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Want enhanced Quake 1 on your Chromebook? Here's how.

2023.04.01 13:38 Reichstein Want enhanced Quake 1 on your Chromebook? Here's how.

This is a repost of a post I made on ChromebookGaming. I am posting it here as well since I figured some folks may not browse ChromebookGaming and this way it is more likely to be seen by, and therefore help, more people.
I recently got Quake 1 up and running under Crostini on my Intel Chromebook and thought I would share how. (I'm not sure if this version works for ARM devices. If anyone with Crostini on an ARM device wants to test it please post you results below, thanks)
I am aware that there are several other versions of the Quake 1 engine around. I will explain my choice at the bottom of the post. But first up, how to install. (I know it looks like a lot, but it's pretty simple, I just tried to explain clearly, so it got a bit lengthy)
After trying several versions I have found the engine port "Darkplaces" to work the best. To install it, just open the Linux Terminal and enter the following command.
sudo apt install darkplaces
The press y to confirm the installation.
Next you need to put the Quake 1 data files in the correct directory. Open the files app, go to Linux Files, create a new folder called id1 then place the files in it.
The required files are PAK1.pak and PAK0.pak. You can get these from either the full version of Quake, or the shareware version. The full version is purchasable on Steam, GOG, and possibly other online game stores.
Once the files are in the id1 folder you can run Quake by opening the terminal and typing darkplaces.
That's it! You are good to go!
If you want to be able to open DarkPlaces from the launcher you will need to add a .desktop file for it to the Linux system so it appears. The way I did this was via the app menulibre. It's a graphical app that allows you to create and modify desktop entries for apps. You can install it by typing the following command.
sudo apt install menulibre
Once it's installed, run it by typing menulibre into the terminal and hitting enter.
To create an entry for DarkPlaces hit the + in the top left corner to make a new entry. The click on the "command" field and enter the following.
You can then give the entry a name and description in the top two fields and then save it by hitting the save button to the right of the + button. You should then have a launcher entry for DarkPlaces making it easier to run. It may not appear immediately, it took a couple of minutes for me, you may need to restart for it to show.
Now as for why I chose this version.
I have tried Web Quake (Web Store), official Quake (Steam), QTouch (Play Store), and QuakeSpasm (another Linux port).
Web Quake works, but is very bare-bones and lacking in features, graphical enhancements etc.
The Steam version is majorly bogged down with extra online Bethesda account crap.
QTouch is great, but I was unable to get it to recognise the mouse on my Chromebook, so unfortunately it's a no-go.
QuakeSpasm simply refused to see the .pak files seemingly regardless of where I placed them, while DarkPlaces saw them straight away. I know others have had success with QuakeSpasm, but I can't work out what I'm doing wrong, and DarkPlaces just worked.
Sorry this got a little long, but I'm posting this here in the hopes that others seeking to play Quake on their Chromebook will find it and it will save them some of the messing around that I went through to get a properly working version of this game installed.
I love Quake 1. It has a special place in my heart and memories, and I'm very happy to have it running properly on my Chromebook.
Happy gaming, and have fun :)
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2023.04.01 13:21 No_Advance_5276 Job Search

Currently 23m (about to be 24) in retail banking. Since starting this ~ a year ago became interested in finance and want to further my career in it, just preferably not in the retail side. I am currently getting a finance degree paid for by my current employer that will take ~ 1.5-2 years to finish. I’m just wondering what is out there for me to do, i’ve considered becoming an advisor, but this sub and others have steered me away from it a little bit and also have considered being a commercial banker.
All in all I would like to be in a role that offered good wlb (40-50 hours per week) because i have a son and would like to spend as much time as i can with him. And have an above average comp (90-100k). I life in the tampa bay area if this helps
Any help or feedback would be appreciated!
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2023.04.01 13:09 WarlikeMicrobe Suck it bitches

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2023.04.01 13:08 Ultra_instinct42 In response to which team is historically the most poverty franchise

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2023.04.01 13:06 zephell Overland Track, TAS (Winter - End of July)

Current base weight: 7.5kg
Given this is winter and my partner is joining I am optimising more for safety and comfort over going as light as possible. The last time I did the Overland was a few years ago in late March or April and it snowed most days, but my total pack weight was still only around 7kg including food. I have done 3-4 day fastpacks using an 18L running bag before, and this isn't going to be one of them.
Location/temp range/specific trip description:
Overland Track, TAS (82km)
July 24th (leave transport) - 28th (arrive Cynthia Bay)
Average min temperature: 2c, but given it is winter will plan for temps to hit -5c to -8c
Average max temperature: 9c
Budget: N/A, but mainly looking for validation.
Non-negotiable Items: Garmin InReach Mini, Forerunner 955, X Therm, SWD Big Haul
Solo or with another person?: Group of 3
Additional Information / Questions:
Lighterpack notes:
Red Star Items, still to purchase, Open to change
Green Star Items, Purchased, still to arrive, should be before July.
Yellow Start Items, multiple options I already own. Not a high priority.
Lighterpack Link: https://lighterpack.com/qot3qw

Appreciate in advance any answers you may have to the above questions! Have a great weekend everyone.
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2023.04.01 13:01 AutoModerator 🇺🇸 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁦󠁬󠁿 📺 WFLA – WFLA News Channel 8 On Your Side in Tampa Bay Florida

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2023.04.01 13:00 belangem And they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming…

Hey now! What a week! SPY up 3.5% and finally out of the no man’s land at 390-400. No idea how long this will last but I’ll enjoy it for now. ENVX ended the week up 32% (up 38% since my DD) so that sure helped my port quite a bit! ATVI up 1.4% with wacky action on leap calls (more on that later). Will this hold? Absolutely no idea. But the bears keep feeding the beast with puts and until they really capitulate, we could see another leg up to the 420s. No, I’m not a perma bull and I do know that technical or not, we will see some kind of a pullback. Below 4000? I’m almost entirely convinced. 3900? Maybe. 3800? It could happen, but more around May OPEX/post OPEX. Below 3800? It’s getting difficult, the longer we stay above no man’s land…
I did make some moves on Friday: bought DIS, BAC and a bit more ATVI and TSLQ right at close. I have BAC on a short leash with a stop at it’s 52w low and DIS with a stop 10% from close. I wanted to rebuy QCOM but I don’t think this is a good entry. It’s still on top of my buy list with more of everything I have. My protective ENVX puts are getting killed but at least I have a firm floor on my shares so I’m marking off this position right away. Au revoir! I’m hoping for another TSLA rally on EV numbers this weekend so I can double down on TSLQ. Everyone keeps talking about how NVDA or even AAPL are overvalued, but the king of deceit is still Elon’s poney.
Ok I had promised to share my investing routine with you, so here it is:
Weekdays: - Wake up at 6ish - Check Futures - Check my stocks pre-market - Check any Twitter and Reddit content notifications (mainly Vaz and a few folks on Twitter) - Catch up my entire Twitter feed of missed tweets since the night before - Catch up missed posts on a couple of Discords I frequent - TwitteDiscord/SPX chart until open particularly if there’s economic data at 8:30
Afterhours: - Post daily message on Reddit - Check futures at open - Catch up with missed tweets/Discords again - Check Vitards - Check WSB for 5 minutes - Check BTC - Read articles / Tweets / Reddit posts / etc - Plan trades for the next day (if any)
Weekends: - Update portfolio, note next week’s trades - Write weekly post - Check weekly/monthly charts of my watchlist - Do in-depth research if I have any - Check next week’s earnings/research
I don’t do much during market hours as I am busy so I have SPX 5-min or 15-min chart up and that’s about it. I also have a bunch of price alerts set up on a bunch of stocks, either for buy or sell signals.
As you have seen in my daily routine, I have a lot of Twitter checking in there. I rarely do any social comments here but man, that place is getting more toxic every day. I won’t debate who’s right or wrong but I see some human behaviour that straight up disgust me. We seem to live in a society where a majority of people seem to feel ostracized or victims of a system or a group of people that they can’t even name. Example: who and why the fuck would you celebrate when a struggling company is forcing employees to come in the office in person full time vs have a flexible work arrangement? Like what are those people gaining by seeing others have their benefits taken away and cheering it up. I’m using the remote example but that goes on for every benefit another person has. Like because you see other people lose a benefit makes you feel better about your miserable life? This behaviour so far away from my values but when I see that, I almost want to step out of this society and let these people deal with their misery. Anyways, not sure why it got to me so much but we could all use a little change.
Back to stonks: I’m VERY puzzled about the recent move in January ‘24 ATVI calls. I gave it a lot of thought and I still don get it. Like, why can you sell 95c covered calls for $2.50 per share when the buyout price is $95? I only see one reason: if the acquisition gets delayed again, ATVI might be able to negotiate a higher acquisition price, even more since they had fantastic earnings. But the odds of this scenario seem very low compared to the $2.50 premium. At this point I would say there is 30% chance the deal fails, 60% it goes through as is at $95 and 10% it gets renegotiated at a higher price ($100 - $105?). I mean you can even buy 100 shares of ATVI at 85.59 and immediately sell Jan 85c at $8.85 for a 10% gain. And if the deal fails? You end up with 100 ATVI shares at a cost basis of $76.74. 🤷‍♂️
Some important data next week, mostly around jobs & unemployment but still no CPI not FOMC (next is in May) in this short week. I think the market likes to do what would fuck the most people and as such, a week of chop / slight move up would be it I think. I feel 100% confortable with my port: CASH.TO that can only go up, ATVI a very non-volatile arbitrage play, ENVX shares protected by slightly OTM puts and a bunch of boomerish positions with stops like CVS, DIS and BAC. Oh, I am back in my small biotech after a very volatile week but a super small position that I already written off. As usual, I will be on the hunt for my next play but really not in a rush now as it’s hard to find either long or short candidates outside those I already have. I do like COIN/BTC and TSLA as shorts: I don’t see how these would be higher in September than they are today. Anyways, I feel good with the little cushion I built this week. Alright, let’s get the show on and get paid! Cheers!
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2023.04.01 13:00 psdmarket_net Strippers Lock Down Card Printable Template

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2023.04.01 12:52 mariecarter87 Ladders to fit against my stone cliff

Hi all, can you help understand how to create a ladder down to the bay where Red's boat moors? Its a stone cliff so I can't seem to attach a permanent ladder against. Any tips from any experts? Thanks all!
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2023.04.01 12:05 yungbloodjyoon it could work…..

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2023.04.01 12:01 NYIMOD Pregame Hype Thread: New York Islanders (39-28-9) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (44-26-6) Apr 01 2023 7:00 PM

TV Networks
Season Series
Date Status Away @ Home
Oct 22 2022 Final NYI 3 @ 5 TBL
Apr 01 2023 7:00 PM ET NYI - @ - TBL
Apr 06 2023 7:30 PM ET TBL - @ - NYI
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2023.04.01 12:00 psdmarket_net Strippers Lock Down Card Printable Template

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2023.04.01 11:20 N4VA72 Adventures of Takeon-3 part 3

Hi everyone if your looking for the previous part here it is:
Anyway onto the story.
The whirling of the NLS drive gets louder as the two guardians prepare to fly to earth.
“I hope your ready to get swarmed.” The hunter states
“What do you mean?” Takeon asks
“Well we’re landing in the city meaning we’ll have to take the long way to the tower.” The hunter gets up as his jumpship begins to shoot towards earth, turning towards the cargo bay behind him.
Takeon continues to sit in awe at the view of the light bending and refracting as the ship moves with it almost harmoniously.
David begins filtering through the braytech crates he had put onboard, opening a bigger white and orange crate revealing some minor weapons.
“Hey Takeon, come here.” David states pulling a rifle out and checking its magazine.
“Uhh yeah, coming” takeon’s ghost raises from his lap and moves toward the hunter followed by the warlock.
As Takeon arrives at the crate David, without looking hands him a rifle shaking it like a pair of keys.
“Uhh thanks, Takeon takes out the mag and checks if it’s full.
“I already did that just give the gun to your ghost.” David sighs
“How do I do that” Takeon asks
“Here just hold it up” his ghost states and as he does this it turns into small cubes and absorbs into his ghost.
“Warning, arriving at earth now, I recommend you guys get into your seats” David’s ghost says
The NLS drive cools down as the group arrive in orbit of earth near the traveller.
“Ah back to safety” Takeon’s ghost states.
The jumpship darts toward the traveller and begins to fly down under the traveller and towards the city.
As the ship begins to land beneath the traveller and a short walk from the tower. The cheers and talks of the last city citizens draws nearer and nearer.
“Look more are back!”
The guardians go to the ramp of their jumpship and exit and begin walking toward the tower.
“Hello all! Let’s give our new light some space he’s fresh out the grave.”
As David states this the citizens slightly withdraw but still look on curiously as these two powerful beings walk past.
As the guardians arrive at the base of the tower they notice a lift which carries them both up the wall and onto the tower.
As they reach the top they seemed to have arrived at a training ground as they see warlocks repurposing a purple energy and hunters moving knifes with orange power.
“Stay here, talk to a human called Ikora and she’ll help you.”
“Wait where are you going?” Takeon inquires
“To get some ramen”
And that’s the end of part 3, part 4 will come out soon
Cya :)
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2023.04.01 11:17 PowerProfessional509 Lag-free iOS to Mac streaming (built in)

Long story short: I’ve been looking for a lag free screen streaming software for Mac to play some games with a controller on a laptop or a connected to it screen. So I did pretty big research for this topic and basically found only one paid solution that still cannot guarantee you lag free experience. After many attempts and software installs I’ve decided to give up and play on my iPhone’s small screen. But recently I decided to try again and still found no software. Luckily, there’s a much better and free solution, that may be not so obvious for most of users. Moreover, it’s built in your Mac! It’s AirPlay! But! There’s one trick to make it lag free, and here are the steps you need to do:
  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac via usb
  2. Open Mac settings app
  3. Go to General
  4. Sharing
  5. Locate there Internet sharing and open its settings
  6. Select iPhone USB (there might be several, try all until you find a correct entry) and then enable Internet sharing
  7. Disable WiFi and cellular on your iPhone to be sure that you are using your Mac’s shared USB network
  8. After you’ve tested your connection and YouTube/Website etc. loads fine - start mirroring your iPhone screen to your Mac via AirPlay
Here’s how to do that: On your iPhone/iPad open control panel swiping from the top right corner down. Press two squares (screen sharing) and select your Mac device (should be only one in the list)
Enjoy! Tested on iPhone X and MacBook Pro M1 Max
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2023.04.01 11:15 LiteraryLizard8_ Tricycle

The school bell rang, and Damien left with George to the bakery down the road to buy two coconut strawberry cakes, they found Lucy there, buying a Pepsi and chicken vegetable pie, “thank you” she said, moving to leave the shop, giving Damien a deep sideways look tainted with love, “wait” he said, “what,” “we are going into the woods after this,” it was 5.33pm, he and George had left school late after staying back in the library to finish their biology homework for the week, “sure,” she said, one black pant covered leg crossed over the other above cute AF1s with ruffle socks, twirling side to side, they left with the cakes, and walked through the train station to a secret entry on the other side through a small gap in trees down into a wide drainage system protected from sight by trees and apartment buildings, running through a large, graffiti littered pipe they existed the other side and jumped over rocks in a stream to a thick patch of trees and out into the woods, Lucy found her tricycle behind a thick moss-covered log, “when are you going to learn how to ride the bike without those training wheels,” “when you die,” she swung her leg over the bike and pushed it off through the trees, Damien and George in tow, Damien on the bike he left behind the same log, Damien on foot, the other two were soon far ahead of him, “I have to go guys,” George said, “ok, see you tomorrow” Damien said, he watched George’s form fade into the darkness and shifted his attention back to Lucy, she gave him a seductive smile, and pushed onward, she was the baddest girl in their sister school, wing eye-lined green eyes, dark hair falling off her perfectly symmetrical head in curls.
The moon was now full, just below the majority of bottom branches, bright orange eyes peeking out of halloween lanterns, and green light flickering from candles through green-stained hexagonal metal-glass containers hung on branches throughout the woods, casting a green-orange hue through the woods, Lucy’s tricycle squeaked through the night, Damien behind her on his two-wheeled bike, “I like your ass” he said, observing the soft expanse of her ass going up to a thin waist beneath the short black shirt she took out of her bag, she slowed down on her bike, pulling over next to a large tree, “oh yeah” “you wanna see it” “yeah” he said, blushing, she pulled the sides of her pants down, and stepped out of them, leaving an hourglass in a short black shirt and AF1s with ruffle socks alone with him in the dark woods, she walked to him and dragging her hands down his arms, putting his hands on her waist, she moved up to kiss him, he put one hand behind her neck, pulling at a chunk of the skin on the back of her waist with the other, ecstasy beginning to flow heavily through his body, a crack of twigs sounded behind her, she gasped and looked behind, his hands still connected to her, a pair of neutral appearing solid-orange circular eyes grew through the night toward them, they shifted through space up to them, a pair of sharp white teeth streaked with dark purple-black veins slowly coming out of its black face, a sharp black hand nearly imperceptible against the night reaching out and wrapping around her head, slamming it against the tree at a nearly imperceptible speed, leaving a bloody-bony splatter on the tree, and a body from the neck down on the ground.
The demon levitated backwards, “run” it said, Damien’s eyes widened in fear, turning to run directly away, he sprinted between trees with the demon shifting through space behind him, orange eye the only hint of its existence, each shift sending a cold wave of anxiety through him, a large dilapidated, wooden house came into view ahead, hope filled his eyes, he ran up the stairs, slamming his shoulder into the door, knocking it over and stumbling through into the house, he saw a door at the back and ran toward it, seeing a hallway to the right and a kitchen to the left he threw his bag into the kitchen and began to creep through the hallway on the right, going through an open door into a bedroom, he threw himself beneath the large ruffled blanket on the bed, next to a large teddy bear, lying flat, he heard a shift of wind near the door, and felt a darkness fall over the room, animalistic breathing sounded from the demon, Damien opened his eyes and saw two orange circles come over him, horrid breath seeping through the blanket, it took all his mental effort not to move, the eyes shifted up slightly and a sharp pain stung the bottom of his chin and top of his head.
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2023.04.01 11:11 mathiastck Watchers In the Dark Warhammer 40k quotes and passages

All of what we know.

1-They warned presumably the Emperor that Chaos can only be fought, not defeated. Their warnings were ignored and that's why we are here now!

"‘We told him that Chaos could not be defeated, only fought.’"

This echoes the WHFB lore. Similar statements were said in that setting. How Chaos cannot be defeated or stopped, only delayed. Is 40K stealing from WHFB again? DISGUSTING.

2-The forms that you see, the short hooded guys, are not their true forms. They are just projections. Their true forms are unknown. And their true selves are not limited by time or space. And it appears they are not even from this reality. So why do they care about the fate of the 40K reality?

Related text :

>The other Watchers stood in silent observation, witnessing the fall of what the humans – placed in their charge by pure chance – had called Aldurukh. None of them were truly present. Their existence was not limited by time or place in such a fashion. Nor was their true form that of the cowled diminutive by which they visited this corporeal dimension, even when unobserved. They were creatures of ritual and habit, not unlike the human culture that, through infrequent intervention, they had incidentally cultivated over fifteen thousand years.


3-The Watchers in the Dark or at least their projections have no presence in the Warp. This unsettles daemons.

Related text :

>Where it stopped. A shudder – a rare sensation – ran down the Changeling’s borrowed spine, the shadow of an instinctive reaction born from its time wearing mortal flesh. Skin prickled and the servos in the illusion of its power armour whirred as its fists clenched. Around it, for the first time since it had set events in motion, Fate buckled.

>There was something at the far end of the cell corridor. The Changeling could not so much see it as sense the absence of the aether around it. To the daemon’s warp-sight, the thing was really an un-thing, a black void without tangible thoughts or emotions to define it.

>The daemon tried to look upon the un-thing with Azrael’s flesh-eyes. It was diminutive in size, its form hidden beneath the thick folds of a bone-coloured cloak, as though in imitation of the Lion’s sons. The shadows beneath its deep cowl were utterly impenetrable, as dark to mortal eyes as its soul-presence was to the Changeling’s warp vision.

>It did not move. It did not have to. The Changeling found itself taking a step back, the daemon’s flesh quivering. Fear was something the Changeling could not feel, only feed upon, but the sight of the un-thing watching him from the shadows caused the daemon an indefinable, icy discomfort.

>The Changeling could not stay here. It could go no further. This part of the wider plan was unnecessary anyway, a mere addendum to the ritual that would carry the daemonic trickster away, and drag the Lions with it. The Changeling doubled back the way it had come, the cells untouched. Fate’s weave morphed, the future a newborn, fresh entity.

>Behind it, the Watcher in the Dark remained silent and unmoving. It was still there, unseen, when back within the Angelicasta’s depths the Lion, the Wolf, Knight and Angel Hunter finally caught the Changeling at bay.

-Fate Unbound
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2023.04.01 11:07 ShotGlassBets_Bot [4/1] Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders (7:00 PM EDT)

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2023.04.01 11:00 psdmarket_net Strippers Lock Down Card Printable Template

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2023.04.01 11:00 TigersBot Game Day Thread - Saturday, April 01

Tigers @ Rays - 04:10 PM EDT

Game Status: Scheduled

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Tigers Spencer Turnbull (0-0, -.-- ERA, 0.0 IP) No report posted.
Rays Zach Eflin (0-0, -.-- ERA, 0.0 IP) No report posted.
ALC Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Minnesota Twins 1 0 - (-) - - (-)
2 Chicago White Sox 1 1 0.5 (161) 7 0.5 (161)
3 Cleveland Guardians 1 1 0.5 (161) 8 0.5 (161)
4 Detroit Tigers 0 1 1.0 (161) 12 1.0 (161)
5 Kansas City Royals 0 1 1.0 (161) 13 1.0 (161)

Division Scoreboard

CWS @ HOU 02:10 PM EDT
MIN @ KC 04:10 PM EDT
CLE @ SEA 09:40 PM EDT
Posted: 04/01/2023 05:00:01 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.04.01 11:00 Yankeebot Game Day Thread - April 01, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Giants @ Yankees - 04:05 PM EDT

Game Status: Scheduled

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Giants Alex Cobb (0-0, -.-- ERA, 0.0 IP) No report posted.
Yankees Clarke Schmidt (0-0, -.-- ERA, 0.0 IP) No report posted.
ALE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Baltimore Orioles 1 0 - (-) 1 - (-)
2 New York Yankees 1 0 - (-) 2 - (-)
3 Tampa Bay Rays 1 0 - (-) 4 - (-)
4 Toronto Blue Jays 1 0 - (-) 6 - (-)
5 Boston Red Sox 0 1 1.0 (161) 11 1.0 (161)

Division Scoreboard

TOR @ STL 02:15 PM EDT
BAL @ BOS 04:10 PM EDT
DET @ TB 04:10 PM EDT
Last Updated: 04/01/2023 05:05:06 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.04.01 11:00 OsGameThreads Game Day Thread - Saturday, April 01

Orioles @ Red Sox - 04:10 PM EDT

Game Status: Scheduled

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Orioles Dean Kremer (0-0, -.-- ERA, 0.0 IP) No report posted.
Red Sox Chris Sale (0-0, -.-- ERA, 0.0 IP) No report posted.
ALE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Baltimore Orioles 1 0 - (-) 1 - (-)
2 New York Yankees 1 0 - (-) 2 - (-)
3 Tampa Bay Rays 1 0 - (-) 4 - (-)
4 Toronto Blue Jays 1 0 - (-) 6 - (-)
5 Boston Red Sox 0 1 1.0 (161) 11 1.0 (161)

Division Scoreboard

TOR @ STL 02:15 PM EDT
SF @ NYY 04:05 PM EDT
DET @ TB 04:10 PM EDT
Last Updated: 04/01/2023 05:05:06 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.04.01 10:59 BaystateBullyz Thoughts ?

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