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2023.05.29 03:11 Ok-Reward-6390 21M be my half [relationship]

Hello there! I haven’t flirted with anyone for such a long time that I thought this could be fun. I never quite know how to introduce myself but I am a 21 yo male from Brazil, a country in South America. I am going to university for a social sciences degree, and while this is not an application, it feels like one so yes my GPA is pretty high. Besides that, I write poetry on the side, and I work for a small online newspaper.
I am fascinated fairly often by many things so you won’t be bored. These days I was reading about Liberian history before the 1980 coup d’etat and last month I became fascinated by modern Spanish history after reading Preston’s biography of Francisco Franco. In general, I really enjoy all the humanities. I follow politics keenly, and I’d say I am on the centre-left – pro-abortion, in favour of a robust welfare state, LGBTQ+ rights, affirmative action. If you know about Brazilian politics, I voted for Marina and Haddad in 2018 (the voting age here is 16), and Lula last year.
As you can imagine, I also really enjoy reading and writing. Besides poetry, I often write little chronicles, and I have dreamt about writing a novel, but that definitely sounds like too much work right now. As for my favourite novels, they definitely would be Auto-da-Fé by Elias Canetti and War and Peace by Tolstoy. I also really enjoy TV shows and cinema, in general, and I am easily brought to tears in the movies. Yes, I cried during the last Minions movie – and I didn’t even go there willingly. And I really love music. My taste in music has been described as “fairly gay” by a few friends. Since last year, I have been especially fascinated by Rosalía, but I love tango, classical music, hip hop, pop, and indie. I'd have loved to be a musician, but ah, social scientist and amateur poet is good enough.
I'd say I am pretty introverted, polite, and timid. I am affectionate and I can be very passionate as well. I’m fairly funny – or at least, a few people laugh, that is. As for what I want to do with my life, I am unsure though I am inclined to go into academia. I have been considering applying to a PhD program in the U.S. after finishing my undergrad here in Brazil. My family does want me to go into their business, which is related to politics.
What am I looking for? I’d like someone curious about the world around her. And I’d like someone who would be willing to watch Seinfeld with me at times. Someone to love, someone to care, and someone to write about.
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2023.05.29 03:10 Collector046 What car related collection would you be interested in keeping up with?

Hey, this is my first time using reddit. I am a car enthusiasts and i have an interest in everything car related. I would love to start a car related collection project ( like and instagram, twitter, YouTube) account that i would be posting on every detail about the collection. I would love to know what car related collection would you be interested in following:
View Poll
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2023.05.29 03:10 RainbowGanjaGoddess New to learning about UFOs want recommendations on interviews and true stories to look up. Thanks!

Hello, I have always been interested in Alien stories, movies, UFO stories and documentaries but I feel that I am still really in the dark when it comes to finding this information. I have trouble discerning who is credible or not and what to look up. I would love to get some names and stories, interviews, podcasts, movies etc that anyone suggests for me to look into to gain more knowledge on UFOs and ufo abduction stories.
I grew up watching Ancient Aliens on the TV with my dad at night. It was something that got me interested in this along with science fiction books like the robot city series written by Issac asimov that included robots and aliens in it. I also loved the 5th element film too. I recently saw fire in the sky and contact and thought those films were great. I saw the 4th kind film when I was in middle school and it really scared me. I hadn't heard of the concept of scary aliens before until I saw that film and it got me interested into learning more about ufo abductions and what people's stories are and if they share similarities. If anyone has recommendations on where to get more information about UFOs and ufo abduction stories I would love to hear it. This is a fun hobby for me and just something I am curious about so I am always interested in learning as much as I can about it.
The current UFO abduction stories I know about and crashes are the roswell ufo crash, Calvin Parker's ufo abduction story, the abduction story of Betty and barney Hill, the story in the 4th kind film, Tavis Walton's abduction story, stories about crop circles (though not abduction related, still interesting af to me), Garry Nolan on the Lexington Friedman podcast, things Edward Snowden has said on the joe rogan podcast (unfortunately he did not find any ufo info when he was looking into what the government was doing and exposing it), the various people joe rogan has had on his podcast discussing ufos or abduction stories, and Bob Lazar's story as well as what richard dottie did to paul benewitz. (Sorry for mispellings on names etc). As I go on youtube though, there's many more videos suggested to me and I feel like I've only seen a very small amount of ufo information out there. I would love to see and learn more. I feel I have only touched the surface. Though it's hard for me to know what's credible or not. What's exaggerated or what's lies or what's honest. Maybe I can never fully know that. But I would love for this community to suggest me some stuff to watch and listen to to help broaden what I currently know. I also have heard about project blue book, project montouak, the rainbow experiment, the nazi ufo bell project (though I don't know much about that one other than that title), admril byrd and his trip to Alaska where he met with aliens that sound similar to the plededian aliens, the Denver international Airport conspiracies and the reptilian conspiracies involved in it, I know a little bit about David Ike but to me he's about as credible and extreme as Alex Jones, and isn't someone I necessarily enjoy listening to or trusting (not to tip on anyone's toes here. I'm sure plenty of people enjoy those 2 guys but they just aren't really my cup of tea personally. However I do find their stories interesting indeed.) And I know not all of the conspiracies I mention relate to ufos but a lot of the information surrounding them sometimes gets tied in with aliens/Alien technology and alien experiments etc. I find all of this interesting. I'm sure there's more things I have seen and heard but I can't remember it all right now. Those are just some of the few that stick out to me that I would love to learn more about. If anyone has recommendations on where to go from here let me know.
On a funnielighter note, I did see the episode in Adventure Time where Tree Trunks gets abducted by aliens and has a ton of babies with them and I thought that was a fun nod to the ufo community and ufo abductee community by Pendleton Ward so if anyone wants to check that out for some laughs and entertainment, I recommend it. It's a great show. So is Rick and Morty and Inside Job. If anyone has shows similar like that for fun to recommend for me to watch feel free to comment them to me.
Best wishes (and thanks for listening to my long rambling misspelled question about ufo stuff.) :)
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2023.05.29 03:09 SeriousDookie Where are the conspiracy theories for other cultures?

Almost every post involving a conspiracy theory that I’ve ever seen for decades, has been American.
I honestly have no idea.
Is there a conspiracy group for every country?
Do they just say “these people are lying about ____” instead of saying “I have a conspiracy theory”
I know for a fact Americans aren’t so special that all of the important world events take place in America and are related to our country. that would only be possible if America was the center of all humanity, which it isn’t, unless there’s something major that I haven’t been told.
So I guess my question is… where’s all the conspiracy theories for other countries/cultures that don’t involve America?
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2023.05.29 03:09 ta_duckdgjs How to get abortion at 18 without parents knowing

Title says it all. In case I am pregnant (Got a negative test and what we did was relatively low risk, just having weird symptoms and period hasn't started the day it was supposed to).
I live in Ohio, and the closest clinic is 20 miles away. I can't tell my parents and have to find my own funding that isn't on their insurance. Would prefer pills. Thank you so much to anyone that offers input
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2023.05.29 03:09 d1nerbone everything seems too real now

i really dont know how to explain what im feeling, like everything seems so real yet so fake at the same time. i've noticed i havent been disassociated as much when i do everyday things like how i'd normally be. like i actually have thoughts when doing things instead of just getting it done, no internal dialogue or thoughts, nothing. its so weird, everything really. im on 125mg of zoloft, diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder) and anxiety, pretty much for most my life, the only recent change is my medication, it recently went up 25mg the last time i saw my doctor (about a week ago) i dont really know if anything like what i stated could have contributed to it. ive noticed recently it feels like im going through another "episode" one might call. relapsed after being 6 months clean (SH) cant tell anyone, scared it'll interfere with more important things. every. single. day. i atleast think of relapsing again, at least one. no, it's never been that little, it feels like every minute it at least crosses my mind, why do i have to be like this, why cant i be normal like other girls my age, why do i have to be the "weird mental one who cant be trusted around anything sharp". swims coming up, the cuts/fading into scar like injuries still havent gone away.
im still a person, i have a personality and a back story, im real. not everything around me is related to my disorders, i want to be treated normally, i want to feel normal.
im sorry i usually dont do long vent things like this, but everything just feels so different, real but fake. thank you for reading. <3
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2023.05.29 03:09 bigtimedaebak Cognizant is hiring

Online Video Sharing Account 🌟 30K-40K Basic Salary (Depending on your experience and we can offer 10% higher than your previous salary)
📍 Free COFFEE and FOOD - All Meals (Breakfast > AM Bites > Lunch > PM Bites > Dinner) 📍 HMO on the 1st day of Onboarding (up to 3 dependents free upon regularization) 📍 Life Insurance 📍 YEARLY Salary INCREASE 📍 Profit Sharing (TWICE a YEAR) 📍 Laptop Bundle 📍 Performance Bonus 📍 Paid Leaves 📍 Night Differential 📍 Allowances + Other Benefits
❗❗❗Qualifications❗❗❗ ✅ Senior High School / 2nd Year College (Minimum) ✅ At least 1 year BPO related experience (preferred but not required) ✅ Willing to work on shifting schedule. ✅ Sites: Net Lima, BGC, Taguig / Vertis North, QC.
🔴 If you’re interested, please PM me or send your resume here: [email protected]
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2023.05.29 03:08 Elegant_Tip8160 Moving into a new apartment and wealthy relative is going to fully stock my kitchen. What should I ask for?

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2023.05.29 03:07 openandclosing 28 [M4F] #Sydney, NSW, Australia - Sweet, younger man seeks beautiful, older woman

Looking for all kinds of older women (30-55) (that being said, I wouldn't mind if someone my age wanted to connect and an online relationship would be great, too) And this doesn't have to be anything long-term, something like a once off would work just as fine. Although I'd obviously love something long-lasting.
Why an older woman? There's just something unbelievably alluring about them. An unrivaled sex appeal so to speak. Someone who's got a ton of life experiences and could probably teach me a thing or two! Preferably inside the bedroom, of course 🙂 I just have this insatiable desire to fulfill one's needs and give as much pleasure as possible. The fantasy is unbelievably strong and the want to fulfill it is just as powerful.
I'm up for anything you wish/want to do. If you happen to be a lonely housewife just looking for some company and an ear to talk to - it doesn't have to be bedroom-related - I'd be more than happy to be there for you. Friendships are always great. Or if you need some much needed attention, I can be your boytoy too 😉 All up to you, providing you're comfortable.
As for myself, I'm just a normal cute 28-year-old guy, the usual hobbies, etc. Having said that, I'd prefer if we got to know each other in conversation! I know it's unconventional and nothing can happen, but I just want a chance. That's it. Hopefully my crazy post reaches someone out there.
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2023.05.29 03:07 Able-Bid-6637 Moss Pole Advice?

Moss Pole Advice?
I am a relatively new plant mom, and have been learning as I go with very little guidance. I’ve had this cutie for a little over a year or so, but only just recently discovered (thanks to this sub) that I should have a moss pole for this cutie to climb on. Her base is very wide (ignore the Creeping Charlie who casually decided to call her soil a second homebase). Any advice for the best way to incorporate a moss pole? I’ve already got one. Just wanna make sure I do it right. It wasn’t too long ago that I repotted her due to some issues, and she’s only fairly recently recovered. I also only just recently discovered aerial roots are a thing, and had been snipping them off before I knew any better. I just feel awful for accidentally not giving her great care. Any advice on how to, given her base/shape, to incorporate a moss pole is greatly appreciated. I am also asking foaccepting any other constructive criticism on how to best care for her, if something seems awry (if you notice any irregularities n such, etc).
Thanks so much!
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2023.05.29 03:07 glitter_crybaby What am I doing wrong?

I am polyamorous and married. I am a demisexual/asexual woman and my husband is a gay man. We don't have a sexual relationship. We both date separately.
The last several times I have tried to find a new partner that person and their other partner(s) seem to have issues. Either they're fighting all the time, new rules/boundaries are added that diminish our relationship/time, or they break up.
This most recent situation ended because their partner attempted suicide the first time we had an opportunity to have sexual time together. They always say it has nothing to do with me, but it's hard to believe that when it's happened everytime I've tried to be in a relationship with someone who is poly.
Am I missing red flags? What should I be looking out for? What questions should I ask early on to avoid these situations?
Please be kind. I am still relatively new to poly and I really want to make it work. It's disheartening that this keeps happening.
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2023.05.29 03:07 paradoxicalstripping Should I be concerned about how much my 10 week old is sleeping?

I have recently started tracking his day in preparation to attempt a nap schedule and I'm concerned we should be past this much sleep by now. Obviously, I'll ask his doctor, but I'm curious whether anyone else has had/is having a similar experience.
We typically do bedtime routine at about 9:45-10. I breastfeed him, sing him a little song and read some of a book, then rock him until he's asleep and put him down in his bassinet in our room. For the past couple nights he has woken up after 20-30 minutes and required some bouncing on our exercise ball to go back to sleep, and then he is down for about 5 hours. He wakes once in the middle of the night for a feeding.
Here is what our day has looked like today so far, and it's very typical of what we've been seeing:
5:30 AM: Wake, eat, right back to sleep
8:45 AM: Wake, eat, right back to sleep
10:15 AM: Wake and play
11:15 AM: Eat
11:30-12:30: Sporadic drowsing interspersed with some relatively low-energy play and tummy time
12:30 PM: Doze in car seat during errands
1:30 PM: Eat
2:00 PM: Doze in car seat
2:10 PM: Arrive home, wake up and play sleepily
2:40: Sleep
4:05 PM: Wake and eat, small amount of tummy time
4:30 PM-6:05 PM: Sleep
It's now 6:05 and he's still asleep, but stirring. If today continues to be typical, in a little bit he will wake up for about an hour and a half, then take another small cat nap, then play energetically until he starts showing signs of tiredness at about 9:30.
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2023.05.29 03:07 jenellnylan Looking for CR recs similar to Stephanie Archer’s Queens Cove series? New reader to Contemporary genre and feeling overwhelmed

I on a whim downloaded Stephanie Archers Queens Cove series a month ago, and these were actually the first contemporary romance books I’ve ever read! I have for no joke, 15 years only ever read historical romance, thinking I’d just not be into contemporaries, but I absolutely looooved this series by Stephanie Archer. The problem now is that I’ve finished them and I’m looking for contemporary books that are similar to fill the void, but contemporary as a genre just seems MASSIVE and I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and literally know nothing about the authors I should or would be into.
I would SO appreciate if you have recommendations for me! I’m listing below what I liked about this series that I’m really looking for:
What I loved:
-Small ish town, but feels modern and is not too “country/western”. I live in a place that seems similar to Queens Cove and love the inter-connecting relationships in the town and coziness.
-Emotional stories and characters with baggage/relatable issues, but not so tragic or traumatic or heavy that it weighs the plot down.
-Longing/pining/sweet heroes that have a dirty mouth - I loooooved Holden as an MMC so much. Dirty talk in these books was amaaaazing 10/10 for me. I also am a sucker for second chance romance.
-Intimacy/sex at 50% or earlier- I can do slow burn but can’t stand when the whole book is drawing it out and you get only one sex scene at 90%, I just lose my patience. Need the spice level to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥!
-Humolight heartedness - again I’m not looking for anything too serious or intense, really loved how nothing was too serious or angsty in these books.
-Modern/complex FMC’s who have sexual experience and are late twenties/30 - I’m around this age and just can’t relate to late teens or early twenties FMC’s any more.
Tropes I tend to stay away from:
-Fake dating
-marriage of convenience
-enemies to lovers
-really young/shy/inexperienced FMC’s
-workplace setting
Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!! 🫶🏼💗
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2023.05.29 03:07 FlyingFish28 Why I made this meme that changed the community?

Why I made this meme that changed the community?
Everyone here have seen this picture, right?
I bet you guys don't think that Traveler is the only one who can go underwater, or we can only go underwater with a vehicle anymore, right? Hoyoverse still respond to the community though, namely the Chinese one. The Chinese guys are so stubborn so the only way to motivate them is by pictures.
And obviously, it had a big hit in every country. The Chinese are sarcastic that it's Photoshop, the Japanese are really exited, the English speakers in Asia are laughing about the shark or having thallasphobia flashbacks, the Russians are talking about mints being underwater, and the south-east Asia is…
After the flood of this meme and the subnautica ones, the entire community is way less sarcastic about underwater mechanisms in Genshin and began to accept the coming of the new mechanics.
Back when I shared the underwater combat mechanism article in Reddit before the 3.7 livestream teaser 90% of the comments are talking that it's going to be vehicle-only, which I find understandable but absurd. Do you still think that underwater is for traveler-only now?
The motive behind this meme, or fan-made concept art of underwater combat by me, isn't that simple. I have to have some faith in Genshin implementing underwater combat with normal functioning characters first. But why I didn't deny the possibility of Genshin getting full-on underwater combat with alternate animations and proper physics in the first place, even before Sorush comes and being denied by Beisht 1 year ago?
So why did I assume that there's a 50/50 chance that this picture would become true despite all of this?
First of all, player trust. If Hoyo teased something 2 patches ahead of the actual region, there's a high possibility that this region is going to be big with veriaty of sceneries in the same category, which I assume that the region is going to be bigger than 1 square kilometers.
Second, traveler-only zones and traveler-only animations tend to be small and rare. Traveler-only zones which are only in quests, including Irminsl and a few escape/chases, "dates" with other characters (including Ayaka one). The areas which are only accessible by traveler during quest inside main Teyvat is always accessible by anyone anytime else. There's a traveler-only animation in the chase-and-escape quests, and there's a fishing animation that's unique to traveler, which are minor features in the game.
Third, having a big region being only accessible to the traveler violates the rule of being a gacha game. What's the main gameplay of Genshin? Wondering around, do quest, do events, fight mobs, sometimes do spiral abyss, with whatever team you feel comfortable to play, usually obtained from Gacha. Wether if it's the cabbage with the killer camera, or the Inazuman Samurai that makes everything into monsters, or that unlucky mondstadt boy, or the Liyue "bookworm" who is interested in martial arts, or that random cook, or charger that looks like a strict Asian mom, the point of Genshin gameplay is to team up your gacha loots, or characters, in a way and play them in a way that you feels comfortable, with at least one or two of the insane supports above. And then, there's a big major region which you can only use the traveler and go into Subnautica mode without being able to switch to and use your favorite support or DPS. The MC-only feature is supposed to be small and in Gacha games, but the size of something changes the properties of something.
Fourth, the existence of unnecessary but effort-consuming features in Honkai Impact 3rd. The one in Honkai Impact is very clear: Most popular units have multiple event detailed and beautiful outfits, including, playable Herrschers and flamechasers and many other popular units. All these outfits have entirely different and beautiful SFX than the original though they have a similar impression, though there's no obligation of the colors of the SFX in relation to the damage type because there's no elemental reactions like Genshin which you need to indicated the elemental type of the character swiftly through their SFX color, besides the fact that the water element does not exist in Honkai Impact, many summer outfits the SFX of the herrschers and the flamechasers are water-themed. It sounds quite effort taking… right? To make the entire underwater kit for Genshin's 70 existing characters would take slightly more effort than this, so if they wasted their strength on Honkai Impact, why don't make it worth more than just aesthetics on Genshin?
And fifth, powercreep. Though it may sounds weird, but without any more major change to the combat system like Dendro, the only way to update the meta is forward powercreep. And what does powercreep means? If someone feels like chasing the meta is hard and necessary, they would leave the game. This kinda happened to Honkai Impact 3rd and also Tower of Fantasy and countless other gacha games, though Honkai Impact 3rd is much more F2P friendly on meta. Underwater combat is a high-effort and high-risk but great method to give a big change to gameplay besides Dendro.
Some people may argue that they would only do the underwater combat for the new Fontaine units, while this takes way less effort than doing that for the existing 70 characters, it's pretty much equivalent severe powercreep if the underwater mobs comes into spiral abyss, because the point of genshin is to PLAY THE GAME WITH WHATEVER DPS YOU LIKE. And DPS could get a bit outdated, but supports never get replaced and with good supports anyone is playable. Doing underwater mechanics only for traveler and new characters violates the rule of Genshin's limited and healthy powercreep.
Sixth, Hoyoverse CAN animate underwater mechanics. While that may not be true back in the days when they state that there isn't going to be underwater stuff in Genshin besides mocking the players on Enkanomia and Beisht, similar animations have be seen in Nahida and Kokomi's demo, Kiana Herrscher of Finalty's summer outfit effects, Elysia Herrscher of Human's kit ( I am pretty obsessed with her burst mode outfit + animations).
And then, there's Honkai Star Rail as a backup if Genshin's underwater mechanics screwed up and turning Genshin into a niche game like Honkai Impact third. Honkai Star Rail has so many good side-features that it can counter with its turn-based feature and keep a big fanbase that are willing to pay. And people who get annoyed on Genshin would naturally move towards Star Rail.
And last, the developers are a bunch of YOUNG POEPLE that are willing to take some risk and get bored. Developers are people that are partially immature, aka "not boring", and would get bored and want to do something new that even the CEO have objected previously. And of course there would be people among the developers that are obsessed with the ocean and wanted to do something SERIOUSLY on it. And the CEO may have changed his mind want to do something seriously about underwater stuff too, ever since Tower of Fantasy did something on it.

That's pretty much my supporting arguments on having underwater combat in Genshin. And as you guys have suggested, there's quite a lot of drawbacks to underwater mechanics:
  1. Controls difficulty spike.The current Genshin controls are designed to mainly move on flat ground with 1 jump button and uses gravity to automatically do the job of pulling the player downwards. Inside water, you have to control both going up and going down on your own. While that may not feel too troublesome with just Sorush with only 1 attack button, it can get really troublesome when you add 2 or 3 more skill buttons as they're normally there on the characters, with probably a displaced sprint button which would take quite a while to get used to. And Sorush controls aren't that smooth, while smoother and more sophisticated controls would be troublesome to get used to and aren't popular(like the flight sim ones), learned from the "comment section catastrophe" of writing this on Reddit:
  2. Developers labor cost.Designing the underwater system itself, even just a mere text sketch of the rework of elemental reactions, would be quite a big work, as I felt when I wrote the basic underwater combat mechanics back before Sorush. And making the whole thing would take even more effort, including building a new physics engine for animating entirely underwater character movesets, though the base movement one may be easy with the animating physics engine, it's much harder to do that with each of the character unique animations which may only look good and natural underwater when having a really big rework, and worse, it's different from aerial combat too. And how many characters are there? 70! That would be quite a huge work.
  3. Risk management.Having such a big change on the entire gameplay with this much investment has a huge risk of losing a lot of money and players, namely whales and dolphins, and compared to normal powercreep, this mechanism has a much higher failure rate that would kill Genshin.
  4. Thalassphobia & other games being bad at this.Many players are afraid of the mechanism because other games which do not takes place entirely underwater's underwater mechanisms are minor or not good. There's a lot of PTSD here about other games and can be a major roadblock of Hoyo trying to make those mechanisms even if they want to.
Anyways, thanks to the nature of Reddit and Facebook, people's posts can blow up easily even they're not famous themselves like me. And I had a better feeling that this could blow up and even change the entire community's opinion about underwater mechanisms in Genshin. But thanks for the Subnautica meme makers who paved the way for this meme to spread too.
Well, there's another deepfake underwater gameplay fan art though.
So, what's your opinion about underwater mechanisms right now compared to your opinion before the 3.7 livestream, Subnautica memes and these two deepfakes? Please comment below!
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2023.05.29 03:06 texanstone God tier RNG

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2023.05.29 03:05 tb16nh Breaker Tripping Out of Nowhere

Several months ago, I installed some (3) additional LED recessed lights in my year old home’s garage. The install was not without fault as unbeknownst to me, I had sliced a hot wire when remounting the lights on a sharp edge of the junction box. In doing so, I of course tripped the breaker but also fried a motion activated light switch for the lights in the process (related….?) I promptly fixed both the cut wire and replaced the light switch and have not had any issues until the past couple days.
Last night I come home and my motion activated garage lights didn’t come on. I check the panel and see the breaker has tripped. Odd. As far as I can tell, the only thing on this circuit is the garage lights, two interior LED lights (seldom used) and my two sconce lights on the garage exterior. I flipped the breaker only for it to trip again later that night. I kept it off until this morning so I could investigate further. Today I rechecked all my additional lights wiring and did a breaker test which indicated a Ground Fault. I checked the switch I had installed as well and redid the ground connection for good measure and low and behold, the test showed no more Ground Fault. Great! Until tonight. Breaker has tripped again.
The breaker is tripping under minimal load as this is happening only when my garage sconce lights are on (I keep them on 24/7–LED A19 bulbs). So I don’t believe it’s a load issue. However, I am starting to wonder if the immense Florida sunlight on the exterior concrete wall opposite the panel and ambient garage temps are causing this (weak?) breaker to trip. I did the breaker test again tonight and now it is showing a Ground Fault once again.
TL; DR—Breaker that has never tripped has now tripped twice in the last two days with nothing changing in terms of Load or anything else. Could heat on the wall opposite of the panel + garage temps be causing this?
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2023.05.29 03:05 ranalog Weekly 'Ask Anything About Analog Photography' - Week 22

Use this thread to ask any and all questions about analog cameras, film, darkroom, processing, printing, technique and anything else film photography related that you don't think deserve a post of their own. This is your chance to ask a question you were afraid to ask before.
A new thread is created every Monday. To see the previous community threads, see here. Please remember to check the wiki first to see if it covers your question!
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2023.05.29 03:04 AstroboyTravel Suggestions for cities for relocation

Hi everyone, first time poster here!
My wife and I are Canadian and we are visiting Portugal next week and will be spending around 10 days there. If the country is everything we expect it to be, we would like to move there in the next couple of years. On this trip, we will be visiting Porto, Lisbon, and Albufeira. We are still relatively young (late 30s) and like the outdoors, modern amenities, and are foodies. Are there any other “lesser known” cities that we should consider other than the big 3 regions? It seems real estate there are becoming more unaffordable. We have friends who have suggested Sesimbra, Coimbra as more affordable options. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.05.29 03:04 Suspicious_Brain_350 I don't know which one to choose

I have been deferred from UTSC Computer Science to Statistics. Currently, I'm deciding between Statistics at UTSC or Computer Science at TMU (Both has coop). For some context: my personally more interested in Computer Science than Mathematics, and I wish to become a Software Engineer or other jobs related to Computer Science. I'm finding it difficult to choose between TMU's Computer Science program and UTSC's Statistics program because I've heard numerous opinions suggesting that TMU has a bad reputation. On the other hand, UTSC has better co-op opportunities and has a POSt system which allows students to be admitted into the Computer Science stream after the first year. However, many people have suggested that it would be challenging and advised "not to apply for a program with the intention to transfer to another". Furthermore, UTSC is relatively close to my home, around 20 mins biking where as TMU is a 1h30 public transit. I would appreciate any information that could help me make this decision. Additionally, what would you all choose given the circumstances?
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2023.05.29 03:04 thehighnotes Chat GPT is making my life so MUCH easier (no examples, only use-cases)

This literally just two days of some heavy ChatGPT lifting. And i've got a taste for more. If you're willing to input the time, the results are endless.
Hope this list inspired somebody! Have a good one!
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2023.05.29 03:04 Youngpeople_840 Is Gaijin botting playercount? I found something but don't know what to think of it

Is Gaijin botting playercount? I found something but don't know what to think of it
I have been researching two topics related to War Thunder, the spike in player count on May 26th and the increase in average players per battle since then. I suspect these two events are somehow connected, but I have not found any evidence so far.
First, let me explain the spike that occurred on May 26th at 20:00 UTC. According to SteamDB, the player count increased by 13k within 10 minutes.
This is data collected by Marlowe
This data does not include launcher and console players, so I wanted to compare it with the in-game player count. I found a streamer who was live during that time, but his stream made me even more confused. It seemed that the in-game player count did not increase at all. All those 13k steam players just disappeared into thin air.
In this VOD(please watch this video and jump to timestamps if you want some confirmation), at 03:55:28 the streamer entered a battle on Arctic. Polar base. You can find this battle's replay on official replay search website searching his username, this is the result

Key point is this battle starts at 19:59 UTC
On top left corner it states this battle started on 19:59 UTC(all time in this post is in UTC), which is 11 minutes before the spike. The ingame playercount right before he enters that battle is 138,624 and active battles is 3,128. Now we jump forward 13 minutes to 04:08:53, the top left player count shows 135,255 players and 3046 battles, in just a few seconds he will join his next battle in Ardennes (winter). Which you can also find on the official replay search website

Notice that battle starts on 20:12 UTC
Now if the SteamDB data is accurate, there should be at least 13k players joined the game during the streamer's Arctic. Polar base game but it actually lost 3,369 players during that 13 minutes.

Here's a diagram of timeline

What does this mean? I don't know, maybe there are 13k players unanimously decided to just log in for a short period of time just so steamdb can record their login and immediately log off afterwards.
The second thing is about average player per battle.
I did some research on past streams on Twitch and YouTube and found out that the average players per battle of War Thunder on weekdays is 37, on weekends or holidays it is around 39. However, recently that number has become 43.
Let me explain a bit about the number 37. This implies that for each battle there should be 32 players actively playing the game, because most game modes can hold up to 32 players per battle. Some modes/BR can hold less, for example at ARB 6.0 matches it is usually a 6v6 with 4 ju288s. So let’s assume that the actual number of players playing per battle drops to 28, leaving 9 players in hangaafk.
But with the current ratio of 43 players per battle, this means that for each active battle there are 4 extra players just sitting in hangar.
This goes beyond the effect of increased player numbers, because if it were, we should see an overall increase in both player count and active battles, which should keep the ratio between those two relatively stable. But this is an increase from 9 to 15, almost 50% increase!
I don't know what to make of it, maybe this shows Gaijin is botting, maybe this is just some bug but this is definitely something worth noting. For those who want some data, I'll post a list of youtubers/streamers I looked into. Please don’t delete my post, I have evidence.

Let me know if I'm not clear about anything, I'll try my best to clarify it

ykyc_bomzha_DD's youtube channel
this is a video of war thunder recorded last year during Memorial day weekend. The player per battle is 39, not as high as this year's.
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2023.05.29 03:03 2PChentAznDood [WTS]KAC M4/M5 Rails New and Used, KAC Panels, KAC VFG kit, P&S Panel, ADM Mount for Lights, LaRue LT619 Surefire X Series Mount, Unity Fusion Parts, Cloud ST07 LCS, Arisaka FDE Mlok,

KAC M4 RAS Kits New w VFG & Panels
New unissued complete with VFG and 9 panels Titusville 04-06 dates- 11 rib x 4- 6 rib x 2- 4 rib and 1- 2 rib x 2
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LT619 that turns Surefire x series A lights into picatinny long gun lights. Installs on newer X200 & X300 lights with a 6-screw base. Does not work on Ultra!
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ADM Mount for Scout Body Lights
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Arisaka Mount
Inline FDE Mlok $35 shipped
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Trade Interests are ODG Light, 9.3 g rail in ddc, other Geissele parts, axon switch etc, or shoot your shot.
Never know what will tickle me. CASH is king and priority Dibs means you'll take it. Don't dibs then try and barter or back out. Really not cool, be a grown up.
Thanks for understanding PLEASE PM me no chats! Venmo preferred, Paypal as an absolute last resort. F&F only. No firearm related notes using either service!
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