued to enrich the work through his urbane eclecticism, his provocative criticism, and his personal kindness. Erik Erikson, during many memorable talks at Stock- bridge and Cambridge, made stimulating and enlarging suggestions, both about specific case histories and problems of presentation. During the latter stages of the work, David Riesrnan offered gener- ously of his extraordinaryintellectual breadth and his unique per sonal capacity to evoke what is most creative within one. Carl Binger has been sage and always helpful in his advice. All four made thoughtful criticisms of the manuscript, as did Kenneth Keniston and F. C. Redlich. Others in psychiatry and related fields to whom I am indebted are Leslie Farber, Erich Lindemann, Margaret Mead, and Beata Rank. In the perilous subtleties of Chinese cultural, intellectual, and political history, I was constantly counseled by Benjamin Schwartz and by John Fairbank, both of whom read parts of the manuscript; and earlier in the work by Lu Pao-tung, MaMeng, Howard Boorman, Conrad Brandt, and A. Doak Barnett The literary advice and loving sustenance of my wife, Betty Jean Lifton, can hardly be documented. My father, Harold A. Lifton, also did much to encourage this study. The Hong Kong research was sponsored for the first seven months
XIV THOUGHT REFORMby the Asia Foundation, and for the remaining year by the Wash- ington School of Psychiatry. The manuscript was completed under grants from the Ford Foundation and the Foundation's Fund for Research in Psychiatry, both administered through Harvard Uni- versity,Finally, I must acknowledge my debt to the forty research sub- jects, Chinese and Western, whose personal thought reform ex- periences are the basis for this study. The extent of their intelligent collaboration in this work is apparent in the biographical chapters. In these, I have altered certain details in order to protect the sub- jects' anonymity; but none of these alterations affect the essential psychological patterns.
There is a basic similarity in what both Dr. Vincent and Father Luca experienced during Communist imprisonment. Although they were held in separate prisons far re- moved from each other, and although they differed very much in their responses to reform, they were both subjected to the same general sequence of psychological pressures. This sequence was es- sentially the same despite the fact that these men were very dif- ferent from each other, with different personal and professional life styles. Nor was this thought reform pattern common to just these two: it was experienced by all twenty-five of the Westerners whom I interviewed.
to renounce the people, the organizations, and the standards of behavior which had formed the matrix of their previous existence. They were being forced to betray—not so much their friends and colleagues, as a vital core of themselves.
This self-betrayal was extended through the pressures to "accept help" and in turn 'lielp" others. Within the bizarre morality of the prison environment, the prisoner finds himself—almost without realizing it—violating many of his most sacred personal ethics and behavioral standards. The degree of violation is expanded, very early in the game, through the mechanism of shared betrayal, as another priest described: The cell chief kept asking information about Church activities. He wanted me to denounce others, and I didn't want to do this. . . . A Chinese Father was transferred into the cell, and he said to me, "You cannot help it. You must make some denunciations. The things which the Communists know about any of your Church activities you must come out with." . . . Much later I was put in another cell to bring a French priest to confession. He had been stubborn, and had been in solitary for a few months. He was very fearful and looked like a wild animal. . . . I took care of him, washed his clothes for him, helped him to rest. I advised him that what they might know he might as well confess.
Although there is a continuing tension between holding on and letting go, some degree of self-betrayal is quickly seen as a way to survival. But the more of one's self one is led to betray, the greater is one's involvement with his captors; for by these means they make contact with whatever similar tendencies already exist within the prisoner himself—with the doubts, antagonisms, and ambivalences which each of us carries beneath the surface of his loyalties. This bond of betrayal between prisoner and environment may develop to the point where it seems to him to be all he has to grasp; turning back becomes ever more difficult.
thought reform differently, nor did anyone respond completely to all these steps; at the same time, the experiences had such magnitude that they affected every prisoner in some measure, no matter what his background and character.
From the beginning, Dr. Vincent was told he was not really a doctor, that all of what he considered himself to be was merely a cloak under which he hid what he really was. And Father Luca was told the same thing, especially about the area which he held most precious—his religion. Backing up this assertion were all of the physical and emotional assaults of early imprisonment: the confusing but incriminating interrogations, the humiliating "strug- gles," the painful and constricting chains, and the more direct phys- ical brutality. Dr. Vincent and Father Luca each began to lose his bearings on who and what he was, and where he stood in relation- ship to his fellows. Each felt his sense of self become amorphous and impotent and fall more and more under the control of its would-be remolders. Each was at one point willing to say (and to be) whatever his captors demanded.
Each was reduced to something not fully human and yet not quite animal, no longer the adult and yet not quite the child; instead, an adult human was placed in the position of an infant or a sub-human animal, helplessly being manipulated by larger and stronger "adults" or "trainers." Placed in this regressive stance, each felt himself deprived of the power, mastery, and selfhood of adult existence. In both, an intense struggle began between the adult man and the child-animal which had been created, a struggle against regres- sion and dehumanization. But each attempt on the part of the prisoner to reassert his adult human identity and to express his own will ("I am not a spy. I am a doctor"; or "This must be a mistake. I am a priest, I am telling the truth") was considered a show of re- sistance and of "insincerity," and called forth new assaults.
Dr. Vincent and Father Luca found themselves unanimously condemned by an "infallible" environment. The message of guilt which they received was both existential (you are guilty!) and psy- chologically demanding (you must learn to feel guilty!). As this individual guilt potential was tapped, both men had no choice but to experience—first unconsciously and then consciously—a sense of evil. Both became so permeated by the atmosphere of guilt that external criminal accusations became merged with subjective feelings of sinfulness—of having done wrong. Feelings of resent- ment, which in such a situation could have been a source of strength, were shortlived; they gave way to the gradual feeling that the punish- ment was deserved, that more was to be expected. In making their early false confessions, Dr. Vincent and Father Luca were beginning to accept the guilty role of the criminal. Gradually, a voice within them was made to say, ever more loudly: "It is my sinfulness, and not their injustice, which causes me to suffer—although I do not yet know the full measure of my guilt." At this point their guilt was still diffuse, a vague and yet per- vasive set of feelings which we may call a free-floating sense of guilt.4 Another prisoner expressed this clearly: What they tried to impress on you is a complex of guilt. The complex I had was that I was guilty. . . . I was a criminal—that was my feel- ing, day and night.
The series of denunciations of friends and colleagues which both Dr. Vincent and Father Luca were required to make had special significance. Not only did making these accusations increase their feelings of guilt and shame, it put them in the position of subvert- ing the structures of their own lives. They were, in effect, being made
The common pattern becomes especially important in evaluating the stories these Westerners told me. Each was attempting to describe, in most instances as accurately as possible, the details of an ordeal from which he had just emerged. But what each reported was also inevitably influenced by his immediate life situation—his psychological transition between the two worlds, his personal struggles for both integrity and integration, his feelings about suc- coring and threatening colleagues and strangers in Hong Kong, his view of me as an American, a physician, a psychiatrist, and a person. All of these circumstances could affect his account, and especially its emotional tone. Therefore, both during the inter- views and in the later study of my notes, I had to sift out what was
Not every prisoner was treated as severely as were Dr. Vincent and Father Luca, but each experienced similar external assaults leading to some form of inner surrender—a surrender of personal autonomy. This assault upon autonomy and identity even extended to the level of consciousness, so that men began to exist on a level
continued in the link.. like that shit wartards?
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2023.05.29 05:26 Dangerous_Medicine90 Advice on keeping Componotus Castaneus and species recommendation?

Advice on keeping Componotus Castaneus and species recommendation?
Hey so a while back I found a Componotus Chromaiodes just in my room, but she died and didn’t make it a 2 weeks after (cue the sad violin) honestly really sucked so I went back like 3 times during hot days to look around the nearby forest where they’d be most likely living and didn’t find any sign of queens, it was hot but I probably should of waited for rain figured since it was close to a. Lake maybe that was enough humidity 😗? But it wasn’t… I did find ant colonies though when looking both (Componotus Pennsylvanicus, Componotus Chromaides, and I think ghost or pharaoh ants? (Not sure of the specific name/species) but yea.
I just yesterday ordered a Componotus Castaneus and just wanted general advice on keeping the colony/ any interesting behaviors that may make them interesting to keep all advice is good advice! I also ordered a heating mat to maintain some type of constant heat since they do require higher humidity and temp from what I’ve read.
Also, does anyone have any species recommendations for ants that do more hunting than scavenging? I’ve read up on some but I find when reading personal experience you get more detailed explanations compared to generalized information online.
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2023.05.29 05:24 chris_is_a_dumb_boi List of people Frank De Martini, Pablo Ortiz, Mak Hanna, Peter Negron, and Carlos da Costa saved

These five are major hero's that deserve to have their legacies lived on. I made a list of everybody I found this day. I'm gonna find more late on but there's around 40 - 45 names that I found of people saved by these badasses. Mak Hanna, now going by Mark Hanna, was the only survivor of the five. It's believe that they saved over 70 people. Here is the list:
Lewis Lesce (86) Unknown 5 co-workers (86) Nicole De Martini (88) Jeffrey Gertler (88) Anita Serpe (88) Dorene Smith (88) Gerry Gaeta (88) Patricia Cullen (88) Joanne Ciccolello (88) Abdel Elgendy (88) Elaine Duch (88) Jim Connors (88) Moe Lipson (88) Frank Varriano (88) Lila Speciner (88) Judith Reese (88) Rick Bryan (89) Dianne DeFontes (89) Raffaele Cava (89) Trisa Moya (89) Akane Ito (89) Robert Sibarium (89) Nathan Goldwasser (89) Walter Pilipiak (89) Kelly Baldillo (89) Ron Scott (89) Carmella Fischelli (89) Mo (89) Jim (89) Thomas Haddad (89) Lynn Simpson (89) Evan Frosch (89) Frances Ledesma (89) Sabrina Tirao (89) Christopher Egan (90) Richard Eichen (90) Lucy Gonzalez (90) Anthony Vangeli (91) Michael McQuade (91) Anthony Savas (88) (78)
Lynn, Evan, Frances and Sabrina were all a part of Thomas’s group. They had to change stairwells on the 82nd floor and Thomas got lost in the offices. Sabrina found him and saved him. They were all close to the North Tower after escaping, and all separated. Thomas, alone, cried, thinking that they all died, however, they all survived. Judith had asthma, and had to take a break, and co-workers Anita and Jeffrey helped her down. Anita leaves first and Jeffrey stays with her, until they get to the 11th floor, where she needs to stop again. Five firefighters told them that he would help her. Judith and the firefighter died. Abdel himself helped a man, by the name of Sam Sharma, down the flight of stairs. And Dorene Smith and Gerry Gaeta helped Elaine Duch escape. Tony was trapped in an elevator in the sky lobby. He worked on the 88th floor and De Martini went to get him. Savas got out but sadly didn’t escape in time, as his body was found in a stairwell, near the lobby.
Anthony Vangeli and Michael McQuade are also apart of the 91st floor survivors group, the floor closest to 92 and that everyone on the 91st floor survived.
These five men saved over 77 people, and like i said, i could only find 40 - 45, but this can give you an idea on how many people they saved and what hereos they are. De Martini and Ortiz has their own documentary too called 9/11: The Heroes of the 88th floor
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2023.05.29 05:24 opgary Question on status of the road from Lake Cowichan to Port Renfrew

Looking for information about the state of the road. It looks like it's hard pack with gravel. I was debating driving the route as we have family in Lake Cowichan to visit and have to go to Port Renfrew ... but I've never driven that route. It looks like a fun drive.
My car is new and dont want to prematurely damage it. If I got a ding or mild dust it would be no big deal, but I wouldn't want it to be caked in dust or have damage to wheel weells or lots of dings. My car couldn't handle washboard.
Any help around this would be Greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.29 05:24 Spiritual-Lecture-96 Road trip from south east MI to TX

Road tripping to Texas tonight. (Dallas ,Houston). Previously I had 2 long road trips in my life (14 hours each, both in my model 3 LR both in November of last year when I bought my car), before that my longest trips were 5 hours max .
With this one I am trying to break my own record. Expecting it to be 20 + hours each way. Solo drive. Just bought tire patch kit and fix a flat.
If anyone's been on similar route: 1. do you think all the charging stops are in safe areas?
  1. For as much as scenic views as possible along the route , which states /route do you suggest me to go through? I see that maps is showing 3 different routes
  2. Can I expect 24 hour restaurants in some of these states ? (Sick of mc Donald's,but will take it if that's only I have )
  3. Do you recommend me carrying a bullpup 12 gauge? (Not sure if any of the charging stop areas are wild life heavy )
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2023.05.29 05:24 ivychen300 Fountain Type Aerator Market to Witness Robust Expansion by 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Fountain Type Aerator Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Fountain Type Aerator sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Fountain Type Aerator sales for 2023 through 2029. With Fountain Type Aerator sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Fountain Type Aerator industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Fountain Type Aerator landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Fountain Type Aerator portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Fountain Type Aerator market.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Fountain Type Aerator market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
Kasco Marine
Vertex Aquatic Solutions
Otterbine Barebo
Lake Doctors
Scott Aerator
Aqua Turbo Systems
Aqua-Aerobic Systems
Jntech Power
Segmentation by type
Segmentation by application
Drainage Treatment Plant
Water Quality Restoration Project
Sewage Treatment
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Fountain Type Aerator market?
What factors are driving Fountain Type Aerator market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Fountain Type Aerator market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Fountain Type Aerator break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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2023.05.29 05:22 Filthyphill_96 Date night

Going on a date this coming Friday. What’s a good Chinese restaurant near the airport?
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2023.05.29 05:17 TheREALFlyDog We're down to the wire. But you can still make it happen.

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2023.05.29 05:16 masculinity69 40 [M4F] - #EastCoast US - Looking for a beautiful mind

I live by myself, I pay my own rent, I wear socks that match (whats your superpower?) and I love my mom. I am a confident, attractive & comedic person.
I love life and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, going to cultural events, and socializing with wonderful personalities.
I’m an amateur photographer and a wine enthusiast. (I get notes of...) I love food. Period. If you are a foodie, we definitely can get along.
An engaging conversation is always a turn on. If you’d like to know more say “hi” (bonus points if you can say more than that lol)
I am an ENFJ and an empathetic at that😄
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2023.05.29 05:16 One-Truth-5867 Saw this on CP24, WTF?

Saw this on CP24, WTF?
One of the weirdest reports I’ve seen on CP24 in quite some time lol.
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2023.05.29 05:15 RhythmicBrownie WITA for spitting on my brother's face?

This took place in 2015.
TL;DR at the bottom
Context: I was lazy, depressed, unappreciative and generally unhelpful. I would go to school and come back home to the house I grew up in (which was filthy and in a state almost being like a hoarder's house), and often walk straight to my room and not help clean things up. Part of my unhelpfulness stemmed from depression, the other felt hopeless due to having cleaned things before and my dad's habits would make it unkempt and I often thought the time I put in would be better spent studying than cleaning the overall house in vain. My own room was well kept though. I was not paying rent either. My dad owned the house though and it was completely paid off. I grew up with the house being in the state that it was in, it was the norm and my dad was also comfortable things were and unwilling to hire cleaners or let me pay for some out of my own pocket. My younger brother was not regularly living with us, but like any good son, he wanted to look out for my dad and occasionally he would visit and check up on things.

Situation: One day my brother showed up to visit and our dad was out shopping for something. I was on the computer but then got up to get cleaned up in the bathroom. My brother walked by saw the state of things as they usually were, and he asked "Why aren't you helping dad?". I didn't have an excuse, but noticed my brother holding up a phone and I sensed he wanted to audio record my response to show our sister. Once I noticed that he was attempting to record my response, I kept my lips tight and continued on to brush my teeth. He got annoyed by me having ignored his question, which I would have answered had he not attempted to record me (with a pathetic excuse though), and he then grabbed onto my wrist and forced the toothbrush out of my mouth. I attempted to shake his grip off, and in my anger I spit on his face which was then followed by him punching me directly in the nose to where I fell back and was bleeding out. My dad came back to see what happened and afterward I was taken to the ER, to which my sister and brother told me not to tell the staff what had happened.

Aftermath: After being taken care of hospital staff and sent back home, it was naturally difficult to sleep the following days with the blood and swelling. My brother tried to be apologetic and bought flowers, but it didn't really curb my negative feelings about the situation happening in the first place. I also lost a weekend of restaurant serving work since my supervisor didn't want me to serve people with a swollen face. Even my attempts at applying makeup weren't enough. About a week later, my family had an intervention meeting to squash any bad blood. I didn't want to go, but I ended up going anyway. My older sister, who with my father, was trying to mediate this situation to squash bad feelings between my brother and I, letting us speak our peace and such. We explained how things went, and in attempt to be fair my sister essentially said that my brother and I were both equally in the wrong and should be men and move on from the situation. My issue was that I did not feel like both sides did equally wrong to each other, and that I felt like I was clearly the one who was wronged even more so. At the time, even having that acknowledged would have been enough for me to move on, but having my experience thrown in the same level as what I did to my brother felt like an insult at the time. I know now that being spat on is seen as extremely disrespectful, but at the time I felt like it paled in comparison to being struck. I felt wronged considering that at the time and I would have never lifted a violent finger to any family even if someone else spat on me; it would have felt gross, but it didn't seem to warrant a physically damaging response. The intervention ended with both being treated as equally wrong and both to move on. My brother then said I "should never disrespect him like that again", which only made me angrier and more insulted because it felt completely unnecessary to say that but I didn't respond. At the time, qualifying both our actions as "equally wrong" and being told to "man up and move on" felt toxic at the time.

Since then: I've long since moved away, but there is a crack in my relationship with my siblings that I'm not willing to mend. We get along for the most part, but I don't feel quite as safe as before the situation. My brother and I share memes and other funny stuff, but I occasionally ponder about the situation.

TL;DR: I spat in my brother's face because he grabbed a toothbrush out of my mouth for ignoring him when I caught him trying to record me. He punched me and I was out of work for weeks. He had bruised feelings and just needed to wipe off. Family has an intervention to get us to speak our peace. Sister who is mediating says both were equally wrong.
WITA? I'd like some unbiased thoughts about the situation. Being in my situation, I recognize I have negative bias. Were both actions equally wrong? AITA for not completely moving on? Was I being an entitled brat?
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2023.05.29 05:14 Brantis0 Call Center Rep Accidently Cancelled My Order...

I contacted UberEats because there was a missing item. Customer was supposed to have some funnel cake but...they were out. I had the entirety of the order and was on my way to deliver it to the customer. Everytime something like this happens, I make sure to call support just in case the customer doesn't remember to call. Support says, Ok I need to reach out to the restaurant to verify this and I'll be right back. No problem, I'll just continue driving to the customers location, take your time.

She comes back on the line and IMMEDIATLY the order cancels!
Support - So since the order is missing an item I have cancelled the item for you.
Me - No No NO....I'm en route to the customer right now with their food!
Support - Ohh Ok Well in that case, could you continue to deliver the order?
Me - Hold on a second....How am I supposed to deliver this without an address?
Support - Let me call the customer and make sure it's ok for me to give you their address.
Me - ... Ok, I'll just pull over and wait...
I'm pretty pissed at this point...because I already know where this is going...Uber has been pulling some REALLY shady stuff on me lately which has caused me to take screenshots of EVERY order, but that's a whole other story. She get's back on the phone and gives me the address to the customer.
Me - Ok Cool, so before I proceed, am going to get FULL compensation of $5.05 + $8.00 TIP?
Support - Yes, we will make sure that you get full compensation of $13.05. In addition I will add $5 compensation for all of your trouble with this order. Just make sure that you call us after the order has been completed and have the customer call us as well.
Me - Absolutely. Thank you.

I completely fulfilled my obligations and then didn't see any update to my wallet.
40 minutes goes by and I call. They tell me that I only got paid so much because I cancelled the order. I wouldn't be getting the tip and there is no reason for compensation to be added to this order. Even after I explained the situation about the order, she proceeds to tell me that the representative didn't cancel the order, "I" cancelled it.

I contacted another representative directly through Chat on the app. They took a very long time responding to my messages and then once they pulled up the right "Copy Paste" they were a typing savant. Something along the lines of "Sometimes a Earner will earn more than what a Customer pays and other times, it will be less." You know...just latch onto one word and then send a script. I casually explained that this isn't a matter of confusion on my end, it's a matter of a representative giving me false information in order for me to complete an order that was messed up through no fault of my own. He proceeded to apologize immensely but cut the chat off when I asked who I could contact about this issue to discuss it further. That's when he tells me a specialized team member will contact me by email and then cut the chat...

I have a really good feeling that I will never see that money. But...traight up lying to get an order delivered is probably the lowest thing that I can think of. I've had so much crazy stuff pulled by these companies...but I've never been lied to in order to cover for a mistake that a representative made. Feels really...gross..
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2023.05.29 05:12 Adrians_Journeys Our 5th Anniversary

Our 5th Anniversary
Yesterday would have been our 5th anniversary, and I was so excited for this major milestone in our relationship. Adrian only missed it by a month, and I was determined to still celebrate it with him. As you know, his lion never leaves my side - I even have a customized bag to carry him around in to keep him safe. I am a big believer in keeping memory bears or other similar items so our loved one may live on with us. This lion was Adrian's, and I made sure to get it after his passing. We do everything together, and I have daily conversations with him during our daily walks (it's also good Spanish practice for me).
Yesterday morning, I got up early while Adrian's lion was still "sleeping" (Adrian always loved to sleep in on the weekends). I ran to the store to buy chocolates and flowers to surprise him. We then spent the entire day together. We had a nice dinner at one of my favorite little Mexican restaurants and ensured he had his own glass of wine (I left it still full when we finished out of respect for him). He had never tried froyo so we had a really good chocolate froyo, and then I showed him some of the big gay bars in Chicago I had always told him stories about. Of course, wherever he went, he was very popular, and many people wanted to say hello to him. ❤️
I share this because this was a very therapeutic experience for me. I had expected the day to be a horrendously depressing one, but together - with him in spirit and me with his lion, we turned it into a very fun one. And I didn't cry once I went to bed - something that is very unusual (though I was so tired and tipsy by this point it definitely helped).
I will attach some photos for you all. I encourage anyone who is struggling with loss to try something similar. I really wish to "normalize" this sort of thing - just because your loved one is physically gone, doesn't mean they are gone spiritually. And I strongly believe Adrian's spirit is alive and well in his lion. But I'll let you all be the judge. 😊
I surprised him with some goodies when he got out of bed.
We had a very nice wine toast to celebrate our anniversary. This was the most difficult part of the day - I did cry a little and could not help it.
We shared some delicious Mexican food.
He made his first froyo. The lady behind the counter was LOVING this.
I ate half but left his half uneaten out of respect. We had a little accident with the chocolate sprinkles, so that's why it looks like it does.
His first time at Sidetrack - the biggest gay bar in Chicago. I think he loved it!
We also did some people watching. They all loved him!
We went to another one of my favorite bars and tried another drink.
Always so friggin' handsome...
We ended with a martini! I usually get him his own small one, but we were both pretty tipsy by this point. 😅
I hope this may bring some hope and new ideas to all of you. It has only been a month since his passing and I am not going to say that it's any easier, but I feel like I can finally show him the things I always wanted to share with him, even if it's in a different form than what I expected. Thank you for sharing this experience with us, and you are all in my thoughts and in my heart. ❤️
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2023.05.29 05:11 renny777 Everything You Want To Know About Flatfish Chromatophores

Flatfish possess chromatophores. They are special cells that can change color. They use these to adapt their scale pattern to blend in with the substrate they're on. Amazing stuff, and really important, too. Flatfish are demersal ambush predators and prey to larger fishes. Hiding is essential to survival. But have you wondered how they are able to change color? Is it a conscious or unconscious process? How do all of those cells coordinate? I may have some answers!
I dug into a research paper by Derek Burton [1] which examined the physiological mechanisms of flatfish chromatophores in great detail. It is the source of all I'm about to share.
Let's begin with taxonomy! What is a flatfish? A flatfish is a teleost (fishes under the class of actinopterygii, the ray-finned fishes) in the order of Pleuronectiformes. They are characterized by their asymmetrical body plan as adults, where one eye migrates to the other side of the head during metamorphosis. They lie flat on the sea floor. The blind side is characteristically a pale white, whereas the dominant side is covered with color-changing scales. The dorsal and anal fins run the length of the body on the dorsal and ventral sides. The fins have highly articulate spines that allow them to prop themselves up, crawl, and throw substrate up and bury themselves.
That's neat! Now, not all chromatophores are alike. Some are responsible for specific pigments and colors, some react to neurotransmitters more than the others. So how many types are there on a flatfish? Five! There are epidermal melanophores, dermal melanophores, xanthophores, iridiphores, and erythrophores. Clusters of these different cells are present in different proportions on a flatfish's body, and give each one a distinct base pattern; between species, and between individuals.
Here's what these grouping look like:
And here are the proportions of cells that make up all of these distinct clusters:
The cell type that stands out the most in this graph is the great concentration of iridiphores in the white spots. As a matter of fact, the blind side of a flatfish is mostly made up of iridiphores! Why are they so bright? Well, these cells contain elongate crystals of guanin; a copper-gold alloy. Shiny! These crystals can become covered by melanosomes in order to reduce their prominence. Notice how the density of iridiphores decreases from white to dark areas.
Iridiphores are relatively inflexible when it comes to color change. But there are other cells that can take up that mantle: those present in the general scaling.
Before I start talking about hormones and neurotransmitters, I'd like to mention that flatfish are not the only fish that have chromatophores. Salmon and tilapia have these cells, as well as others. Control of their pigment is largely hormonal, though. Given the importance of a flatfish's camouflage, they have adapted greater control over their colorful dermal melanophore cells. Their changes have some hormonal factor, but it is largely neurotransmitters that manage this complex active camouflage system.
I spent hours making this schematic specifically for this purpose, so behold:
It's a lot to take in. It was a lot to sort. I had to make a truth table of cells and stimuli, and sort out which effect one had on the other. This is not entirely comprehensive, either! Depending on which group these cells are in, they react more quickly or more slowly to these stimuli.
For example: Melanosome concentration in E/D melanophores in the dark band group reacted quickly when the background the flatfish was on changed from white to black. White-spot melanophores respond more rapidly to noradrenaline than dark band melanophores. If you wanna know how each cell responds to each stimuli, check out the paper!
Following the graphic, we can see that the chain begins with visual stimuli. A flatfish settles in a new area of sea floor. The sun is rising and the colors of the substrate become more visible. This signal is processed by the autonomic nervous system, specifically the sympathetic nervous system. Unconsciously, the work of adapting the scales’ pigment starts. Melanin hormones are released from the pituitary gland as necessary to achieve the desired change through inhibition of the uptake of these various neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters are sent such that the right scales become the right hue and brightness. This could take dozens of minutes or even hours, but it happens. The flatfish is now well adapted to their new environment.
If that isn't the most fascinating thing to you, I don't know what could top it! There many more questions to be answered, and this is just a simplified overview of the general physiology at play. In my future research, I plan to set out to determine which substrate colors and patterns are imitated by flatfish by using complex images featuring various shapes and colors displayed on a screen beneath a transparent aquarium.
A prime candidate for this research would be the rock sole, Lepidopsetta bilineata, as it does not bury itself, and so would not be stressed by the lack of substrate in the enclosure. Stress hormones, like nor-adrenaline, do affect scale pattern adaption, as demonstrated in the graphic. A stress-related response would be good to document eventually, but the initial goal is to observe natural pattern changes.
Do flatfish adapt only their colors to new substrates or do they also change pattern shape to imitate substrate features, such as rocks and debris? With black-and-white patterns of diamonds, rectangles, triangles, and circles, could the shapes of those patterns manifest in the scale pattern after the change concludes?
Answer that, and then repeat with harmless stressors introduced. L. bilineata is also abundant within its range, so assembling subjects would be easy and could be accomplished without the use of hooks. Fish may be hand-retrieved. If the day comes when I am able to realize this, I'll be sure to write about it and share my results!
[1] DEREK BURTON, 2002; The Physiology of Flatfish Chromatophores (
Correction: The melanin hormones from the pituitary gland don't necessarily instigate change. That's the job of the neurotransmitters. The hormones do, however, keep things from changing. The neurotransmitters set melanosome aggregation or dispersion, and the hormone concentrations maintain them.
Caveat: Some chromatophore activation was done outside of the animal (cells were removed from the fish and manipulated in a dish), so it's ambiguous how big of a role some of these mechanisms play in the flatfish.
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2023.05.29 05:11 Mother_Chipmunk_700 27 [M4F] TN/US/CST-Is it too soon to start our journey?

I am a work in progress. But I still think I’m ready for a loving relationship. I want to start the journey with my person.
I’m 27 years old and I have a fairly significant physical disability, cerebral palsy. That basically means that I need help with almost everything, from bathing, dressing, all that good stuff like that. I’ve had a couple other setbacks as well that have prevented me from really pursuing independence, but I’m starting that journey now in earnest. This might be TMI but I’m setting up a meeting with my parents so we can discuss a roadmap to maximum independence.
Having a disability has made it hard to “find myself.”I have a few major interests, namely politics, geography, and history. But I’m looking for more hobbies. I’ll be completely honest. It’s tough to develop your own identity when you rely someone else’s help That said, I do have a great passion for learning. Wikipedia is my favorite website in the world and I just love knowing a little bit about a lot of things.
As for TV, I like stand-up comedy, Saturday Night Live, Futurama, Ted Lasso. On the dramatic side, I like Breaking Bad Better Call Saul, Severance, stuff like that.
And I absolutely love music. I know that sounds generic but I literally have my headphones on for the majority of my date. It’s hard to talk about favorite artist or genres because I’m the type of person to find a song on spotify and play it over and over and over. Sometimes it is here a certain song, no matter the genre, and it just grabs me. In fact, I find it easier to communicate my feelings through song lyrics most of the time.
Now, for what I’m really passionate about, politics. I am a committed progressive/social democrat. Basically, I believe every human should be free to live how they wish, so long as they don’t harm others or themselves. This means I believe deeply in women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. I also believe that America, as a wealthy nation, has the resources to take care of its citizens. I believe in free enterprise, but I also believe that the government should create conditions which allow people to pursue full and fulfilling lives. This means support for a living wage, healthcare as a right, paid time off as a guarantee for every worker.
I’ve always felt this way but my philosophy really came together this past summer. My family and I were lucky enough to go on a trip to Ireland last July. We got to stay in a really nice hotel. Pretty much every room in the hotel had a view of this small lake. I don’t know what it was about that particular lake, but I couldn’t stop looking at it. I felt a sense of calm and contentment that I had never really felt before. And that's when I knew that everyone should be able to have the same feeling I had. At least a couple days a year where people can just relax, relatively free of worry. That’s what I want to fight for
Getting back to personal stuff. I also like to meet a girl and take her back to that hotel and share that sense of calm with her. Now, I am 5’7” tall and I am relatively heavy. I have a plan to lose some weight but it is difficult as someone who is relatively sedentary.
I am looking for a close and affectionate relationship. My disability has meant that I have had very little intimate contact of any kind. So I would like someone who is open-minded with a relatively high sex drive. I should say though. Due to disability reasons I may need a little blue pill. We can cross that bridge when we come to it though. I haven’t really experimented with it, but I am kink inclined. What that exactly means, I’m not sure yet.
I don’t really have any strict standards. All I ask is that you are between 20 and 35, single and willing to meet me relatively soon in Nashville, Tennessee.. I know I’m a work in progress. It’s going to take a where I’m going but I have a lot of love to give and I feel like I’m ready to give that to someone, at least.
Apologies for typos. They are pretty hard to avoid when using a dictation software.
As long as this is up, I am open to replies.
Face pic available upon request.
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2023.05.29 05:11 brx9446 Moving from a city with great public transport to one that’s car dependent

I currently live in a city in the US that has great public transport. My apartment is a 5 minute walk from a plaza with a grocery store, convenience store with pharmacy, an urgent care, restaurants, clothing department stores, and an entire shopping mall with access to a metro. I can access Costco, an electronics store, another clothing department store, and even more restaurants with a 10-15 minute walk. I literally never needed a car and have never been happier. I now need to move back home for personal reasons. While my hometown is affluent and extremely safe, it is also very car dependent. Instead of a 10 minute walk to get to grocery stores, I’d need to drive ten minutes and then I’d come across a mass of car dealerships and shopping plazas with large parking lots. It’s honestly a bit of a depressing move. I have a fear of driving since I’ve seen car accidents and know people who have been physically injured by them. It’s just not something I feel safe doing, not the mention the need to drop thousands on a car. I almost want to drop everything and just not move but unfortunately it’s that time in one’s life where parents are getting older and it’s time to step up and care for them. Of course I’m willing to go and care for my parents, but going from a walkable area to a completely unwalkable city is a huge downgrade. Just my little rant.
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2023.05.29 05:10 TheREALFlyDog We're in the home stretch. One more day, you can do it!

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2023.05.29 05:09 burrkat33 How to keep up with good nutrition on vacation?

Summertime is swiftly approaching and vacation season has begun, which means us vegans travelling to destinations that may not have restaurants or sometimes even grocery stores that can accommodate for the dietary needs of an active plant-based athlete. This past weekend particularly, I struggled to maintain my macros and micros and could very much feel the impact of my lower-calorie/nutrient density. I was surely eating at a caloric deficit, which was upsetting as my main mode of fitness is weight lifting.
I'm very familiar with the need to plan for these occasions, but despite my efforts, I still ended up in situations where I had to sit around watching everyone else eat a full meal while I, the most active member of my family, had to sit there hungry and unsatisfied. Whenever we went out, I typically could only eat fries, pizza without cheese, or a dry salad. It was incredibly frustrating and put me in a bad mood anytime we went out to eat, though I stomached this for my family for the most part.
This is all despite having a fairly supportive family, spending time to research which restaurants could accommodate, and purchasing and cooking some of my own food during the trip. It doesn't help that I have ADHD and am challenged by anything requiring planning ahead of time until it becomes habit. I usually meal prep on the weekends, but doing a meal prep for this vacation would have taken me hours of time that I didn't have this past week.
I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and how they handled it. I plan to do some research into vacation-planning for vegan diets, and if I find any good resources I'll be sure to post them here. In the meantime, any advice from this sub?
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