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2023.04.01 14:00 ella_rebeca Please help!!!

Please help!!!
I went to a hairdresser to bleach my roots and when i got home and dyed it i noticed these lines where the bleach was applied. I’ve been to that salon to bleach my roots several times before but w a different hairdresser and this has never happened before. I sent these pictures to the salon and they said that the bleaching went as it should and there is nothing they can do. I’m devastated i’ve been growing my hair out and bleached it routinely ( which is very expensive ) for years and i wish i could get back the even pink color it was before my last visit to the salon. If anyone has any advice on how i could fix this i would be v grateful!
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2023.04.01 13:59 CategoryDesperate200 Code review first go project

Hi, if someone has time can you please review my first go project? I was writing wallpaper Changer to change my wallpaper during day and on sunset and sunrise
If you see any mistakes please tell me, right now in this project I would like to add other platforms, unit testing, documentation and help flag
Also my ideas for other projects are rest api with firebase And Google drive automatic backup, so if you want comment on that you can definitely also
I'm looking forward to your comments, also if you like my project start it, It would cheer my day
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2023.04.01 13:59 Fischstabchenspalter Don't be too hard to yourself

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2023.04.01 13:59 rikuzero1 Global exclusive Volt-Fortitude simulacra Yuno (subject to change)

Global exclusive Volt-Fortitude simulacra Yuno (subject to change)

Type: Volt - Fortitude
Simulacra: Yuno
Weapon: Proteus
-Shatter: 10.50
-Charge: 14.00
-Attack 18
-HP 1165
-Crit 14

-Fortitude Resonance: Cry of Weakness: Holding down the skill continually taunts nearby enemies and deal bonus shatter damage for up to 3 seconds and applying 1 mark of Predation to each enemy every 0.5 seconds. Upon releasing the skill, a magnetic needle substitute is made for 2 seconds times the duration held plus 1 to which aggro is temporarily transferred until expiration. Enemies that attack the substitute are taunted and receive 0.1x reflected damage. Become invisible for 4 seconds or until the Wanderer attacks an enemy or the substitute expires. While invisible, movement speed is increased by 35%, dodges cover twice the distance in the same time, and the next attack that hits a target deals +100% shatter damage and weakens the target's ATK by 15% for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds x duration held + 10 (Max 25s).
-Non-Fortitude Resonance: Cry of Strength: Holding down the skill continually lowers aggro towards the Wanderer while dealing damage equal to 225% of ATK plus 12 per second for up to 3 seconds and applying 1 mark of Predation to each nearby enemy every 0.5 seconds. Upon releasing the skill, leap at the target with a horror beast claw, dealing dash attack damage equal to 418% of ATK plus 22 as a guaranteed crit with +30% crit damage and reducing the target's crit resistance by 5 levels for 10 seconds. Detonates any magnetic needle nodes touched by the attack independent of their cooldowns, each node dealing area damage equaling 76% of ATK plus 4, recovering 15 weapon charge per node detonated, and placing an additional node for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 2 seconds x duration held + 10 (Max 16s).
-Predation: Per mark up to 5 marks, enemies have crit resistance lowered by 2 levels and for critical hits taken: receive 1% more shatter and have 2% reduced elemental resistance. The Wanderer's movement speed increases by 3% per nearby mark active, up to 5 marks. Marks decay at a rate of 1 every 5 seconds.

-Fortitude Resonance: Unbreakable Will: When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder and constructs a metal plate wall that stops projectiles for 5 seconds while dispersing magnetic needles into a ring which pulls in enemies towards the wall before scattering on the ground, reducing the movement speed of enemies within by 30% while dealing continuous damage equal to 76% of ATK plus 4 per second for 5 seconds with increased aggro generation. Damage immunity lasts 1.5 seconds while the skill is active (unavailable in Apex League).
-Non-Fortitude Resonance: Revenger's Requiem: Quickly leap to the target and slash multiple times, dealing total damage equal to 580% of ATK plus 31 and scattering 3 magnetic needle nodes for 12 seconds, max 7 on the field. Each node can be detonated by any volt weapon's electrify effect upon becoming fully charged, each dealing area damage equal to 76% of ATK plus 2 and recovering 15 weapon charge for each node detonated. Node detonation cooldown: 5 seconds. Damage immunity lasts 1.5 seconds while the skill is active (unavailable in Apex League).

1\*: While wielding Proteus, dodge attack damage that also critically hits applies a Predation mark and deals +20% crit damage and +25% shatter.
2\*: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.
--Balance: For each mark of Predation active while wielding Proteus, dodging heals the Wanderer by 1% of max HP, reduces damage received by 1% for 3 seconds, and increases healing effect by 4% for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
--Fortitude: For each mark of Predation active, unleashing any skill or discharge heals the Wanderer by 1% of max HP and reduces damage taken by 2% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds. In addition, for each nearby mark of Predation active while wielding Proteus, a party member unleashing a skill heals the Wanderer by 1% of max HP. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
--Attack: For each magnetic needle node detonated while wielding Proteus, heal the Wanderer by 1% of max HP. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
--Benediction: For each magnetic needle node detonated, heal party members by 17.5% of ATK within triple the detonation radius and increases party ATK by 2% for 5 seconds for each mark of Predation active.
--Only the highest stack of marks is counted.
4\*: Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 32%.
5\*: Enemies receive 1% more damage dealt by the Wanderer for each mark of Predation. While wielding Proteus, restore 4 weapon charge points for each nearby mark of Predation active per second. Only the highest stack of marks is counted.
6\*: Increase Predation max to 7. In addition, increase Crit Rate by 1% and Crit Damage by 2% for each mark of Predation active. Only the highest stack of marks is counted.

"Originally invented by Project Ark for testing on G2-U subjects to wield inhuman instincts by substituting missing limbs with electrically charged magnetic needles in their insane plan to elevate humanity, this Proteus has been modified to recharge mid-combat and utilize metal plates which can camouflage."

==Normal Attack==
atk x5: While on the ground, attack 5 times.
-First Attack: Deal damage equal to 56.6% of ATK plus 3.
-Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 19.7% of ATK plus 1.
-Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 30%% of ATK plus 2.
-Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 47.1% of ATK plus 3.
-Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 136.8% of ATK plus 7 and strongly suspend the target.
jump + atk x3: While airborne, use normal attack to attack 3 times in a row in mid-air.
-First Attack: Deal damage equal to 107.9% of ATK plus 6.
-Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 114.0% of ATK plus 6.
-Third Attack: Launch the enemy at a nearby target or at the ground below if there is none, creating a shockwave upon landing that deals area damage equal to 142.8% of ATK plus 8 and stunning targets for 1 second. If the enemy cannot be launched, instead deal damage equal to 172.1% of ATK plus 9 and recover 100 energy weapon charge.

hold: Fortitude Resonance: Tap and hold normal attack to take a defensive stance for up to 3 seconds, reducing damage taken by 20% and recovering 10 weapon energy charge per 1% of max HP lost while held. Releasing the normal attack button while holding a direction performs a dodge covering twice the distance in the same time. Releasing before getting hit performs the dodge at no cost, constructs a substitute for 2 seconds to which all aggro is transferred until expiration, and the Wanderer becomes invisible for 2 seconds or until the Wanderer attacks an enemy. If a dodge cannot be performed, instead cast the standing version of this skill. Releasing the normal attack button without holding a direction unleashes an area attack that deals damage equal to 167.3% of ATK plus 9. Releasing before getting hit doubles the damage reduction, energy recharge, and shatter damage, while applying a 0.2x damage reflection to the area attack.
hold: Non-Fortitude Resonance: Tap and hold normal attack to gather magnetic needle nodes on the field and place them in a line towards the target, each node dealing area damage equal to 38% of ATK plus 1 and refreshing their durations. This consumes 1 node.

jump + hold: Tap and hold normal attack while airborne, or use normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger aerial branch attacks, to barrel downwards into the target with a horror beast form, dealing damage equal to 154.5% of ATK plus 8 damage, strongly suspending targets. The higher the altitude when triggering the attack, the greater the damage dealt, up to 600% damage.

dodge + atk: Tap normal attack during the short period after dodging. Let out a long and narrow projectile in sandworm form which penetrates the target and returns, dealing damage equal to 78.1% of ATK plus 4, and recovers HP and energy weapon charge proportional to total shatter damage dealt from critical hits. Restore up to 1 dodge if the attack shatters a target's shield. If Fortitude Resonance is activated and the Wanderer is invisible before attacking, taunt enemies hit. If Fortitude Resonance is not activated, detonate any magnetic needle nodes touched by the attack as if triggering electrify from fully charging a volt weapon, each node dealing area damage equaling 76% of ATK plus 4 and recovering 15 weapon charge per node detonated.

-Sixth Sense(1.2k): For every 1 second you or your substitute is targeted by an enemy, gain a stack of Adaptation which reduces damage received by 2%, increases resistance for the element last damaged with by 4%, and makes critical hits ignore elemental resistance by 2%, per stack up to 3 stacks. For every 1.5 seconds not targeted, lose 1 stack. Unleashing a skill with Proteus grants 3 stacks of Adaptation.
-Primal Instinct(4k): For every 1 second you or your substitute is targeted by an enemy, gain a stack of Adaptation which reduces damage received by 3%, increases resistance for the element last damaged with by 6%, and makes critical hits ignore elemental resistance by 3%, per stack up to 5 stacks. For every 1.5 seconds not targeted, lose 1 stack. While at 4 or more stacks, become immune to knockback on the ground and double the duration of Predation marks. Unleashing a skill with Proteus grants 5 stacks of Adaptation.

-2-piece set: Increase Crit Rate by 5/6/7/8% and Crit Damage by 7/8/9/10%. Taunting an enemy reduces its crit resistance by 2/3/4/5 levels for 3 seconds. This Matrix's effects work in the off-hand slot, but only the set with the highest star rating will take effect.
-4-piece set: Increases speed of obtaining weapon charge by 12/13%/14%/15% plus 2% for each magnetic needle node on the field. For every 1% of max HP lost, recover 5 weapon energy charge. In addition, for every 200 weapon charge recovered, deal volt damage equal to 7/8/9/10% ATK to nearby enemies. This Matrix's effects work in the off-hand slot, but only the set with the highest star rating will take effect.

==Character Background==
Log 1: Yuno, formerly known as Subject G2-U No.7, was born into the secret laboratory under Project Ark in the outskirts of Vera. On the surface, Project Ark aimed to conserve wildlife. Underneath, its true aim was to store the DNA of every creature into a human's to elevate humanity into the pinnacle of evolution and true apex of nature while obtaining the scientific freedom to exterminate all threatening species once stored. Comprised of 12 scientists and 36 miscellaneous staff, in secret they gave birth to 18 children to be used as the first generation test subjects. 12 designated G1-O subjects under the Overlay method of fusing animal parts to learn and integrate the DNA directly, and 6 designated G1-U under the Underlay method of injecting various substances such as blood and hormones to restructure the body instinctually as it grows. All G1-O subjects died, 4 of which died of surgical complications, 3 were hostile, and 2 were abducted by their defected parents and subsequently disposed of. 3 G1-U subjects died of poison-like symptoms and 3 survived with no apparent differences other than prominent hair growth and confused neurological behavior. Afterwards, 9 scientists and 28 staff remained, giving birth to the second generation of 16, 4 designated G2-O with significantly reduced fusions and 10 designated G2-U with varying degrees of raised injection levels and antibodies alongside the newly invented complementary equipment designed to wield prominent instinctive behavior in their intended form without physical complications, a fabric resembling a fur coat named Proteus. Proteus utilized magnetic needles attached to areas closest to the nervous system and used a battery to extend the instinct-induced neurological signals sent to the detachable needles to form substitutes for the missing limbs, taking from needle reserves located on the cuffs and collar when necessary. Of the 4 G2-O subjects, 2 couldn't move their fused limbs and were deemed failures, 1 became completely paralyzed and disposed of, and 1 showed remarkable success, becoming the focus of the project in preparation for G3-O. G2-O No.3 had little strength but had enhanced hearing and could pick up objects with his tail. Most of the G2-U subjects, however, showed hostility almost immediately after integrating enough with Proteus to form a weapon as if their minds were taken over by feral instincts and now had a fighting chance against their captors. Of the 10 G2-U's, 7 met their end this way, 2 were defiant but weak and thus kept until the final weeks of generation 2 to provide data for G3-U, and 1 strangely showed no signs of defiance nor reaction from Proteus. This was strange because G2-U No.7 received the strongest DNA injections. Because of his obedience, G2-U No.7 was allowed to work as manual labor while the project focused on G2-O No.3. What they didn't know was it wasn't that G2-U No.7 didn't possess the instincts he was given, it was that the first instinct he awakened to was one that let him foresee his death and adapt to the situation, becoming obedient and feigning weakness as well as internally mastering Proteus during each "failed" test. Eventually, G2-U No.7 developed enough affinity with Proteus to use his own hair and other metals as a substitute for the magnetic needles with or without Proteus, as long as they were connected by electricity. It was nearing the time in which the generation 3 phase of the project begins and G2-U No.7 could foresee the imminent death of generation 2. With each day he planted hidden hairs and metal plates in rooms, and once he had enough, he initiated his escape plan. First required getting G2-O No.3's cooperation. One night, G2-U No.7 tied together numerous strands of hair and with the small amount of electricity afforded to him with a night light he had innocently requested the week prior, he made this long thread travel through the air vents, as if it itself was a sandworm, into G2-O No.3's soundproofed room that he was almost never allowed to leave from, and constrict G2-O No.3's pinky until it dislocated. With this, G2-O No.3 would be taken out of his soundproofed room in the morning and put into the medical bay to treat his injury, and he can establish communication during the day he is tasked to clean the adjacent room. Whispering as to not be heard by security cameras, G2-U No.7 told him of their imminent death once generation 3 is born soon, and if he wants to prevent that, he has to follow through with a plan not yet disclosed. As the discussion is only one-way, agreement was decided on whether he lies to his escort by saying he could hear someone injured in the Proteus testing room as he's being escorted back. Evidently, the agreement was made. Just as G2-U No.7 heared footsteps toward that direction, he once again took out his long thread of hair, but this time he pretended to accidentally bump into the security camera while cleaning it, exposing the wires. With a lethal amount of electricity now, he quickly extended the thread across the room and into the hallway towards the Proteus testing room, reaching the door faster than the escort and connecting to the 2 strands of hidden hair on the sides of the door at neck height. As soon as the escort opened the door and tried walking through but instead came into contact with the thread, all of the siphonable electricity was channeled into it, killing the escort and shutting down the camera system. This was the moment he secretly trained his legs every night for. With the speed augmented by his strong saber-toothed wolf DNA, he rushed across the room, down the hall, and through the door before it closed, dragging the escort's body in with him. With the keycard he now possessed, he quickly unlocked and equipped Proteus just in time before the facility went into lockdown. But now with Proteus which he already mastered and a full battery, he easily ripped open the door with his horror beast claws formed by the magnetic needles. Then once he left the room, he picked up the couple hidden metal plates in the hall, attached them to his arms as shields, then sent out the rest of the magnetic needles to find and detonate with electricity each hidden strand of hair that was placed near lights and communications equipment, providing the cover of darkness for him to slip through the approaching armed guards. He stealthily killed each person nearby as he collected every metal plate to attach to Proteus and complete his defensive armor against the remaining guards and turrets he knew were waiting at the exit. As he finished, he met G2-O No.3. Being the kindhearted pacifist the staff raised him to be so he would obediently offer himself up as research material for generation 3, G2-O No.3 pleaded for him to stop killing everyone. The mind that was more human than monster remained unaware and manipulated into choosing his parents who gave him fake love. But to G2-U No.7 whose mind was only half human, he still saw G2-O No.3 as his only surviving comrade, the only one he could consider a friend despite their only previous conversation being one-sided. If only he could see the fakeness and lies, he could abandon these true monsters, even *if* they are his parents. With little time to talk, G2-U No.7 simply refused and headed to the exit, bluffingly threatening to kill him as well if he tries to stop him. As he turned the corner, he's met with the expected remaining guards and turrets, but suprisingly 2 scientists who didn't flee. They were G2-O No.3's biological parents. What's more, they didn't attack yet, as if they were waiting for something. G2-O No.3 then came into the room and the parents tell him that G2-U No.7 is about to kill them, his loving parents, and that he needs to protect them by killing. This was a desperate attempt at a pincer attack, but it was a useless effort, for they raised their child to be so pacifistic that no suddenly developed instinct could lead him to harm them. This would turn out well, G2-U No.7 thought, as G2-O No.3 would either be too afraid to take action or deal insignificant damage, but the worst case happened that G2-U No.7 couldn't have expected: he instead put himself between them and pleaded for G2-U No.7 to be spared and the fighting to stop. He had chosen not just his human parents but also a murderous half-monster as equals. Could he only see everyone here as redeemable humans? Could he have believed G2-U No.7's words because he couldn't imagine that anybody would lie? Distracted by the shock of seeing what transpired, G2-U No.7 couldn't react in time before the scientists took the first shot, killing G2-O No.3 who was in the way. Enraged at the betrayal of the greatest kindness he had seen in his life, G2-U No.7 lunged at them, indulging in his primal instincts as he ripped them apart in an act of pure predation. With him being the only survivor inside the lab, only he could hear the sorrowful cries he let out as the only person who treated him as a human died before him. This was also the first time he awakened to his gooseneck beast instincts, as it was only then he was allowed to express the feelings of strength in overcoming his enemies and weakness in losing what he desired to protect. If he would ever have something worth protecting again, he would protect it with everything he had without hesitation. G2-U No.7: escaped, age 6. G2-O No.3: deceased, age 6. Project Ark: mysteriously abandoned.

Log 2: As a monster who is a chimera of human, sandworm, saber-toothed wolf, horror beast, shielded beast, and gooseneck beast, the now free G2-U No.7 knew he could survive anywhere but wouldn't belong anywhere. And so, clinging onto the feeling of being treated as a human and the hope that he can meet someone like that again, he snuck onto a cargo ship and into Mirroria, a place where, strangely, his first thought upon arrival was that his friend would've complained how noisy it was. With a lonesome life in the shadows of Mirroria scavenging for food and electricity and running from M-SEC waiting for him, and with the hope of meeting a friend one day, he spent his new life being both the phantom protector of Mirroria and the phantom thief, who not even Captain Saki Fuwa could manage to catch in the end. 4 years pass, G2-U No.7, age 10, finds his life comfortable. Despite not yet finding a friend, being known as both a human-like protector and monster-like thief best suits him. Not even his instinctive foresight could warn him of how his comfortable life would get upturned by another beast in human form. One day in typical fashion, he would steal an unattended piece of food, but this time it wasn't merely a half eaten sandwich, it was a whole pizza! He swiftly snatched it and retreated to the rooftops to eat it in peace, but just as he was about to finish the last piece, a scream could be heard where he had stolen the pizza. It wasn't a fully human scream either--it had an intimidating sense of feral power behind it. Slightly unnerved, he hopped down and wandered off into the back alleys to not get involved. But he could hear footsteps follow him, even though he took secret passages and moved in full stealth that was impossible for humans to hear. It was as if he was being tracked by scent, which should also be impossible for humans. Surprised at how long the chase had gone on, he had forgotten about how much battery was left in Proteus, and when he hit a dead end, it was run dry and he couldn't scale the high wall. The determined creature finally caught up, but what appeared from the shadows was merely a girl with silver hair and 2 dogs. They only appeared small and harmless until he looked into the girl's eyes and for the third time in his life foresaw his imminent death, for he was powerless before her overwhelming power without Proteus nor a nearby power source. His only option was to play dead the moment she hit him. The last thing he remembered before losing consciousness was being yelled and barked at while being incessantly kicked despite playing dead. When he awoke inside a cozy room, the same monstrously intimidating girl stood before him and asked him if anything was broken, where his parents were, and his name. Up until then, he only had one name, the horrid name given by a group of monsters to treat him as an expendable tool, but it was also the only thing he had left to remember his only friend by. So with a tone of certainty and pride in what he is, he responded "Yuno." It was only later that Yuno found out the girl was only forced to care for his wounds by her caretaker so people wouldn't find out she beat up a kid and ruin her fresh public image. But that minor detail didn't matter--he once again felt like he was treated as a human, and if someone like her can belong here out in the open, then so can he. Although quite young, after hearing about his speed and skills, the girl's caretaker found him work at M-SEC and cared for under Saki Fuwa, who simply sighed at the sight of him as if she lost a race. Because he's too young to be publicly employed and his fighting is a bit unorthadox, he continues his role as the phantom protector but this time embracing his monster side where the phantom thief once occupied. Having Proteus repaired from years of neglect, extended to fit his growing body, and upgraded to collect energy mid-combat and to enable the armor plates to camouflage, this marks a turning point in his life. Ironically, with the same instincts he foresaw his death as a monster with, he now foresees his future as one where he is human and full of life. He will live as the kind of redeemable human his first friend saw in him, and he will protect everyone who gave him a chance and accepted him.

  1. "Project Ark" references Noah's Ark, the vessel used in the biblical event in which pairings of every animal were loaded onto the boat to save them from extinction due to a great flood. Just as the great flood decimated all but the surviving handful of animals, Project Ark sought to eradicate all but the creatures they would store within humans.
  2. Proteus is a prophetic old man in Greek mythology who could shapeshift and knew all things past, present, and future, and would only tell what he knew after being successfully caught. Because he could shapeshift into anything, he became regarded as a symbol of the original matter from which the world was created. Through the use of the equipment Proteus, Yuno could use the knowledge of the past within his library of DNA to construct weapons, complemented by his refined adaptation instinct to analyze the present and perceive his future survival. After being caught by Fenrir, he answered what she wished to know: his name.
  3. "Yuno" as a Japanese word/phrase can be written many ways in kanji and thus have various meanings. For "yu" this includes "friend," "help," "kindness," "connect," and "origin" among other meanings. For "no" this includes "wish/desire," "field," and "wild" among other meanings.
  4. "Ono," which would have been G2-O No.3's name had he survived, as a Japanese word/phrase written in kanji means "small field" but is often confused with "Ōno" meaning "large field." Confined within the small labratory and kept in his soundproof room, he never knew such a large world existed.
  5. Today is April Fools' Day.
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2023.04.01 13:58 MultipleLifes raid spawned inside my base

I'm trying to hide all the workbanches inside little houses to make my place look like a small village, I've been rided 3 times since i have this setup, during the last raid (swamp raid) mobs spawned inside my base killing my 2 stars boars and some structures. my place is completely covered with workbanches already, so i don't get what is going on, is it because a large area around my base is non-spwan because of all the workbanches or it's supposed to happen? is there a way to prevent this?
(my base doesn't have a proper wall around it yet, 2 sides are water and the rest is kinda walled, but not completely, this raid spawned close to the water side)
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2023.04.01 13:58 roseandmirrors Some facts about Shoyo, Katsura, and Takasugi's historical counterpart.

Originally writing this as a comment, but I thought I would also make it a separated post.
Did you know that the real Katsura never attend Shoka Sonjuku? Some source might say he attend very briefly, but the fact is he was never a student in a way Takasugi is (but he did learn from Shoin, the real Shoyo when he was in a millitary school and Shoin teached there)
The real Katsura is also only 3 years younger than Shoin, while the real Takasugi is actually 6 years younger than Katsura.
When Japan opened up their ports in 1859, Shoin, Katsura and Takasugi was 29, 26, and 20 respectively. Takasugi was studying at Shoka sonjuku while Katsura was working for the Bakufu at Edo.
Shoin was enraged about the country opened up and plan to assassinate a couple of shogun's hign rank officers. Takasugi, along with other Shoka sonjuku's students and many of Shoin's close companies feel like his idea was too risky for the time. Takasugi and others write a letter to Katsura, tell him to protect his sensei from the bakufu's suspicion even if it means clashing with Shoin himself.
Katsura went back to his hometown and tried to talk Shoin down. Shoin says something along the line of "don't even bother asking" but he did cancel one of the plans because of Katsura. He was arrested because of the other plans anyway.
Shoin was placed on house arrest since sometimes before he teached at Shoka Sonjuku, so he can't go out of the town but he often send letters to his friend who shared the same ambition, talk about the assassination plan without concealing his identity on the letter. Fear that Shoin might be caught, Katsura is the one who try to keep the letters coming in and out, cut off Shoin's communication from the outside. Shoin was angry and often fought with Katsura.
Katsura and Shoin were on a bad term in the last months of Shoin's life, but when Shoin was jailed at Edo, Katsura went to Edo to visit him in jail. He was also one of the people who buried Shoin in secrecy (one of them is Ito Hirobumi, Japan's first prime minister so here's one more fact: Japan's first prime minister is also one of Yoshida Shoin's student)
While Shoin was in jail, Takasugi was studying in Edo too. Takasugi also visit Shoin in jail but his father called him back to his hometown before Shoin's execution. The name of Shoin's executor is Yamada Asaemon.
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2023.04.01 13:58 NerdyCoffee Why do people that drive standard vehicles choose to drive 10-15 miles per hour under the speed limit in ideal conditions?

I've seen this question asked before on Reddit and a lot of people will do it to be petty to other drivers, they're overly cautious, or have the reasoning of "just because it's the speed limit doesn't mean you have to drive it". I understand there are other factors too that people may drive thay slow; elderly people have slower reaction times and other times people have car problems and are trying to take it easy on their vehicles. I've seen people driving 30 mph in a 45 when there is nobody in front of them when the weather and road is clear. I don't understand.
Is there a good, sound reason outside of things previously mentioned here as to why you or other people might choose to drive this slow and hold other motorists up on their commute?
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2023.04.01 13:58 Agreeable-Chemist559 YJH eating a marshmallow

YJH eating a marshmallow
Inspired by b99 marshmallow cold open
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2023.04.01 13:58 gray007nl Devise a Strategy: Orcs (Monster Tactics)

There was some response to my previous post, so I figured I might as well keep going for a bit, I enjoy writing them anyhow.
Alright so the three orcs presented in the bestiary are pretty much the same in terms of stats and skills, high strength, decent Dex, good Con (except for the warchief), bad mental scores (okay charisma for the warchief. Low perception (except again the warchief), great AC on the Warchief and Warrior, middling for the Brute, average hitpoints. All skilled in Athletics and Intimidation plus Survival for the Warrior and Warchief. Last but not least all Orcs have Ferocity, allowing them to use their reaction to avoid being brought to 0 hitpoints and increasing their wounded value, Ferocity can be used 3 times (without medical attention) though they only get 1 reaction per round.
So from this you can already derive a basic strategy, Orcs rush headlong into melee, demoralizing their foe and laying into them, using maneuvers as they see fit, they care little for their personal wellbeing, seeing every scar as a gift, only retreating once brought to the brink of death at least once. Though plenty of orcs would also fight to death either for fear of losing face by retreating, to protect their brethren or to avenge fallen allies. Orcs also all have darkvision, so any orc lair is going to be unlit to give the orcs the advantage, though unlike kobolds, orcs simply prioritize whoever's closest only considering whether the target can see in the dark if they've got multiple options. Lacking Acrobatics proficiency Orcs only flank when the enemy leaves their flank exposed, but prefer to gain flat-footed from tripping or grappling enemies.
The first Orc by level is the Orc Brute armed with 2 Knuckle Daggers, 3 javelins and their fists. So first the optimal way for the orc to equip themselves at most times is Knuckledagger in one hand, other hand empty. There is no reason for the Brute to dual wield and the option of performing maneuvers with the empty hand is far more helpful than inaccurately throwing a javelin.
The ideal turn for the Brute is with it already adjacent to an enemy, it starts by demoralizing and regardless of success or failure, it then attacks twice. The actual attacks it uses will depend, the brute has an Intelligence mod of -1, but that's still enough to figure out the fighter in big bulky armour is likely easier to trip than they are to hit, while a character in leather armour or no armour at all they could be better off grabbing first. Shoving will be attempted if it allows the brute to protect a heavily injured ally or if there's something dangerous to push the enemy into. Disarm is not worth attempting unless you homebrewed it. Just striking twice with its knuckledagger is also a perfectly reasonable way to go and may in fact be the optimal choice. The orc would never use 2 maneuvers in a turn, it's far better off using its agile knuckledagger instead of a second maneuver.
If the enemy is 25 feet away or less, the orc strides and then uses the attacks mentioned above, not bothering with Demoralize. If the enemy is between 50 and 25 feet away, the orc strides twice (or steps once if it's exactly 30 feet) and then does 1 attack of its choice. If the enemy is more than 50 feet away, then the brute will draw its javelin, stride once and throw it at the enemy not worrying about the range, Orcs aren't good at throwing javelins and keeping the open hand is just more important. As mentioned earlier, the Brute will only retreat after its Ferocity has triggered once, though it might very well keep fighting to the death as well even when outnumbered as returning to the tribe after having several of your family members killed and failing to kill the people responsible would leave the orc very low in the social hierarchy.
The Orc Warrior is similar in many ways to the brute but it has a different weapon loadout, rocking a Necksplitter, 2 shortswords and 4 javelins. Unlike with the brute, it isn't quite as easy to pin-point an optimal combination of weapons for the brute and as far as I'm concerned there's 2 contenders for best loadout. Either the Warrior uses its Necksplitter in tandem with one of its shortswords, forgoing maneuvers and javelins entirely or it uses 1 shortsword and keeps it other hand free to use maneuvers or javelins. The Warrior likewise has skill in survival which would imply that it's capable of tracking intruders as well as capturing animals but not training them, this means a warrior's pet/mount might still be completely feral and prone to fleeing or disobeying its masters orders.
Another thing distinguishing the warrior from the brute is that the Warrior has Attack of Opportunity. This further encourages it to get in the thick of melee so it can punish spellcasters and cowards, but this also presents an issue as Ferocity and Attack of Opportunity both require the Warrior's singular reaction. I'd handle this thusly, the orc always uses Attack of Opportunity whenever it comes up except when it's below 50% health, then it saves its reaction for Ferocity.
If the Warrior chooses to wield a single shortsword and nothing else, then its method of attack is identical to the Brute, though with considerations regarding attack of opportunity listed above. If electing to wield the Necksplitter alongside a shortsword things get a little different, it cannot do any maneuvers and it's going to take it an extra action to stow a weapon before it can throw a javelin. So firstly, unless the enemy is really far away (more than 75 feet) it won't bother with the javelins, if the enemy genuinely is that far away, then it'll stow its necksplitter and draw a javelin, probably not drawing the necksplitter again for the rest of the combat. Otherwise it'll likely delay for the enemy to get closer as there is no point striding three times and then just letting the enemy hit you.
When attacking with both weapons drawn, the first attack will always be with the Necksplitter as it deals more damage, the second attack will depend on if there is a second target in reach or not, if it is then the second attack is with the necksplitter as well on that secondary target benefiting from both sweep and forceful. If there isn't then the second attack will be with the shortsword to benefit from the agile property instead. Regardless it would try to demoralize first before attacking, though it might also consider stepping to a location where it would be able to hit 2 different enemies with the necksplitter (if it needs to stride to get in position it likely wouldn't bother). It follows the same principles when it comes to retreating as the brute does.
Finally we have the Orc Warchief similar to the warrior in many respects, but different through using a greatclub and having a special action in Battle Cry, it also has better will saves than typical for orcs. A 2-handed weapon really restricts what the Warchief can do on their turn, they need to change grip for maneuvers (other than Shove) or to draw javelins. This combined with the Warchief wanting to use Battle Cry every single turn means they would probably never want to bother with maneuvers and only reach for a javelin is the enemy is more than 50 feet away.
With the enemy right next to the warchief, the warchief's turn is pretty simple. They use Battle Cry and then they strike with their greatclub twice, if the enemy the warchief is fighting has a high AC and the warchief is struggling to hit they'll replace one of the strikes with a demoralize otherwise the bonus from Battle Cry is too good for the warchief not to swing twice, perhaps shoving if there's an incentive to do so.
The presence of the Warchief is going to change the strategy of the other orcs too, every Orc before the warchief in initiative will spend their first turn delaying until after the warchief's turn to benefit from his battle cry, the only exception to this is if they already have an enemy in melee range, then they probably wouldn't wait for the Warchief's order and just start swinging immediately. Likewise the effect of Battle Cry only works on Attack and Damage Rolls, not on skill checks, so with the Warchief around the other Orcs are less likely to use maneuvers preferring strikes when given the option (So Orc Warriors accompanying a warchief would generally be dual wielding Necksplitter and Shortsword).
When it comes to reactions and retreating, the Warchief functions the same way as the Warrior, half HP is where it saves its reactions for Ferocity and it won't flee until it's triggered Ferocity at least once. The other orcs however might flee as soon as the Warchief falls, though again this might also infuriate them into wanting to take revenge on the killer of the warchief and prompt them all to fight to the death.
Orcs as one would expect, are fairly simple tactically, they get stuck in and start swinging, only ever thinking of retreat once it's too late. Surrender is humiliating and not something most orcs would consider, fleeing to fight another day is always preferable and if it isn't an option then they'll die fighting.
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2023.04.01 13:58 bruhidek123 My mom’s (51F) frequent debilitating migraines and nausea are getting worse and no one knows the cause or how to treat it.

My mom (51f) has no other health issues except that she has a very sensitive digestive system. For all her live she’s had episodes where she feels very nauseous and gets extreme migraines that leave her bed ridden. These episodes can last even 3 days. She takes these pills called imigram (100mg) that have Sumatriptan but even with these most often her migraines don’t subside.
We noticed there are certain trigger foods that cause these episodes like; alcohol, food with lots of garlic, too much dairy, cucumbers, and I guess any food that has a very high fat content.
She’s went to have this Investigated multiple times and even got a head scan (sorry don’t know the exact name). These tests always come back normal and no doctor has been able to say exactly what the cause is. She tried changing her eating habits like eliminating dairy, meet, and other foods that might cause inflammation but nothing helped.
Recently she has been getting these episodes more frequently (about twice a month on average) and her immunity is very low as well as she’ll often catch colds and flus from the school she works at. Two weeks ago she went to the hospital because she couldn’t stop throwing up and had horrible migraines. Blood tests came back normal, they gave her IV fluids and sent her home. She got better slowly, but this weekend the same is happening again.
I am very worried for my mom as her health seems to be doing so poorly and her quality of life is being impacted by these frequent episodes of nausea and migraines. Does anyone know what these symptoms could mean?
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2023.04.01 13:58 ellesourit Which group constellation would suffer the most together?

Which group constellation would suffer the most together?
Alright, cracked group constellations are all good fun but which constellation would have the worst time if forced to cooperate? I present, Bad Night Wonders.
Consisting of Emu, Tsukusa, Akito, Ena and Mafuyu. Let me explain.
So most of these characters are either hot-tempered, stubborn, pessimistic and selfish and initially on bad terms with each other or at best kept at a distance because of disagreements. Why some of them have been friends is because of the synergies of other people meddling in between conflicts. The best chance they have at that here is Emu but she would quickly break down.
For starters, Ena and Akito would be pissed for having to put up each other, but Akito maybe even more so because of Tsukasa. We know that Akito and Mafuyu are good at putting up facades but because of Ena that would quickly be dropped and with a lower patience for upbeat personalities like Emu and Tsukasa, I don’t think they would have much sympathy for the wonderhoys. Emu would also be extremely uncomfortable right off the bat just for Mafuyu being around and especially so when she drops the act. So that throws Tsukasa’s lifeline for a good time out the window. Also seeing Emu so downed would break his spirits too. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to ride the helm as World Future Star which would promptly piss everyone else off. Mafuyu, Ena and Akito in this state of misery would resort to petty squabbles out of spite in a self-perpetuating spiral of resentment. Akito and Mafuyu both have very strong negative energies without anything to effectively counter it so that alone would bring everyone down just for acting as their normal selves. Ena would blame anyone but herself and Emu would beat herself up for not making anyone happier. And of course under constant harsh critique Tsukasa would also bust.
And I’ve considered some other contenders but this is the one that would make all participants suffer the most.
(For example, Airi instead of Emu, but even though she’s got a temper, she’s also more positive and has a stronger resolve and relationship to combat attitudes like Akitos and it would also be enough to convince Ena to switch. Also in place of Emu, I considered Wonderhoy Miku as a perpetuator of Chaos but with one so strong and unfazed force of pure mania, the rest of the squad would be motivated enough to find a way to cooperate just to defeat her.
Other characters that would probably have a bad time wouldn’t care enough though to be bothered by the drama queens or rigid and smart enough to cut the crap and respectfully resolve shit or might even be sympathetic enough for the cold-hearted bitches.)
A proposal to Project Sekai for this to happen next April Fools Day.
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2023.04.01 13:58 DarthLancelot [M4F] LOOKING FOR A LONGTERM ROLEPLAY PARTNER!

Hi! I’m a 25 year old looking for a longterm roleplay partner (18+)! I’m open to a variety of ideas, but some of the ideas I have are as follows:
  1. It was a hot summer day and we were getting ready to board a boat that would take us down the Amazon river. We were going to be going exploring for a bit in the rainforest with a guide and group of people as we won the trip on a game show. However, we ended up getting separated and needed to find a way back…
  2. It was a late evening and I was driving as fast as I could to the shelter. There had been a neko (catgirl) adoption event going on all day. I really wanted to go and take a look at it, but I was extremely busy with work so was unable to. When I finally got off work, I only had a little bit of time to get there before the shelter closed for the night and I really wanted to see what the place had to offer…
  3. The sound of water dripping from the roof of the cave was quite loud, you and I made our way through several caverns as we soon came to a cool spring. We had been on a cave tour, but somehow got separated from our group. We now were wandering aimlessly through the cave system, desperate to find out way back…
Thanks for reading these! If any of these scenes are of interest to you or you’d like to discuss other ideas feel free to reach out! Hope to roleplay soon!
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2023.04.01 13:57 Soliddivinity I wish more people didn’t only care about having everything in common

I have a lot of friends of different backgrounds, religions, and identities. The main thing I consider with those who I truly consider my friends, even if they’re different than me, have the same values as I do. I still have at least two friends that we have nearly everything in common. Yet I still love different subjects and conversations, I have zero issues if my other friends and I only have one or two things in common outside of our values.
Even as we get our education, we learn several pieces of new information on a daily basis. So why not bring that into the real world? I noticed lately trying to meet new people, many are just looking for commonality only, which isn’t terrible as it feels good to connect that way too.
But I think we miss out on broadening our experiences, and perspectives by not connecting with people who are different than us. I like to be introduced to new topics, perspectives, and vice versa. People don’t ask questions as much. I’m used to meeting new people of different backgrounds and cultures. Grew up with lots of traveling/family vacations since 6 years old. Even as far as Europe, the Middle East, and all across the Caribbean. I had been to 17 countries by the time I was 16, I grew up in the US, although I’m from the Caribbean. I have a large Caribbean family and we are very welcoming towards everyone.. we are all over the world and its funny at the family reunions everyone has a different accent.
I fell in love at an early age with having an open mind. I understand not everyone has to think this way. Its just a little challenging trying to make new friends or finding a partner. Many people speak in generalizations or try too hard to find things in common. Probably as it’s harder as an adut in general. Even I went out with a new guy recently and before even getting to know me, he said he isn’t sure if its a red flag if I haven’t seen Harry Potter… lol
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2023.04.01 13:57 Dependent-Train5787 Can I withhold visitation before I file for emergency custody, or do I need to file first? (Urgent) Texas resident. Mother has mentioned suicidal thoughts in 2 recent messages to me.

Can I withhold visitation before I file for emergency custody, or do I need to file first?
I am the father and I have custodial rights to my daughter. Over the last week ive received 2 texts from her mother that she's having suicidal thoughts, and generally struggling with her mental health.
I'm looking into the legality of withholding my daughter from her tomorrow, and then filing for emergency custody on Monday. I know that this stuff can be tricky. I have the texts saved and available as evidence. Do I risk jeopardizing my own custodial rights by doing this? We have a legal order in place that establishes our time. I don't know what to do. I don't want to hand my daughter over until she gets help.
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2023.04.01 13:57 Dependent_Cost_315 Help with debunking as well as fact checking a creationist response.

The link is to a blog post where Johnathon wells responses this his critique in a long winded post. (I don't need to mention that he hasn't sent his book for peer review.)
I'm making this post for help with debunking the points made in his response.
Here some some quotes from his response (Note some of these might be made up since I can't find any of them online):
(He sees a single phylum and surmises correctly that Darwin’s theory predicts the initial appearance of one or a few species in that phylum, followed by diversification into many different species within the same phylum. The problem with the Cambrian explosion, however, is that more than a dozen phylum-level designations appear together at the outset. Where is the evidence that they evolved from a single ancestral phylum, as Darwin’s theory claims?)
(According to reviewer David Ussery, however, I failed to notice that “Miller himself describes his own more recent experiments under the conditions now believed to be those of the primitive atmosphere, where he found he could still generate many organic compounds.” (Ussery, p. 73) I would thank Ussery for setting me straight, except that the organic compounds that are produced in this fashion are not amino acids. Instead, when a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor is used in a Miller-Urey-type experiment, the reaction products tend to be toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and cyanide.)
(Sidney Fox and Klaus Dose reported in 1977 that no amino acids are produced by sparking a carbon dioxide-nitrogen-water vapor mixture. In 1983, Miller himself reported that he could produce no more than a small amount of the simplest amino acid (glycine) by sparking an atmosphere containing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and then only if free hydrogen was added. And Miller conceded that glycine was the best he could do in the absence of methane. In 1984, Heinrich Holland confirmed that mixtures of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor yield no amino acids at all. [3] Perhaps Ussery was ignorant of these facts.)
(Yet when animals first appear in the fossil record at the beginning of the geological period known as the Cambrian, most of the major differences — the basic body plans, or “phyla” — are already present. In the modern world, the phyla are represented by mollusks (e.g., snails and octopuses), arthropods (e.g., crabs and insects), echinoderms (e.g., starfish and sea urchins), chordates (e.g., fish and humans), and various kinds of worms, among others. These and many other phyla appeared in what is now known as the “Cambrian explosion” with an abruptness that is inconsistent with a branching-tree pattern. Darwin himself acknowledged it to be a serious problem for his theory. [7]
Note: I assume this is point is made up or it ignores pre Cambrian organisms.)
(But the three billion years to which Ussery refers show only single-celled organisms until just before the Cambrian explosion. Not single-celled organisms gradually becoming multicellular animals — just single-celled organisms. The animal eggs and embryos mentioned by Padian and Gishlick are sponges — one phylum that everyone agrees (and I point out in my book) was present before the Cambrian explosion. And the burrowing worms which presumably made trace fossils may have represented one more phylum that appeared just before the Cambrian. (Some experts think there may also have been jellyfish just before the Cambrian.) So not all animal phyla appeared suddenly in the Cambrian explosion — just most of them.
To put “gradual” and “sudden” in context here, imagine yourself standing at one end of a football field. Let the goal line where you are standing represent 3.8 billion years ago (when single-celled organisms are thought to have originated), and let the other end of the football field represent the present day. As you walk from one goal line to the other, you see only single-celled organisms as you pass the 25-yard line, then midfield, then the 75-yard line. Only as you approach the 84-yard line do you notice the first multicellular organisms — some sponges, and perhaps some worms and jellyfish. Then, in the space of a single stride, most of the other animal phyla appear, and most of these are still with you when you reach the other goal line.
This is not a branching tree pattern: no animals for 5/6 of the history of life, then most modern body plans in a flash. Some paleontologists have aptly compared this pattern to a “lawn” instead of a tree. [8]
Note:I'm assuming he doesn't know how long the Cambrian explosion lasted?)
(But Darwinian evolution needs a lot more than deformed molecules to explain the origin of new organs and body plans — it needs beneficial changes in anatomy.
Note:I'm not sure if this is true or not)
(As I pointed out in my book, developmental geneticists in the 1970s and 1980s used a technique known as “saturation mutagenesis” to screen for all possible mutations affecting embryo development in the fruit fly. Although this work shed considerable light on the role of genes in development (and led to some well-deserved Nobel Prizes), it also showed that mutations affecting axis formation and segmentation are invariably harmful, and indeed often fatal. [17] Such mutations cannot provide raw materials for evolution.)
(As I pointed out in Icons of Evolution, however, fruit flies with four normal-looking wings do not occur in nature; they must be engineered in a modern genetics laboratory. Furthermore, the extra wings have no muscles, so the mutant fly is a hopeless cripple that has great difficulty flying or mating. Outside the laboratory, natural selection would quickly eliminate it. Far from being raw material for evolution, the four-winged fruit fly is an evolutionary dead end. [16])
(but that proteins alone are insufficient to specify the body plan of an organism, just as building materials are insufficient to specify the floor plan of a house. Defective 2×4’s can produce a deformed house, and mutant proteins can produce a deformed organism. Mutant proteins might even explain how some organisms might have lost previously existing features. But they do not account for changes in body plans. When it comes to the evolution of new morphologies or body plans, the question remains: Where is the evidence that DNA mutations can alter anatomy in beneficial ways and thereby provide raw materials for evolution?)
(I would go further than Gee, and point out that a series of fossils is just as consistent with intelligent design as it is with Darwinian evolution. Even if we had a complete fossil record of all animals that lived before the advent of human beings, it would not establish that the latter evolved from the former through descent with modification).
Among the point are what I suspect to be misquotes, here are some.
(As British zoologist Adam Sedgwick wrote in 1894, the claim is “not in accordance with the facts of development.” Comparing a dogfish with a chicken, Sedgwick wrote: “There is no stage of development in which the unaided eye would fail to distinguish between them with ease.” It is “not necessary to emphasize further these embryonic differences,” Sedgwick continued, because “every embryologist knows that they exist and could bring forward innumerable instances of them. I need only say with regard to them that a species is distinct and distinguishable from its allies from the very earliest stages all through the development.”)
(Many other vertebrate embryologists have noted the same thing. In 1976, Dartmouth College embryologist William Ballard wrote that it is “only by semantic tricks and subjective selection of evidence,” by “bending the facts of nature,” that one can argue that the earliest stages of vertebrate embryos “are more similar than their adults.” And in 1987, Canadian embryologist Richard Elinson wrote that early developmental patterns in frogs, chicks and mice are “radically different.” [11])
(Henry Gee, chief science writer for Nature, wrote in 1999: “The intervals of time that separate fossils are so huge that we cannot say anything definite about their possible connection through ancestry and descent.” Although Gee is a believer in Darwin’s theory, he acknowledged that one must assume the truth of the theory when studying human origins, because by its very nature the fossil record cannot corroborate it. Gee concluded: “To take a line of fossils and claim that they represent a lineage is not a scientific hypothesis that can be tested, but an assertion that carries the same validity as a bedtime story — amusing, perhaps even instructive, but not scientific.” [18])
(Alan H. Linton wrote just recently: “Throughout 150 years of the science of bacteriology, there is no evidence that one species of bacteria has changed into another.” [24])
Note: Isn't this is how evolution is supposed to work?
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2023.04.01 13:57 HoodieTheCat78 Bring on the 1st-person fantasy games!

I’m generally really happy with the PSVR2 library so far, but the one thing I’m really missing is a great, immersive fantasy game. We ended up with so many great zombie games in the launch window (S&S, RE8, ATF), but when I boot up my PSVR to escape reality for a bit, a zombie-infested nightmare world is not at the top of my list of dream destinations.
I want otherworldly vistas & awe-inspiring creatures! I want to shoot cool-looking spells with my hands! I want a sweet sword, followed by an even sweeter one! Then a staff or a crossbow or some contraption I’ve never seen before.
I loved Skyrim VR for this reason, despite the janky tracking, awkward movement controls, and terrible detail at distance. I would pay full price to buy Skyrim for the umpteenth time if they brought it to PSVR2, but I don’t have faith that Microsoft will do it. And given the install base of VR, it’s hard to imagine anyone developing a game of that scale specifically for VR from the ground up anytime soon.
Still, there are some promising games on the horizon. People seem to love Ancient Dungeon. The graphics look kinda like Minecraft but I’m keeping an open mind. Amid Evil also looks fun. I love the wild, bright graphics on that one. Behemoth looks awesome but seems to be leaning more on the grim swordplay.
As for things that haven’t been announced, I hope Blade & Sorcery comes over, though it seems to be lacking a proper campaign. I would be pumped for a PSVR2 version of Wonderlands – they released Borderlands for PSVR so it doesn’t seem totally impossible. And of course there is the longed-for Skyrim port.
I love Moss and Demeo, and the Light Brigade has some fantasy elements I really appreciate, but none of these really fit the bill of what I’m talking about here.
Anybody else feeling the same? And is there anything I’m missing?
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2023.04.01 13:57 MeghannReynoso with the agency

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2023.04.01 13:57 TheVetheron I'm an old school smoker that can't break old habits...

I've been a daily smoker since around 1991 or 1992, my memory is a bit hazy :P I spent a lot of time dankrupt and had to rely on scraping my pipe and praying to the resin gods. Fast forward to the modern cannabis age. I get $50 ounces now, and have 3 or 4 Altoid tins full to the brim of with resin. What can I do with them? I don't need to smoke it like in my youth, but I hate the thought of throwing out all of the THC that's in them. Is there a way to extract the THC to use in edibles? I have a huge tolerance to edibles. I need at least 1000mg to feel it at all (it's an enzyme thing from what I have found online.) I have a real tolerance for bitter things as well. Can I just eat half a tin if I can get it down? Will that much resin mess up my stomach? I would love a good buzz from eating it, but I have a very hard time achieving it. The few times I have were wonderful, but expensive because it took so much.
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2023.04.01 13:57 ToriAnimeKitty Birthday madness

So for starters. I waited a full month to disclose this story. My birthday was in the beginning of March. My family every year tries to go out to eat to wherever we wanna go for our birthday dinner. So like our favorite place regardless if the siblings hate it or whatever. With my birthday, i threw parties with friends to share it with people i considered closer than family. This year I told everyone what I wanted to do earlier before my birthday came around. I wanted to do a murder mystery night. Eat pasta and food coma my way to bed. And the entitled people in this story are my family members. The entitlement is real and just exhausting. (Two older brothers, and a pregnant sister in law)
So at the time, last month, I was working a new job. I had schedule troubles and they'd just switch me to mornings nights or afternoons on a whim. In doing so, my sleep was not even factor..
My whole family gets word from my boyfriend and my dad. Because I'm not awake half of the time to even plan it this year. My brother instead of texting would call me at work and not leave a voicemail and by the end of my shifts I just went to bed after getting home. I had to find out they planned a full dinner thing for my birthday as a gift. With things they liked. What they'd eat. Drink. Even down to what we would do. (My brother pulls that stunt every year whenever he doesn't like what I come up with). I didn't know until the day before. That night when I found out I was so frustrated I voiced out all of my concerns to my father. Basically just like hey. My brother is getting on my nerves. He's changing up all the plans for my birthday and acting like its not the day I was born. What do I do. My dad just said let's just chill here at the house, I'll buy the food and we can just relax. And I was so happy he was on my side. My bf was irritated about it as well. Because he knew what I wanted to do. And didn't bother trying to change it. They also went ahead to buy everything necessary for the event without telling anybody so I'd be guilted into going and keeping my mouth shut.
The morning of my birthday I get a phone call from my pregnant sister in law. She's hounding me as to what I wanna do for my birthday. I just woke up for a shift. I'm barely functioning. Just screaming at me over and over "what do you want to do for your birthday". I couldn't even get a word in. After the phone call I went to the basement crying to my bf because I did not need that for the day I already regret having as my birthday. I just sat down there watching TV with him. My dad came down and asked when I'd wanna have dinner. He went out and picked up my favorite pasta with all the drinks I could ever want. And a present. I didn't even expect any gifts because we normally don't. He upgraded my gaming system. And I didn't hear from anyone for hours. Come like 9:30pm. My brother and sister in law show up without telling anybody they were coming. I figured with all the screaming they wouldn't show.
My other brother didn't show. Then outta nowhere my mother shows up. (I have her in raisedbynarcissts) with gifts? We do not have a good relationship by any means. So having her there was just as surprising given we are at each others throats. Her gifts were kind of fire. Which concerned me. (She wants to be back in my life when I've put the boundary there over & over I don't want her in it). My mother also proceeded to ask me to move in and come work with her and dump my boyfriend to just build a life us women working together. My father shut her down real quick.
Everyone didn't stay for more than half n hour. I passed out and figured it was the end of that. NOPE.
Next morning, I get a phone call from my other brother. Screaming at me for not planning my birthday properly. Being disrespectful to my sister in laws plan making. And proceeded to tell me I need to stop playing the victim card. My dad went off on everyone to leave me the hell alone. And my bf said the same.
Now a month later everyone besides my father is still giving us the cold shoulder. We've been giving my brother & sister in law baby stuff for free for their baby soon coming into this world. And barely speaks more than two words to us anymore. My other brother is just poof and my mother thankfully not around as often anymore.
(For more context, I hate my birthday, always have. Since I was 14. They've been nothing but painful).
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2023.04.01 13:57 HelpIsAGoodThing Programmer Needed! Unpaid Revshare - 4v4 Online Sports Game

Hello there, thanks for taking the time to check out this post.
We are a team of 5 people and growing, to fit the needs of this project and to complete it as quickly as we can. It's a 4v4 online sports game, in a Rocket League styled arena. The objective is to score more goals than your opponent within 10 mins or it's a golden-goal type scenario. The characters will be tuned to be able to do certain things better than other characters, the art style is 3D but it's got 2D cel-shaded graphics. The music is EDM/Drum and Bass. Good knowledge of vectors and physics will be handy.
It's unpaid, but it is rev share. Meaning there is no guarantee of payment. The only guarantee is that whatever money this game makes, will be evenly split amongst the group. None of us have submitted a game or been a part of that, and that's what we're going to change. We're all just trying to make our portfolio better, so anyone interested would have to understand and be alright with this.
The project will require a year, worst case scenario with delays or setbacks it may take up to two years.
We have a Discord server to communicate on, we have a Trello to keep on top of project management and tasks. We are friendly, and dedicated to the project and hope that you will be too. We all work full-time and have other things going on, so that is also one of the reasons this game will take this long.
Please get in touch with me on Discord as I don't check Reddit very often! We can set up a call where I go over the game design and plan of action, show you where we are at, etc, and see if this project is a good fit for you. My Discord name is Matias#9725
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2023.04.01 13:57 alsaqqaf Inspirational story: Journalism in YEMEN during the 1990s [FREE promo]

Abdulaziz: Making Yemen a Good World Citizen

[Free eBook from amazon until 5 April]
Yemen in the 1990s is the story of how two authoritarian regimes merged to make a democracy! This was new territory for all and a pioneering experiment in a region known to constrain human rights. Dr Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf saw that democracy could indeed take root in Yemen, and established Yemen Times newspaper to play a significant role to make this experiment a successful one.
This memoir recounts the story of Dr Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, an economics professor turned journalist, and his relentless pursuit of human rights and freedom of expression despite the gravest challenges. Abdulaziz dubbed the mission of Yemen Times to make Yemen a good world citizen, a bridge between Yemen and the free world. He went above and beyond to realize this mission, testing and challenging the authoritarian tendencies of those in charge and establishing one precedent after another to accelerate the maturity of Yemen’s democracy, often successfully.
Abdulaziz’s story is one of perseverance and ambition, turning personal loss into devotion and State prosecution into tenacity in service of human rights in the most unlikely place on earth: Yemen.
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2023.04.01 13:57 rubes___ Date confirmed for Chelsea Women Champions League semi-final first leg on Saturday 22 April, with kick-off at 12.30pm (UK time)

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