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2023.04.01 14:02 Strange-Avocado1082 My Friend is being Evicted and doesn’t want to lose his Birds

For context, this takes place in the UK and my friend (M29) is originally from Romania. He lives with his parents and they had moved around 4 different countries until they finally settled in the UK in 2014. He has a few health problems that interfere with work and he refuses to go into customer service as it almost killed him before. So he’s working on building a Twitch community where he will play games and is hoping to make that his source of living. His twitch channel is still very small, but he’s a really sweet guy and I’m hoping that it will grow as he deserves nothing more. He has 7 beautiful birds and 2 of which he raised since birth, those 2 he considers his babies and doesn’t want to lose them.
I (M24) are met during a match of Dead by Daylight, where we both were playing as survivors and we just instantly clicked. We unfortunately lost that match, but we had a lot of banters and fun to the point we decided to add each other on discord and continue playing everyday since. Despite only knowing him for a week or so, we feel like we’ve known each other for much longer and I don’t normally open up to people I don’t know. I would consider him one of my closest friends.
I woke up this morning to him messaging me in a panic as his parents were served with an eviction notice. Apparently the landlord had decided to raise rent and his parents thought it would be in their best interest to fight that. My friend told his parents multiple of times to not fight this as this would not work out in their favour, but they insisted. They played the “law abiding citizen” card and were very, very confident that the law and their rights as tenants would protect them from this situation. They didn’t get any lawyers involved as far as we know as they can’t afford to do so, my friend doesn’t believe they even bothered to read the lease. Because of their lack of management and stubbornness, the landlord now wants them gone.
He’s very stressed about this and is more concerned about his birds than his own predicament. He asked me if I can take 2 of his most precious babies in temporarily until the storm passes, but unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to make it work. One of the issues at hand is distance; I live all the way down in Portsmouth and he lives in Suffolk. I would gladly make the journey to make his life easier, however I got a 3 year old beagle who I love to death and I also am currently living with my family. We just wouldn’t make it work and he understands that.
I’ve suggested to him to talk to the council and see if they can support in any way, even shared a few links. I showed him a few places where rent was cheap and they allowed pets, but he unfortunately won’t be able to make that work as his family can’t afford to move. They have no money for deposits, moving truck, etc. Between the 3 of them, they have £800 saved. They have no family friends either and the only people he can talk to is the friends he made online, including me. On Monday, he will be talking to citizen advice and is hoping they can provide him with solutions that don’t require rehoming the birds and losing them for good.
I have no idea how else I can help him as I’m in a position where I’m saving up to get my own place and, with the banks’ help through a saving scheme, I just got 9 months of saving left before I can make that a reality. I don’t want to look into renting since I’ve seen my own parents struggle with it ever since I was young. If there’s any advice or suggestions we hadn’t thought of, that would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.04.01 14:01 enpowera ACNHwishlistrequest Rules Reminder. Please read post for full details. 1) NO CODE SHARING. 2) SET FLAIR. 3) Be respectful. 4) Stay in designated giveaway areas. 5) Follow specific giveaway rules

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2023.04.01 14:01 PaigeRiley89 Any way to keep other cultures/countries (Mainly the people from them) out of my realm?

Let me give you some context: There is a mod called Kingdom Of Hyrule that allows you to play a Zelda version of CK3. BUT I don't want AI characters from the in-game (real life) cultures/religions. Is there anything technical wise I can do to keep them out?
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2023.04.01 14:01 Danilo_Pianini Companion controller with gyro and back buttons (touchpad nice to have)

I used to use a Steam Controller as a companion for the Deck, but it fell and broke today. I am searching for a replacement, but couldn't find anything that suits me:
What I need:
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2023.04.01 14:00 LifelongCaboose Monthly Recommendation Thread + LifelongCaboose's Gaming Audio Guide Links + Megathreads

I'm combining these two posts because Reddit limits 2 stickied posts per sub. So I'm mixing the guide links, the recommendation thread, and the megathreads here. Reviews will be added to a section of the guide.
But the guide will be once again moving but this time not to a new sub again, this time I'm moving it to a blogger-powered website. The reasoning is more freedom. So I'm not so limited by character limits and formatting limits. So it will be better for everyone and easier to use. Expect that update this summer.

Guide Links:

Old Hub:
New Hub:
Future Hub: (coming soon, it will be a blogger powered site)


Megathreads won't be commonplace they will only be utilized when posts about a single product get out of hand.

Recommendation help:

For recommendations below please fill out this form, if you have any questions about it visit the link below, DO NOT leave any blank except the last question. In sound Styles DO NOT make up your own.
Please fill out this form and I will try to reply as soon as possible.
For any help answering these please visit here
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2023.04.01 14:00 PokeUpdateBot April 2023 Code Giveaway Megathread

This thread is the place to conduct code giveaways for any codes associated with the Pokemon franchise. IT IS NOT THE PLACE TO BEG FOR CODES OR TRADE FOR CODES—please don't do that here! It will result in a temporary ban.
What sorts of codes can be given away here? TCG Online codes are always OK, as are any currently-active codes for any of the video games. Please be clear about exactly what code you are giving away, and what region it is for. A list of active codes can be found in the stickied comment below.
There are plenty of other Pokemon subreddits where you can do that. Asking for a specific code or any other form of request for a code that hasn’t already been offered will be considered begging, and will result in a temporary ban. If you see someone offering a code you want, though, go ahead and click the reply button on their comment to let them know.
This thread is exclusively for awesome, generous people who want to give a code away without receiving anything in return.
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2023.04.01 14:00 ScenesFromABot 2023/04/01 Round 5 - Work on this house was hard...

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2023.04.01 13:59 BittyLilMissy I have a hideous voice but- 🎵Dance, dance we're falling apart to halftime🎶

I love music and i'm terrible at jokes.
U can ask me any pop music questions from 2000-2023 and i'd probably be spot on!
I have cat and he's a german states man, i'll let you guess his name. Side note its not hitler.😉
I play overwatch, i main support and dont play for sweats. Other games i play is dint starve together- wendy main!
I dont have a fav genre or artist. I just wanna sing the lyrics and vibe. I kisten to everything except classical and country. Pop, rock, rap and indie are some of the most listened to genre.
I'm fine with vc. I'm 19 years old from Norway looking for people around my age, prefferrably above 18!
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2023.04.01 13:59 Basinox I hope the fashion show stays after April 1st

I personally feel that the fashion show is a great little activity to keep in the game. I don't really see a downside to keeping while I see several upsides.
First the obvious: it gives communities who are really into fashion wars a nice public place to parade around and show off their style. Which also makes these communities more visible to new players when they stumble across them while exploring LA.
But further more it helps LA as a whole by spreading out the map's population a bit more which makes the densely populated zones run a bit better and makes the city look more populated as a whole.
And finally its just some innocent fun that still fits with the game's world. Similarly to the chairs from a few years back it will not look for someone who starts in a few months to come across this (speaking of this, I still hope we one day are going to get a few old maps updated to have chairs). And that is my quick opinion of this event.
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2023.04.01 13:59 fuzioncold92 can Microsoft charge your card?

see I made a new gmail for gamepass for a dollar cause i wanted to beat a game but didn't want to pay $15.95, is that against TOS and can they charge my card the correct ammount for that because i forgot about it and 3 days before it expired they took that exact amount of money out and i dont have gamepass?
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2023.04.01 13:58 cmg799 Don’t miss our Sunday brunch…

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2023.04.01 13:57 Poliseus I'm Getting Bullied at School for Wearing an Exalted Orb Shirt

Hey guys, I'm a big Path of Exile fan, and I love wearing my favorite game's merch to school. Unfortunately, lately, I've been getting a lot of unwanted attention because of my Exalted Orb shirt.
If you don't know, Exalted Orbs are a currency item in Path of Exile that can be used to enhance rare items with new random affixes. They're a pretty valuable item and were highly sought after until they got nerfed, and now they're considered "poor people currency" by some players.
Because of this, I've been getting bullied at school by some of the other Path of Exile fans who think I'm a brokie for wearing an Exalted Orb shirt. They say that anyone who wears Exalted Orb merch is a bad player who doesn't understand the game.
I know it may seem silly, but this bullying is making me feel really down. I don't want to stop wearing my Exalted Orb shirt because I love it, but I also don't want to be made fun of every time I wear it.
That's why I'm reaching out to Grinding Gear Games and Chris Wilson himself. If there's any way that they could send me a Divine Orb shirt signed by Chris Wilson, it would mean the world to me. Not only would it be an awesome addition to my Path of Exile collection, but it would also help me show the bullies at school that I'm not just a brokie who wears Exalted Orb merch.
Thanks for reading, guys. I really appreciate it.
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2023.04.01 13:57 Dependent_Cost_315 Help with debunking as well as fact checking a creationist response.
The link is to a blog post where Johnathon wells responses this his critique in a long winded post. (I don't need to mention that he hasn't sent his book for peer review.)
I'm making this post for help with debunking the points made in his response.
Here some some quotes from his response (Note some of these might be made up since I can't find any of them online):
(He sees a single phylum and surmises correctly that Darwin’s theory predicts the initial appearance of one or a few species in that phylum, followed by diversification into many different species within the same phylum. The problem with the Cambrian explosion, however, is that more than a dozen phylum-level designations appear together at the outset. Where is the evidence that they evolved from a single ancestral phylum, as Darwin’s theory claims?)
(According to reviewer David Ussery, however, I failed to notice that “Miller himself describes his own more recent experiments under the conditions now believed to be those of the primitive atmosphere, where he found he could still generate many organic compounds.” (Ussery, p. 73) I would thank Ussery for setting me straight, except that the organic compounds that are produced in this fashion are not amino acids. Instead, when a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor is used in a Miller-Urey-type experiment, the reaction products tend to be toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and cyanide.)
(Sidney Fox and Klaus Dose reported in 1977 that no amino acids are produced by sparking a carbon dioxide-nitrogen-water vapor mixture. In 1983, Miller himself reported that he could produce no more than a small amount of the simplest amino acid (glycine) by sparking an atmosphere containing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and then only if free hydrogen was added. And Miller conceded that glycine was the best he could do in the absence of methane. In 1984, Heinrich Holland confirmed that mixtures of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor yield no amino acids at all. [3] Perhaps Ussery was ignorant of these facts.)
(Yet when animals first appear in the fossil record at the beginning of the geological period known as the Cambrian, most of the major differences — the basic body plans, or “phyla” — are already present. In the modern world, the phyla are represented by mollusks (e.g., snails and octopuses), arthropods (e.g., crabs and insects), echinoderms (e.g., starfish and sea urchins), chordates (e.g., fish and humans), and various kinds of worms, among others. These and many other phyla appeared in what is now known as the “Cambrian explosion” with an abruptness that is inconsistent with a branching-tree pattern. Darwin himself acknowledged it to be a serious problem for his theory. [7]
Note: I assume this is point is made up or it ignores pre Cambrian organisms.)
(But the three billion years to which Ussery refers show only single-celled organisms until just before the Cambrian explosion. Not single-celled organisms gradually becoming multicellular animals — just single-celled organisms. The animal eggs and embryos mentioned by Padian and Gishlick are sponges — one phylum that everyone agrees (and I point out in my book) was present before the Cambrian explosion. And the burrowing worms which presumably made trace fossils may have represented one more phylum that appeared just before the Cambrian. (Some experts think there may also have been jellyfish just before the Cambrian.) So not all animal phyla appeared suddenly in the Cambrian explosion — just most of them.
To put “gradual” and “sudden” in context here, imagine yourself standing at one end of a football field. Let the goal line where you are standing represent 3.8 billion years ago (when single-celled organisms are thought to have originated), and let the other end of the football field represent the present day. As you walk from one goal line to the other, you see only single-celled organisms as you pass the 25-yard line, then midfield, then the 75-yard line. Only as you approach the 84-yard line do you notice the first multicellular organisms — some sponges, and perhaps some worms and jellyfish. Then, in the space of a single stride, most of the other animal phyla appear, and most of these are still with you when you reach the other goal line.
This is not a branching tree pattern: no animals for 5/6 of the history of life, then most modern body plans in a flash. Some paleontologists have aptly compared this pattern to a “lawn” instead of a tree. [8]
Note:I'm assuming he doesn't know how long the Cambrian explosion lasted?)
(But Darwinian evolution needs a lot more than deformed molecules to explain the origin of new organs and body plans — it needs beneficial changes in anatomy.
Note:I'm not sure if this is true or not)
(As I pointed out in my book, developmental geneticists in the 1970s and 1980s used a technique known as “saturation mutagenesis” to screen for all possible mutations affecting embryo development in the fruit fly. Although this work shed considerable light on the role of genes in development (and led to some well-deserved Nobel Prizes), it also showed that mutations affecting axis formation and segmentation are invariably harmful, and indeed often fatal. [17] Such mutations cannot provide raw materials for evolution.)
(As I pointed out in Icons of Evolution, however, fruit flies with four normal-looking wings do not occur in nature; they must be engineered in a modern genetics laboratory. Furthermore, the extra wings have no muscles, so the mutant fly is a hopeless cripple that has great difficulty flying or mating. Outside the laboratory, natural selection would quickly eliminate it. Far from being raw material for evolution, the four-winged fruit fly is an evolutionary dead end. [16])
(but that proteins alone are insufficient to specify the body plan of an organism, just as building materials are insufficient to specify the floor plan of a house. Defective 2×4’s can produce a deformed house, and mutant proteins can produce a deformed organism. Mutant proteins might even explain how some organisms might have lost previously existing features. But they do not account for changes in body plans. When it comes to the evolution of new morphologies or body plans, the question remains: Where is the evidence that DNA mutations can alter anatomy in beneficial ways and thereby provide raw materials for evolution?)
(I would go further than Gee, and point out that a series of fossils is just as consistent with intelligent design as it is with Darwinian evolution. Even if we had a complete fossil record of all animals that lived before the advent of human beings, it would not establish that the latter evolved from the former through descent with modification).
Among the point are what I suspect to be misquotes, here are some.
(As British zoologist Adam Sedgwick wrote in 1894, the claim is “not in accordance with the facts of development.” Comparing a dogfish with a chicken, Sedgwick wrote: “There is no stage of development in which the unaided eye would fail to distinguish between them with ease.” It is “not necessary to emphasize further these embryonic differences,” Sedgwick continued, because “every embryologist knows that they exist and could bring forward innumerable instances of them. I need only say with regard to them that a species is distinct and distinguishable from its allies from the very earliest stages all through the development.”)
(Many other vertebrate embryologists have noted the same thing. In 1976, Dartmouth College embryologist William Ballard wrote that it is “only by semantic tricks and subjective selection of evidence,” by “bending the facts of nature,” that one can argue that the earliest stages of vertebrate embryos “are more similar than their adults.” And in 1987, Canadian embryologist Richard Elinson wrote that early developmental patterns in frogs, chicks and mice are “radically different.” [11])
(Henry Gee, chief science writer for Nature, wrote in 1999: “The intervals of time that separate fossils are so huge that we cannot say anything definite about their possible connection through ancestry and descent.” Although Gee is a believer in Darwin’s theory, he acknowledged that one must assume the truth of the theory when studying human origins, because by its very nature the fossil record cannot corroborate it. Gee concluded: “To take a line of fossils and claim that they represent a lineage is not a scientific hypothesis that can be tested, but an assertion that carries the same validity as a bedtime story — amusing, perhaps even instructive, but not scientific.” [18])
(Alan H. Linton wrote just recently: “Throughout 150 years of the science of bacteriology, there is no evidence that one species of bacteria has changed into another.” [24])
Note: Isn't this is how evolution is supposed to work?
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2023.04.01 13:57 cmg799 Don’t miss our Sunday brunch…

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2023.04.01 13:57 rayleighdkaiser 24 [M4F] Anywhere - Do you like the idea of sharing a comfortable silence with a friend?

I don't know about you, but I find the idea of just like, listening to music with someone while doing our own stuff, maybe occasionally exchanging a few words, during the night to be comfy. Silence can be pretty awkward when hanging around with friends, which makes a comfortable silence precious, don't you think?
As you can tell, I'm a bit of a thinker. I find myself naturally drawn to philosophy and psychology, and I'm pretty introspective and open-minded. Last part is kinda unavoidable when I'm queer. But yeah, I'm usually chill, and I tend to be quite honestly open about stuff and talkative when I'm in the mood.
My interests are: video games, manga (a lot), comics, anime, cartoons, movies (especially animated), shows, and writing, especially writing. I live and breathe the art of weaving a story into existence. I like thinking about it, talking about it, analyzing it, listening to other people analyzing it, and writing it. This applies to all medium with a few exceptions, like stage plays. I'm mostly a fantasy/action/adventure guy, but I like other stuff too.
Hit me up if you're interested in befriending me!
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2023.04.01 13:57 SatansAdvokat Guide on how to fix GPU related Game Crash after Nvidia Drive update: 531.41 - 23/03/2023

Download the Nvidia GPU driver 531.29 from here.
  1. Run the installation file and choose "Advanced" and run a clean-installation that removes all old driver files.
  2. When the installation is done, reboot your PC.
  3. Verify the integrity of game files.
    1. It will probably find one file that it couldn't verify and fix it.
  4. Run Darktide, now it should work for you.
Make sure you don't have automatic driver update in Nvidia Experience or somwhere else untill FatShark has provided a permanent fix.
Methods that didn't work for me but might help you if the method that fixed the issue for me does not help:
  1. Removed all the mods, didn’t help.
  2. Tried to use the Beta-Experimental build, didn’t help. 2.1. Rebooted PC, didn’t help.
  3. Tried to lower the worker threads incrementally from 5 down to 1, didn’t help.
  4. Complete clean re-install of the Nvidia 531.41 driver, didn’t help. 4.1. Rebooted PC, didn’t help.
  5. Downloaded Nvidia driver 531.29 from Nvidias webpage with a clean installation, didn’t help. 5.1. Rebooted PC, didn’t help.

I hope this help you.
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2023.04.01 13:57 ToriAnimeKitty Birthday madness

So for starters. I waited a full month to disclose this story. My birthday was in the beginning of March. My family every year tries to go out to eat to wherever we wanna go for our birthday dinner. So like our favorite place regardless if the siblings hate it or whatever. With my birthday, i threw parties with friends to share it with people i considered closer than family. This year I told everyone what I wanted to do earlier before my birthday came around. I wanted to do a murder mystery night. Eat pasta and food coma my way to bed. And the entitled people in this story are my family members. The entitlement is real and just exhausting. (Two older brothers, and a pregnant sister in law)
So at the time, last month, I was working a new job. I had schedule troubles and they'd just switch me to mornings nights or afternoons on a whim. In doing so, my sleep was not even factor..
My whole family gets word from my boyfriend and my dad. Because I'm not awake half of the time to even plan it this year. My brother instead of texting would call me at work and not leave a voicemail and by the end of my shifts I just went to bed after getting home. I had to find out they planned a full dinner thing for my birthday as a gift. With things they liked. What they'd eat. Drink. Even down to what we would do. (My brother pulls that stunt every year whenever he doesn't like what I come up with). I didn't know until the day before. That night when I found out I was so frustrated I voiced out all of my concerns to my father. Basically just like hey. My brother is getting on my nerves. He's changing up all the plans for my birthday and acting like its not the day I was born. What do I do. My dad just said let's just chill here at the house, I'll buy the food and we can just relax. And I was so happy he was on my side. My bf was irritated about it as well. Because he knew what I wanted to do. And didn't bother trying to change it. They also went ahead to buy everything necessary for the event without telling anybody so I'd be guilted into going and keeping my mouth shut.
The morning of my birthday I get a phone call from my pregnant sister in law. She's hounding me as to what I wanna do for my birthday. I just woke up for a shift. I'm barely functioning. Just screaming at me over and over "what do you want to do for your birthday". I couldn't even get a word in. After the phone call I went to the basement crying to my bf because I did not need that for the day I already regret having as my birthday. I just sat down there watching TV with him. My dad came down and asked when I'd wanna have dinner. He went out and picked up my favorite pasta with all the drinks I could ever want. And a present. I didn't even expect any gifts because we normally don't. He upgraded my gaming system. And I didn't hear from anyone for hours. Come like 9:30pm. My brother and sister in law show up without telling anybody they were coming. I figured with all the screaming they wouldn't show.
My other brother didn't show. Then outta nowhere my mother shows up. (I have her in raisedbynarcissts) with gifts? We do not have a good relationship by any means. So having her there was just as surprising given we are at each others throats. Her gifts were kind of fire. Which concerned me. (She wants to be back in my life when I've put the boundary there over & over I don't want her in it). My mother also proceeded to ask me to move in and come work with her and dump my boyfriend to just build a life us women working together. My father shut her down real quick.
Everyone didn't stay for more than half n hour. I passed out and figured it was the end of that. NOPE.
Next morning, I get a phone call from my other brother. Screaming at me for not planning my birthday properly. Being disrespectful to my sister in laws plan making. And proceeded to tell me I need to stop playing the victim card. My dad went off on everyone to leave me the hell alone. And my bf said the same.
Now a month later everyone besides my father is still giving us the cold shoulder. We've been giving my brother & sister in law baby stuff for free for their baby soon coming into this world. And barely speaks more than two words to us anymore. My other brother is just poof and my mother thankfully not around as often anymore.
(For more context, I hate my birthday, always have. Since I was 14. They've been nothing but painful).
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2023.04.01 13:57 HelpIsAGoodThing Programmer Needed! Unpaid Revshare - 4v4 Online Sports Game

Hello there, thanks for taking the time to check out this post.
We are a team of 5 people and growing, to fit the needs of this project and to complete it as quickly as we can. It's a 4v4 online sports game, in a Rocket League styled arena. The objective is to score more goals than your opponent within 10 mins or it's a golden-goal type scenario. The characters will be tuned to be able to do certain things better than other characters, the art style is 3D but it's got 2D cel-shaded graphics. The music is EDM/Drum and Bass. Good knowledge of vectors and physics will be handy.
It's unpaid, but it is rev share. Meaning there is no guarantee of payment. The only guarantee is that whatever money this game makes, will be evenly split amongst the group. None of us have submitted a game or been a part of that, and that's what we're going to change. We're all just trying to make our portfolio better, so anyone interested would have to understand and be alright with this.
The project will require a year, worst case scenario with delays or setbacks it may take up to two years.
We have a Discord server to communicate on, we have a Trello to keep on top of project management and tasks. We are friendly, and dedicated to the project and hope that you will be too. We all work full-time and have other things going on, so that is also one of the reasons this game will take this long.
Please get in touch with me on Discord as I don't check Reddit very often! We can set up a call where I go over the game design and plan of action, show you where we are at, etc, and see if this project is a good fit for you. My Discord name is Matias#9725
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2023.04.01 13:56 austinb62 How to 100% buy yourself some time if you are on a call in color code program (e.g. drug court/bond stipulations)

Want to know how i passed a drug test for meth, fent, and i think heroin in under 10 hours with no bullshit drinks or tricks? Well I didn't pass the test, because I got a pass ON the test so I didn't even have to take it! It's a long read but well-worth it.. I tried my best to make it a pleasurable and entertaining piece to read!
Well last year I was on conditions of bond that stipulated I had to call into the court services office every morning before 9 a.m. to find out if I had to UA that day. In addition to the potential randoms, it was MANDATORY that I checked in EVERY Wednesday before 11 a.m. to test. Well, after several months i noticed a pattern of my randoms being called every other tuesday. I got the notion in my head that I was fine to do drugs from wednsday afternoon after the mandatory test up until Saturday morning, and convinced myself I would be nice and clean come the next Tuesday...
Well after deciding that was my new schedule, it was on. I strutted in the office one Wednesday and did my UA, passed, then walked out the door smiling and waving. As soon as I got in my truck I filled up the meth pipe and started rolling a bowl, then I threw a foxy on a piece of foil and smoked it up at the same time. (Foxy* a pressed blue M30 - called Foxys in my area = Fake Roxy) I continued on one hell if a fentanyl/meth binge all the way through to Thursday night around midnight, and thats when my plan came unraveled. Around midnight thursday i called the color code line out of habit just to see if my color was required to UA for Friday and, lo and behold, she was calling me in to UA. I FUCKIN PANICKED.
I got to googling like crazy how to mask/dilute/fool the fentanyl in my urine. I knew how to handle the meth, but I couldn't find ANYTHING regarding passing a supervised short notice fentanyl drug test. All I could find on reddit as well as all of the recreational drug forums was people saying "only sure way to pass a drug test is don't do drugs".... Yeah? Well fuck you pal. I bet you're fun at parties. Anyways. I ended up hatching a plan to call the phone company that provided landline service to the office. I knew the phone number would be the account number, I knew the address, and I knew the special programs coordinators name, but what I NEEDED to know was the pin number to remotely change the voice-mail greeting. Since the coordinator uses the voice-mail greeting to announce the daily color call, I called the phone company and, using my best snooty coordinators voice, got them to reset the voice-mail log in pin #. After doing that I Googled how to remotely change the voice-mail greeting, and it was super easy. I changed my voice and recorded my own personal greeting to let everyone know the office would be closed that day and there was no reason to come in and to enjoy their weekend..
And that is how I passed a drug test with 10 hours notice without doing anything difficult.
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2023.04.01 13:56 OlorinDK 6 things to appreciate about Bob Myers

The recent news and rumors about the upcoming changes to the CBA made me think about and appreciate the job that Bob and the FO has done over the years even more, considering how they've built so much of the team on home-grown talent, so I decided to try and make a list of 6 things, one for each finals appearance, that I feel like we should appreciatte Bob for.
The things he (and the rest of the FO) has been able to do with this team is truly amazing and generational. It's obviously not easy to build one of the best teams of all time, that alone should say a lot - 4 rings and all that. And you obviously can never guarantee anything in this game, so luck is going to play a big role. All you can do is try to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed and try to make things play out in your favor. Finally I'll add that of course Bob did not do this all on his own, many people have played a part, but since it was Bobs birthday yesterday and his contract is up, I wanted to center it around him.
1. Drafting - the core and other talent
Obviously drafting Steph (first and foremost), Klay and Dray has to be number 1 on the list. Without them, none of this matters. Continuing on, having so much home grown talent on such a succesful team, is really special in this league, and it's something that helps make this team really easy to root for. Loon, JP, Kuminga, HB, and so many other guys throughout the past decade or so.
2. Hiring Steve
Another obvious choice is hiring Steve. He turned out to be the perfect coach for the greatest shooter of all time, just able and willing to find ways to maximize his unlimited potential.
3. Getting KD
Such a brillant move and the one that helped cement this teams place in the history books, as if the 73-9 season didn't already play its part. I'm sure the team would have been extremely competitive, even without KD, but getting him turned out to have some cascading effects down the road as well.
4. Getting Wiggins (and the pick that became Kuminga)
The strategizing that went into turning KD into Russell and the later to Wiggins is just next level, to me. At the time it wasn't necessarily seen as a guaranteed success. Wiggins came in with a lot of question marks, but he shed those doubts. Wiggins is not KD, but we still got a guy who, according to many, was the second most important player to winning a championship. Plus we got Kuminga too... I'd say that's a pretty good return for a superstar like KD.
So that move for KD basically helped us get another championship, even after he left.
5. Building culture, bonds and organization
Being a GM isn't all about drafting and trading. I don't think you need experience as a GM to realize that. It's a continual job to keep up with the guys, make sure everyone has what the need, making the administration flow, logistics, etc. The Warriors clearly is one of the best run organizations in the entire league and Bob probably deserves a lot of credit for that.
The way that Bob has contributed to the culture and fit with Steve and the core, as well as balancing the relationship with the ownership, I think deserves a lot of credit too. Just the trust he clearly has built with Draymond for instance, probably has been very integral to the teams success.
6. Filling up the roster
The twitterverse, reddit, aso. likes to pick on any questionable decision that the FO makes in terms of roster spots, playing time, etc. but at the end of the day, they have done a great job under the conditions that they were facing. Getting guys like Iggy, Bogut, Shaun, Zaza, OPJ, GP2, JTA, Beli, Dlee, etc. who have been great complements to the core and who have accepted their roles with the team, is another thing that deserves more praise. Javale and Matt Barnes are worthy mentions in this category too.

Not all decisions are going to be successful, not all additions are going to pan out, and yes, sometimes we've all wanted the FO to do a bit more, but given the success that this team has had, I think it's pretty hard to be truly critical, and at the end of the day I feel like we need to be extremely appreciative of what an amazing job they've done.
Anyway, play ball and let's go get that 5th ring!
Edit: forgot to add this list of trades and roster moves as a source:
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2023.04.01 13:56 tenebralupo Looking for game suggestion for local co-op with my fiancée

As title says, we enjoy playing together and thanks to GamePass we discovered It Takes Two and is having a blast. I feel we are close to finishing the game and I am looking for another game we may enjoy playing. So far we have the same tastes but are alas single player games only (skyrim she'sreplaying, Fallout shes planning next after Skyrim, Hogwarts Legacy she finished it, etc)
With Gamepass I racked enough points for a 25$ giftcard and I am looking for an interesting game we may enjoy. What's your recommendation?
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