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A subreddit dedicated to Environmental *Action* - petitions, fundraisers, events and other actions related to education about and protection of the environment.

2012.04.20 05:13 jest09 Jill Stein for President

Americans deserve real solutions for the economic, social and environmental crises we face. But the broken political system is only making things worse. It's time to build a people's movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams — it's in our hands.

2023.05.29 03:19 NBCspec Remembering our friend Mark Brown as written by the Special Operations Association Group FB

Remembering our friend Mark Brown as written by the Special Operations Association Group FB
Today we pause to remember SP4 Mark Larry Brown, CCS RT Hatchet radio operator who was KIA on September 27, 1969 in Cambodia. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star with “V” device for valor for his brave actions that day.
Mark Brown was new to Recon Team Hatchet but the bravery, tenacity and willingness to give his life so that others could live is an example to all of us. A first-born son, Mark Brown, enlisted in the Army at the age of 17, instead of returning for his senior year at Winnacunnet High School.
Mark, a towering figure at 6 feet 5 inches, had immediately distinguished himself in his platoon. In a letter recommending Mark for promotion, his lieutenant wrote: "When things got rough, Brown was the first man on the spot with his M-60. Mark has worked harder than any member of the platoon and has won the respect of the men by hard work and his leadership ability. I'm sure SP4 Brown will be an asset to you and should be considered for a leadership position in the field."
RT Hatchet, led by 1-0 SGT Alex Saunders (filling in for 1LT Bob Bost, the regular 1-0) consisted of SP4 Ronald “Gus” Atwell 1-1 (Silver Star) and four SCU team members. On the second day of its recon mis-sion in Cambodia, the team’s point man, who had malaria, was extracted. His replacement and SP4 Brown arrived on the extraction helicopter. The daylight chopper touchdown was observed by NVA and, after moving a few hundred yards, the team made heavy contact the enemy. The support gunships had taken off to refuel, leaving the team momentarily without fire support.
From Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia, by LTC Fred S Lindsey:
“Gus got on the radio and called for the guns to come back. The NVA did a lot of screaming and yelling at the team. The rest of the team was grouped around a big rock about four feet tall and ten feet wide. Brown was on one side with Gus and two SCU behind the big trees for cover to the left. Saunders was on the other side of the rock with one SCU. Much of the enemy were about twenty feet higher and were firing down on the team’s position. Mark got shot early in the fight. Gus jumped up to get Mark and Gus got hit with frags in the face and had to pull back. Alex tried to reach over the rock to pull Mark in but got heavy fire ricocheting off the top of the rock, no wounds but with a hole in his shirt and his canteen. Huang got hit.”
“At this point, one of the SCU ran off with his M79 . All the rest were wounded except Alex. About 25 minutes after all the firing started, the gunships came back with a Bright Light team. The Bright Light landed at the previous LZ where Mark had come in. It was their help, along with the gunship support, that got us extracted. The NVA soon broke contact and withdrew. All of the team members were evacuated, except for the SCU who ran off. Shortly after the team's return Alex had to go to the hospital for two weeks for severe malaria. The next day, the launch site crew went back to look for the missing SCU and found him. He had removed most of his clothes to get the appearance of a native, but was still carrying the in M-79 grenade launcher. We got rid of him soon after that.”
Bost, Sanders and Atwell later hosted Mark's family at a SOA reunion. It's greatly helped the healing for all involved.
SP4 Mark Brown’s Bronze Star Citation: For heroism in connection with ground operations against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam: Specialist Brown distinguished himself by heroism on 27 September while serving as a member of a long range reconnaissance patrol. The team had moved off the LZ for approximately 600 meters when they engaged an enemy force who were using small arms and automatic weapons fire. While providing covering fire for the movement of the team to a better position, Specialist Brown remained exposed to the intense enemy fire. Upon seeing that the remainder of the team was in position, he began moving to rejoin them. Moving through the hail of enemy fire, Specialist Brown continued to foil attempts by the enemy to deploy around the beleaguered team. Upon reaching the team’s position, Specialist Brown paid the supreme sacrifice in the fight for freedom. It was Specialist Brown's actions that gave the rest of the team time to get organized and take action to save themselves and valuable intelligence information. Specialist Brown’s courage and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, Special Forces and the United States Army.
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2023.05.29 03:11 Illegal_FrenchToast Chance a Hopeful Liberal Arts Workaholic with Big Dreams Hoping to Get Out of my Hometown (Class of 2024)

Demographics: Male, white, gay, rural Pennsylvania, small uncompetitive high school (No big hooks other than location and sexuality?)
Income Bracket: 70K-110K
Intended Major(s): Psychology (intent to declare pre-med for psychiatry)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1450 (760 EBRW, 690 Math) -- Retaking in June after intensive Math study -- hoping for at least a 740 Math for 1500 superscore at least
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.0 UW, 4.44 W
Coursework: 16 Honors Classes, AP Lang (expect to get a 5 in July) There are only 8 APs offered in my school, and only two are offered prior to senior year.
Senior Year Courseload: AP Lit, AP Euro, DE Statistics (uPitt), Honors German 3, several other low-level classes related to my major where AP isn't offered + Media and Chambers (Which is honors credit --- see ECs) Could not do AP Calc due to schedule conflicts
Eagle Scout with two Eagle Palms
Regional Musical Theater Award (nominated and won) -- first individual winner in school history
PMEA All-State Musician (Choir) -- First to make it from my school in 8 years
PSPA Student Journalism State Champion -- again, first ever from my school
College Board Rural and Small Town Recognition
National Commended Scholar (only one in my class to be commended)

Extracurriculars: Leader of Boy Scout Troop, one year; president of my school's chamber singers, two years; president of my school's media team, two years; member of NHS, two years; member of Tri-M honor society, two years; varsity cross country runner, 3 years; musical cast member (principal roles), 3 years; choir, 7 years; Week-long scholarship and leadership camp by invitation, gardening, novel writing, music production (song on spotify)
Essays/LORs/Other: My personal essay isn't going to be formatted very traditionally, but it comes straight from the heart, discussing why my intended major doesn't correlate to my ECs. I will emphasize the opportunities my area gives and what I made of it. My long-time desire to solve the mental health crisis in our country will also be discussed, seeing how I've witnessed its effects on my friends, family, and myself. I'll also touch on community impact through boy scouts, working with only partially supportive family and friends, and staying humble even though I was being put on a pedestal.
LORs are going to be 9/10. Deep connections to all three, including my guidance counselor.
Additional Question: Should I try self-studying for AP Psych?
Bowdoin (ED)
Amherst College
Case Western
Westminster College (safety in PA)
Johns Hopkins
Ithaca College
Colorado College
Penn State
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2023.05.29 03:01 Small_Bet_9433 Big 12 Programs (Kansas schools, Iowa State, WVU, and newcomers) That Have Played Teams They Have Never Beaten (as of the 2022 season)

Time for the rest of the Big 12 and the other three newcomers! The year in parenthesis is the date each team last played each other. As always if I missed any dates or mashups, please let me know!

  1. Kansas
Army (0-1) (1922)
Auburn (0-2) (1988)
Bowling Green (0-1) (2002)
Coastal Carolina (0-3) (2021)
Louisville (0-3) (1990)
Miami (FL) (0-4) (1990)
Michigan (0-3) (1979)
Mississippi State (0-1) (1981)
North Carolina (0-2) (1986)
North Carolina State (0-2) (2003)
Northwestern (0-2) (2004)
Ohio (0-3) (2017)
Penn State (0-1) (1969)
Pittsburgh (0-3) (1980)
San Diego State (0-1) (1999)
Stanford (0-1) (1967)
Tennessee (0-2) (1974)
Virginia (0-2) (1991)
Washington (0-1) (1978)
Villanova (PA) (0-1) (1940)
Pennsylvania (0-1) (1930)
North Dakota St. (0-1) (2010)
Nicholls St. (LA) (0-1) (2018)
Marquette (WI) (0-4) (1945)
Knox (IL) (0-1) (1902)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight (0-1) (1942)
Fort Riley (KS) (0-1) (1943)

  1. Kansas State
Alabama (0-1) (2022)
Army (0-2) (1987)
Auburn (0-4) (2014)
Boston College (0-4) (1994)
Florida (0-2) (1973)
Florida State (0-3) (1977)
Fresno State (0-2) (2007)
Illinois (0-1) (1948)
Louisville (0-2) (2008)
Navy (0-1) (2019)
Northwestern (0-2) (1941)
Ohio State (0-1) (2004)
Oregon (0-1) (2013)
Penn State (0-2) (1969)
Purdue (0-3) (1998)
Rutgers (0-1) (2006)
Tulane (0-2) (2022)
Vanderbilt (0-2) (2017)
Wisconsin (0-2) (1982)
Olathe NAS (KS) (0-1-1) (1945)
San Francisco (CA) (0-1) (1946)
Northern Iowa (0-3) (1989)
Kansas City Medical (MO) (0-1) (1901)
Hardin-Simmons (TX) (0-1) (1946)
Colorado College (0-1) (1910)
Cal St.-Long Beach (0-1) (1983)
Austin Peay St. (TN) (0-1) (1987)

  1. Iowa State
Alabama (0-1) (2001)
Arkansas (0-1) (1973)
Boise State (0-1) (2002)
Boston College (0-1) (1961)
California (0-1) (1963)
Clemson (0-1) (2021)
Georgia Tech (0-1) (1972)
Louisiana Lafayette (0-1) (2020)
LSU (0-1) (1971)
Michigan State (0-2) (1948)
New Mexico State (0-1) (1983)
North Carolina State (0-1) (1977)
Notre Dame (0-1) (2019)
Oregon State (0-1) (1962)
Rutgers (0-1) (2011)
South Carolina (0-1) (1967)
Syracuse (0-1-1) (1969)
Tennessee (0-1) (1982)
Washington (0-1) (1974)
Washington State (0-1) (2018)
Wisconsin (0-7) (1993)
Villanova (PA) (0-2) (1956)
Ottumwa NAS (IA) (0-1) (1943)
Loyola (LA) (0-1) (1930)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight (0-1) (1943)
Central Oklahoma (0-1) (1922)
Butte AC (MT) (0-1) (1895)

  1. West Virginia
Alabama (0-1) (2014)
Florida State (0-3) (2010)
LSU (0-2) (2011)
Michigan (0-1) (1904)
Michigan State (0-4)
Minnesota (0-1) (2021)
Nebraska (0-1) (1994)
Notre Dame (0-4) (2001)
Oregon (0-2) (1963)
Oregon State (0-2) (1962)
Rice (0-1) (1964)
Southern Cal (0-1) (1959)
Stanford (0-1) (1972)
Texas A&M (0-1) (2014)
Utah (0-2) (2017)
Wisconsin (0-4) (2003)
Bucknell (PA) (0-1-2) (1910)
Duquesne AC (PA) (0-1-1) (1935)
Dartmouth (NH) (0-1-1) (1917)
Yale (CT) (0-1) (1920)
Pennsylvania (0-5) (1916)
Manhattan (NY) (0-2) (1939)
Mahoning Cycle Club (OH) (0-1) (1896)
Greensburg AA (PA) (0-1) (1894)
Detroit (MI) (0-4) (1932)
Denison (OH) (0-2) (1912)

  1. Cincinnati
Alabama (0-6) (2021)
Arkansas (0-1) (2022)
Auburn (0-2) (1986)
Air Force (0-1) (1961)
Bowling Green (0-4) (1994)
BYU (0-2) (2016)
Central Michigan (0-1) (1990)
Florida (0-2) (2010)
Florida State (0-6) (1990)
Georgia (0-3) (2021)
Iowa (0-1) (1990)
Maryland (0-2) (1976)
Michigan (0-1) (2017)
Nebraska (0-1) (1906)
Nevada (0-1) (1949)
North Carolina (0-3) (2013)
Northwestern (0-2) (1924)
Oklahoma (0-2) (2010)
South Carolina (0-2) (1982)
Wooster (OH) (0-3) (1924)
West Texas A&M (0-1) (1950)
Washington (MO) (0-1) (1903)
Washington & Jefferson (PA) (0-1) (1899)
Stumps (0-2) (1904)
Muskingum (OH) (0-1) (1931)
Morehead St. (KY) (0-2) (1989)
Haskell Indian Nations (KS) (0-1) (1900)
Georgetown (DC) (0-2) (1936)
Duquesne AC (PA) (0-1) (1895)
Cincinnati YMCA (OH) (0-1) (1893)
Chicago (IL) (0-1) (1893)
Carlisle Indian School (PA) (0-4) (1906)

  1. BYU
Alabama (0-1) (1998)
Arkansas (0-1) (2022)
Coastal Carolina (0-1) (2020)
Florida State (0-4) (2010)
Georgia (0-1) (1982)
Indiana (0-1) (1979)
Iowa State (0-4)
Kansas (0-1) (1992)
LSU (0-1) (2017)
Louisville (0-1) (2001)
Marshall (0-1) (1999)
Memphis (0-1) (2014)
Northern Illinois (0-1) (2018)
Ohio State (0-3) (1993)
Oklahoma State (0-2) (1976)
Texas Tech (0-1) (1940)
UAB (0-1) (2021)
WVU (0-1) (2016)
Wichita St. (KS) (0-1) (1956)
West Texas A&M (0-1) (1961)
San Francisco (CA) (0-2) (1931)
San Diego Marines (CA) (0-1) (1933)
Portland (OR) (0-2) (1938)
Pacific Fleet (CA) (0-2) (1949)
George Washington (DC) (0-2) (1963)
Fort Douglas (UT) (0-1) (1942)

  1. UCF
Arizona State (0-1) (2002)
Arkansas (0-1) (2001)
Clemson (0-1) (2001)
Duke (0-1) (2022)
Florida State (0-1) (1995)
Hawaii (0-1) (1985)
Kansas State (0-1) (2010)
LSU (0-1) (2019)
Miami (FL) (0-2) (2009)
Michigan (0-1) (2016)
Mississippi State (0-2) (2007)
Missouri (0-2) (2014)
Nebraska (0-1) (1997)
Nevada (0-1) (2005)
Ohio State (0-1) (2012)
Ole Miss (0-1) (1997)
Purdue (0-2) (1999)
South Carolina (0-5) (2015)
Syracuse (0-3) (2003)
Texas (0-2) (2009)
Texas State (0-2) (1985)
Utah State (0-1) (2001)
WVU (0-2) (2004)
Virginia Tech (0-3) (2003)
Wisconsin (0-1) (2004)
Wofford (SC) (0-1) (1986)
Wichita St. (KS) (0-1) (1986)
Stephen F. Austin (TX) (0-1) (1985)
SUNY-Albany (NY) (0-1) (1980)
Richmond (VA) (0-1) (1983)
Presbyterian (SC) (0-2) (1981)
New Haven (CT) (0-1) (1988)
Indiana St. (0-1) (1984)
Furman (SC) (0-2) (2015)
Alabama A&M (0-2) (1982)
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2023.05.29 03:01 tengu077 Naming my Rifleman “Zelda” since the cockpit looks like one big rupee.

Naming my Rifleman “Zelda” since the cockpit looks like one big rupee.
Since the Rifleman has such a large cockpit glass, I decided to try the GW technical waystone green on it instead of traditional jeweling. Now it looks like a big rupee waiting for an Atlas to come around and rip it out.
In honor of this effect, this Rifleman is being referred to as “Zelda” in all future games.
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2023.05.29 03:01 Darmanarya Hunting Pack chapter 3

((Credit goes to the one and only u/SpacePaladin15 for his Nature of Predators story upon which this is based! Still getting used to the formatting, but I think I am getting the hang of it!)) FIRST // PREVIOUS // NEXT
Memory transcription subject: Arxur exchange subject Syle
Date [standardized human time]: October 20, 2136
I don’t know which was a bigger pain in my tail. Jack, the shots, or these gnashing seats! There is nowhere for my tail to go and this cheap helicopter keeps bouncing all over the place! Sure, we had to use a civilian model to hide something was up, but could they at least have brought in a fancy one!
Ah well. The view is fantastic though. Gorgeous mountains as far as the eye could see. The valley was full of little towns and cities here and there, but it was mostly forest! One human called it a “park,” but my translator didn’t really have much to say about it. All I knew is that I had rarely seen so much green in my life!
Soon we went towards one of the taller mountains deeper in the wooded areas. Jack said something about being in his family a very long time, about how the park grew around it, and more but I couldn’t give a venlil shit about it yet. I was just busy… looking.
All my missions had been in cities since my small size let me hunt better there. Sure there were some hunts and collections that took place in more sparsely populated areas like this, but I never got to see them. Didn’t help I hatched on a ship and spent pretty much my whole life spacebound.
Soon we settled into a long, but pretty thin grassy area by a house. There was a long road made of loose rocks going down the mountains nearby and at the other end of the grass was a bunch of metal, wood, and more with a large pile of dirt and wood behind them. The house itself was HUGE! At least by my standards. It had two super large bay doors on one side, a wooden covered platform to stand guard, two floors with one huge window, and a orange-red stone pipe on the side pointing up, probably so one could have a fire inside. The sides were clearly made of trees stacked on their sides. A “log cabin” the pilot said.
Well, it's my home now. I wonder who else lives here? Its a barracks big enough for quite a few families.
As we climbed out of the helicopter I kept expecting someone to come out, but nobody did. “Hey Jack! Who else lives here?” I screamed out as the helicopter slowly lifted away. Gnashing thing was as loud as a krakotl! “Just me!” He called back as the helicopter floated away.
“Venlil shit. Who else?” I turned to him and crossed my arms. No way this complex was for one man!
“You now.” He said with a shrug as he walked to the door. He had changed into those blue pants and the small top that humans called a “t-shirt.” His other clothes and gear had been put in his car. “No really! I know its big, but hey, inheritance.” He bared his teeth in that “smile” andmade an odd noise. Laughing? “Welcome home. Besides, not like the gov would want anyone else knowing you are here. The basement is full of junk and guns and shit. Don’t worry about that. Upstairs is just my study and office.”
The first room was rather large. It had a TV, a place for a fire, a large and long chair made of animal skin, and a bunch of devices by the TV. In the next room was a kitchen that was far larger than I was used to. I read that humans prefer to “cook” food, but didn’t expect there to be so many tools to do it with.
“Rooms are down the hall.” He explained as he sat down on the long chair with a grunt. “Ohhh fuck yes. Here. Take a seat.” He patted the skin chair by himself and I sat down on the far side of it.
Oh. OH. Oh betterment this is heaven! The chair is cold, yes, but I thought it was just bloated! It was like sitting on what I thought a bed made of venlil fur felt like! I hissed and let my eyes close as I sunk into its embrace. As I relaxed for… probably the first time in my life really I listened and heard nothing.
No screaming sentients being butchered or eaten.
No tiny brained hunters arguing.
No engine or mechanical noises.
Silence besides some animals and the wind.
I could feel the long chair move a bit as the human clearly wanted to talk to me, but he didn’t. He let me just relax for awhile before getting up and leaving me in this bliss. I could feel my tail curling before I started to feel the cold air tickle my scales. Before I could complain though I heard doors opening and shutting followed by a smell.
My eyes shot open in time to see the human walking in with a bowl of red meat. Fresh. Red. Meat. I paused and looked up at him. This was a whole day’s rations. No! TWO days rations! In one bowl! I didn’t even know what it was from!
“It's just some cuts of venison I was planning on making a stew out of later. Nothing too fancy. OH! That is deer by the way. Non sentient.” He explained before putting the whole bowl in my lap. “It's not cooked or seasoned, but figured you would want something simple to start with.” He explained before sitting back down.
Mine? MINE!
Chunk after chunk of meat met my mouth. My teeth tearing into the soft, cold flesh. It was the best meat I had ever tasted in my LIFE! No taste of the fear, no shame of knowing something that thought suffered for this, and the taste alone! I had no words! I hissed as my tail went nuts. I ate and ate until the bowl was empty.
But by the prophet I was full. No. The prophet, betterment, hunters, it could all ROT for all I care! I closed my eyes again and relaxed. The human could slit my throat right now and I would be okay. My belly was full for the first time in my life. Not only that, but it was full of meat I didn’t feel horrible about. The chair I was in was the best thing I had ever sat on and nobody was screaming near me or looking for a reason to call me defective.
Did one of those shots kill me? This was too good to be life!
He let me lay there for a bit, my tail happily thumping as he started to set up a fire. Soon the room was warm with wonderful smells as well. This. This was almost too much.
Two of what humans called hours passed and I woke back up with a happy hiss. The night was starting to fall and the human was relaxed by me in looser fitting clothing that looked soft. I was covered in a blanket that felt like it was woven out of venlil fur and somehow the chair had tilted back and raised up the bottom to hold my feet and legs up.
He was tapping away on his datapad before looking over at me with a grin. “Hey, how do you feel?” He asked before looking back to his pad. His voice was soft, gentle, and sure even I could pick up on his amusement, but like rot I was going to care.
“Mmmf. Amazing.” My noises were… not intimidating at all, but for some reason he stiffened just a little. Weird, but it is my human. “If all the species in the galaxy knew of life like this I bet humans would have lines volunteer for even slavery.” I chuckled a bit before closing my eyes.
“Hm… probably not the slavery bit, but I do live comfy out here.” He chuckled a bit. “Hey, I am talking to random aliens on this app and a krakotl has the username “Firebird.” She is an exterminator so she just combined her job with what her species is. Gunna tell her about the mythical beast the phoenix.” He was already acting so casually around me. Guess seeing me sleep for so long made him drop his guard.
Not going to ruin this for ANYTHING though. Want more.
Wait. “Wait? You said a Krakotl exterminator? They are willing to talk to you? YOU are willing to talk to THEM after what they did to your kind?” I sat up and the chair returned to its normal setup. My eyes locked on his, there was no way he would be chatting with something like that!
“Yup.” He raised and lowered his shoulders again before tapping the top of his pad. “She didn’t attack us, just some crazy asshole of the same species. She wants to learn more about predators actually.” He explained. “It would be like me blaming you for what happened with the cradle. I read your empathy tests by the way. I know you didn’t like it.” His voice was calm, slow, gentle. Casually explaining to me he was talking with someone who should be both our enemy! Then again, I should be his. But here I am, just waking up from a short sleep on his comfy long-chair after he fed me.
Gnash it. Not going to worry about it.
“So… human… What are your plans for me?” I finally asked. No way he was just going to take me in like this without some sort of hard labor planned for me.
“Well. tonight and tomorrow get you settled in and teach you about human living.” Here it comes. The labor. “Then I will start setting you up with hunting lessons so you can help me hunt while I show you more things humans like.”
That wasn’t labor, that was more relaxing!
“So wait.” I pointed a claw at him as I narrowed my eyes. This was too good. “You just want to relax with me, teach me about human things, and spend time with me?”
His head moved up and down. “Yup. This is an exchange program. Not the prisoner kind either. We are here to learn about each other’s species. That, and make sure you don’t die.” He made that soft laughing noise again.
I sat back in the long chair again and stared at the ceiling. “So you have an Arxur female just in her prime, and you want to just… relax with her? You could do anything you want, make me do anything you want, and you just want to live with her?” I could barely believe it.
“Yup.” He nodded. “We don’t believe in slavery as humans. Fought wars to end it even.” He then went quiet for a few moments as his eyes went wide.
“Wait. FEMALE!?” He yelled out in clear surprise.
He didn’t know I was a girl!?
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2023.05.29 02:59 Background_Cobbler_4 35 M4F CO USA ANYWHERE I'm the 🦄 you can't find!

Quiet stable nerd seeks same Hi I'm Jake! I'm 35 from colorado
I'm a IT ManagePrincipal engineer for work, I have a master's in networking and security, and have been doing it forever. I love it.
I was married once before, COVID divorce. No kids. I am open to having them or not, not leaning either way.
Finding people is hard when you wfh, the apps don't really work for me, I know I have a lot to offer, but I also have high functioning autism, so it makes it hard to meet new people and get to the point where they look through the weird tall dude and get to know me. I'm a normal person but I can come off as awkward sometimes, I just miss social queues.
I have the rest of my life figured out I'd guess all considering, I kept the house and the cars, but unless I find someone in Denver, I will probably rent it out. That's right, I can move to you if we hit it off!
I'm told I'm funny, status quo something comes out of my mouth and people laugh. Sometimes I even do it on purpose.
As far as what I do in my off time, I'm a big nature guy, anything outdoors is great. I've been snowboarding for my entire life. I'm an engineer even when I'm not working, so I'm building things and fixing. I like to do home projects.I have a big garden, I also do woodworking and make my own beer, which is always well received. I'm into wine if beer is not your thing too! As I said, nerd, so pretty much all over the board, pun intended ( I did say I was funny? ), star was to RPGs and beyond.
As far as what I'm looking for, I want someone caring who is willing to understand that I'm a bit different. I am a non linear thinker so I do not approach the world like most people. Ideally patient and kind and a nature lover too.
I really actually have no requirements, other than be willing to grow and build a life. As far as age, I'm not so concerned about it, I know I'm smack dab in the middle of a lot of people's ranges.
Please no scammers.
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2023.05.29 02:56 Livepdismyjam (SELLING) Tons of New titles.. Disney, 4K's, HD's.. Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre, 10 Cloverfield Lane, 3 From Hell, Dragonslayer, Hercules (Disney), Tangled, Lady and the Tramp, Lilo and Stich, and more...

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10 Cloverfield Lane 4K Vudu $7
101 Dalmatians HD MA $4
13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi HD Vudu $2
21 Jump Street SD MA $1
3 From Hell 4K Vudu or iTunes $4
48 Hours 4K Vudu or iTunes $6
A Madea Christmas HD Vudu $0.50
A Quiet Place HD Vudu or iTunes $3
A Very Brady Sequel HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Adventures of TinTin SD Vudu $1
Adventures of TinTin SD iTunes $1
Age of Ultron HD MA $3
Age of Ultron HD GP $2
Aladdin (2019) HD MA $3
Aladdin (2019) HD GP $2
Aladdin (Robin Williams) HD Vudu $4
Amazing Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man) SD MA $0.50
Ambulance 4K MA $6.50
American Gangster 4K MA $5
American Made 4K MA $6
American Psycho 4K Vudu, iTunes or GP $5
Annie SD MA $0.75
Another 48 Hours 4K Vudu or iTunes $6
Avengers: Age of Ulton HD Vudu $3
Avengers: Age of Ulton HD GP $2
Avengers: End Game HD Vudu $3
Avengers: End Game 4K MA $4
Avengers: End Game HD GP $2
Avengers: Infinity Wars 4K MA $4
Avengers: Infinity Wars HD GP $2
Batman, The 4K MA $5
Beauty and the Beast (1991) HD Vudu $2
Beauty and the Beast (1991) HD MA $3
Beauty and the Beast (1991) HD GP $2
Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD Vudu $3
Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD GP $2
Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas HD MA $6
Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas HD GP $4
BFG (Big Friendly Giant) HD MA $3
BFG (Big Friendly Giant) HD GP $2
Big Hero 6 HD MA $3
Big Hero 6 HD GP $2
Black Panther 4K Vudu $5
Black Panther HD MA $3.50
Black Panther HD GP $2.50
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever HD MA $4
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever HD GP $2.50
Black Widow HD MA $4.50
Black Widow HD GP $3
Boss Baby HD Vudu $2
Bourne Legacy HD MA $0.75
Bourne Legacy HD iTunes $0.75
Brady Bunch Movie, The HD Vudu $5
Bram Stoker's Dracula 4K MA $5
Brave (3D?) SD iTunes $2
Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 1 HD Vudu $5
Bring it on World #CheerSmack HD MA $0.50
Bring it on World #CheerSmack HD iTunes $0.50
Brothers SD Vudu $1
Bullet Train 4K MA $5.50
Bumblebee 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Cabin in the Woods UHD Vudu $4
Call of the Wild HD MA $3
Call of the Wild HD GP $2
Call of the Wild 4K MA $5
Captain America: Civil War HD MA $3
Captain America: Civil War HD GP $2
Captain Marvel HD MA $3
Captain Marvel HD GP $2
Cars 2 HD GP $3
Cars 3 HD MA $3
Cars 3 4K iTunes $3
Cars 3 HD GP $2
Celebrating Mickey HD GP $3
Cinderella (Live Action) HD MA $4
Cinderella (Live Action) HD GP $3
Clerks III 4K iTunes $5
Cloverfield 4K Vudu or iTunes $6
Coco 4K iTunes $5
Coco HD GP $2
Collateral 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Coming to America 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Concussion SD MA $0.50
Cool Hand Luke (1967) 4K MA $7
Copshop HD MA $5
Crawl 4K iTunes or Vudu $5
Criminal 4K Vudu $5
Croods HD MA $3
Croods HD iTunes $3
Cruella HD MA $3
Cruella HD GP $2
Daddy's Home HD Vudu $1.50
Daddy's Home 2 HD Vudu $1.50
Daniel Craig 5 Film Collection -- Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, No Time to Die 4K Vudu $20
Deadpool HD MA $1.50
Deadpool 4K iTunes $3
Despicable Me SD iTunes $1
Despicable Me 2 HD MA $2
Divergent SD Vudu $0.50
Doctor Strange HD MA $3
Doctor Strange HD GP $2
Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness HD Vudu $4
Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness 4K MA $5.50
Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness HD GP $3
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas HD MA $3
Dragonslayer 4K Vudu $5
Dumbo (2019) HD MA $4
Dumbo (2019) HD GP $3
Dune (2021) 4K MA $5
E.T. - Extra-Terrestrial HD Vudu or iTunes $4
Edward Scissorhands HD MA $3
Elvis (2022) 4K MA $5.50
Emoji Movie HD Vudu $2
Emperor's New Groove, The HD MA $6.75
Emperor's New Groove, The HD GP $6.50
Equalizer SD MA $1
Escape from LA 4K Vudu or iTunes $6.75
Eternals HD Vudu $3.50
Eternals HD GP $2.50
Everything Everywhere All at Once 4K Vudu $6.50
Expendables 2 SD iTunes $0.50
Expendables 2 HD iTunes $1
Extreme Prejudice HD Vudu or iTunes $4.50
Fast & Furious 6 HD MA $2
Fast and the Furious HD Vudu $2
Finding Dory HD iTunes $4.50
Finding Dory HD GP $2
Fox and the Hound 2 HD GP $5
Free Guy HD Vudu $3
Free Guy HD GP $2
Fright Night 4K MA $5
Frozen HD MA $3
Frozen HD GP $2
Frozen 2 4K MA $4
Frozen 2 HD GP $2.25
Frozen Ground HD Vudu $2
Frozen Sing Along HD MA $3
Frozen Sing Along HD GP $2
Furious 7 HD Vudu $3
Furious 7 HD iTunes $3
Fury HD MA $2.50
G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra SD iTunes $1.50
Girls Trip HD MA $0.75
God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness HD MA $1
Godfather Part 2, The 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Godfather Part 3 Coda, The 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Godfather, The 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Gods of Egypt HD iTunes $1
Good Dinosaur HD MA $4
Good Dinosaur 4K MA $5
Good Dinosaur HD GP $3
Grease 4K iTunes or Vudu $5
Green Mile, The 4K MA $6
Guardians of the Galaxy 4K iTunes $5
Guardians of the Galaxy HD GP $3
Guardians of the Galaxy v2 4K iTunes $5
Guardians of the Galaxy v2 HD GP $3
Guilt Trap HD Vudu $2
Hacksaw Ridge HD Vudu or iTunes $2
Hacksaw Ridge 4K Vudu $4
Hammer of the Gods HD Vudu $1
Haunting in Connecticut SD iTunes $1.50
Heat 4K MA $5
Heavy Metal 4K MA $5.50
Heavy Metal 2000 HD MA $6.50
Hell or High Water HD Vudu $5
Hercules HD Vudu $6.50
Hercules HD GP $5.50
Here Comes The Boom SD MA $1
Highlander 4K Vudu $5.50
Hitchcock HD Vudu $2
Hitchcock HD iTunes $2
Hocus Pocus HD MA $3
Hocus Pocus HD GP $2
Honey 3: Dare to Dance HD iTunes $1
Hotel Transylvania 2 SD MA $1
House with a Clock in its Walls (2018) HD MA $4
How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD MA $3
Hugo SD Vudu $0.75
Hugo HD Vudu $2
Hugo SD iTunes $0.75
Hugo HD iTunes $2
Hunger Games SD Vudu $0.50
Hunger Games SD iTunes $0.50
Hunger Games: Catching Fire SD Vudu, iTunes or GP $0.50
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 SD iTunes $0.50
Hunt for Red October, The 4K Vudu or iTunes $5.50
In the Line of Fire 4K MA $5.50
Incredibles 2 HD MA $3
Incredibles 2 HD GP $2
Independence Day: Resurgence HD MA $2
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Inside Out 4K iTunes $4
Into the Woods HD GP $2
Iron Man 3 4K iTunes $4
Iron Man 3 HD GP $2
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back HD Vudu $2
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back HD iTunes
Jarhead 3: The Siege HD MA $2
Jason Bourne HD iTunes $2
Jaws 4K MA $5
Jigsaw HD Vudu $3
Jungle Book (Live Action) (2016) 4K iTunes $4.50
Jungle Book (Live Action) (2016) HD GP $3
Jungle Cruise HD MA $3
Jungle Cruise HD GP $2
Juno SD iTunes $1.50
Jurassic Park 4K MA $5
Jurassic World HD Vudu $3
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4K MA $5
Justin Bieber Never Say Never SD iTunes $1.50
King of Staten Island, The HD MA $4
King's Man, The 4K MA $7
Kingsman: Golden Circle HD MA $2
Kingsman: The Golden Circle HD MA $2
Kronk's New Groove HD MA $6.75
Kronk's New Groove HD GP $6.50
La La Land HD Vudu $2
Lady and the Tramp (Signature Collection) HD MA $5
Lady and the Tramp (Signature Collection) HD GP $4
Last Night in Soho 4K MA $5.75
Let's Be Cops HD MA $1
Lightyear HD Vudu $3.50
Lilo & Stitch HD MA $4
Lilo & Stitch HD GP $3.50
Lilo & Stitch 2 - Stitch Has a Glitch HD MA $4
Lilo & Stitch 2 - Stitch Has a Glitch HD MA $3.50
Lion King (Animated) HD MA $4.50
Lion King (Animated) HD GP $4.50
Lion King Live Action 4K MA $4
Lion King Live Action HD GP $2
Little House on the Prairie Season 4 SD Vudu $3
Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea HD MA $7
Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea HD GP $6.75
Little Mermaid, The HD MA $4.50
Little Mermaid, The HD GP $3.50
Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning HD MA $7
Lone Ranger HD Vudu $4
Lone Ranger HD GP $2
Luca HD MA $3
Luca HD GP $2
Maleficent HD MA $3
Maleficent HD GP $2
Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil HD GP $3
Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil 4K MA $5
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh HD MA $4
Many Saints of Newark 4K MA $5.50
Mary Poppins HD MA $3
Mary Poppins HD GP $2.50
Mary Poppins Returns HD MA $4
Mary Poppins Returns HD GP $2.50
Matrix; Resurrections, The 4K MA $6
Miss Bala SD MA $3
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HD Vudu $2
Mission Impossible Fallout HD iTunes $2
Moana 4K MA $5.50
Moana HD GP $2
Monster High - Electrified HD MA $0.50
Monster High - Electrified HD iTunes $0.50
Monsters University HD GP $4.25
Mulan (Live Action) HD GP $2
Mulan II HD MA $5
Mulan II HD GP $4
Mulan Live Action 4K MA $4
Mummy Tomb of the Dragon HD MA $3
Neighbors HD iTunes $2
Nightmare Before Christmas HD GP $3.50
Norm of the North HD Vudu $2
Northman, The 4K MA $6
Now You See Me HD Vudu $2
Nurse Jackie Season 7 HD Vudu $3.50
Onward HD MA $3
Onward HD GP $2
Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre 4K Vudu $8
Oz the Great and Powerful HD MA $3
Oz the Great and Powerful HD GP $2
Perks of Being a Wallflower SD Vudu $0.50
Perks of Being a Wallflower HD Vudu $1
Perks of Being a Wallflower SD iTunes $0.50
Perks of Being a Wallflower HD iTunes $1
Peter Pan HD MA $5
Peter Pan HD GP $4
Pinocchio HD GP $4
Pirate Fairy, The HD MA $3
Pirate Fairy, The HD GP $2
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales HD MA $3
Pitch Perfect HD MA $1
Pitch Perfect HD iTunes $1
Plane 4K Vudu or iTunes $7
Planes HD MA $4
Planes HD GP $2
Planes: Fire & Rescue HD MA $4
Planes: Fire & Rescue HD GP $2
Pocahontas HD MA $5
Pocahontas HD GP $4
Pocahontas 2 HD MA $5
Pocahontas 2 HD GP $4
Poltergeist 4K MA $5.50
Power Rangers HD Vudu $2
Power Rangers HD iTunes $2
Pride & Prejudice (2005) HD iTunes $2
Pulp Fiction 4K iTunes or Vudu $5
Raiders of the Lost Ark 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Ralph Breaks the Internet HD Vudu $3
Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K MA $5
Ralph Breaks the Internet HD GP $2
Raya and the Last Dragon HD MA $4
Raya and the Last Dragon HD GP $3
Red 4K Vudu $4.50
Red 2 4K Vudu $4.50
Redemption HD Vudu $1
Rescuers HD Vudu $6
Rescuers HD GP $4
Rescuers Down Under HD Vudu $6
Reservoir Dogs 4K iTunes or Vudu $6
Resident Evil: Retribution HD MA $5.50
Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City 4K MA $6.50
Robin Hood HD MA $5
Robin Hood HD GP $3
Rocky 4K Vudu $5
Rogue HD Vudu $2
Rogue One HD Vudu $3
Rogue Wars: Star Wars Story HD MA $3
Rogue Wars: Star Wars Story HD GP $2
Ron's Gone Wrong HD MA $3.00
Safe SD iTunes $0.50
Santa Clause 2, The HD MA $4.50
Santa Clause 2, The HD GP $3
Santa Clause 3, The Escape Clause HD MA $4.50
Santa Clause 3, The Escape Clause HD GP $3
Santa Clause, The HD MA $4.50
Santa Clause, The HD GP $3
Saving Mr. Banks HD MA $4
Saving Mr. Banks HD GP $3
Schindler's List HD Vudu $4
Scream 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Scream 2 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Secret Life of Pets HD MA or Vudu $2
Selma HD Vudu or iTunes $3
Show Dogs (2018) HD MA $3
Shutter Island 4K Vudu $6
Sicario HD iTunes $1
Sicario 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
Sicario: Day of the Soldado 4K MA $5
Sing HD MA $2
Sing HD iTunes $2
Sinister HD iTunes $2
Sleeping Beauty HD MA $4
Sleeping Beauty HD GP $3
Smokin' Aces 4K MA $6
Snow White HD GP $4
Snow White and the Huntsman HD MA $1
Soul HD Vudu $3
Soul HD MA $3
Soul HD GP $2
Speed 4K MA $5
Spiderman Homecoming HD MA $3
Spiderman: Far From Home HD MA $3.50
Spiderman: Homecoming HD MA $3.50
Spiderman: No Way Home 4K MA $3.50
Spies in Disguise HD GP $2
Split HD MA $3
Star Trek Beyond HD Vudu or iTunes $3
Star Trek: Into Darkness SD Vudu or iTunes $0.50
Star Trek: Into Darkness HD Vudu or iTunes $1
Star Wars Last Jedi HD GP $2
Star Wars: Force Awakens HD MA $3
Star Wars: Force Awakens HD GP $2
Star Wars: Last Jedi HD MA $3
Star Wars: Last Jedi HD GP $2
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker HD MA $4
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker 4K MA $4
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker HD GP $3
Star Wars: Rogue One HD MA $3
Star Wars: Rogue One HD GP $2
Step Up: All In HD Vudu or GP $2
Strange World HD GP $3
Strike Back Season 5 HD iTunes $4
Stuber 4K MA $5.50
Super Buddies HD MA $3
Super Buddies HD GP $2
Super Troopers 2 HD MA $4
Superfly HD MA $3
Sword in the Stone HD MA $5
Taken 2 HD MA $3
Tangled HD MA $5
Tangled SD iTunes $2
Tangled HD GP $4.50
Ted HD MA $1
Ted HD iTunes $1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows HD Vudu or iTunes $3
Terminator Dark Fate HD Vudu $2
Terminator Dark Fate HD iTunes $2
The Bad News Bears (1976) HD Vudu $4
The Captive HD Vudu $2
The Following Season 1 HD Vudu $3
The Hitman's Bodyguard & Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 2 Film Collection 4K Vudu $10
The Last Stand SD iTunes $0.50
The Last Witch Hunter SD Vudu $1
The Lost Boys 4K MA $6
The Mummy 4K iTunes $5
The Mummy (Tom Cruise) (2017) 4K MA $5
The Protégé 4K Vudu or iTunes $5.75
The Purge HD MA $3
The Smurfs 2 SD MA $1
The Spectacular Now SD Vudu $1
The Women in Black HD MA $2
Thor: Dark World, The HD MA $3
Thor: Dark World, The HD GP $2
Thor: Love & Thunder HD MA $4
Thor: Love & Thunder 4K MA $5
Thor: Love & Thunder HD GP $3
Thor: Ragnarok HD MA $3
Thor: Ragnarok HD GP $2
TMNT HD Vudu $1.50
TMNT Out of the Shadows HD iTunes $2
Tomorrowland HD MA $3
Tomorrowland HD GP $2
Top Gun: Maverick 4K Vudu or iTunes $5.50
Toy Story 3 HD GP $3
Toy Story 4 4K MA $5
Toy Story 4 HD GP $3
Toy Story: That Time Forgot HD MA $5
Toy Story: That Time Forgot HD GP $4.50
Transformers: Age of Extinction HD Vudu or iTunes $1.50
Trolls HD MA $2
True Blood Season 4 HD GP $1
Turning Red 4K MA $5
Turning Red HD GP $3
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 SD Vudu $0.50
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 HD Vudu $1
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 SD iTunes $0.50
Tyler Perry's Temptation HD Vudu $2
Tyler Perry's Witness Protection HD Vudu $2
Untouchables, The 4K iTunes or Vudu $6
Venom HD MA $3
Walking Dead Season 4 HD Vudu $6.50
War for the Planet of the Apes HD MA $2
Warm Bodies SD Vudu, iTunes or GP $0.50
West Side Story HD Vudu $2
West Side Story HD GP $1.50
What Happens in Vegas SD iTunes $1
Wind River HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo HD MA $4.50
Wolf of Wall Street 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
X-Men: Wolverine SD iTunes $1
Zootopia HD MA $4
Zootopia HD GP $3
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2023.05.29 02:55 Leviathan41911 What am I doing wrong? Ceiling fan install.

I am trying to replace a celing fan. There was a big goddy fan up there before, however it seemed to be working itself loose and after removing it I found out it was only being held up by a single screw.
I installed a new fan, and it didn't work. White to white, green to copper, and blue and black to black.
I have two outlet switches on the wall, one for the fan and one for the light.
There are three wires from the outlet box, white, black, and copper.
There are four wires on the fan, white, black, blueand green.
The black wire is labeled "motor" the white is "neutral" green is "ground" and blue is labeled "lamp"
I'm sure I'm doing something stupid wrongplease help.
submitted by Leviathan41911 to AskElectricians [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 02:40 CaptainTurdfinger Why is my Drosera spatulata not producing dew anymore?

Why is my Drosera spatulata not producing dew anymore?
It was producing dew just fine for the whole winter, but a few things have changed recently. Probably easiest to do a bullet list of details:
  • Was under Yescom white LED panels over the winter, then hardened off to outside in full sun over the course of two weeks. It was green with red dew drops over the winter, now all red, as you can see.
  • Outside temps have ranged from ~50-80°F since hardening off started.
  • It was getting choked out by sphagnum, so I gave the sphagnum a substantial haircut during the hardening off process.
  • My water source was changed without my knowledge, TDS went from 25-30ppm up to 250-280ppm, it took a week or two to figure that out, and was watered with the dirty water. I've since switched to ultrapure RO/DI water and have flushed it a handful of times to clear out any minerals or salts. It sits in RODI water about 1/2-3/4 of the way up the pot.
  • 50/50 peat/perlite mix, been in this soil since I got it, so that hasn't changed.
I've only had this plant about 8 months, so I'm still new to learning what makes it happy.
Any idea what's going on with it?
Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
Is it still acclimating to full sun?
submitted by CaptainTurdfinger to SavageGarden [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 02:40 Kazekeil Best gamepad config for serious play? Thoughts on a Project Diva style setup?

Hey I've been playing around with gamepad mode and my dualsense controller. I wanted to know what configs, if any, are popular in the community. For clarification I want to have a setup that lets me play 90% of content competently with only "Gamepad Mode" active, if such a config even exists.
I had it set up like 5B vsrgs at first:
Left Dpad: Green Up DPad: Red Right DPad: Yellow Square: Yellow Triangle: Blue Circle: Orange L1/R1: Open Strum R2: Whammy L2: Star Power 
This was okay at first but I quickly ran into problem with fast strumming and with big chords. I play a lot of project diva, which gets around this by doubling up on every note. So now I have:
LeftDpad/Square: Green UpDpad/Triangle: Red RightDpad/Circle: Yellow DownDpad/Cross: Blue L1/R1: Orange L2/R2: Open Strum 
Can any pros see issues with this setup? It's breaking my brain a bit getting used to it but I've been getting there. Just want to know if anyone forsees some issues or knows a better config. I'm not trying to be a pro at this I just want to be able to competently play up to like difficulty 5ish on at least hard, if not eventually expert. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 02:35 Animals_Bouncing Keep finding these small blue and green pebbles in my local creek in Colorado and wondering what they are.

Keep finding these small blue and green pebbles in my local creek in Colorado and wondering what they are. submitted by Animals_Bouncing to whatsthisrock [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 02:26 WhaChaChaKing He's gone and it's so hard to accept it

I loved him so much. He meant everything to me. He was so cute and perfect. And now he's gone and I can never see him again. It happened a month ago and I still can't accept it. It's too much to bear. I think about him every single second of the day. I just want to wake up to him sleeping on my chest again. I saw him pass and it was the most horrible thing I've ever seen. The vet said we'd have at least 3 months with him but it ended up just being a week. I just don't understand it. How something so awful can happen and I just have to keep going. How the world can go on without him in it. I just want to die. Everything is so much worse without him. Nothing makes me happy. He was one of the few good things in my life. He always made me happy just looking at his cute face. His big beautiful green eyes. He was so handsome and had such a huge head. He was adorable. Such a big personality.
I would do anything to see him again. My bf is religious so that helps him, but I'm not at all. I don't have any comfort I'll ever see him again. I wish I could believe so much. I want to hold him again. He was just the most perfect creature I've ever met. If I ever came home and didn't immediately greet him he'd just scream and look so offended. He was so needy but sweet and so so smart. I really felt like he understood me. And I knew he loved me too. It just hurts so much. I don't know what to do. My heart hurts so much. Ive never felt this awful before. I'm so miserable. I don't think I could ever move on from this. I loved him more than I could ever express. My heart just swelled everytime I looked at him and now he's gone. And ill never see or smell or hear him again. I don't want to exist in a world without him
submitted by WhaChaChaKing to Petloss [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 02:19 YoutubeSGSAMI Throne & Liberty The TRUTH They WONT TELL YOU!

Aight lets Run it back I got really tired of Streamers streaming this game who have no idea how to play an old school style MMORPG and before you say anything there are currently 3 other School MMORPGS in development in the west and Runescape is currently the WORLDS MOST played game by daily numbers.
Don't ask me what it cost to get into the beta because it cost way to much then i am willing to admit so lets talk about the good the bad and the streamers got it wrong stuff.

The Good:
Optimization OH MY GOD what else is there to say in the clip below you can see my stream highlight. Am standing on a pretty open ledge seeing the world down below playing on MAX OUT graphics 100% Epic not a SINGLE FRAME LOSS not 1 FRAME was lost i had my capped at 144 and NOT A SINGLE frame was ever lost Optimization in this game is beyond insane not 1 other game company has ever come close to game optimization like this. During events with over 100 people nearby my FPS on EPIC MAXED OUT will not drop below 80 and thats over 100 people on screen! and what else is there to say the game looks amazing. For the record i don't have the best PC on the market right now i have a 3090 with a Ryzen 5900X Cpu and 32GB Ram. so if your rocking a 2060+ you should be able to play on at least High/Med with maxed out settings.
^ Clip of the view from stream highlights.
The story and cinematics up to first 6 hours of gameplay is extremly fun and engaging am a very avid MMO Lore fan and honestly when certain events happen no spoilers it really did put a tear in my eye even after seeing it 4 times the music just hits PERFECTLY followed by the very detailed animations on the face and body posture. There are story cinematics, Movie Cinematics, and Stop motion animated picture cinematics and ingame engine cinematics there are so many cinematics in this game and i honestly love the lore so far.
World Events
The best MMO with world events for me has been Guild Wars 2 no other MMO has ever given me that itch until today Throne and Liberty has some of the best world events both PVE and PVP (tho mainly i tried the PVP) World Events basically entire Zones once every 2 hours different zones a world event occours for example wolf tails you kill wolfs collect tails and deposit easy reward. People can attack you and steal your tails so be careful. These events are fun but fun really only comes from rewards without rewards its just brainless repetition. The Rewards are by far the most important rewards in the game in the form of Paper you use paper to craft all of your skills No papper No skills. I grouped up with 3-4 people and we were gaming we placed top 5 and all of us got some paper!
Similar to Albion & Runescape all items are player crafted. The only exception as far as i can tell is Green/Blue that can drop from monsters everything else especially Purple drops as a craftible materiel you need to spend extra recourses to make. Crafting actually goes very in depth in this game not only items but as mentioned earlier skills are also craftible this game WILL NOT GIVE YOU SKILLS so if your lvl 20 and wondering when your getting your first skill? you Wont you have to go craft it and you can even do that as low as lvl 5 you just need paper.
World Bosses aside that turn into loot pineata like every other MMORPG TL goes a step ahead and fixes this problem the same world bosses will appear as solo 1v1 world bosses the player can challange for massive XP and Gold you can rechallenge but the XP/Gold get MUCH lower. if you wanted to have fun with friends you can! THE SAME WORLD bosses will drop BETTER loot if done as a Guild RAID. it sounds exactly as it sounds the same world bossess and much more can be done in a guild group only your guild has to work together to take them down.
Guld System
By far the most advanced Guild system i have ever seen in my life END GAME LOOT is directly obtainable through the guild system from bosses to other aspect of the game. You also have a guild house that can be upgraded to add more layers and layers the guild house can be visted by all guild members there is even a private guild dueling arena inside the house. You can also directly declare war with other guilds this will turn to open world pvp anywhere you are for the avid PVP fans.
I mentioned you need paper to craft skills but then you can upgrade each skill each skill has 5 upgrades and then a Rare, Epic and LEGENDARY upgrade effect. this is not trivila this is a WHOLE NEW SKILL your entire skill will change in some cases from basic > Legendary for example the legendary skill on 1 of the skills allows you to recast if the skill crits INFININETLY.
This game world is like nothing you seen before there are clues hidden everywhere a random shipwreck? oh there a letter hiddin in the cabin? oh it tells you to find the hidden treasure BIG LOOT. i have honestly never played a game that prioritizes exploration to this level TL has surprised me at every step.
This is by far the best enhancement system in any game i have ever seen at least UP TO BLUE and purple but not 100% confirmed THERE IS NO FAILURE you will always 100% Succeed when enhancing BUT you have chances to succeed BETTER and with Higher percentages when upgrading gear. So yes you will not fail but you only got 5% or 1% when you need 100% instead of getting 40% on a 10% chance. this might be the dopamine hitting but NEVER failing ALWAYS succeeding really does feel much better.
The Cons OH BOY.
This has been mentioned a lot so lets talk the combat will feel like Runescape in unreal engine 5 an updated version of Runescape 3 into a brand new world and a new engine so if your coming from black desert this is not the game for you. However i will admit Melee combat needs to be changed you should be able to move while auto attacking as Melee its far to much of a disadvantage to not be able too. If your Into Lineage & Runescape like me with over 50,000 hours across 17 years on Runescape you will enjoy the combat at least i did. The skills combo into each other really well but yes there is "clunkyness" now this VERY WELL COULD be because of the 300+ ping every streamer is playing on and the beta server is holding over 15,000 players on 1 server but at the end of the day its not game breaking if your use to it. There are YouTubers for example "ForceGaming" Claiming there are not that many movement skills as a Melee this is wrong your first Skill you learn starting the game is a dash with the 2H Sword and your first big skill on daggers is Shadowstep. and they are on a very short cooldown.
Auto Combat (Astral Hunting)
This is an instant turn of for most of you and after watching most the streamers you probably think this game can be played 100% afk and for the most part up to lvl 30 even though max level is 70 but we don't know about later on this game can be played on Astral Hunting now the later you get especially lvl 20+ if you are AFK and not hunting monsters at least 5+ levels below you then you will die. On top of that Astral Hunting will not corectly use your skills for example Fire bolt on Staff can be cast 3 times the 2nd Faster and 3rd Instant but Astral Hunting only casts it 1 time.
No matter what the streamers tell you Astral Hunting is 1000% Slower i Reached lvl 18 in under 5 hours on stream while other streamers playing for 48+ hours were only lvl 20 ish after only using astral hunting. This is a PVP open world Game if you are behind when the game launches and you want to partake into PVP action good luck lmao being lvl 20 while everyone else is lvl 30+

Its a korean game and honestly am tired of this song and dance what game is not pay2win?? Argubaly WOW is the most pay to win spend $1000 on gold every 6 months BOOM you can get a raid group to BOOST you for The BEST GEAR in the game repeat in 6 months this is genuanly how some people will play world of warcraft. There will be pay2win from what we seen there is Growth pass, Battle Pass then a Battle pass part 2?!?! I would like to say its Korean? But you can Pay2Win in WOW, BDO, Albion, Runescape and there not all korean it just depends on your own standards but so far in the shop other then the battle passes there really is not anything too pay 2 win especially the market place you could argue yes you can buy gear from market place directly but so can a free to play player all they got to do is sell the items on market and they get pay 2 win currency so realisiticly this actually a really fair system.

Honestly there so much i have not even discovered and so much i want to share with you that i have learned across my first 6 hours but lets be real most of you won't read this thread or care about the game outside of bad misinformed YouTubers & Streamers talking about the game and your going to miss out on potentially one of the greatest Oldschool Style MMORPGS ever invented.
Thank you for reading if you got this far the Amazon Beta will be announced on June 8th.
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2023.05.29 02:01 Lee_Akira [USA-TX] [H] Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon SoulSilver, P.N.03, Switch Lite, Switch Games, PS4/PS5 games [W] My wanted list, Your List, Pokémon Switch Systems, Nintendo Switch OLED system (White), Nintendo 2DS xl Hylian Shield

Stuff I’m looking for:
Nintendo Switch Editions (Lites/RegulaOLED), Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (PS4/Switch), Fire Emblem Three Houses Seasons of Warfare Edition, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Special Edition, Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight Limited Edition, Langrisser I&II Limited Edition, Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition , GameBoy Micro, Pokémon LeafGreen, Pokémon FireRed, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, Steam Deck, Nintendo ‘new’ 2DS xl, Nintendo DSi, Atelier Dusk Trilogy Deluxe Pack, Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Liberators Edition, PSP GO (In excellent condition), Rabi-Ribi Limited Edition (PC big box), I’m also looking for cases/inserts for Pokemon White, Pokémon White 2, Pokémon Black, and the big box with Pokewalker for Pokémon HeartGold (No game needed)
Stuff I have:
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2023.05.29 02:00 DifortuneCookie 36 [M4F] East Bay - Desire Indulgence

Have you ever locked eyes with someone..maybe at the coffee shop or store..maybe you're wearing your ring or maybe you see theirs, but you cant shake the spark..that guy is absolutely making eyes with you. Don't you wish you could just go ahead and start that conversation you both know you really want?
This sort of thing is something I spend too much time thinking about. Maybe you do too..or, you know exactly what I mean and share the sentiment.Tired of staring and need one to call my own..well, know what I mean
Would really love to connect with someone. I miss having someone to think about during the day..looking forward to hugging, stealing my hoodies, kissing..ect. Fill those voids for each other. Mentally, physically, whatever else-ally. Chatting throughout the day, coffee dates..Love all of it
Bit about me - attached, white, mid 30s, allegedly look younger but who knows, 6'4, brown hair, hazel/green eyes, handsome according to those old ladies who may have been being nice about the age thing, fit, a few tattoos but not full hipster, no drugs/disease & vaccinated. Big into cycling (spandex dork) cars, sports, music, sci-fi and horror movies, coffee, animals..plenty more but you're probably bored already
Looking for someone late 20s and up..I'm generally more attracted to Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Latin women..but open in general. Chemistry and connection take precedent over 'type' shape or size, so really just more looking for the right attitude and fit.
Sound like you?? or close enough?? First impressions tell me what about this caught your eye or resonated with you..and 3 things you'd do if you won the lottery
Hope you find what you're looking for one way or another
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2023.05.29 01:55 Yourteararedelicious How bad did I mess up....

My grass is not green like I want so I did a gnome soil test for the $9.99 deal they had. It's OK and I knew going in what all it gave. I put down Anderson PFG 16-4-8 2 weeks ago knowning it is only .58lbs/1000sq ft of N. I previously put down Scott's Ultra Feed(at normal rate) in late March about 30ish days before the soil test. I do like that....problem was my crap scotts mini. I since resolved be taking the drive wheel and cleaning it snd the drive action. I already filled the wheels.
So today I'm at HD and I see the Ultra feed.....
I got the big bag that covers 17k sq ft at normal rate of .90lbs/1000 sq ft.
I spread that bag over about 9k of lawn at the Ultra rate which is 2lbs/1000 sq ft.
I felt the coverage went well with my spreader. It was pushing it out to the sides well.
Am I gonna have to mow alot? Lol
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2023.05.29 01:49 Zealousideal_Show107 Tomato plants not fruiting

I have 8 plants that grew up together. 6 of them are going off and producing lots of fruit. 2 of them are large, super healthy looking but not fruiting. All plants are using the same soil, same watering, same sunlight, and were fertilized with tomato fertilizer 3 weeks ago. These are Cherokee greens and I’m in zone 9b. I read that it could be a pollination issue, I’ve been giving the plants a light shake here and there but we also get plenty of wind. Any tips or possible reasons why these big pretty plants aren’t fruiting?
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2023.05.29 01:43 dogsbookstrees 36 [F4M] Midwest / online - lovers + best friends 👯‍♀️

Hi (: getting ready for the succession finale tonight and would love a little company. I’m still on the hunt for my Reddit soulmate and trying not to lose hope 🆘
About me: 5’7, green eyes, brown hair. I love laughing and smiling. I have a great career and am passionate about my work. I enjoy being active and busy but also enjoy staying in and bingeing tv shows and movie marathons. I’m obsessed with sports and am always watching or going to a game or beating my brother and his friends at fantasy football. I love animals, especially my geriatric pup. I am into wellness and yoga. Big Gryffindor energy. Basic things like makeup and mani pedis and The Bachelor and Taylor Swift make me very happy (:
About you: You have a big…heart and care about the world. You are passionate about your work. You love sports and want to go to lots of games together. You have a good sense of humor bc life is so laughable sometimes. You want to go on three mile walks with an old dog every day. You want a partner who is also a teammate and best friend. Hopefully you are a good conversationalist (:
So what are you waiting for?! I hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.05.29 01:42 dogsbookstrees 36 [F4M] Midwest / online - lovers + best friends 👯‍♀️

Hi (: getting ready for the succession finale tonight and would love a little company. I’m still on the hunt for my Reddit soulmate and trying not to lose hope 🆘
About me: 5’7, green eyes, brown hair. I love laughing and smiling. I have a great career and am passionate about my work. I enjoy being active and busy but also enjoy staying in and bingeing tv shows and movie marathons. I’m obsessed with sports and am always watching or going to a game or beating my brother and his friends at fantasy football. I love animals, especially my geriatric pup. I am into wellness and yoga. Big Gryffindor energy. Basic things like makeup and mani pedis and The Bachelor and Taylor Swift make me very happy (:
About you: You have a big…heart and care about the world. You are passionate about your work. You love sports and want to go to lots of games together. You have a good sense of humor bc life is so laughable sometimes. You want to go on three mile walks with an old dog every day. You want a partner who is also a teammate and best friend. Hopefully you are a good conversationalist (:
So what are you waiting for?! I hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.05.29 01:41 njt1000 Kit list for first attempt at electrolysis

Kit list for first attempt at electrolysis
I have a half moon dual sided griddle for my BigGreenEgg, that has unfortunately become quite badly rusted on one side. I wanted to try electrolysis, but wasn't quite sure what I needed. I'm okay with the heavy duty plastic tub, seems like a sheet for steel my be betteeasier than rebar.
I didn't have a handle on the griddle, and would also prefer to have the whole item underwater, rather than have it hanging from a block of wood. I liked the YouTube video (screenshot below) where they used plastic piping to hold an item and wondered about doing this to make sure the griddle didn't move about and touch the steel plate.
My queries are:
1) I'd like to use a variable DC power supply (Pictured below - Amazon Link), because I'd also be able to use that for other stuff / Raspberry Pi, Arduino, breadboards etc.
2) If I can use the item DC power supply would the included alligator clamps but suitable for running for 12 or more hours, or would I need something else? I see much larger car battery charging clamps, but I don't know how I would connect them to the DC power supply
3) How would I connect the griddle to Negative when it is submerged? Can I just connect a clamp to the griddle and drop it into the water?
Looking forward to giving this a try, just need to confirm what I need.
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2023.05.29 01:31 rkilo VX or Amex Green? Next travel card dilemma

VX or Amex Green?
CATEGORIES * OK with category-specific cards?: Yes
MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply) * * Current member of Amazon Prime?: Yes * * Current member of Costco or Sam's Club? Sam’s Club * * Currently paying $13.99/month or more for Disney Bundle (Disney+ / Hulu / EPSN+) or other Hulu services? Yes * * Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: Chase, BOA, C1, NFCU, Ally * * Active US military?: No * * Are you open to Business Cards?: Yes
So I have a family cruise I’m planning for October (2 adults, 2 kids). It will also include flights, hotel, and rental car.
I’m trying to decide between the Venture X and the Amex Green. I can’t get both at the same time because I can’t generate the spend to hit the bonuses on both. One wouldn’t be an issue though. Here is my rationalization:
AMEX Green: I already have the Delta Plat (03/23) and Gold (05/05) so the Green would only be a soft pull. Only issue is I haven’t even had the Gold for a month so I don’t think Amex will be willing to extend me another card. But the Green’s 3x Travel cat includes Cruises and the DUB right now is historically high and includes 20% on Travel up to $200 in the first six months. We’re also booking through Avelo Airlines because they offer $29 direct fares to our destination. The Green would count this toward the Travel cat. Plus, I could easily use the Clear credit to justify the $150 annual fee.
Venture X: I already have the SavorOne so this would complete the C1 “bifecta”. I used the pre-approval tool and I was pre-approved for the Venture line so that at least helps with confidence as a far as getting approved. The $300 travel credit only applies when travel is booked through the C1 portal. This doesn’t include Avelo (obviously) but we could use it on the hotel or rental car.
I’m torn. I know the VX is a better overall card but having the return on cruises (which we do 3 times a year), plus already running our spend mostly through Amex, that seems like the place to stay.
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2023.05.29 01:31 Trfgsa Hot Indian girl show her boobs in green colour sudithar and old bra big boobs

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