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Where The Dudes At?

2013.08.19 22:27 Where The Dudes At?

Hey Hitler! This is the place to promote your poly-bi lifestyle and post all your dental updates, dad boners, funny scream videos, and would you rathers. Or maybe you just want to glass all the cool, slick, and neat stuff your fellow mommies have to offer and enjoy some brown talk. This subreddit is for all things Tommy, Tina, and Your Mom's House. Remember to keep your jeans high and tight and always wipe down!

2022.04.26 20:02 AdItchy2235 MerrimackRiverKiller

A crime community to share theories on what is happening in New England and the Merrimack River. Where so many bodies are found dead and people go missing.

2013.06.13 16:10 Teklogikal TheDepthsBelow: Because we all know there are things lurking underwater.

So cute🤍🖤 Tell me your favorite shark facts💚💚💚 I like it So pretty

2023.04.01 13:46 MillionsOfQ Hard Mode is Pretty Hard

Hi folks. I haven’t posted here before but I’ve lurked for a long time and really appreciated the stories, lessons, and thoughts shared in this space. I tried to write a post with my whole story so far, but it ended up not allowing me to post it, presumably because it became an essay of epic proportions. Writing it all out for an audience has helped me figure things out a bit though.
Myself (36M) and my partner (29F) (we’ll call her M) have been together for 5 years and being poly has been something we’ve always talked about as a future desire for both of us. Something like six months ago we made the decision to change. Suffice to say we’ve made plenty of mistakes and missed lots of warning signs on the way, and are now in a situation where every option feels painful. We’ve been through depression, anxiety, joy, compersion, suicidal ideation, love, delight and abject breakdown on this journey, and I can’t necessarily say anything nice like ‘it’s brought us closer together’ as yet, but at least we’re figuring out relationship problems that neither of us were aware we had.
In lieu of the full story, here’s a few thoughts that might be helpful for anyone reading who is also considering opening up their relationship with their partner:
I think it’s more clear to me now than ever that shifting a mono relationship to become a poly one requires truly breaking the relationship you have, in order to build your new dynamic. Your mileage may vary, of course, but for people starting on this journey, you should probably go in knowing you’re much closer to breaking up than you think you are.
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2023.04.01 13:44 m0ths1c4 21 [M4F] Kolkata, India - Looking for a possible relationship & Friendship

21 [M4F] Kolkata, India - Looking for a possible relationship & Friendship
I'll skip all the stupid BS and pick up lines & just cut to the chase.. I've had a break up half an year ago , ending a long term relationship.
However since then I've grown quite a lot & believe there's good people out there. Hence, I'm looking for someone with similar interests to whom I can easily connect & get close to & maybe get serious after going through the friendship stage, gotta keep it natural.
I have no issues if you're outgoing or shy...I, Myself being an ambivert I can be either time to time...
Let's see if our interests and hobbies aligns...
My hobbies & interests : most general one reading books mostly philosophical and russian literature...used to be a huge into fantasy...(nietzsche, dostoevsky, camus & also vivekananda & buddha are the basis of my philosophical ideas), coding stuffs, listening to music, playing guitar & trying to sing (If I had the choice I would give up anything to get a voice like Kurt Cobain 💀), watching anime, My comedic sense has become something I no longer understand... self deprecating jokes, sarcasm r my ways to cope with every shit that happens...
I'm a huuge Potterhead & MCU nerd as well (although I watch every single DC movies & read a few comics...) I'm a huge Office fan I also love FRIENDS & HIMYM...My top 3 Tv series Dark, Mr.Robot, The Office My top 3 anime : AOT, Re-zero, Naruto
My fav music genres : Grunge, Rock, Metal (I also listen to some rap and pop songs time to time)
Fav artists : Nirvana, Deftones, Slipknot, Fossils, Green Day (I used to be a huge directioner once)
Political & Religious views : I'm not much into politics but if I have to say it would be somewhat left aligned, Atheist (although I believe religion is necessary for some people...I've this huge philosophical reasoning about existence of religion 😅)
I'm currently a physics graduate and preparing for masters in CS besides that I'm a science & maths teacher ... I wanna be a Data Scientist later on...
oh and if it matters I'm 5'9'' , brown complexion, currently trying to get buffed up bt it'll take time 🤡
& also I don't care if you're from different country or something like that..
Let's see where it goes...
All ages are welcome. I don't judge & I dont care if you're fat or skinny, fair or dark, have piercings or tattoos (I'm gonna have them soon). All of 'em makes you hotter 🍷.
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2023.04.01 13:44 Important-Jump-9591 Are you willing to join a toxic environment job in this recession?

Dear Job seekers of Developers India, if you get a job offer at a startup where you know that the team mates there are toxic for your mental health, would you join that startup in this recession?
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2023.04.01 13:43 benaugustine ChatGPT creates a game to play and then loses spectacularly in the first round

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2023.04.01 13:43 mad_at_crashes [TOMT] [Movie/show] old kid movie/show where there's a sheep plushie character and 2 old men, 1 good, 1 bad. In one scene (prolly the climax), the 2 men are on top a hot air balloon/airship/blimp thing and they're fighting. Sheep gets caught up and ends up getting pushed, falls off

And no it is not shaun the sheep. The sheep plushie looked a bit more realistic like an ACTUAL plush, and no matter what I do I can't find it. It was a movie I saw when I was a young child, around the year 2008? Can't remember exactly when, and I can't guarantee if it was an English movie because I watched movies with subtitles regardless of language so I can't remember the audio language it was in. It was a very tragic shot with the sheep falling off from the blimp thing and the camera shot it in slow-mo, where the sheep just flails its hand towards the camera, his back facing the ground. I remember it was 2 very old grandpa looking men fighting on top of the airship. Could anybody help me find this movie?
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2023.04.01 13:43 Shamish85 Fyi those on android that cannot afford paying for upgrades
The above app gives you surveys depending on where you've visited such as supermarkets hotels etc. Normally 3 quick questions gains you about 30 pence Google play credit.
I've paid for most of the paid content on this game via this app. Don't think there's a version on iOS but handy for those that maybe don't have the money to pay for upgrades. Depending how active you are you'll get a fair bit every few months.
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2023.04.01 13:43 Happyhappydays82 Drinking and Fragmentation

Hi All,
I am wondering if you can provide some advice.
My husband and I have completed 9 rounds of IVF in total and during this time, we have only been able to transfer a total of 4 euploid embryos, all of which have been unsuccessful transfers.
My husbands test results revealed 15% fragmentation, which our clinic has advised in on the higher end of normal but okay.
My husband wants to continue with IVF however I am finding it physically demanding on my body, and I am struggling emotionally too.
Prior to starting IVF, we have had 4 miscarriages, two of which resulted in D&C’s.
I have recently turned 40, and my husband is 45 years old. Before we start Round 10, I have asked my husband to cut back on his alcohol consumption but he thinks that there is no correlation between having “a few pints on a Friday night” and fertility. He is 99.99% certain that the issue is my egg quality (which I accept is certainly a factor but not exclusively). My husband has approx 8-10 standard drinks (full strength beer) on a Friday night, but sometimes this will occasionally extend to 15 drinks PER weekend.
Am I being unreasonable in asking him to reduce his alcohol consumption whimsy we are TTC to 4 standard drinks per week instead?
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2023.04.01 13:43 BorBurison Respect Garnet (Garnet's Universe)

Respect Garnet

"Whatever it is, we should hurry. There's somebody at home that I need to get back to."
"Who's that?
"My most favorite person in the world."
"Have you ever told him that?"
"Why not?"
"I'm not... strong enough."
When Garnet came home one day after completing a mission, Steven came up with a story of for what she did on it. In his story Garnet battled a Fox Man and not-Ronaldo for possession of a powerful gem alongside her animal friends Hopper and Hoppy.
All feats are from Steven Universe season 1 episode 33, "Garnet's Universe." All of Garnet's feats from up to this episode should be applicable for this Garnet as well, since this story is based on what Steven knew about her at the time.




Without Weighted Hair

Super Garnet

"...Yeah, that's pretty much what happened."
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2023.04.01 13:43 JoJo-Bizarre-1997 What to expect from Herve Renard - new coach of France women's national team?

On 30 March 2023, news erupted that Herve Renard was appointed coach of France women's national team. Having coached four previous men's national teams before, his appointment certainly surprised everyone, though it didn't come unpredicted as Renard had expressed interests in coaching France women's team.
Now, we have to come with a question: what to expect from Herve Renard, new coach of France feminin?
Fortunes in Africa
Renard had a notorious reputation in Africa. He won the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations with Zambia before repeated the feat with Ivory Coast in 2015. This had resulted in Renard becoming the first manager to win two AFCONs with two different national teams, a feat not repeated by other managers.
Renard was appointed coach of Morocco in 2016 and during the tenure, Renard successfully guided the Atlas Lions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Morocco's first World Cup in 20 years. Though Morocco was eliminated at the group stage, Morocco impressed greatly with strong performances against Spain, outside two unfortunate defeats to Iran and Portugal. But while he ended Morocco's World Cup drought, he could not end their AFCON drought after failing in 2017 and 2019 editions, especially the latter due to a shock defeat to Benin.
Almost making history for Saudi Arabia
In 2019, Renard was identified by Yasser Al-Mishehal as new coach of the Saudi Arabian men's team and under Renard, Saudi Arabia underwent massive transformation. The most impressive aspect was his ability to embed with Saudi football, a key weapon attributed to his successes as coach of the Kingdom's side. Throughout the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification, Saudi Arabia impressed with a near domination, finishing top of the qualification group ahead of Japan and Australia and undefeated to both of them at home. Before the World Cup, Renard aspired to repeat Saudi Arabia's 1994 performance, when the Kingdom emerged from the group stage for the first, and only time.
The 2022 FIFA World Cup was the hallmark of Renard's reputation. His greatest triumph was the shock 2-1 comeback victory over Argentina in the opening game of group C of the Qatar World Cup, where Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al-Dawsari struck twice in five minutes to create an earthquake in Lusail and the world's football. Unfortunately, he could not build up from that shock triumph. Against a Poland side that sat deep, the Green Falcons failed to find the net, even Salem Al-Dawsari missed a penalty, while a highly conservative Polish side struck twice to deny Saudi Arabia an early knockout place joy. Against a rampant Mexico however, the Green Falcons could not run with their plan and got axed the same way they did to Argentina; when Al-Dawsari found the net again, it was too late to avoid Saudi Arabia being in bottom place, though it confirmed Mexico's elimination and Poland's progression.
While Renard was widely praised for his tactical display, determination and fiery tempers as the way he fired up the Falcons, Saudi Arabia's inability to overcome Poland and Mexico had led to criticism. In fact, Saudi Arabia has suffered a 32 years drought of a knockout stage appearance despite the shock win against champions-to-be Argentina, leaving thousands of Saudis in despair.
But Renard's fortune appeared to have run out after the World Cup elimination. His last charge with the Falcons was in March friendlies against Venezuela and Bolivia, having rested to watch the inexperienced Saudi side under Saad Al-Shehri in the 2023 Gulf Cup. However, Saudi Arabia failed to register a single win in these friendlies, losing both 1-2 to Venezuela and Bolivia, the latter was a surprise given Bolivia had a lacklustre away game performance record.
What to expect now?
Renard prefers a highly mobile, aggressive pressing style of play, which requires a strong midfield group. He employed it when working with Zambia, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. This aggressive display by controlling midfield ensured Renard's teams to be always energetic, but this often left his teams vulnerable in the back. However, there is a need to distinguish the team Renard coached in 2022 and the upcoming team in 2023.
When Renard worked as coach of Saudi Arabia, his pressing tactics were effective, but once facing teams that were conservative or were equally aggressive, as seen with Poland and Mexico, it did not work out. Saudi Arabia, after a strong performance against Argentina when the Green Falcons exploited Argentina's reckless defence, made themselves vulnerable to mistakes against the Poles, which Czeslaw Michniewicz exploited by laid low with effective midfielders like Piotr Zielinski and Grzegorz Krychowiak to disable Salem Al-Dawsari and Firas Al-Buraikan. In the final match against Mexico, Renard's reckless 3-4-3 tactic was against exploited by Gerardo Martino, who decided to butcher the Saudi midfield by employing Edson Alvarez, Orbelin Pineda and Luis Chavez; these Mexican midfielders ultimately proved their worth by wrecking havoc on Saudi midfield, denying Ali Al-Hassan, Mohammed Kanno, Sultan Al-Ghannam and Saud Abdulhamid from being effective at providing ball, thus Salem Al-Dawsari and Firas Al-Buraikan were left starved, ultimately contributed to Saudi Arabia's exit.
But as coach of France women's team, Renard has more choices for his pressing tactics. This is because France women's has a far more diverse option than Saudi Arabia men's. The midfield position, which is Herve Renard's favourite, has Amel Majri, Sandie Toletti and Kenza Dali balancing, and they are some of the most effective midfielders, something not even Saud Abdulhamid or Mohammed Kanno could achieve for Saudi Arabia men's. The use of captain Wendie Renard (unrelated to Herve), combined with Estelle Cascarino, Eve Perisset, Griedge Mbock Bathy and Sakina Karchaoui in the back can help sustaining France's pressing tactics as they are seen as some of women's game best defenders today. On the attacking front, Eugenie Le Sommer, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Delphine Cascarino and Kadidiatou Diani's seasoned experiences are helpful to guide youngsters like Naomie Feller and Melvine Malard.
Herve Renard has left the job as coach of a strong but risky Saudi Arabia men's side for a far less experienced subject but hugely empowered France women's. His contract will last until Olympics 2024, which France will host, so Renard has a huge task ahead: winning the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup and 2024 Olympics. Unlike the AFCON or men's World Cup, the women's World Cup offers some sort of unique challenge, but considering the depth of French squad, if Renard cannot win the World Cup or Olympics, it will be even hard to cope with for the Frenchman.
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2023.04.01 13:42 Justathrowawayiglol I feel so judged by my ‘supportive’ mum for my beliefs and it’s killing me

My parents had different religions so when they had kids they decided to raise us free of religion and let us choose for ourselves when we got older. Sister chose Christianity and I chose paganism. When I told my dad I was interested in it he was perfectly neutral as he said he would be and was just like ‘you do you’ which is exactly what I needed. My mum was like ‘eheh uh right’ and just became very uncomfortable around anything to do with my beliefs.

My parents were both raised Christian but my dad hated it and got as far away as he could while my mum slowly grew out of it over time, so now my dad is atheist and my mum’s that gray area between Christian and atheist where you go back and fourth depending on the situation.

My dad has always been supportive no matter what, he talks with me about my beliefs respectfully and actually takes an interest in what I care about. If we went to buy crystals he would be like ‘ooh is this one any good?’ Even though he doesn’t believe in what I do and I love him for that. If I did the same with my mum she’s stand there mumbling to herself that it’s bullshit and has directly said to me multiple times that what I believe in is ‘made up’ or ‘ridiculous’. She’s even argued with me that its ‘evil’ and ‘the devil’s work’.

The main problem here is that she always talks about how she’s oh so supportive of me and that she acts like it doesn’t faze me at all because she thinks she’s in the right. But it hurts me so much because it cuts so deep. My beliefs are a big part of my life and let me accept myself finally and it feels like every time she mocks it she’s also mocking me.

It puts me in a weird spot because I understand that she grew up being told the things that bring me joy are horrible and the work of Satan but she’s also not Christian and actually mocks or makes fun of Christian beliefs a lot. I have a hard time understanding where she draws the line in her head; she doesn’t believe in god or heaven or hell or Satan yet me wearing a necklace with a star in a circle is apparently asking Satan to take my soul? It’s really hard. I know deep down that it’s not her fault, she had a very strict religious home and obviously some of that trauma stays with you for a long time and she doesn’t want me to get in some sort of trouble (?) but I just wish she would keep it to herself.

Every time she makes a comment about how I’m apparently believing a ridiculous fantasy that the devil wrote I break into tiny pieces. How does she not realise that making fun of something that matters so much to me would hurt me? It feels unfair. My sister tells my mum she’s Christian? ‘Aw I love you my dear child!’ . I tell her I’m spiritual? ‘Oh so you’re one of those^ hippies now?’ It hurts so much oh my fucking god why am I just never good enough for her? Why is it okay for her to purposely hurt me and get off free? My dads amazing! He doesn’t believe what I do but he respects my right to have those beliefs! My mum takes her trauma out on me and fights with me then says things that contradict what she’s taught me my whole life!! I just want respect. But any time I try to talk to her about it she yells at me and calls me horrible things and it ends in more pain.

I guess I don’t want advice as much, I just want to vent. Please don’t yell at me this time reddit I just want to know I’m not a horrible person for being different.

I just want my mum to treat me like she treats my sister. I’m never good enough.

I just want to be good enough. I wish I was Christian I really do but I’m just not. It’s not me. I would give anything to be comfortable in a religion she was okay with but I’m just not, and I finally found a community that accepts me and is free and makes me so much happier and she just can’t even give me the bare minimum of keeping it to herself.

I love my mum but I don’t feel like she really loves me. Reddit please don’t go on a tangent telling me everything wrong about myself I just want to be told it’s okay and that it’s gonna be okay I just want to know I’m not alone
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2023.04.01 13:42 pebbles0410 Which specialty should I seek for bump under eye?

Hi, vets! I have a 5 year old male dog, he’s a 15kg mixed breed I got from a shelter about 4 years ago. He’s overweight per body score, UTD on vaccines and prevention, has central hypothyroidism under treatment with thyroid hormone for the past 3ish years. Last autumn, a friend noticed he had a very small bump under his eye. When I got to the vet, we couldn’t find it so I figured it was a bit of dirt? It has, however grown a bit to the point I can see it now. It seems like he produces more eye boogers but they’re normal consistency-wise, the area isn’t sensitive, no other complaints. It looks like a beige-pink tick and it’s located roughly 3/4 in under his eye. Size-wise it’s around 2-3mm in diameter Now my big question is: do I take him to the dermatologist or the ophtalmologist? I’m only asking because specialists are hard to come by where I live, and most of them are at the university hospital which is a pretty poor environment for an anxious dog. They’re also not transparent regarding his care at times, so I would avoid the place as much as possible (within reason ofcourse). There’s been times I waited for him in the cold for 4 hours for a blood draw, the billing is wildly inconsistent, we can only draw blood on a certain day because their lab tech is temperamental etc. I’m a human dr and understand that hospitals are chaos but it hasn’t been a good experience for either of us (he gets so anxious he’s not himself for days and it breaks my heart) Thank you so much for your help!
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2023.04.01 13:42 acctoftenderness Any tips for making sense of a rats nest of salt configurations?

I’m wading through different salt state files and pillar data and of course like it is most places, my company has many proprietary undocumented use cases and the official salt docs are only so helpful.
Do any of you have any tips for say, distinguishing between custom modules and built-in salt modules? IDE tools you really like? Something that will render out the jinja for you or help to expose what is being executed when or in what order?
I’m struggling with understanding what is available where and why, and most of the folks who wrote this code no longer work at my company.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.01 13:42 skeeter1980 Round 1 Notes & Stat Leaders
Sebastián Muñoz’s 62 is the lowest score of the 2023 LIV Golf League season and ties for the lowest score shot at a LIV Golf event. Last year during the Invitational Series, Lee Westwood shot a 62 in the third round at Boston and Brooks Koepka shot a 62 in the first round at Jeddah. Muñoz’s 9-under total also ties for the record low relative to par. Dustin Johnson shot a 9-under 63 in Rd. 1 in Chicago and Eugenio Chacarra shot a 9-under 63 in Rd. 2 in Bangkok
Of the four players on the Majesticks GC lineup, Westwood is the only member who doesn’t live in the Orlando area. But the 49-year-old co-captain came through with the team’s lowest score of the day, a 5-under 66. Fellow co-captains Henrik Stenson (67) and Ian Poulter (69) also contributed as the Majesticks seek their first team points of the season.
Mayakoba winner Charles Howell III, the current individual points leader, opened his round with a bogey, then followed with 11 consecutive pars before posting three late birdies to finish with a 2-under 69. The Crushers GC member is tied for 19th.
Andy Ogletree, the current International Series Order of Merit leader, opened with a 2-under 69 and holed out for eagle at the par-4 second hole while providing one of the three contributing scores for Crushers GC. Ogletree is playing this week as the replacement for regular Crushers player Anirban Lahiri, out for personal reasons. It’s Ogletree’s first start in LIV Golf since the inaugural event for the Invitational Series last year in London. In the nine months since that start, Ogletree has won two International Series events. The International Series Order of Merit leader at the end of the 10-tournament 2023 season earns full playing privileges for the LIV Golf League in 2024.
Fireballs GC, winners of the team trophy two weeks ago in Tucson, are tied for last place with HyFlyers GC after the first round. Carlos Ortiz, part of the four-man playoff in Tucson, shot a 1-under 70 and was matched for the team’s best score by Abraham Ancer. The Fireballs and HyFlyers were the only two teams that did not have at least one player shoot in the 60s on Friday.
Brooks Koepka shot the lowest score (65) among the 18 LIV Golf members who will play in next week’s Masters, the first major of the 2023 golf season. Dustin Johnson (67) and Patrick Reed (67) had the lowest score among the six past Masters champs. Reigning Open champion Cameron Smith shot 69.
Driving distance – Bryson DeChambeau, 339.3-yard average
Longest drive – Bryson DeChambeau, 361 yards (18th hole)
Driving accuracy – Richard Bland, 92.86% (13 of 14)
Greens in regulation – Mito Pereira, Laurie Canter, Louis Oosthuizen, 94.44% (17 of 18)
Scrambling – Sebastián Muñoz (4 of 4), Harold Varner III (4 of 4), Lee Westwood (4 of 4), Dustin Johnson (4 of 4), Talor Gooch (4 of 4), Mito Pereira (1 of 1), Laurie Canter (1 of 1), Louis Oosthuizen (1 of 1), 100%
Fewest putts – Sebastián Muñoz, Cameron Smith, 25 putts
Most birdies – Matthew Wolff, 9
Bogey-free rounds – Harold Varner III (66), Lee Westwood (66), Dustin Johnson (67), Laurie Canter (68)
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2023.04.01 13:41 I_Am_A_Simp_ best places to read with good translation and good quality art pages

ive seen alot of different websites to read TODG manhua on but most of them are hatigarm scans, and for some reason whenever i see a website use that scan the pages have a heavy fuzzy filter over them, but then i found a couple that dont but then they switch back and forth between hatigarm scans and other scans that dont have a watermark so i cant find where there from, is there a website that uses another scan with good quality pages but also has the same quality in english translation as hatigarm?
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2023.04.01 13:41 19061988 We need more ports in 14" and 16".

Hey, I've found this hilarious post where Redditor asks why M1 Pro has only 2 ports ("it's the base/cheapest model you dummy!", "it's an entry level chipset!"):
2 years fast forward, I'm configuring my $5000 14" with M2 Max, 64 GB RAM and... hell yeah, it has 3 USB-C ports! No more entry level chipsets, we got 1 extra port! So in clamshell mode I can connect my mouse, keyboard and a webcam... And nothing else :D Yes, of course, there are wireless peripherals but I think they are often inferior to their wired brothers (especially mice, eg. top-tier Logitech MX Master 3S being much more sluggish than my beloved 20 year old MX518 etc.).
But that's not the point. The big question here is why do we get only 3 ports in 14" and even in huge 16" (there's so much space!)? I think I'll have to go with a hub but those are usually a bit unreliable and clutter the desk.
Any idea if next Macbooks might have more ports? I'm willing to wait if they add at least 1 more, 4 would be an acceptable number for a pro device in my opinion.
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2023.04.01 13:41 AutoModerator [Get] Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy

[Get] Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy
Get the course here:
[Get] Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy

What You Get: Mastering Business Models Learn how to design and assess winning business models
  • Learn how to work with the Business Model Canvas, used by 5 million+ business practitioners
  • Turn hypothetical discussions into practical outcomes
  • Improve collaboration across teams no matter where they are in the world
Mastering Value Propositions Learn How to Create Value Propositions That Sell
  • Learn how to map the value that your product or service brings against the jobs, pains and gains of your customer
  • Discover and test messaging that will resonate with your customer
  • Leverage the Value Proposition Canvas to find product market fit
Mastering Business Testing Learn How to Test and Validate Your Business Ideas With Real Customers
  • Learn a clear and practical way to test and de-risk your business ideas
  • Create a shared language for testing in your organization
  • Pairs with the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvases to de-risk your ideas
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2023.04.01 13:41 TripleS034 FNAF 2 Makes No Sense To Me Anymore

Ever since it's been noticed that the Freddy & Bonnie animatronics that William Afton tears apart in the FNAF 3 minigames, which apparently take place in the FNAF 1 location, have buttons on their chests, FNAF 2 has no longer made any sense to me.
The Freddy & Bonnie animatronics we see in FNAF 1 don't have buttons on their chests, however the Freddy & Bonnie animatronics we see in FNAF 2 do. And as we understand it these Withered versions of the animatronics were taken from their location in FNAF 2, remade & placed in the FNAF 1 location.
However in the FNAF 3 minigames, what with Freddy & Bonnie having buttons on their chests, this would imply the animatronics William tore apart in the FNAF 1 location were pre-Withered versions of the FNAF 2 animatronics.
The only way I can make sense of this is that obviously each Freddy's restaurant had their own set of animatronics. The og animatronics in the FNAF 2 location became Withered & were replaced with the Toy animatronics.
But the og animatronics in the FNAF 1 location never became Withered & were never replaced with Toy animatronics. Yes, I am saying both locations were still functioning at the same time, there doesn't have to be only 1 Freddy's location open at one time, multiple can be at once.
So this would mean at the time of the MCI, Afton stuffed the children into the FNAF 1 og animatronics at the FNAF 1 location, then tore them apart, was forced into the Spring Bonnie suit by the children's spirits, got springlocked & was sealed in the back room.
The remains of the FNAF 1 og animatronics were then taken & remade into the animatronics we see in FNAF 1. That would mean the good ending, the Happiest Day ending, of FNAF 3 never happened, the children's spirits never moved on & remained in the remade animatronics.
If Mike Schmidt is in fact Michael Afton that would also mean Michael spent a good deal of time in the same building as his father but never knew due to the room William got springlocked in was boarded up.
With all of that being said however, the events of FNAF 2 now make zero sense to me. Who was possessing the Withered og animatronics at the FNAF 2 location? Did William murder another batch of kids? And instead of him stuffing the bodies into the animatronics was it in fact The Puppet as we see in the Give Gifts, Give Life minigame?
Also note we only see The Puppet place the animatronic heads onto four of the bodies, the middle child which the Golden Freddy head appears on does so of its own accord, which to me implies that the spirit possessing Golden Freddy had nothing to do with The Puppet.
And during the SAVETHEM minigames we see five dead kids scattered throughout the building but there are in fact six pools of blood, one hidden behind The Puppet's prize box.
I can guarantee I've missed something that probably invalidates most of what I've just written so please let me know! Make FNAF 2 make sense again for me please!
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2023.04.01 13:40 MattTheSmithers [Evil Dead] What is the nature of Deadites?

I am curious just generally.
What exactly is the nature of the Deadites? That is to say, they to some extent seem to retain the persona of the person possessed. But twisted to an extremely evil degree. Further, both Ash and Pablo have been Deadites and overcome it. Is that indicative that Deadites are just a corrupted version of the person possessed by evil rather than an individual entity themselves?
Further, how much autonomy does any individual Deadite have? There are times where they seem like a hive mind and others where they seem to show a degree of free will or act against the interests of the entity seemingly controlling them at any given moment (for example, AvED season 3 Ruby seems to command the Deadites yet several of them attempt to kill Brandy, whom Ruby needs to kill Ash). So how much individual autonomy does each Deadite have?
Finally, how is a Deadite made? The universe seems wildly inconsistent n that regard. Sometimes it seems that they have to bite or scratch someone to infect them. Others it seems that simply being in the vicinity of Deadites/the Necronomicon/Evil just automatically results in transformation. Is there any consistent method for how a Deadite is created?
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2023.04.01 13:40 Delicious_juice 😮‍💨

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2023.04.01 13:40 AutoModerator [Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

[Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy
Download course here:
[Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

What You Get:

Module 1

The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting

In this foundational module, you’ll discover:
  • The PUREST essence of copywriting nobody talks about today (and believe me, I’ve looked…)
  • The “Promise-Believability” Matrix… a unique new way to look at persuading people to buy
  • Why – in 95% of cases – you aren’t really selling what you THINK you’re selling (And what you’re ACTUALLY selling through your product or service)
  • The #1 way to melt away your prospect’s objections with ease… and turn them into devout BELIEVERS for life
  • The “mother” of ALL copywriting formulas… Single-handedly responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in sales (and NO, it’s not “AIDA”, “PAS”, or “PPPP”)
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  • 7 proven ”quick-n-dirty”copywriting templates & checklists you can use to reliably pump out winning copy FAST – even if you’re a beginner
Module 2

The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking

I promise you’ve never seen a more advanced masterclass in emotional response marketing before.
In this module, you’ll discover:
  • The secret evolutionary psychology behind persuasive messages that NO ONE talks about
  • A deep dive into the world of emotional persuasion… through the lens of the BEST emotional copywriters of all time
  • How to identify & tap into your ideal prospect’s deepest NEGATIVE emotions like Shame, Fear, Anger, and Guilt
  • How to identify & tap into your ideal prospect’s deepest POSITIVE emotions like Redemption and Unconditional Acceptance (Often-overlooked emotions that actually drive action like CRAZY!)
  • The BEST way to infuse these powerful emotions into your “Big Ideas” and Headlines to make them 10X more effective!
  • 7 core desires 99.9% of people constantly crave like crazy… and how to use these in your copywriting for maximum effectiveness
Module 3

The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process

Yes, yes – I know research isn’t the sexiest of topics out there…
But it’s an absolutely essential aspect of creating winning marketing campaigns.
To make this important topic as painless and swift as possible, I scoured through thousands of pages of my notes…
Revisited scores of past projects I did with various clients…
And analyzed how the best of the best copywriters did their own research…
To come up with a totally UNIQUE blueprint for doing marketing research FAST, in a no-nonsense way.
That’s why, in this module, you’ll discover:
  • The REAL reason why research is soooo essential if you want to be successful
  • The ONLY 8 things you need to look for while doing research. (Most people waste 10s of hours “mindlessly” researching… but armed with this list, you’ll cut your research time by 80%!)
  • My custom-built “Ultimate Marketing Research Kit”that’s so effective… several past students have joined the program JUST to get access to this!
  • 5 of the BEST places to find exactly what you’re looking for FAST in 2022
  • How to know when you’ve done enough research… so you don’t spend any more time on it than needed!
  • 6 sneaky research mistakes you NEED to avoid like the plague! (HINT: 95% of copywriters are guilty of at least one… Are you?)
  • A simple process for finding the 7 key marketing campaign elements you need for winning campaigns
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter’s coveted “6W Method”to quickly and reliably do high-impact customer research if you’re short on time
Module 4

The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads

This is where the “rubber meets the road”…
Because Module 4 is all about the highest-impact copywriting elements out there:
Big Ideas, Headlines, and Leads… PLUS, how they actually relate to each other.
So in this module, you’ll discover:
  • Why I call these 3 the “Sacred Trinity”… and how these elements all relate to each other
  • The mystical “Big Idea” concept… Demystified! (with plenty of practical examples, case studies, and even formulas!)
  • Previously untold A-list copywriting secrets about attention-grabbing headlines. (If you’ve ever wanted to improve your Headline game… you’ll LOVE this part!)
  • 6 of the greatest Lead “types”to start any sales message with ease… While building irresistible emotional desire in your prospect
  • My simple 10-step framework for creating any type of Lead in 15 minutes or LESS
  • My go-to “quick-n-dirty”Universal Lead Template you can copy-paste into ANY sales message to make it 3X more persuasive FAST
Module 5

The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With Your Offer

Once you know the secrets of the “Sacred Trinity”, it’s time to connect these elements with your Offer.
Module 5 reveals everything.
Inside this game-changing masterclass, you’ll discover:
  • How to effectively use the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting” Frameworkin ANY sales message
  • 6 things you NEED to know before weaving your “Golden Thread” (ATTENTION: Miss just 1 of these… and your entire marketing argument might crumble!)
  • What NOT to do when identifying your “North Star”: The One Buying Belief!
  • A super simplepersuasive message template you can use to consistently pump out winning pieces of copy in just 30 mins (or less)
  • 3 unique belief-shifting strategies that melt away objections with ease (And covert even the most skeptical of people!)
  • How to do Proof Marketing RIGHT… without boring your readers to death
  • Agora Financial’s secret “CPB Technique”that makes their front-end promotions so profitable (A method so powerful, even Evaldo Albuquerque, the highest-paid copywriter of all time SWEARS by it!)
  • The 10 questions your prospects are always subconsciously asking when reading your copy… And how to pre-emptively answer them successfully!
Module 6

How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism

Our next topic is about Unique Mechanisms…
Which are essential in today’s world of “high-market sophistication” audiences.
During this module, you’ll discover:
  • What exactly is a “mechanism” (and why you also badly need one… especially today!)
  • The crucial difference between “common mechanisms” VS. “Unique Mechanisms” (And how to make yours truly stand out!)
  • How to find your unique mechanism in just 3 simple steps – even if you’re starting from scratch!
  • DOZENS of practical unique mechanism examples used in all sorts of proven marketing campaigns (Some of which have generated over $1 BILLION!)
  • The often-misunderstood (but critically important)difference between a Unique Mechanism (UM)… and a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • What neverto call your Unique Mechanism… EVER! (Seriously… this one mistake can single-handedly invalidate your entire mechanism in an instant!)
Module 7

Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked

Next up, Storytelling on STEROIDS! (which I like to call “StorySelling”)
In this module, you’ll discover:
  • The REAL reason why almost every single persuasive message needs to use storytelling
  • The essential fundamentals of StorySellingyou need to understand to create not just compelling stories… but PROFITABLE ones!
  • Why focusing on the story itself isn’t enough – no matter how good it is… (And the often-overlooked “secret ingredient” of great storytelling!)
  • The 4 “pillars” of highly effective StorySelling almost no one talks about
  • How to create a kickass Character / Hero for your story that your audience will easily resonate with
  • Ever heard of the “Hero’s Journey” before? You have? Well…that’s cool, and all… BUT did you know that there are actually TWO (2) journeysthe Hero goes through, not just one? And this is THE single biggest point of difference between stories that are “meh”… and stories that are AMAZING!
  • 7 proven story archetypes you can copy/paste into your marketing funnels for an easy conversion boost
  • Where exactly to use these stories in your funnels (+ other useful tips)
Module 8

How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It

Once you have your “Big Idea”, Headline, Lead, Golden Thread, Unique Mechanism, and Stories…
It’s time to finally create an offer they can’t refuse!
So in Module 8, you’ll discover:
  • What exactly is a lucrative Offer (and how to make yours irresistible)
  • The #1 principle of ridiculously good offers you must always start with (DO NOTignore this… because otherwise, your offer will fall flat on its face!)
  • How direct marketing TITANS like Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, Todd Brown, and Alex Hormozi approach irresistible offers (Including their popular frameworks!)
  • The ONLY 8 core offer “types” you need to successfully launch any type of product or service
  • Advanced risk-reversal strategies that melt away objections with ease… and know people off the fence like crazy!
  • How to present your offer for MAXIMUM impact in MINUMUM time
  • 5 proven offer blueprintsyou can steal and install in various parts of your sales funnels
Module 9

From “Master Structure” to Breakthrough Copy

In this strategic overview session, we’ll revisit the most important 80/20 principles of key topics like:
  • The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting
  • The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking
  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked
  • How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It
  • The Breakthrough Copy Development Process (with Real-Life Example!)
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2023.04.01 13:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
Get the course here:
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.04.01 13:39 scout_with_beard A lot of hardware to test LLM models. Asking for advice about system configuration for Llama AI model

Hello! I am a software engineer who wants to run Llama for the first time and I am looking for a system configuration advice. Because I have a bunch of not used hardware and I want to play with self hosted AI, but I want to start from some interesting configuration. Still, I need an advice from where to start. I can swap parts if needed I have in hand: - 3 X RTX 3080 10GB - 6 X RTX 3060 12 GB - Ryzen 9 5800x - 128 GB DR4 RAM - 4 X 2 TB NVME drives that I can raid0 using nvme pciexpress card - bunch of x1 quality risers, power supplies
My questions are: 1) does Llama is using GPU's for text generation when I am sending a query or it's using RAM and CPU? 2) Llama is using GPU's only for the training? So if I want to query the existing model, there is no reason to install GPU's? 3) I can connect 3 X RTX 3080 10 GB or 6 X RTX 3060 12 GB to one machine. I understand that I should'nt mix GPU's. With what configuration should I start? Faster 3080's which will give me 30 GB vram, or slower 3060's which will give me 72 GB vram? 4) Power limiting - I understand that running Llama on GPU is more memory intensity than core intensive. Can I power limit 3060's to for example 120W without gimping much of the performance? I don't want to run it with 100% power limit because probably it don't have any sense. 5) Why should I have nvme drives? Why they are needed? 6) I am planning to put GPU's connected to pciexpress x1 risers - is it an issue for Llama? 7) People are training their models with some data. Probably there is a need for a lot of internet scrapping. I know that Google trained Bard with sharegpt prompts. From where people get the training data, if they are new AI starters, like me? 8) Can you recommend discord channels for people that are starting with large language models like Llama?
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