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2023.04.01 05:49 Pc9882 Armour BG strategy that Gen. Patton would be proud (Long read)

Dumb strategy talk. Guys please ignore the negativity and share your fun strategy!
I am experimenting with the USF armor BG in 4v4 and really enjoyed it. Jeeps into greyhound can really cause chaos to Axis team.
Build path and mentality:
Two jeeps and two engineers. (You will be floating in MP you could build more engineers or just don’t build anything that’s ok.
You should always help your teammates push. Jeeps are quite fragile but having a pair and you will do a lot of damage behind your teammate’s units. After you won the sector you should go to assist other teammates either to help him win or win harder. What if you have a bad teammate who doesn’t know anything but to spam mg and get flanked? Ignore him and go help others you can’t save someone who is new or doesn’t know what they are doing. So better help your other teammates.
Shortly after you will need two greyhounds to enhance your firepower. Jeeps are cool but they lost their combat prowess the moment panzer jägers or any form of AT start showing up in the map. But don’t just throw them away they have their use. I will talk more about this later.
With double greyhounds you are going to be super helpful for your teammates because you can flank mg, support weapons and if you see Italians spaghetti infantry spam your greyhounds can just bully them into submission. Again never go lone wolf always fight where your teammates are fighting unless you have credible intel that enemy has a support weapon left unprotected. Remember, always try to find weak spot your greyhound can exploit.
Now that you have a bit of fun you should try to get Sherman out and all the upgrades for them. From there on it is Sherman time baby!
BG perk choice:
You want to take the vehicle veterancy because vehicle is going to be our main force so getting your vehicle’s ability unlock will substantially improve your firepower and utility. Your jeeps will have the ability to drop mg or mortar so you can just drop one behind your British med truck and they will gladly grab it. Or you could grab them yourself but because of how much micro you need for vehicles in this game I would suggest not. (Pathing is a bitch in this game)
Greyhound can get a passive ability to boost vehicle performance so more firepower and more freedom!
Sherman will have the HE Shot and my god that’s a tasteful ability that will blow axis blob to pieces.
As you can see the veterancy passive is very strong!
After that you should try to unlock the ones that reduce manpower cost and upkeep. They allow you to spam Sherman and drink Axis tears for breakfast. Schreck blob? Why don’t you try to eat my three Shermans HE volley fire!
Is it the meta? No. But it works at my elo and I could actively help my teammates to win his side of the map. You only need two VP and because of the speed of my army I could show up in time and help out my teammates. I sometimes feel like I am playing a different game because of how few infantry I have and there is little down time as I have to work with these cursed pathings.
The most important note, I had fun.
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2023.03.31 19:40 UpstageTravelBoy DAK Strategy, Unit Guide, Build Orders and Intermediate/Advanced Tips

Other DAK Guides: Decisive Battle and the Armored Support DAK Build (1v1) - by u/RepoRogue
Why is this worth reading? How do I know your opinion is valid, what are your qualifications?
I'm just some guy, so do with this what you will, but I think I have some insights that I haven't seen in the subreddit that I think are worth a read.

Quick Foundational Point: Why There's So Much More To Life Than Speedy Italian Boys

We'll get to the good stuff in a second, but there's one critical thing to establish here at the top, so stick with me.
When discussing the balance of DAK, you will see the following points raised:
You might like DAK but be frustrated by these units poor performance and getting run over by those pesky AA half tracks, Humbers and light vehicles or such, and if so I have some excellent news for you.
Because while those points about the general power level of those DAK units are correct, where we're headed we don't need those units, and that's how DAK was designed (and is why they're the coolest faction in the game).
CoH3 is of course an asymmetric RTS, with each faction having distinct weaknesses, strengths, and ideally a unique play style. I'll be illustrating this more clearly as this document goes on, but DAK has a rather different theme than the others. DAK's strengths are the following:
The aforementioned stuff people point out are indeed the weak points, but that's A-ok. Many DAK players love those toned Italian boys, but the most of the Italian BG abilities are dedicated just to rounding out one of DAK's deficiencies. Instead of trying to win by making DAK's weaknesses less bad, this guide is about success through cranking its strengths up to 11.
Not only only is that more fun (imo), it's also more effective. Some highlights that are going to be expanded upon:
The following incredibly vague overview of how a match played in this way usually goes is just to give you a name and the general goal of each phase, which is going to be greatly expanded upon throughout the Unit guide:
  1. Bully Phase. From the start of the match you have an advantage in combat power and are seeking to squeeze every last drop of value from that
  2. The Dark Times. A somewhat brief delaying action that DAK can do quite well to dampen the Allied power spike that they go through in the mid game
  3. Redemption Arc. Certain DAK capabilities start coming together to devastating (and often hilarious) effect that allow you to quickly recover from lost ground in the Dark Times
  4. The Stug Life Chose You. Reaching this stage means you've won, although it'll take the Allied players a bit to realize that

Unit and Battlegroup Guide

First, everyone's favorite, vocab I'll use:
LAT, Light Anti Tank: AT Rifles and the like
HAT, Heavy Anti Tank: AT guns, tank destroyers, tank guns that can penetrate at least moderate armor
AP: Anti Personnel
Natural and neutral points/caps: Your natural points are on your side of the map, enemy naturals on theirs, and neutrals are in the middle
Model: An individual soldier in a squad
PnzG: Panzergrenadiers
AssG: Assault Grenadiers

The Armored Support Battlegroup

This BG is going to enable several powerful plays (mostly because of a measly 1CP cost ability) and let some inexpensive units punch far above their weight. The key abilities are:

Unit Guide

Your "mainline" unit is going to be changing several times throughout the match. I'll be pointing out which one usually serves that role, what they'll be replaced by, and what roles they'll be filling after that retirement.


True to DAKs nature, your pio's offer the most utility and flexibility of all factions engineers. They're an excellent early mainline unit, I usually pick up x2 in addition to the first one. Like many DAK units, they're a bit glass cannon-y.
The pio's can beat or at least match the other units in their weight class with good play. If an SMG unit really insists on chasing you a far distance, wheeling another nearby unit to assist will easily drive them off.
Past the early game, in addition to the obviously useful flamethrower, the grenade launcher has a secret utility. It's not good at AP, but it turns the pioneer into a LAT. Yes, really, it does decent damage against even something like a Stuart, if the vehicle isn't constantly on the move (and its good if you can encourage it to with that, lowering its overall DPS). You also get a rifle smoke grenade, useful for the entire game and critical for the Dark Times.
Speaking of which, Humbers, Stuarts, and AA halftracks have rather favorable timing against you, one of these will probably be in the Dark Times vehicle and can be a major hurdle. You're not going to kill any of them with the grenade launchers, but you can sometimes get them to fuck off or, at the very least, encourage them to stay on the move, lowering their accuracy (so DPS) and buying you more time.
While one of the Pio's gets a flamethrower, the other two get grenade launchers (usually).
You can often trick the Dark Times vehicle into a mine as it gives chase to some unit. If you manage to do so near the beginning of that phase, you've essentially gotten through the Dark Times with flying colors.
It can be tough to get them to Vet1, but if you can manage it their stun grenade is yet another piece of utility that opponents never seem to expect.


Remember, infantry isn't DAK's strength and these guys take a decent chunk of resources to upgrade that are better used elsewhere in the early, mid, and even late game.
If you really want a DAK infantry unit that can contribute some DPS for most of the game, then these are your guys, but know that I'll be disappointed in you.
The AT grenade snare can theoretically enable killing an enemy vehicle earlier on but even moderately skilled opponents can quite easily avoid getting that close, with some exceptions. Those would be city maps, where you'll get some decent chances, and sometimes you can get a greedy or overly confident opponent to advance a vehicle through smoke, but that's hit or miss, and probably others if you get creative.
It does only cost 100 manpower for the grenades, and they're DAK's only unit with a non-vet ability vehicle snare, so if you've gone with PnzG's (although you shouldn't) it's worth it at some point.
The repair ability can come in handy, but sitting still to repair a vehicle isn't something you want to do with what should be a primary combatant.
At 100 munitions the LMG upgrade is a lot to pay for early on and there are much more important things to spend on first. They do synergize well early on with the 250's health pack ability due to relatively high model health.

250 Light Carrier

Great for bullying enemies for the first few contacts if you buy one from the HQ, which I often do after the x3 pio's (if I'm not getting a Krad). Do so by placing it on cover flanks at medium or close range, but this is only going to work for a rather short window because they quickly become too vulnerable to use so brazenly even before their LAT comes out. Losing this near the end of the Bully Phase isn't the end of the world, but it's really going to help later on if you keep it alive, so be careful.
The medkit is going to serve as a great little bandaid to save some manpower.
I typically pick up Combat Halftracks once the opponent has their med truck out. We want the mortar halftrack.
The mortar halftrack Vet1 ability, the incendiary shell. This may or may not sound obvious to you, but abilities like this are not useful for their damage, since the enemy can always move out of its effect. They're good for denying the ability to move into a certain area or force a unit to move out of that area, and have a lot of situational uses if you're clever. Deny good cover, drop it just behind an enemy that's going to run away from you, etc.
Vehicle Awareness POWER STRATEGY™: You can use Vehicle Awareness with your mortar halftracks for what is not only a great Vehicle Awareness POWER STRATEGY™, it's also going to severely impact your opponents mental state and nearly guarantee they'll make bad, overly risky plays to try and kill the halftracks.
You're going to know where their med truck is at all times, and in typical play it's going to be well within range of your mortars. By constantly shelling their med truck, you will accomplish a number of things:


This unit can generate an incredible amount of value early on if you're excellent at micro. Say, in the early game, your pio is fighting a mainline. By constantly driving the Krad through their squad, some of their models are forced to move every time you pass through.
This makes those model stop firing for a moment, lowering the units overall DPS, often forces models temporarily out cover and thereby boosting your own, and for some reason the enemy unit, of their own accord, will often switch to firing at the Krad when you ram through them. Of course, the Krad doesn't cost manpower when it takes damage and has a self repair ability. This is only going to work for a rather short window at the very start of the game, and if you're not very careful you'll lose it, which is a complete waste of manpower at a critical stage of the game. But it can let a pio win some fights while taking very little damage.
Best if you're good enough to get that early value, but this can be difficult.

Assault Grenadiers

Excellent early-mid game with high damage output, these guys supplement and then replace the Pio's as the mainline unit. Grenades come without buying an upgrade and the AP one has situational use, but the smoke is useful for the entire match. However, with their requirement to get very close to deal damage, and the complete lack of upgrade options to improve their durability as the game goes on, they'll fall off as a mainline unit when you enter the Dark Times.
They'll be critical during the Dark Times because of that smoke grenade. It always feel very cheesy doing this, I actually hate how good it is, but it's an excellent delaying maneuver to pop the smoke on an enemy capped point if The Fuzz arrives and wallow in there until it clears. The smoke lasts for what feels like an eternity. If it's the vehicle, you'll get the cap. If its one mainline you may be able to outfight them when the smoke clears, or if they're trying to stop your cap you can attempt some micro to deal damage to them. If it's more than that you've occupied multiple units that should be capping your territory. It's a very effective delaying maneuver.
After the Dark Times, they transition to an excellent support unit with several uses, such as:
I usually buy one, get one from the call in, and usually for the next one. Speaking of which:


Please allow me to convince you that Panzerjaegers are an awful use of the call in. You really need the AssG's in the teeny tiny window the PnzJ's could maybe be relevant in, both as a mainline for a short window but then to also delay during the Dark Times, for which they're invaluable.
Even if you're ignoring all of the things I've been saying up until now and are determined to field a more traditional infantry force, the Allied power spike in their infantry when they come out will still overpower yours and easily force you off even without a vehicle.
This is just anecdotal so I could certainly be wrong, but their AT rifles seem to perform quite poorly against infantry (vs one like Boys) and they're just too squishy to ever have close to your own mainline units, which they'll almost certainly need to engage a vehicle.
Their tear gas shot (or whatever it's called) can sometimes achieve a good effect at certain points of the game, but the windup animation is quite long in addition to the aforementioned issues with squishiness and getting near the frontline. Not to mention, if the vehicle backs up before the animation completes, the ability of course doesn't go off. And perhaps I'm just a dumbass, but the abilities range seems to be much shorter than the UI indicates When I used to commonly use them and tried to use the ability, they'd almost always advance just enough to step out of cover and get melted.
EDIT: u/YurdleTheTurtle brought up using Panzerjaegers inside of a halftrack. I still don't think this is a worthwhile reason to pick them up. In my opinion, unless they enable you to kill the Dark Times vehicle, they're not worth it. The extra health of the half track is not going to enable that kill without significant damage on the vehicle from another source and it's not fast enough to let you kite it or run away from it.
The grenade pio's deal their LAT damage, but the enemy can just not take that damage if they chose not to.
I suppose I can imagine a world where you draw the Dark Times vehicle into a mine and the Panzerjaegers spring on it and are maybe able to secure a kill before the halftrack and then them are destroyed by it. However I'm not sure if that math works out for the PnzJ, and even if it did, if you've already drawn the vehicle into a mine for the mobility critical you've removed its impact for the Dark Times and your hard answer will kill it before it becomes relevant again.
The second AssG's impact on extending the Bully Phase a bit more, critically important ability to delay during the Dark Times, and continuing role until you reach the end game, is just much more important.
And finally, if you aren't getting them as that first call in, they're definitely not going to be impactful by the time the second comes around.


With smoke being so commonly available, it can be very difficult to use these effectively unless you're willing to get at least two of them, and that certainly isn't playing to DAK's strengths.
The purpose of getting two, however, is to set one behind the other at its maximum range. When the enemy smokes the forward one, the first MG pulls back under the cover of the second and if enemy units come through the smoke, the second MG likely gets the suppression effect (at least the first time this you do this trick).
For best effect, and to teach your opponent a lesson about what happens when they smoke your stuff, keep an AssG far enough back from the first MG that the enemy doesn't see them. Once the smoke hits, move them up to outside the smoke where they'll exit. Once the second MG opens up and ideally gets the suppression, throw the AssG's potent AP grenade and chew them up with the SMGs. If they're quick on the draw they'll instantly retreat, but if they're not expecting it you'll give whatever came through a severely bloody nose.

Med Truck

Much more readily available than other factions, but much less useful for you.
Halftracks with their medkit ability, especially with the arrival of the 1st call in and if you purchased one at the beginning, are a excellent bandaid to make it to and/or through the Dark Times, during which the Med Truck will not be usable outside of your base. I usually get one at some point though.

Fire Support Elements Upgrade and Why You Shouldn't Get It

I used to upgrade this building soon after the 8Rad, but for a reason I'll get to after the rest of the units in this production building, you won't need to. There are much better vehicles than the Flakvierling and although the Support Gun can potentially be good, it's not a priority purchase.


Once again true to the DAKs theme of flexibility, this AA gun differs from other factions in that it trades raw infantry damage for some LAT and suppression. It has a unique weakness in that, by default, the gun is facing backwards and takes a surprising amount of time to traverse 180. You can get around this by reversing the vehicle everywhere, but with so little health and usually a lot of LAT traipsing around by the time it comes out, you'll probably want to be attack-moving to remain at max engagement range. But then, owing to the aforementioned LAT, by the time the gun has traversed you'll probably need to scoot.
If you try to time it, it'll be against units much better than it. Although it theoretically has these diverse effects/damage types, both DPS types are low. Additionally, the other units that become available with that building upgrade aren't powerful enough for early timing to justify the cost. It's always better to save 10 more fuel for a an 8Rad.

Le.IG 18 Support Gun Team

Great artillery/mortar unit with a niche but good Vet1 ability. Not bad in some circumstances in the end game, but halftrack mortars fill this type of roll better in the early/mid game.

Pak 38 Anti Tank Gun Team

Pretty standard tier 1 HAT, but frankly it's beneath us to use a towed weapon, like a neanderthal. Sorry, what's that you ask? How are we going to handle enemy armor?

The Marder

That's right, the loser who has been patiently biding their time after we collectively laughed them out of the building has come screaming back into the ring armed with a steel folding chair. Don't lose faith in my opinion, because I also initially wrote this thing off as worthless.
Now, the reason you likely wrote them off as worthless is because they would spin in circles constantly, and every time you needed them most and tried to bring that fixed mount gun to bear on a charging Sherman, the Marder decides it's prime time to pull off some sweet donuts and gets blown up when an AT gun would have easily done its thing. And they will certainly still do that if you try to do specific movements with them that you do constantly with AT guns, but it turns out you can control them quite easily if you do it in a slightly different way. This goes for all vehicles by the way, if you're having trouble with the spin.
Right clicking directly on the Marder to rotate it has a high spin probability, never do it. However, clicking a point around 2, 3ish Marder-lengths away and choosing the rotation on that point, that always works. If you want to get it into position for a vehicle you'll let come into it's range, back it up and do this, it only takes a second and you can cue it with shift clicks.
So long are you're facing in vaguely the direction of an enemy vehicle, right clicking that vehicle to attack will result in a proper rotate, ditto if the Marder auto aggros when the vehicle enters firing range. I think they'll also spin in place even facing completely away, but I'm too lazy to test that.
If moving a small distance, click a good distance away in that direction and use W to stop it.
By controlling it this way I never run into spinning problems, and importantly for me, it immediately was second nature to start controlling vehicles that way. I never have to think about it and my vehicles no longer spin.
Alright, so what's the hubbub about, why is this thing good?
Vehicle Awareness POWER STRATEGY™: They're still good without this, and should be gotten as your primary HAT unit.
However, Vehicle Awareness turns these guys into ruthless vehicle murderers, especially if you didn't lose the 8Rad, which will quickly reach Vet1 and get that nice additional sight range and buff the Marders accuracy. How you will generally be using the Marders, in addition to functioning how you'd usually use an AT gun, is to use their mobility to ambush vehicles trying to maneuver around you and striking into enemy territory to harass and assassinate them.
Your Marders are going to do this for the rest of the game because they're the only AT unit you need. Thanks to Tungsten Core Rounds, they will be able to easily penetrate important armored units. Rounds can sometimes bounce against British heavy tank frontal armor, but this winds up not really mattering because they're so slow and you can have several Marders by the time they start coming out.
They trade about 1:1 in terms of damage with medium tanks, so when their first tank is coming to fight and because you know where their tank will be coming from, you can ensure you get the first shot and beat it. However, Marders are so cheap that you can have two by the time that first tank comes out to ensure the kill and isn't a bad idea.
Now that you're already up quite a bit of resources from killing what was likely a timed unit, you can comfortably get more Marders to make it easier to kill any other tanks coming out and begin betting spicy with them.
Here's how you'll be assassinating and harassing enemy vehicles:
In 1v1s/2v2s, enemy vehicles will often make aggressive flanking maneuvers during a fight, roam, or head to a far point to bully a lone capping unit of yours. Or at least they will until your Marders go and assassinate at least one.
The aforementioned halftrack mortars from earlier in this guide, who have been merrily plinking away at their med truck and driving your opponent off his rocker, are guaranteed to draw in a vehicle that's out for blood. Thanks to Vehicle Awareness, you have a ton of early warning that one is coming, you can back off the halftracks and get the Marders into position for the kill.
And, by the way, you can almost always get kills like that because Marders can chase and fire on the move both when going directly towards and enemy or reversing away from a chasing one. Now, the game is very strict in that the target will need to be pretty much exactly on axis with the fixed gun, and right clicking to attack will cause the Marder to stop to fire, but the way vehicles path in Relic games helps us out here.
You can click in any area a vehicle can go and they'll go there, but if you click to have them move a significant-ish distance away, there's set paths the vehicles will take. Those set paths include a lot of perfectly straight lines. The Marders firing rate will definitely be lower by a randomly varying amount, and still lower if the target vehicle isn't exclusively using those paths, but you'll be getting shots off.
Tanks are essentially never going to be moved all the way back to their base, even if they've been heavily damaged, and will be rather close to the front line when they're preparing to attack. With the aid of a Vet1 8Rad or a Krad, your Marders can range into enemy territory with relative impunity, as you'll spot dangers such as LATs, HATs, or an enemy unit that might give vision on you to one before they see you.
Use this to go get those tanks and other vehicles such as med trucks. You don't even have to go straight to a flank to do this because of the extra vision radius. If you haven't already successfully done this, you can usually drive in a straight line from your forces to theirs and not hit any screening units before getting in range of that tank preparing to attack. If it's at full health you're not likely to get the kill, but the damage is going to take it out of the fight for quite a while and may allow for the following type of assassination.
Tanks under repair that the enemy has moved quite a distance back from the frontline are equally as vulnerable, if not more so. The player assumes they're safe because you're not attacking through their main force, or they've tucked it out of the way where it's unlikely to be found. Even though you may be going deep into enemy territory, you can whack that poor tank and scoot before The Fuzz arrives, or even kill a foolishly responding vehicle.

8 Rad Armored Car

A true workhorse and your mid game savior, bringing you out of the Dark Times with a vengeance, so you'll typically be pushing to get this out as soon as possible. If you've been playing even decently you will have more that enough VP's to have time to recover from the Dark Times.
If the enemy has gotten out a Stuart or Greyhound, a Marder should come out first, but otherwise its this guy.
Respectable damage against infantry, good LAT capability and blazing fast to boot, the 8Rad is useful for the rest of the match, capable of fulfilling a variety of mission sets. Because you're skipping the med truck, this may be coming out a good bit faster than your opponent thinks it will be.
With the support of your infantry, and itself enabling those infantry to become relevant again in combat (for the time being), this will be the mainline, at least until a Stug hits the field. Here's how they should be used:
You'll start by destroying the likely enemy vehicle that has been timed, specifically a US AA halftrack or British Humber, both of which you can take in a fight. The AA halftrack is easy, but the Humber is an exceedingly slim victory for the 8Rad, and that might only be because of Veteran Gunners or Tungsten Rounds, some research is required. Damage from literally any other source on the 8Rad will result in it being destroyed, the Humber escaping, and probably you losing, so take care. Here's how I typically do it reliably:
With Vehicle Awareness (god it's amazing) you know where the Humber is and can set a trap, but this can also work without that. Send a lone infantry unit to cap an enemy point in its neighborhood and position a vulnerable vehicle a bit farther back, such as a halftrack. The Humber comes to pick on your infantry, which begins withdrawing or retreating and drawing in the Humber in the direction of the halftrack, which is either already reversing when its revealed or does so immediately.
It looks like you've been caught out and draws the greedy Humber farther in as it chases, at which point the 8Rad swoops. In addition to hopefully starting this fight far enough away from their LAT, The Humber will be firing on your halftrack and you're probably getting side or rear shots, giving your 8Rad much more wiggle room to win.
If the enemy is using it very conservatively, only engaging your infantry in close proximity to their LAT, you'll still be able to poke at it without taking fire from the LAT, unless they have it essentially surrounded by that LAT. This is a poor use of the Humber though, and if they are playing with it so conservatively it's a victory for you as a follow up with an inexpensive Marder which will then make short work of it, in combination with the 8Rad.
Against the AA halftrack (which does very low damage to the 8Rad), even if a LAT screen, you can usually eat a few bazooka shots to secure the kill because they won't currently have anything to chase it.
Once the enemy vehicle is destroyed, you'll get to work on enemy infantry, and can do so even in the face of considerable enemy LAT infantry such as Boys (sorta). You can constantly be bringing the 8Rad forward and reversing it to poke at them from max range, in combination with your AssG's and pio's supporting, who have began the engagement before the 8Rad reveals itself (on a flank). The enemy will be right clicking to switch targets to the 8Rad and you'll eat at least a few shots as this goes on. But, by doing this the LAT either be consistently running after the 8Rad as it leaves their weapon range, lowering the DPS against your infantry (who should be getting close with the help of smoke) and probably stepping out of cover.
This can be a tricky process, but if you can get the flamethrower Pio and x2 or x3 AssG's you have by now close enough they'll start chewing them up and hopefully get them to start moving away in some direction. You will chase with your infantry and continue to poke with the 8Rad, which if they try to engage with their LAT means they will have to stop, letting your infantry get closer to deal more damage. You won't always be able to pull this off, but in the worst case scenario, if you've been following this here guide and destroyed their early vehicle, the 8Rad can safely withdraw and not get chased down if you don't successfully pull this off. This only has to last until a Stug comes out regardless.
Once significant enemy HAT start hitting the field, it transitions away from mainline combat to these support and utility roles:

The Stug

Coming after the 8Rad and perhaps a Marder, you are starting to get to the end of Redemption Arc and where the real fun will begin. Your new mainline unit, at first working in concert with your previously purchased units but soon becoming nigh unkillable when working with several more Stugs, the right Armory upgrades, and the Command Panzer.
With the Stugs taking down infantry, even forces armed with considerable LAT (initially can be tough with one Stug and none of the following Armory upgrades, but quickly becomes extremely easy), and Marders handling the vehicles, these two unit types are all you need to win the game.
With Emergency Repair Kits, they repair themselves when out of combat and sitting still. Relic made the wise decision of making them sit still with a balance patch, because it was busted to get this while they were moving
With Vehicle Survival Package, it gains increased health and a rapidly recharging, instant deploy smoke cloud. It also gets the ability to launch smoke grenades a distance away, but I think this is currently bugged or something, because you can only do it once (or if that's intended, I don't think it says so anywhere). You will use the instant cloud to escape any danger, because vehicles foolish enough to leave the safety of their supporting units to go through the cloud and give chase will be murdered by the Marders, which you will also start having an overwhelming number of.
With Rapid Advance, you now no longer need infantry, because the vehicles will cap points. Especially over highly contested VP's, where you'd usually need to try sending poor infantry to cap the point and try their best not to get vaporized doing so (which the other loser, infantry based factions still have to do). The Stug(s), however, can stroll in with relative ease, even in the face of considerable enemy HAT, against which you can pop the smoke and wallow in it because mundane artillery barely scratches the paint. If enemy infantry tries to advance on the point while you're sitting in the smoke, you can attack-ground from within it to deal damage.
Finally enters the Command Panzer IV, which increases the armor and fire rate of your Stugs. Anything less than tier 2 AT guns, such as the 17-pounder, tank destroyers and tanks with a better gun than most, is going to often bounce against the frontal armor. God help the poor enemy infantry, even if there's a ton of LAT's such as Boys, who now do precious little damage to them.
With all of these upgrades (which you should have a few more Stugs/Marders by then), the Stug, which was already durable, is now nigh unkillable. It's very inexpensive, and even 2 or 3 will utterly decimate however much infantry one opponent has. You're soon going to have more like 5 or 6 of these.
Even in 3v3/4v4 where an opponent or two has foolishly tried to blob a ton of infantry armed with Boys, Stugs will take chunks out of them, and if there are so very man LAT's that any one Stug (or even all of them) has to retreat, it easily escapes in a smoke cloud and begins repairing itself, soon to retake the field. With 4-5 Stugs, you'll steamroll even those nerds.
Even if you're somehow getting several Stugs killed, they're cheap enough that it hardly matters (unless you're blowing it so, so very badly, but that's very difficult to do or your 3v3/4v4 allies are doing very poorly, but I'll get to that).
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Nothing more was said as I gathered up my clothes and left for my own bedroom.
Michael and Sarah go back inside the store, and join the others. Once the commotion dies down, and they get things organized, they sit down to play out the next round. Being that it's semi-finals, from this point on, all matches are first to five.
Well guys "what do you think" a part 3 will be up soon so be waiting
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