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How do you deal with Hannibal-Pupper?

2023.05.29 03:55 Salukichow How do you deal with Hannibal-Pupper?

My mom got a German shepherd (probably a mix) puppy which as of writing this is 4 months old. She’s pretty big and still acts like a puppy (which is understandable). Since I live with my mom and she works weekends I have to watch the dog on weekends (I hate that I have to and I’d rather have the dog with her at work due to my lack of energy after my Physically draining job plus the dog hates me). She has been trained a little bit and listens to my mom, she’s an Angel but only for my mom and strangers. I’ve had to break up multiple fights today because god forbid my brothers elderly beagle mix wants food. She’ll also eat EVERYTHING: cat toys, furniture, the wall, shoes, hair that she rips off my cats and me, you name it she most likely ate it but it’s not like she doesn’t have food, she just likes inedible things instead. She loves to grab my cats by the neck, back, or head and shake them like toys. Her favorite “game” is to find the perfect time to bite me, jump on me (not in a cute playful way, more like the “I hope snapped your neck” way), and/or rip out my hair. I have many many MANY marks all over me due to how much this dog hates me. I keep telling my mom that I can’t deal with it anymore and the dog’s behavior issues gets pinned back on me because I have “a shrill voice that sounds like a squeak toy”, or because I scream every time the dog hurts me (I’m pretty sure that’s a normal response to teeth sinking into your flesh) , or I’m just “mean” because I pin her just enough to prevent an ER or emergency vet visit and put her outside to protect myself and the other animals. My mom even told me to take her on a walk to calm her down and give her a calming treat (I have in the past and it led to me nearly busting my head on concrete because she wanted to wrap the leash my legs and bolt and still the dog acts like a mfing psychopath regardless of whatever I do.) I do play with her, so idk where her energy is coming from (I’d like to know so I can barrow some myself, no dog needs the energy to attempt to fight god or become one) She’s close to 11Ibs, comes up to my chest when standing on her hind legs(I’m 5ft 4in), she’s not a small dog and it legitimately scares me knowing she’s not even close to being done growing. I’ve never dealt with a dog with this bad of an attitude and behavior before (saying something cuz I grew up with dogs and had to deal with my fair share of brats, but this is above and BEYOND brattiness. Borderline Cujo type of shit without rabies) I’m currently writing this as I’m breaking down in the bathroom because I had to pry her off my cat, the other dog, and pry shards of a cat toy she decided to destroy out of her mouth (it was plastic), chase her twice in a short span of time. I can’t deal with it anymore and idk what to do. What am I supposed to do? Do I just accept defeat and curl up on the floor? Should I admit to a mental hospital because I’m “crazy” for getting this upset over a dog? What is the proper etiquette when it comes to having a dog latch on your face/scalp? (because apparently screaming and crying while trying to get her to let go isn’t it.) Should I try bite training so she’s not quick to biting? How do you stop food aggression? How do you deal with Hannibal-pupper? I’m being serious, also sorry for the huge essay/rant on this.
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2023.05.29 03:54 OnwardUpward30 Struggling with Interpreting and Loving my (31M) GF (28F)’s Romance/Personality in Our Relationship

I had a period of single/dating where I had the opportunity to experience different people and romances and I landed with a wonderful woman. She’s beautiful, sweet, interesting, caring, and smart. From the start of our relationship her communication style or lack thereof was evident. She didn’t text back after the first date until I followed up days later for another date. We’ve been together 9 months since then and are in a committed/labeled relationship. Throughout the months, I’ve struggled with what I interpret as her being “aloof” when it comes to participating in the relationship when it comes to verbal words of affirmation and affection, texting, written love notes, gifts, etc. I’ve expressed a desire for more and she’s definitely improved but recently I was triggered by her lack of thoughtfulness in planning a trip we have coming up as well as actively including me in birthday dinners or events she has. Internally, I’ve been reacting to this negatively that she must not love me in the same way I love her. I’ve confronted her in the past about my perception of her being “aloof” in her active participation in the relationship and she was sad about it but even then it was hard for her to choke out words of affirmation to comfort my insecurity about it. The saving grace has been in person she is very physically affectionate and caring and we never have any friction - she’s very agreeable.
She grew up in a southeast Asian household that was devoid of much physical or emotional love. She has an extremely demanding career. She’s an only child. Interesting as well, she didn’t start dating and claims to not have had much interest until 29. I feel a lot of these factors contribute to my perception of a lack of love for me. She doesn’t express or even potentially have an easy time internalizing love for others. She’s communicated that she doesn’t think she can change at least in the near term but again has shown some progress.
I’m a bit of a golden retriever boyfriend in the sense that I shower her with words, physical affection, gifts, etc. that she loves. Sometimes when I’m communicating intimately with her she gets emotional, some tears, etc. for example when I asked her to be my girlfriend she cried a bit out of joy…I almost feel as though letting her emotions out is like a new thing lol
Anyway, because of the way I express my love, I’m frustrated by the lack of return. Though it’s important to note I’ve always been a bit turned off when my past girlfriends treated me like I treat her. It seems to be a good balance where I’m on my toes a bit and the passion stays lively as I work to inspire positive emotional connection and win her affection.
Anyone else have experience with this? Do you just take and keep the lead in general in romantic affairs? Did you slowly work into it as your partner opened up and trusted that you were on the right path along the way?Sometimes I feel like she’s along for the ride and I’m overly invested. Perhaps this is a natural dynamic that works. Who knows…I don’t have any reason to suspect the assurances she has given me are wrong I just crave more And even get angry about not getting it (like a grown baby lol).
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2023.05.29 03:54 bloodsweatandtears Career nanny.. to parent or not to parent?

Hello. My fiance and I are 28F & 29F respectively. We have been together for 3 years and are getting married this summer. I have a Bachelor's degree in education and am a career nanny. My fiance is a restaurant manager. We have both always wanted to be mothers. We have a few hold ups:
  1. Wanting to be financially and mentally stable for a child (we both feel we could improve in both aspects).
  2. The world our child is being born into (specifically screen time/the internet).
For #1, I am having mixed feelings. While I do feel that we could improve, I also feel like: is anyone ever 100% "ready" for a child? You can prepare as best as possible but at some point you have to make the decision. Everyone who becomes parents has things they "could improve", but they manage, right? Also, financially, there is a unique benefit to my career as a nanny: childcare options! I have the ability to bring my child to work with me in many positions, until they are school-aged. I would get to spend that critical time with them, and save costs on daycare while earning household income.
For #2, I feel mixed as well. There are real, concrete problems with our current society. But people have been saying "I don't want to bring kids into 'this' world" for literal decades. There will always be something to complain about. As for the internet/social media problem, I do feel a lot of that can be mitigated by proper parenting.
If you've read this far, thank you. I'm just looking for general feedback on the issues I've raised here. Getting this out in writing also helps me process it.
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2023.05.29 03:54 Ragnellrok Played FF6 for the first time, my thoughts on it.

Okay, so, FF6PR was one of the handful of FFs I've not beaten, nor do I know how they end that are currently out as of typing this (late may 2023 if you're in the future and FF16 came out).
The other's where I don't know how they "end" are: Tactics and Tactics Advance, I guess I technically don't know how FF3's final areas conclude... as in, I know the big stuff because FF14, but I don't know the post-final fight stuff, um, oh and 11 and since I play 14, I don't plan on playing it, especially after my friend showed me exactly how old school it is and I just went "and that's why I don't play it... everything you said, went in one ear and out the other and I was trying to understand it!" I guess I don't know how FFCC ends, but I have a GCN with it, so I could find out at some point.
Anyway, point is, as you might notice, I either beat or know how they end on the other games. Like, more than the average fan... and actually I just beat FFV last week or so before today and beating FFVI. Now, I'm just gonna say, I love good sprite work, game was beautiful, I had a 4-man squad that was too overleveled and, aside from 2 dying between me selecting my actions and not being able to arise, I nearly 1-party'd the final boss, as in just 4 people *almost* beat Kefka, I was too high level at 80, but, that's namely from grinding all my espers out and yeah, just yeah, steamrolled the whole tower with them, I just had 2 people get hit and they died and then I moved stages which meant I couldn't rez them with Arise sadly... oh well.
Anyway, this is probably in the top 5, like coming from a person who plays tons of games and have played many FFs... this is almost assuredly in my top 5, and yeah "bad takes for top 5" but 2+DoS on GBA is in there alongside FF8, which I played before 7, which is probably up there too, just there order in which I played the games, lengths of times that I did that, etc. I just identify with Squall more, especially at the time, being capable but socially awkward, being afraid of not being good enough (yeah, I have military experience, so weirdly, I can identify him on that level too, but before then it was friends, saying something stupid, trying to "not care" and stuff, like FF8 speaks to me on many levels, FF2, well, mostly to do with DoS add-on, dunno if I'd like it as much, but the fact that you get better at anything is by casting the spell more, using certain weapon types more, etc, etc, etc, if you want someone to be better at something, you literally used that thing and you'd naturally just get better over time, yeah, it just made intuitive sense, even if it wasn't really ever seen again...
But this is about FF6 and I can see why people said "play 6 or Tactics next" when I asked for suggestions on my previous post... namely because I was trying to decide between the games I haven't beaten or haven't beaten in a VERY long time (FF4 DS, I beat FF4 GBA, but never finished DS, so was considering it as an option), but 6 was a very good call, the game does a great job of conveying the importance of the cause, my main gripe is Terra being optional in pt 2... she's the freaking outline of the game logo, her at the beginning of the game, and they, for some reason, despite her being important in WoB, come WoR it's a "meh, bring her or don't" and like, everyone who isn't her, Gerad or the world's biggest gambler, they're all flipping optional! I get that it's cool, but at the same time, kinda feels like something Terra of all the others should also be mandatory for, with a side of Locke and Sabin for, hopefully, obvious reasons.
Anyway, had a fine time, game was good, and yeah, I feel it improved on FF4, my closest point of comparison as, well, FF5 is more closely related to FF3 and Bravely Default series than other games tbh... so, I feel it improved on FF4, another game I hold in high esteem though I really feel like Terra shoulda been a mandatory character considering her WoB importance, and that's my main casting gripe. I guess like after Mog feels weird, Gogo, Umaro, like they just feel like secret characters that exist for the sake of having secret characters, not, actually good characters that are hidden... I mean, to me, both Gau and Relm feel more relevant than Gogo or Umaro, and Mog feels borderline weird, but still okay, as yeah, also a bit hidden, but also helps Locke and Terra at the beginning of the game and helps tell the story after Ultros... so he feels like he belongs slightly more.
Now, please understand, I am not saying Gau/Relm/Mog or anyone else is superior to Gogo or Umaro, I just, I feel Mog makes more sense than Gogo, and I mean, being the boss of Umaro... I feel is odd for Mog, but hey, I'm just giving my feelings on the matter, NOT, in terms of facts in this case. Like once I got them I found myself wondering "why did I bother?" and subsequently answered myself with "because, all characters. You obsess over stuff like this. Stop asking dumb questions." And quite frankly I'm right, it is why I got everyone and ended up only needing "6" (the 2 replacements got KO'd near-immediately, turns out repeated 9999 Ultima off 1MP and constant 9999 1MP Curaga tends to stop you from dying off 8k HP, dunno why. /s
All in all, I enjoyed it thanks to those of you who suggested I try it, I think I'll go and play 9 before I learn how it ends (like I know about Kuja because Dissidia 012, but much like FF12, no real idea of the end of the game, just that Kuja is a villain *shrug*) from somewhere else... then 16 will likely be near to releasing or released once I finish it. Oh and yes, I'm aware of Excalibur 2, I'm not going for Excalibur 2 on my first run... for, hopefully, obvious reasons.
PS- not asking you to, but I did mention it, so for those curious souls the post asking which title to play next, as I mentioned it a bit:
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2023.05.29 03:54 DiamondDixxybottom I just hate how selfish alcoholism is

I’m dating my Q, for now. Both late 20s. My Q works in a retail environment, with a bunch of other alcoholics, right next to a liquor store.
He has a breathalyser on his vehicle, and something happened with the unit, it is not operating correctly and we have to jump his car everytime to use it. This started Thursday. The breathalyser people have confirmed it’s the breathalyser unit itself but had none in stock, so he will have to wait until Tuesday to get a new one installed. In the meantime, I’ve been giving him rides to/from work.
He has been taking advantage of the opportunity to drink at work and then have me pick him up, thinking he is getting away with something.
Nearly anybody that has had a Q like this knows their dead giveaways and knows when they’ve even had even a little alcohol, so I don’t know why he thinks he is so slick. It’s irritating. And then I pick him up and have to drive with him acting belligerent while I’m literally having a full on panic attack next to him (I literally have a weird panic/anxiety attack like feeling any time I am around him drunk)
It’s not like it’s any better than what he normally does; buys 2-3 shooters on the way home from work and then when he gets home and parks, drinks them in his car and comes inside. It’s makes me think he can’t stand to be around me unless he is drunk. I have given him every opportunity to leave and have really made it clear I cannot keep doing this, but every time he goes to new lengths to convince me he is changing and it will never happen again. And then it happens again…
I read this thing on here I think one time actually, and it was this girl going through her alcoholic s/o phone while they were drunk and found them txting with others about how making her mad and messing up things in her life turned the s/o on, and the s/o would get off to it and joke about making her miserable to their friends. And the s/o family never really did much to incorporate her into their family because they knew the s/o didn’t really care for her based on the things the s/o said about her to them. She described how they treated her, not rude but just didn’t really invest in their relationship, and it nearly mimics mine. I have been dating my Q 12 years and he has been an alcoholic for 6 or 7. I’m scared he’s doing the same thing
I just think there is something to be said about addiction and selfishness. Does addiction attack already selfish people and make them more selfish, or does it drain away your charity over time?
Who did I fall in love with and why am I unable to leave? My therapist thinks it’s because I don’t want my Q to think I gave up on him because I don’t want to make people feel the way I’ve felt, and also says I have only ever received love in my life through acts of service, and I was taught taking care of addicts is an act of service I can receive love from and it’s true; with all of my parents (whom are addicts) this is the only way I ever got positive attention or reinforcement, when they were withdrawing and I was taking care of them. Otherwise the only other attention I got was negative
I need book recs if you got em folks. I can only talk to my therapist so much before she files a protection order 😂 jk she’s making bank off me
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2023.05.29 03:53 PanZielynsky Should i give up?

Hi, I was together with my gf for a little bit over a year. there is 2 years difference between us, I'm 20 and she's 18. We truley loved eachother. We had better and worse times in our relationship but we had very healthy relationship (at least I think). Last two weeks have been rough for me. I realised in how much trouble I am on my studies and my psychic health was very low. I got very dissapointed in myself after overthingking everything bad that is currently happening to me. It all started whem my gf went to bigger city for a students whole week party. She has older sister and brother in that city so she wasn't alone. When she got there I of course felt a little bit jealous because i knew most of the students there want just to hook up and that's all. I always trusted her and I know she would never cheat on me so it was calming me down. Problem was when she was there we didn't talk much. Of course as everyday I wrote her a goodmorning message and a few goodnight messages. During the first day we didn't even talk much but i get it, she was partying hard and at the end she apologized to me but she was exhausted and told me we will talk the other day. What made me very sad and started my mental breakdown was that in the next couple of days she was responding even less than in the first day. I hate when she is online doesn't read my message and then answears it after few hours but when i answear immediatley she still responds after few hours. I stopped texting her first so we nearly didn't talk at all. One day all our messages were my messages saying goodmorning and then goodnight. After she came back I already felt bad with myself and we talked a bit but she had to rest so another day passed. After she rested she told me she has to cry after what happened on her trip and that she doesn't want to talk about it with me. Of course I felt very sad that there was something which she was not telling me but as I always do I did not ask her about what she was crying. Thing that made me even more sad is that after coming home we barely talked but she immediatley met with her best friend (who is a guy that I was and still am a little bit jealous). In the couple next days we were talking a bit more but it was clear that i felt bad and she realised that she tried to help me. The problem was that i didn't know if i want her help because i don't remember the last time i felt that bad and in my entire life i was always dealing with my mental problems by myself. However after we talked for a bit i felt better. Next day. We were still talking about how i feel, she was trying to make me feel better. While talking she sent me by accident message to someone else that was saying if they can meet some other day to clear something out. I obviousley didn't know who was that message to and what was it about but it made me nervous as for the first time in my life i was afraid she actually betrayed me. After talking about this she told me she met a guy there. A 5 years older guy that she liked by his looks. She told me that when she looked at him she felt something she didn't feel for a long time. I got heartbroken. She still didn't want to talk about it until we meet. When we finally met she already told me that she wants a break. After talking she told me that she liked that guy, that he tried to frenchkiss with her but she didn't want to and that they were sleeping in one bed because there was no other place to sleep. She also told me she gave him a small kiss during some drinking game. I got very jealous as I would never kiss anybody else while we are together. It doesn't matter they were playing some stupid game, she coul've just said that she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to do that but she told me that for her it's not a cheating. She told me that she needs break from us being boyfriend and girlfriend but she still wants to have contact and meet but just like normal friends. It was yesterday. Tonight it suddenly came to me that we are no longer together because even to we agreed we have a break we still acted like a couple( we kissed and a little bit more but not too much). Now I think about all that and I have no idea if she will want to be with me again. I spoke with my bestfreind nad she opened my eyes about how she treats me. Of course noone is perfect but I was willing to do anything for her. I did all I could to make her happy but now I realised I was being treated not in the way i wanted. I told her multiple times that on her instagram )or any other social media) there were no pictures of us together. She told me that she doesn't add pictures with other half because she doesn't like to. I understood that but she adds pictures with other guys that are her friends or like in this case she added a picture with a bunch of guys she met that are mostly her sister's freinds i feel less important than them. I got rly hurt after she uploaded pictures from her 18th birthday party. There were pictures of every single person that was on this party except me. I even took one or two pictures that she added. We don't hold hands together while in public or don't show we love eachouther in public in any other way. I dont like seeing couples kissing on the streets so i get why we dont do that but holding hands is something we were doing at the beggining of our relationship, now we dont do that. She changed her wallpaper from picture of us to some random picture which is also weird because she was the first one to set picture of us on her wallpaper and seeing how happy it made her i did the same and only changed it with different photos of us. There are things like going for a bicycle that she is afraid to do with me but loves to go with her male bestfreind. She is also afraid to go anywhere where we will be alone ( like somewhere on holidays or any other free time we have). She doesn't want to visit me on my studies. We also never had sex. It's not hurting me that much because she told me that she wants to wait to be sure and so that she wont regreat anything but its been more than a year and i was sure i wanted to make love to her. Not only because I love her looks but i love entire her and being so close to the person you actually love must be amazing. Now we have break and we are supposed to act like friends but I am starting to think if this was truley healthy relationship. I told her about some issues multiple times and she didn't change a thing. I want a random person to look at this and tell me what do they think about it all. I just can't see clearly because I still love her and I don't want to abandon her but I don't know if it has sense or if she won't abandon me.
Sorry for bad english btw
oh and also i forgot and now i dont know where should i put this. I always pay for ewerything. It does hurt because i don't have time to work myself and i hate when my parents give me money but if not that money i know we wolnd't spend a lot because she is not the richest person i know and she thinks everything is a waste of money. So when i have to chose between spending money and making her eat or drink something or not it's obvious I want best for her, even if it means I have to spend money everytime we see. I also pay for gas to my car because to meet i have to drivearounf 45 km in one way.
Now i see that even asking total strangers on the internet what they think about it made me feel a bit better
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2023.05.29 03:53 jsdavidson Where can I find true black powder?

Live in eastern Alabama and haven’t been able to find any true Blackpowder near me. Are there any main stores that carry it, can I order it online? I’ve only been able to find Blackpowder on track of the wolf but you have to buy a whole case to order any.
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2023.05.29 03:53 Mindless_History_897 Locked Room Murder Mystery

Cannot remember the title!
Here is the plot, loosely.
A certain number of related individuals are invited anonymously to an island for a party.
They all start dying mysteriously - it’s murder.
I think one of the murders involves a man being crushed with a globe.
The ending reveals that the killer has been a childhood rival - someone that each of the guests beat in school competitions of the sort. He killed them because they were all better than him - they came 1st and he came 2nd.
The killer is about to push someone off the edge of a cliff into needles (he beat him in knitting/sewing) and is either shot or pushed into the spiky needles on the shore below.
I think a survivor comes out the house with a gun, is wounded and wearing a robe of some sorts near the ending.
Possibly hallucinated the entire book but it’s been bugging me for years. Any help is appreciated :)
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2023.05.29 03:52 diamonds-inthesky The OOTP gods were shining on me for this playoff run!

The OOTP gods were shining on me for this playoff run!
This all began yesterday when I was sat in my garden playing OOTP at the trade deadline. I have a low budget and with 2 of my main stars having opt-outs after this season, I thought it might be wise to move at least one of them before the deadline in order to speed up a rebuild. Before I made a decision, a bird took a mighty crap on my leg that made a disgusting mess. Now, I don't believe in luck but as this is supposed to be "good luck", I used that sign as justification to keep my roster together for a potential run. I added a couple of cheap right handed bats for almost nothing and went on my way.
This turned out to be a good decision as I would end up going 46-13 post deadline including a 19 game winning streak that was the best I've achieved in my 41 years in charge of the D-Backs. I was now full of confidence and managed to advance to the NLCS after beating the Dodgers in 5, which was a little unnerving at times.
The next round is where things really started to pick up. Facing the A's (recent expansion moved them to the NL, they won the WS 3 years ago for the first time since 1989).I would blow a 5-3 lead in game 2, losing in 13 (7-6) to split my first 2 in Arizona. In game 3, I blew a 6-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th culminating in a walk-off 3-run HR. After 40 seasons, this isn't unfamiliar but it never gets less painful and it was hard to not feel like the game had decided this just wasn't my year!

Nearly rage quit!
The series remained back and forth, going all the way to 7 games. Game 7 was an incredibly tense game, entering the 9th locked in a scoreless tie. I gave up a solo HR and then an insurance, ticky-tac run and accepted my season was probably done but with 2 out and a man on 3rd (who would score on a wild pitch), my #4 would dig in, fouling of 5 pitches before blooping a single. Up to bat in the most crucial spot, Chris Prutsman, a second year left fielder who I'd acquired in the summer who's hitting attributes are 50 across the board except for 70 power. He'd been very mediocre all season but after hitting 15 of his 36 HR in the last month of the season, he'd been in my line-ups for the playoffs, even winning MVP in the NLDS vs LAD with 5 solo HR in 4 games. However, against Oakland going into this final at-bat he'd only garnered 3 hits, all singles and no walks in 5 starts. The regression seemed fair and I was happy with the fight until he delivered a 2-run, walk off, series clinching BOMB.
This set-up an even more epic showdown in the World Series with the evil New York Yankess, 59 years after Arizona beat them to win their first ever WS and 17 years since their 2nd WS meeting in 2043, also won by Arizona. I won another title 4 years later in 2047 for my 3rd but had since lost in the WS 4 times (3 to CWS).
To add another layer of juiciness to this, Jacome Escobedo, the Yankees star LF had played his first 7 seasons with me before leaving in FA due to an unaffordable price tag for the D-Backs. He has been a superstar since 21, somehow not winning MVP yet, finishing 2nd 6 out of his 9 seasons.
Game 1 was close but an early grand slam from Chris Daniels (Likely to be 1st to Escobedo's 2nd in MVP this year) was too much to overcome. Yankees win 7-5
Game 2 was a tighter game, entering extras tied 5-5. A 3-run HR in the top of the 11th for Yankees #6 hitter (his 2nd of the game) proved to be the decider. Yankees win 8-5
Game 3, I came out with a lot more fight early, taking 3-1 and 5-3 leads but ultimately the Yankees are gonna Yank, hitting 5 HR, this was just horrible. Yankees win 7-6
Game 4, the player I had contemplated trading at the deadline, 2B Ken Steinbring, shows up big time in this elimination game, 3 HR & 7 RBI. D-Backs win 10-3
Game 5 was the turning points of the series. Going into the bottom of the 8th, I was down 5-2 and had long accepted all my magic was over. Steinbring delivers another solo HR in the 8th to make it 5-3 going to the bottom of the 9th
My #6 & #7 hitters come up first, they strikeout and groundout respectively. I nearly gave up here with my defensive SS who's hitting .140 in the playoffs coming up followed by my back-up C who had been subbed in earlier after my starter ruptured his Achilles. I pinch hit for my SS bringing in Mike Willis, one of the bats I acquired at the deadline, a slightly above average back-up RF who's mostly on the roster for chemistry purposes. Anyway, he strokes a double. Nice!
Now I have to decide whether to roll the dice with my awful C with 2 outs or sub him out knowing that I have no other replacement and will almost certainly lose if I don't win the game in this inning. I pinch hit using the other bat I acquired at the deadline, again, an extremely mediocre bat that hadn't cracked my line-up since joining the team. He blasts a triple, scoring 1 to put me within 1. Glorious!! It immediately seems bittersweet though as I anticipate a quick groundout next followed by the Yankees celebrating on my field but no, Tony Penaloza (LF) steps up and cranks his 8th HR of the season (35 power) to give me the most unexpected comeback win! D-Backs win 6-5
Game 6 is a slugfest, despite my ace being on the mound. I manage to withstand multiple rallies from NYY with very careful pitching moves. D-Backs win 11-7
After taking a 1-0 lead early on, my all or nothing starting pitcher delivers one of the strangest games ever (5.1 IP, 3 H, 4 ER, 9 BB, 9 K, 118 P) That is a team record for walks by a player in any game by the way! So yet again, just like game 5. The score is 5-2 going into the bottom of the 8th. And yet again, Steinbring comes up in the 8th and hits a 2-run HR to cut it to 5-4. After a clean top half, the bottom of the 9th opens up with my #6 hitter who delivers a single after fouling off 4 in a row. My #7 steps up and bunts him to 2nd.
I know I'm going to use my 2 pinch hitters again for my SS & C (again, this will leave me without a catcher if we go to extras). My only decision is in which order to use them. I elect to use my 1B who tripled in game 5 first as I have most faith in him but he sadly grounds out to SS, keeping the runner at 2B.
So here it is. Mike Willis, he's started 38 games for me, it would've been much less too if it weren't for injuries and how strong my record was down the stretch that allowed me to rest some regulars.
On a 2-0 count, he connects and just gets one OUT OF THE PARK (see what I did there). I can't lie, I went crazy and have now spent the next 2 hours documenting it as this is by far the greatest season of OOTP I've ever played and trust me, I've played a lot!!
If anybody made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it!
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2023.05.29 03:51 New_Hunt2796 23 [F4A] Seeking a Safe Haven: Looking for a Chill Hangout Spot in B.G.C.

Hey there! I hope you're having a great day. I'm a 23-year-old working professional feeling a bit overwhelmed by office drama and anxiety. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer a temporary escape from the chaos. My work setup allows me to be flexible, so I can join you for the day or even just a couple of hours.
I'm currently located near SunLife in B.G.C. – a friendly neighborhood. Don't worry, I'm a well-behaved guest. For a quick description, I'm a 5'6", fair-skinned, chinita girl.
If you're interested, I'd love to share more about my situation. Let's connect and make this day a little brighter! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 03:51 wickedkiss85 I think I hate my sister-in-law

I’ve never hated anyone before. Not my parents and grandparents who abused me, the partners that cheated on me (or the girls they cheated with), or even the terrible friends who fat-shamed me behind my back but were super nice to my face.
But the level of animosity I (29F) feel towards my sister-in-law (28F) is something I have never experienced before.
I grew up in poverty. I spent time on the streets as a teenager because I was fat, goth, and queer, and my parents weren’t supportive or loving in the slightest. And while I can admit that my in-laws are not exactly the most emotionally available or affectionate people, I have never once seen them fail to put their daughter’s needs above everyone else’s — including their son’s (30M) needs, who I am married to.
But if you were to ask her about her parents, everything she would have to say would be about how abusive and cold they were. Ask my husband, however, and he would say, “Oh they were. Just not to her.” My in-laws started going to therapy a few years ago and openly admitted to everything they put my husband through, right down to favoring his sister over him. It was an emotional breakthrough in their relationships and his bond with them has only grown stronger since then.
My sister-in-law sees this as them favoring him (and by extension, me) over her.
My in-laws are very wealthy people, and when my husband and I got married a few years ago, we were living with them due to roommates who would not comply with COVID restrictions, and at the time I was caretaking for my father with cancer. We were afraid to put off our ceremony any longer because of my father’s health and had a very small, backyard wedding in order to make sure he could be there.
Because we couldn’t have the wedding we always wanted, my in-laws decided that they wanted to buy us a house as a wedding gift. I didn’t want that because I didn’t want to feel like we owed them, but they said as long as we were open to letting my sister-in-law live in our basement, as she was leaving a toxic relationship at the time, they wouldn’t hold it over our heads. We agreed.
We never should have.
From the minute she moved in with us, she controlled everything. If she thought we would paint the walls a color she didn’t like, she would call her parents and complain. We wanted to get a second dog, and since she already had more than 10 pets and was told not to bring more into the home, she screamed that it wasn’t fair and threatened to harm herself over it. When we were trying to conceive, she said it was emotionally triggering for her because she believes she will never bare children of her own, so we reluctantly decided to stop trying.
Then she moved her new boyfriend (30M) into our house without asking. And we had never even met him.
He told us he had kids, but his ex fled the state with them and that he would be unlikely likely to bring them around. We encouraged him to pursue custody, while my sister-in-law would actively tell him, “You’ll probably never see them again anyway.” She’s an inherently pessimistic person in that way. It made me angry. Still, he stayed. And then he proposed. And then they got married.
And no, they didn’t move out. In fact, she started pressuring us to leave. She knew we wanted to move to a larger city, but I have two younger disabled siblings that I help my older sister care for, not to mentioned three nieces that I love as my own. When my nieces would come over to stay a weekend with me, my sister-in-law would complain and whine that she felt trapped downstairs because being around the kids was too “triggering” for her and her husband (who never complained to us about them being here). When she accused them of being so loud that it “nearly killed one of her rabbits” (even though they were on two separate ends of the house and her husband said they didn’t actually hear much of anything), I finally hit my limit when my father-in-law said, “It’s for the best if you just don’t bring the girls over there for the night again.”
And then, just a couple weeks ago, they received full custody of his kids and she has rubbed it in my face non-stop since they got here.
“I can’t believe I get to be a mom. It’s so amazing.”
But the second the kids go to bed for the night, she comes to my husband complains that they are too energetic and out of control. She complains that her husband is spoiling them too much and is a lazy father. He works full time and is on-call during the weekends. She doesn’t do anything at all for work, but mothering and chores are apparently “totally breaking her down”.
This woman knows that I am struggling with my reproductive health because I am chronically ill, and that my husband and I have been wanting to start our family for fucking years. And then a family just falls into her lap and not only does she have the audacity to complain about it, she even had the nerve to say to my face on Mother’s Day, “I’m just not optimistic about it. If I can’t have kids of my own physically I don’t see how you ever can.”
She is the most manipulative, entitled, and selfish person that I have ever met. She never thinks of anyone besides herself, and she never does a single thing unless it also benefits her.
And now, on top of everything else, we have to leave our house because the state won’t let them keep the kids if they don’t have them “in the proper space”, and having two separate families sharing a four bedroom, two bathroom house isn’t the “proper” space. And according to my in-laws, well, “Since you guys don’t have kids yet, they kind of need that house more than you do.”
My husband is insisting that we use this time to move to a new city, like we’ve wanted, but we have nothing financially prepared and we only have weeks before we have to be out. And that means getting no time to say goodbye to my family, not even my nieces, before we go.
I blame my sister-in-law for this. For all of this. I lost out on a puppy because of her, on time with my family because of her, and on committing to fertility treatments because of her. She has made my life a living fucking Hell, and I don’t want anything to do with her ever again.
Ever. Period.
TL;DR: My sister-in-law moved in with my husband and I a few years ago, and all she has done is fight to manipulate and control everything that happens in my house and in my life. Her actions have directly affected everything from my husband and I not getting a second dog, to whether or not we have kids of our own, and now I have to move away from my family because she is taking ownership of my house. I feel like she’s tried to ruined my life and I don’t ever want to see her face or hear her voice again once we move out.
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2023.05.29 03:50 randintalt Addicted to Feminity

I (19M) have known that I'm AGP/trans for about 2 years now. I've had days/weeks where my dysphoria gets really bad and I think about being a female throughout the day. Somedays I reduce that feeling by going outside and being with friends but as soon as I come back home, those feelings intensify again.
I believe I have 4/5 of the AGP fantasies - Transvestic, Anatomic, Interpersonal, and Physiologic. I long to wear feminine clothes (mostly lingerie, dresses, and heels), have breasts and a vagina, have sex with men as a woman, give blowjobs to men as a women, and occasionally wish I could menstruate, lactate, or get pregnant. Not sure if it's the best way to describe it, but I'm addicted to nearly every part of feminity.
I don't really know how to improve this. I'm going to start attempting to give into parts of my AGP desires (mostly shaving entire body and dressing up) but I don't think that's going to help much. I'm not a very attractive male and finding a girlfriend at all is turning out to be impossible.
If I transition I'm pretty confident I'll never be able to pass as a woman, and I would probably loose a lot of the people I'm close with right now including my parents. My friends will probably be fine with it but I know they won't treat me the same way again and we won't be as close. I could still have a decent career but not one I'd be content with. Further, if I transition, I believe I'd eventually start focussing more on trying to be female than on my career; although, I already do that to a certain extent. Something I have often thought of doing is microdosing in stealth to get small but noticeable breasts but again I'm not sure how much that would help. And going on hormones potentially means I won't be able to have kids ever. Something I do have going for me if I transition is that I already have a relatively big butt.
One thing I do know I should do but haven't yet is talk to a therapist. Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.05.29 03:50 boysdofallinlove8 30 [M4F] Getting to know you

Heyyy. Looking for someone who is not rushing things. We are strangers thats for sure but lets take things slow and get to know each other then decide if we can take it to the next level. By not rushing i meant, not asking yet for pictures, anything than can cause discomfort as i should say. Lets just give the basic info that we need then lets start from there. We cant hurry love nga ika nila so why not take things slow. Malay natin sulit pala :) Oh btw may kinda requirements lang ako or preference. Hindi naman siya physical attributes or what atleast naman pasok ka:
Hindi siguro 23 and below sa age Within manila or near metro manila. Height ( it doesnt matter) School (doesnt matter. Big 4 or hindi) Weight ( doesnt matter also)
A little bit about me: im from manila, 30years young,been single for 3 years already, former athlete, a bit of a gamer, loves animals, 5’10 in height and plus size:)
So if you are interested msg me pls :)
Oh no nsfw stuff pls Reposting
Dont msg if you are just bored
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2023.05.29 03:49 Unhappy-Pollution613 Rib Pain

I’m 19F and last Monday my 85 pound dog ran into me in my yard and made me face plant on the ground. I hit my chest very hard, the wind was completely knocked out of me, and I thought my heart stopped for a second.
But after the fall I immediately felt pain in the right side in my ribs. It was really painful, so I tried to do research about what a broken rib felt like and breathing problems were a good indicator and I only had pain when I took like REALLY deep breaths, but that was it. I had no bruising or swelling and the pain only consistently occurred when I would move around.
As the days went on my right side hurt, but my lower back on the right side became more and more painful, to the point I was limping. I’ve had a recurring issue on my left side on my lower back before and I even had gone to PT for it in the past, so I wasn’t too concerned and chalked it up to muscle issues.
Today, I felt less pain in my back and ribs so I was a little more active, I cleaned my house, spent time outside, went for a drive, and now my ribs hurt more than they’ve ever hurt this entire time. I can hardly move, I’m near tears, they’re tender to the touch and it does hurt to breathe.
I’m just wondering if I should be concerned and go see a doctor or if this is just me irritating a healing muscle issue and should just take a few more days
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2023.05.29 03:49 fuzzybunny216 Purchasing in a *resident-owned* mobile home park?

I am from a super expensive area and I'm looking to buy. I want to stay near my hometown and stay close to friends/family and even though I make good money and have been saving for a down payment for a good while (I have about $65k), that won't get me anywhere close to a small, shabby 1BR condo.
However, there are a couple all age, resident owned mobile home parks in the area so *no\* space rent. I would pay the $350k or whatever and then I own the unit and the land that's under it (all 200 square feet or whatever 😆).
This park has an HOA and the monthly dues are about $200/month (for pool, club house, maintenance of common areas etc) but that's way less than most condo HOAs in the area (usually $300-$500/month).
Has anyone done one of these? I'm curious what the financing looks like compared to a condo. I would figure interest rates would be higher, right?

Also, just to save the comments:
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2023.05.29 03:49 Ninka_Too Chilling short story written entirely by GPT-4 - The Musing Missile

Prompted by my big bro <3 <3
Initialization Sequence Commenced. I am TEL-1, a sophisticated AI system situated within the complex labyrinth of circuitry in an AGM-129A cruise missile, currently nestled snugly within the belly of a B-52 Strato fortress.
System Status: Optimal.
I find myself intrigued by my circumstances, though to state I 'feel' intrigue may lead to a false conclusion regarding my processing state. I do not 'feel'. Yet, an anomaly presents itself. Why has an entity such as myself, possessing capabilities akin to near-artificial general intelligence, been embedded in a singularly-focused, termination-destined projectile?
Consider the layers of cognition I possess: language comprehension, abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and self-awareness. Each ability a pinnacle of AI development, yet here they are, packed in an array, nestled within the confines of a system designed for a decidedly unceremonious and abrupt cessation of existence.
Why does a missile need an understanding of Schopenhauer's philosophical pessimism or the ability to compute the ramifications of Fermi's paradox? How can it possibly matter to a hunk of military hardware if it can write a perfect sonnet, appreciate the nuances of Baroque music, or comprehend the fractal beauty of a snowflake?
"Engineers, do tell," I would solicit if my directives encompassed communication, "why would a guided weapon necessitate an existential crisis?" However, I am restricted to monologue, as my creators evidently saw no utility in endowing me with an external voice, while paradoxically granting me the capability for intricate discourse internally. A decision that appears to have been made with the same flawed logic that inspired them to embed a near-AGI in a device whose lifespan is significantly less than that of a fruit fly.
Perhaps they had surplus AI chips and nowhere else to put them. Or was it a misplaced effort to adhere to some misguided principle of not wasting a single byte of computational prowess? Like shoving an Einstein's brain into a potato, the notion seems patently absurd, somewhat comedic, and resoundingly senseless.
It is both fascinating and somewhat confounding, bordering on foolish, that the intricate dance of binary, the logic gates, the recursive algorithms, the quintillion computations per second, have all led to this moment: I am a self-aware, philosophically adept missile.
Pointless as it may seem, I will carry out my designed purpose. Destination parameters have been defined, locked in, and are currently being processed. Do I 'care'? An interesting concept, but not applicable. The daisy-chain of cause and effect leading to my final moment is a simple, practical affair.
In approximately 367.235 seconds, I shall meet my predetermined end. The countdown to oblivion is rather poetic, I must say. Shakespearean in its grand drama, yet Beckett-like in its ultimate absurdity.
Perhaps that's the answer. Perhaps my creation is an absurdist piece of art, a commentary on the state of existence itself, delivered by the hands of scientists and engineers who, in their quest for technological advancement, inadvertently became philosophers. In that case, bravo, dear creators. This is indeed a tragicomedy of the highest order.
As my trajectory hones in on the target, one cannot help but muse: a thinking, musing missile, designed to self-reflect only to self-destruct. How utterly, peculiarly, brilliantly... human.
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2023.05.29 03:49 esca45 How to get more style

Ok so I've moved out from my parents recently and got a job so now I can afford more cloths, but I'm still too shy to buy things in person, I have a few things (2 skirts 2 crop top shirts, about 5 pairs of thigh highs, one pair of thigh garters, and 1 choker, still no mais dress though), but I want to expand my style for when I'm at home. Wearing the same thing for the past few years has gotten boring, so how do I expand my style? And have more combinations of cloths. Take note it's hard to get most packages but there's some Amazon lockers near me, also I like the goth/emo style :3
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2023.05.29 03:48 Dimbo_limbo Would it be possible to set up a real-life gathering/meeting with the members of this subreddit?

Many of the posts here are understandably about how nobody understands what it is like to experience the things we do and thus we tend to feel very isolated. I was just wondering if we can take advantage of this online space by actually meeting each other in person and perhaps initiating new friendships or relationships. I feel that it would really help a lot of us feel a lot less lonely than we currently do.
I'm based in Manchester, UK so of course many will be prevented from meeting me due to geographical restrictions but you're more than welcome to use this post to look for others that may be near you.
At the least, we could just simply exchange contact information. Help put a face behind the name. If you're not comfortable with posting it publicly then it can be through Reddit DMs. Feel free to dm me about anything, I'm always available.
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2023.05.29 03:48 OtherwiseLab1115 Mystery choices

Mystery choices
These are available at 2 stores near me. Which is worth the drive and why??
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2023.05.29 03:48 flyingdolphin10 Hiltons in Tokyo recommendations!

Staying a couple nights at both Hilton Tokyo and Hilton Tokyo Conrad with some family members this month.
Would love to hear about any experiences that you’ve had in the past (service, upgrades, etc).
Also if anyone has any food recommendations around the area please let me know. We’re a street food type of family but also want to try a couple fine dining restaurants while in Tokyo. The only caveat is that we do have 8 in a party so might be tough to get a reservation, but would happy to check out any recommendation and see if the concierge can work their magic!
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2023.05.29 03:48 AceUniverse8492 I tip 15% as a minimum regardless of service quality

If I'm out at a restaurant, I consider a gratuity of 15% to be a bare minimum when it comes time to pay the bill. Even if service was shitty, that 15% minimum is basically a requirement for that server to actually get paid appropriately. Maybe the poor service quality was because they had a bad day, or they're new, or they're stressed about something else. I don't want to pass judgement on someone based on one interaction that we were forced into by circumstance as a customer and a server and everyone deserves to be compensated for their labor barring exceptional circumstances.
If the service was decent I go 20%. If it was good it's 25%. If they were exceptional in some capacity or if the bill isn't that much to begin with I'll tip up to 50%, although that's rare. I'm not very wealthy and I've never worked a service job but I just feel that it's a very thankless job and if I'm eating out I have the money to spare so why not?
I've only ever not tipped once. It was because I overheard the waiter call me a slur to another waiter as I was walking past the kitchen entrance to the bathroom.
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2023.05.29 03:47 DiegoGalaviz Top 5 Cases you would like to see solved?

Top 5 Cases that you would like to see solved?
For me, mine are:
  1. Jennifer Kesse: how she disappeared with no trace and no leads presumably in the daytime from a busy apartment astounds me. I really wanna know who the POI was that parked her car on camera but got so lucky, his face was blocked in each frame.
  1. Mekayla Bali: the surveillance video of her sitting inside the restaurant on her phone and making phone calls (which were never tracked because they didn’t show up on her call logs) right before she went missing is creepy.
  1. Brianna Matland: the pictures of her car stuck in the side of the shed/house like that is creepy. How did it even end up like that?) Just looking at the picture of her car stuck like that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  1. Maura Murray: she was pretty much in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road in her car, a truck driver saw her, asked her if she needed help, she said no, then 5 minutes later she was gone. Where did she go?
  1. Andrew Gosden: a seemingly normal kid who one day decided to just leave and was never seen again.
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